aerosol sensor Companies

  • EcoChem Analytics

    based in League City, TEXAS (USA).

    EcoChem Analytics

    EcoChem offers only the highest quality analytical systems for air toxics and complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). This site contains detailed technical information about our lines of high quality analytical systems. Follow the ...

    Model PAS 2200CE - Photoelectric Aerosol Sensor (PAS)

    Model PAS 2200CE - Photoelectric Aerosol Sensor (PAS)

    The PAS 2000 works on the following principles: Using an Excimer lamp the aerosol flow is exposed to UV radiation. The Excimer lamp offers a high intensity, narrowband source of UV radiation. The wavelength of the light is chosen such that only the ...

  • Meteolabor AG

    based in Wetzikon, SWITZERLAND.

    Meteolabor AG

    For over 50 years, the METEO division of Meteolabor AG has engineered and produced meteorological measurement equipment. Our products are sought after where high quality, accuracy, and precision are of extreme importance. Our customers include ...

    Cobald - Aerosol Sensor

    Cobald - Aerosol Sensor

    The aerosol sensor COBALD (Compact Optical Backscatter Aerosol Detector) was developed at the ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zürich.  The operating platforms for the sensor are the SRS-C34 sonde and the Argus37 ground ...

  • SARTEC - Saras Ricerche e Tecnologie Srl

    Sartec designs and manufactures automatic and continuous monitoring systems for measuring parameters in air, water, air emissions, water discharges and work environments.

  • Meteomodem

    based in Ury, FRANCE.


    Météomodem is a Research and Development (R&D) company created in 1992 bytwo engineers, Georges Ricaud and Patrick Charpentier. Météomodem began to design and manufacture equipements for maritime radio communications. Then, in connection with the ...

    Aerosol - Light Optical Sensors

    Aerosol - Light Optical Sensors

    LOAC Light Optical aerosol Counter Developed in cooperation with French research institute LCP2E-CNRS, LOAC determines the concentration of aerosols (numbers of aerosols per cm3) for 20 size classes between 0.3 and 100 urn (with 10 size classes ...

  • Particle Measuring Systems

    based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

    Particle Measuring Systems

    Particle Measuring Systems as the global technology leader in the environmental monitoring industry, Particle Measuring Systems invests in research, engineering, manufacturing, and support of particle counting and monitoring instrumentation, ...

    IsoAir - Model 310P - Aerosol Particle Sensors

    IsoAir - Model 310P - Aerosol Particle Sensors

    The IsoAir® 310P Air Particle Sensor makes it easy to monitor air in remote locations or in areas with process restraints. Real-time particle monitoring gives quick notification of particle anomalies, detecting 0.5 and 5.0 µm for GMP and ...


    based in SPAIN.


    COFEM, S.A. company founded in 1973 with over 40 years of experience in fire detection and fire alarm systems manufacturer. All product fullfit EN54 standard that is obligatory in the EU. certified ISO 9001.Exporting over 50 countries around the ...

    COFEM - Algorithmic Addressable Optical Smoke Sensor for Fire Detection

    COFEM - Algorithmic Addressable Optical Smoke Sensor for Fire Detection

    The optical smoke sensor A30XHA is based on the Tyndall effect (light refraction in a dark chamber) created in an optical chamber. The variation of the electrical features of the chamber in the presence of combustion aerosols makes it suitable for ...

  • Sympatec GmbH

    based in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, GERMANY.

    Sympatec GmbH

    We develop, manufacture, sell and support an innovative range of best instruments for particle size and shape analysis in laboratory and process applications for customers worldwide. The technologies offered by Sympatec, comprising laser ...

    SympaTEC - Model RODOS L - Dry Dispersion Unit

    SympaTEC - Model RODOS L - Dry Dispersion Unit

    Powerful dry dispersion in the free aerosol jet for laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis. RODOS is the original by the inventor of dry dispersion. With this breakthrough innovation, Sympatec has opened up dry applications to particle ...

  • Vitrocell Systems GmbH

    based in Waldkirch, GERMANY.

    Vitrocell Systems GmbH

    The VITROCELL Systems’ team has been driven by this diligence and vision, setting new standards for in vitro technology through state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified workmanship and absolute client dedication. VITROCELL has successfully ...

    Vitrocell - Exposure Systems Exposure to Liquid Aerosols

    Vitrocell - Exposure Systems Exposure to Liquid Aerosols

    This system is specifically designed for dose-controlled and spatially uniform deposition of liquid aerosols on cells cultured at the air/liquid interface. The aerosol is applied for a short time of approx. 3 – 4 minutes.

  • Optomec Inc.

    based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA).

    Optomec Inc.

    Optomec is breaking new ground in the world of additive manufacturing (AM) with unique 3D printing technology that supports a broad range of functional, production-grade materials and feature sizes. Our AM technology provides unique advantages over ...



    The demand for novel consumer and military electronic devices that pack more functionality into less space is driving the need for advanced manufacturing methods that tightly integrate electronic circuitry with physical packaging. The unique ability ...

  • Jing Ltd.

    based in Zollikofen, SWITZERLAND.

    Jing Ltd.

    JING innovative Swiss company. Inventor of CAST (Combustion Aerosol STandard). Since 1999 world wide leader for high-performance real soot generator. High-performance soot generators for gaseous and liquid fuel.

    miniCAST - Model Series 5200 - Real Combustion Soot Particle

    miniCAST - Model Series 5200 - Real Combustion Soot Particle

    miniCAST Series 5200 produce real combustion soot particle by using a well defined flame that simulates the combustion in the modern combustion engines. The operation principle is based on solid know-how and practical experiences from more than 16 ...

  • GKN Sinter Metals Filters GmbH

    based in P.O. Box 1520, GERMANY.

    GKN Sinter Metals Filters GmbH

    GKN Sinter Metals is the leading supplier of metal powder precision components world-wide. Our global production and sales network comprises some 7,000 employees and over 30 facilities spanning five continents. GKN Sinter Metals Filters is one of ...



    SIKA-B elements are produced from sintered spherical Bronze powder by the gravity sintering technique. Shape, size and distribution of  the powder particles are important parameters which effect the properties of a high porosity sintered ...

  • Merconics GmbH & Co. KG

    based in Bergkirchen, GERMANY.

    Merconics GmbH & Co. KG

    merconics, a professional distribution organization for capital equipment is providing support solutions to the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Europe. merconics was founded by Harald Moder with a registered office in Bergkirchen ...

  • Biochrom - a division of Harvard Bioscience

    based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Biochrom - a division of Harvard Bioscience

    Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing the highest quality scientific instruments. Our instruments are trusted by scientist, doctors and technicians in hospitals and laboratories ...

    Biochrom - Asys Atlantis Microplate Washer

    Biochrom - Asys Atlantis Microplate Washer

    The Biochrom Asys Atlantis microplate washer  for standard ANSI SBS footprint 96-well plates with flexiblility in washing options, simple operation and digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps. The Biochrom Asys ...

  • Air Techniques International (ATI)

    based in Owings Mills, MARYLAND (USA).

    Air Techniques International (ATI)

    Since 1961, Air Techniques has been the leading designer and manufacturer of specialized testing equipment for HEPA filters, media, filter cartridges, respirators and protective masks. Air Techniques manufactures a comprehensive line of test ...

    ATI - Model FAR-PASS - Automated Air Sample Collection & Delivery System

    ATI - Model FAR-PASS - Automated Air Sample Collection & Delivery System

    The FAR-PASS provides a unique, low-cost solution for airborne biological and chemical sampling and automated sample delivery. Using patented technology, the airborne threat is concentrated onto a small dry filter and pneumatically transported via ...

  • Addair

    With the experience of its founders, the Addair company is a specialist in measuring the air quality and metrology of aerosols. Addair the company and its employees accompany you throughout your steps and advise you on the most suitable for your ...

  • Palas GmbH

    based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

    Palas GmbH

    Palas develops and builds fine dust monitoring devices, nanoparticle measurement systems, aerosol spectrometer systems, aerosol generators (for solid and liquid particles, dilution systems and filter (media) test systems. With more than 50 patents ...

    Welas - Model digital 3000 - Light-Scattering Spectrometer System

    Welas - Model digital 3000 - Light-Scattering Spectrometer System

    Aerosol spectrometer with two aerosol sensors, highest particle size resolution, measuring range from 200 nm to 40 µm. The welas digital 3000 is a flexible, powerful and economical light-scattering spectrometer system with two aerosol sensors, ...

  • CH Technologies Inc.

    CH equips clients with a responsive source for cutting-edge inhalation and particle exposure systems tailored to each client`s specific needs. We specialize in Nose-Only/ Whole Body inhalation exposure testing equipment for toxicology, bio-defense, ...

  • Contrec AG

    The Contrec AG - your partner in analytical measuring instruments. You run a laboratory for research purposes, running a business, which due to the nature of the production also has a high emission emissions, or need another reason analytical ...

  • Envicontrol

    based in Gosselies, BELGIUM.


    Since 1992, Envicontrol is specialized in measuring equipment for gases, air and dust (sampling, analysis, calibration and generating of gases), as well as in acquisition and management systems for monitoring and warning networks. The company has ...

  • LabService Analytica srl

    based in Anzola Emilia, ITALY.

    LabService Analytica srl

    LabService is the Italian Leader in consultancy and pre/after sales assistance, its sellers being first of all specialised consultants working in company made of careful and skilful chemists permanently at your service. LabService brings an ...

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