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aerosol particulate Companies

  • The Baker Company

    based in Sanford, MAINE (USA).


    The Baker Company

    For nearly 70 years The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment. Recognized as the industry pioneer, The Baker Company maintains an unparalleled passion ...

    AeroPROTECT - Model 360° - Aseptic Containment Enclosures

    AeroPROTECT - Model 360° - Aseptic Containment Enclosures

    AeroPROTECT 360° is a truly versatile containment enclosure for laboratory automation. Baker's exclusive technology maximizes product protection and meets or exceeds NSF International Standard 49 microbiological aerosol testing ...


    based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).



    F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. is the leading North American manufacturer of traditional and microprocessor based air sampling instruments and high-tech airflow calibration systems for the nuclear power industry. Products lines include AC/DC air ...

    F&J - Model FPXM2 - Glass Fiber Filter Paper Grade

    F&J - Model FPXM2 - Glass Fiber Filter Paper Grade

    High Volume glass micro fiber aerosol filters for capture of particulate matter. The medium efficiency filter media is composed of a blend of borosilicate glass micro fibers which are bonded by an acrylic resin ...

  • Cooper Environmental Services

    based in Tigard, OREGON (USA).


    Cooper Environmental Services

    Cooper Environmental has the unique capability to measure and interpret elements using X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) in a fully-automated fashion. Using this core technology, Cooper was the first to commercially manufacture an XRF-based multi-metals ...

    CES - Model QAG™ 825 - Multi-Metal Quantitative Aerosol Generator

    CES - Model QAG™ 825 - Multi-Metal Quantitative Aerosol Generator

    The QAG creates an aerosol of known concentration by nebulizing a solution. The resulting droplets are carried out of the generation area to a drying chamber where they are dried to particles. The aerosol exiting ...

  • Dynamic Safety USA, LLC

    based in Somerset, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Dynamic Safety USA, LLC

    Dynamic Safety USA is an independent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer that began in 2015 as an expansion by DSI Safety, Inc. a leading manufacturer in Canada. Our team has over 100 years of experience in PPE product development, ...

    Deluxe - Model P95 - Disposable Respirators

    Deluxe - Model P95 - Disposable Respirators

    NIOSH APPROVED P95 RESPIRATOR FOR OIL BASED AEROSOLS. Disposable welding particulate respirator, P95, with nuisance level odor relief (OV, AG, Ozone), exalation valve, closed cell foam faceshield and adjustable ...

  • Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)

    based in Upper Stondon, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)

    Westech Scientific is focused specifically on the needs of environmental and pharmaceutical markets. Traditionally, the company`s core business was based on the equipment for collection and characterization of particulate matter, aerosols and dust; ...

  • Kimberly-Clark Professional

    At KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL, we understand that the challenges our customers face every day, affect every aspect of their organisations. And the decisions they make, have an impact on the working lives of everyone they work with. We're here every ...

    Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard™ - Model A40 44333 - Liquid and Particle Protection Coverall

    Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard™ - Model A40 44333 - Liquid and Particle Protection Coverall

    Suitable for general protection against water-based or chemical splashes, liquids and dust particles. KLEENGUARD* A40 Coveralls features a double layer fabric for comfort, safety and strength. A film coated outer layer resists splash and spray from ...

  • Sedifilt - Syntech Fibres (Pvt)

    based in Karachi, PAKISTAN.

    Sedifilt - Syntech Fibres (Pvt)

    Syntech Fibres is a polypropylene yarn manufacturer specializing in custom applications. Syntech has made a commitment to serve the needs of the filtration industry with its innovative Sedifilt filter cartridge and filter yarn technology. The goal ...

    Sedifilt - Coalescer Cartridges

    Sedifilt - Coalescer Cartridges

    Sedifilt Coalescer cartridges reduce cost of filtration with enhanced performance, and is ideal for condensate removal and oil adsorption in both liquid/liquid and liquid/gas applications. The high-bulk, stable, three-dimensional random structure ...

  • Mion Costruzioni Meccaniche SRL

    based in Arcade (TV), ITALY.

    Mion Costruzioni Meccaniche SRL

    The Company MION COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE s.r.l. , with head and production office in ARCADE (TV), via Indipendenza 84, is a company that has been operating for over thirty years in the plant industry, studying, designing, building and mounting ...

  • Germfree Laboratories, Inc.

    based in Ormond Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

    Germfree Laboratories, Inc.

    Germfree Laboratories, Inc. was founded in the United States in 1962, to manufacture isolators for gnotobiotic or ‘germfree’ research. In the 1970’s Germfree added additional lines of biosafety equipment to include the Class II and Class III ...

    Class - Biosafety Cabinets

    Class - Biosafety Cabinets

    The Class II, Type A Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet provides protection for the user, product and the environment from particulate and aerosol hazards. The work area of the biological safety cabinet is ...

  • Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd.

    based in Foshan City, CHINA.

    Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd.

    We Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd has been experienced in designing and manufacturing the patented honeycomb electrostatic precipitator (ESP) as an airborne aerosol/ oil mist disposal solution for catering and manufacturing industries ...

    Machine Tool Oil Mist Purification And Recycling Equipment

    Machine Tool Oil Mist Purification And Recycling Equipment

    During the metal processing procedures, metal-cutting Oil mist is formed mainly due to atomization and evaporation: mechanical energy is transformed into droplet surface energy during the process of atomization. While colliding intensely with the ...

  • Bigneat Containment Technology

    based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Bigneat Containment Technology

    Bigneat is established as a world-class manufacturer and leading global provider of clean air and hazard containment systems to scientific laboratories and for use in industry. Applications for Bigneat products cover operator and process/sample ...

    Bigneat Chemcap - Model BC 4002 - Ductless Fume Cabinet

    Bigneat Chemcap - Model BC 4002 - Ductless Fume Cabinet

    Chemcap Clearview ductless fume cabinets include Chemcap carbon filtration and give the user all-round Clearview vision. A range of six standard cabinet sizes with touch button controls and audible low airflow alarm. The work surface is black which ...

  • Envirocare International, Inc.

    based in American Canyon, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Envirocare International, Inc.

    For 30 years, EnviroCare International has designed and manufactured pollution control systems across a wide range of industrial and municipal applications for clients worldwide. Each of our over 1,000 installations is custom engineered and ...

    VenturiPak - Scrubbers

    VenturiPak - Scrubbers

    The VenturiPak scrubber is a result of re-examining and optimizing the venturi concept to achieve high collection efficiency at modest energy consumption (i.e. low to medium pressure ...

  • GEA Bischoff GmbH

    based in Essen, GERMANY.

    GEA Bischoff GmbH

    We are a global company active in the field of environmental protection. Using our broad range of technology, we design and build gas cleaning plants for cleaner air. GEA Bischoff represents together with GEA Niro EC the Strategic Business Unit ...

    GEA Bischoff - Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP)

    GEA Bischoff - Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP)

    Wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP) are used to remove particulates and aerosols from saturated gases. They are operating with high efficiencies and can reach very low clean gas loads below 1 mg/ Nm3. ...

  • Parsons Engineering Ltd

    based in Walsall, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Parsons Engineering Ltd

    Parsons Engineering Ltd is the UK’s largest engineering and manufacturing facility specialising in the production of Gaseous Pollution Control Equipment. We have over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of corrosion ...

    Parsons - Fume Scrubbing Plant

    Parsons - Fume Scrubbing Plant

    The problem of Toxic Fume Emissions from industrial processes has its roots in the industrial revolution. The problems have been exacerbated over the years by the drive for greater production. The introduction of legislation to improve both the ...

  • Dupont

    based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA).


    DuPont is committed to protecting people. From first responders to industrial workers, DuPont provides a solution to meet your safety needs. DuPont Personal Protection offers a wide range of proven, science-based solutions including some of the most ...

    Tyvek - Model 600 - Coverall

    Tyvek - Model 600 - Coverall

    inorganic chemicals in low concentration, small sized hazardous particles down to one micron and biological hazards. These coveralls are ideal for occupations that require effective whole suit protection offered by a Type 4 suit because they are ...

  • Rigel Life Sciences

    based in Rome, ITALY.

    Rigel Life Sciences

    Established in 2008, RIGEL Life Sciences is a provider offering the very best solutions while meeting and exceeding the needs of client engineering and GMP compliance teams within the Life Science Industries. RIGEL Life Sciences is the right partner ...

    Rigel - Model RI8101 - Thermal Aerosol Generators

    Rigel - Model RI8101 - Thermal Aerosol Generators

    The Rigel RI8101 Thermal Aerosol Generator is portable and versatile; it is the best choice to test and validate large areas requiring a consistent range of particulate dispersed in an aerosol ...

  • BoldEco Environment, Inc.

    based in Skillman, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    BoldEco Environment, Inc.

    After years of developing systems for leaders in air pollution control technologies and process control, our team of original and creative thinkers is developing truly innovative ways of implementing traditional technologies dedicated to customer ...

    EcoCer - Advanced Catalytic Systems

    EcoCer - Advanced Catalytic Systems

    Low-cost Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Combined with High Temperature (HT) process ...

  • Envitech, Inc.

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Envitech, Inc.

    Envitech is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems for a wide range of emission sources including incineration, mineral and chemical processing, renewable energy production, and oil and metal refining. More than 500 Envitech air ...

    Envitech - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

    Envitech - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

    Envitech’s wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) uses electrostatic forces to remove particulate.  It is used to treat gas streams with sub-micron particulate, aerosols, or ...

  • RADeCO, Inc .

    based in Plainfield, CONNECTICUT (USA).

    RADeCO, Inc .

    RADeCO, is a veteran owned business operating in New England. About 40 years ago RADeCO started as a small company designing Air Samplers for the nuclear industry. In 1973, Science Applications International (SAI) purchased RADeCO. It was here the ...

    RADeCO - Model HD-2061 & LB-5211 - Particulate Filters

    RADeCO - Model HD-2061 & LB-5211 - Particulate Filters

    HD-2061 This filter paper combines good aerosol filtration efficiency with slightly higher porosity than LB-5211 Laminated glass filter paper. These products are high efficiency multi-purpose filter materials with good heat ...

  • Twin Filter B.V.

    based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS.

    Twin Filter B.V.

    Twin Filter B.V. was founded 1985 as a Dutch company, specializing in design, engineering and production of filtration systems for a broad spectrum of industries, at home and abroad. As of the 1st of November 2012, Twin Filter became part of Parker ...

    Liquid-gas Coalescer

    Liquid-gas Coalescer

    Twin Filters’ High Performance LG Gas Coalescers are designed to remove aerosols and fine particulate contaminants from natural gas streams. The High Performance LG Gas Coalescer utilizes proprietary, high ...

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