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algae bloom Companies

  • H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

    based in Elst, NETHERLANDS.


    H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

    H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. was founded with the mission to provide Economic and Ecological solutions to control biofouling in industrial water systems. H2O BFS provides solutions to prevent biofouling risks in industrial water systems. H2O is ...

    H2O Biofouling Solutions - Water Screening and Filters

    H2O Biofouling Solutions - Water Screening and Filters

    For specific water screening and filtration related topics H2O BFS works together with its partner company SEE Pty Ltd. With more than 30+ years experience in intake screening and filtering systems, SEE Pty Ltd provides advice and support for ...

  • Yosemite Technologies Co.,Ltd

    based in Suzhou, CHINA.


    Yosemite Technologies Co.,Ltd

    Headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park, China, Yosemite Technologies designs and manufactures water quality monitoring equipment. Combining optical sensing and mobile internet technologies, Yosemitech brings innovative and cost competitive ...

    Yosemite - Model Y513-A - Blue Green Algae Sensor with Wiper

    Yosemite - Model Y513-A - Blue Green Algae Sensor with Wiper

    Yosemite blue-green algae sensor measures cyanobacteria (phycocyanin) in fresh water. The species can present in fresh water and produce toxins and compounds which cause water blooms. Blue-green ...

  • SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC (SSAC)

    based in Northampton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).


    SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC (SSAC)

    SonicSolutions Algae Control (and its partners) is the exclusive distributor of the patented Hydro Bio-Science product line. The ultrasound technology found in the Quattro-DB and Mezzo-DB units is the most advanced on the market for non-chemical ...

    SolaRaft-QDB - Most Powerful and Efficient Ultrasound Algae Control System

    SolaRaft-QDB - Most Powerful and Efficient Ultrasound Algae Control System

    The SolaRaft-QDB is the most powerful and efficient ultrasound system in the world. This complete system includes a 180 watt Solar Panel system, backup rechargeable batteries, Navigation lights, bird deterrent, and accompanying Single Quattro-DB ...

  • Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

    based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.

    Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc. are specialists in the measurement and monitoring of oil in water. We are experts in the application of UV Fluorescence technology to the monitoring and analyzing of produced water and other oily ...

    TDHI - Model CF-200 - Algae Monitor System

    TDHI - Model CF-200 - Algae Monitor System

    Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, in partnership with Benchmark International, is proud to present the CF-200 Algae Monitor. Using the C-Fluor fluorescence probe, the online monitor is fully integrated and ready to detect ...

  • Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME)

    based in Vista, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. (PME)

    PME was founded in research institutions 30 years ago and we continue to partner with them today, developing new technologies in R&D settings to support public and commercial research organizations. Our mission is to provide research institutions ...

    PME - Model miniPAR - Portable Submersible Data Logger Measures Light, Orientation and Temperature

    PME - Model miniPAR - Portable Submersible Data Logger Measures Light, Orientation and Temperature

    The miniPAR logger is a portable, submersible instrument for measuring diffused sunlight through water, or PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). The miniPAR also contains a tilt sensor to ensure proper orientation, as well as a temperature ...

  • Maritech CV

    based in Mariekerke, BELGIUM.

    Maritech CV

    Prevention of growth of micro-organisms (algae, bacteria and fungi) in ponds, pools, cooling-and irrigation water reservoirs.We only use environmental friendly products and techniques.Many studies and references are available in different industry ...

    Thomas-Electronics - Model Aquasonic NT4.1 - Ultrasound prevention and removal of algae blooms.

    Thomas-Electronics - Model Aquasonic NT4.1 - Ultrasound prevention and removal of algae blooms.

    Treatment of water bodies against growth of unwanted micro-organisms such as algae, fungi and bacteria in : Water bassin's in agriculture and fisheries Recreational ponds (swimmings) Pools industrial cooling water reservoirs Heat ...

  • Virgo Water Habitats

    Water Habitats was established in 2005 as a company with the sole aim of providing solutions for water quality problems, specifically those created by algae blooms. The company is a partnership between Mr Martin Searle and Virgo UK who are the ...

  • C & M Aquatic Management Group Ltd

    based in Owen Sound, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    C & M Aquatic Management Group Ltd

    C&M Aquatic Management Group is a leading provider of innovative water management strategies and technologies - headquartered in Owen Sound, Ontario. We are pleased to work with many types of clients including home owners, land developers, ...

    Stormwater Management Services

    Stormwater Management Services

    for both existing and newly constructed ponds. They can reduce the severity of water quality issues - such as algae blooms and odour without the use of harmful ...

  • Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)

    based in Fort Pierce, FLORIDA (USA).

    Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)

    In 2005, Edie Widder, Ph.D. founded the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) in Fort Pierce, Florida, with a focus on developing innovative technologies to protect and restore our aquatic ecosystems and the species they sustain. Housed ...

  • Eco Pond Rescue

    based in Seminole, FLORIDA (USA).

    Eco Pond Rescue

    Eco Pond Rescue utilizes a patented Venturie aeration system to circulate and aerate ponds and lakes. We also specialize in safe non-toxic turbidity reduction systems for commercial applications such as construction ponds and dewatering. Our ...

  • Makro Organics

    based in Langebaan, SOUTH AFRICA.

    Makro Organics

    Makro Organics was established in 2015 Located in the western cape of South AfricaOffer 5 unique products, each focussing on a different environmental treatment program. Makro Organics is a sister company of Organic Aqua, (each having its own ...



    . Increase in Dissolved Oxygen and activation of aerobic microbes and enzymes lead to faster sludge decomposition. Treatment successfully reduces and prevents: Algae Blooms and Blue-green algae ...

  • Pickett Enterprises

    based in Dayton, OHIO (USA).

    Pickett Enterprises

    Pickett Enterprises is a progressive specialty products company that began over 40 years ago serving businesses and government. We offer quality products formulated for on-site treatment of Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), phosphorus and nutrient ...

    Toxic Blue-Green Algae Treatment

    Toxic Blue-Green Algae Treatment

    Our non-toxic liquid product inhibits and controls the growth of: Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). Algal blooms.Microcystins. Harmful Algae Blooms ...

  • Durvet, Inc.

    based in Blue Springs, MONTANA (USA).

    Durvet, Inc.

    We continuously strive to add new components and design features so your visit to it is more convenient, efficient and productive. A key function of is to be an extension of our corporate mission and a window to our company culture and ...

    AquaVet - Algae Control

    AquaVet - Algae Control

    Treatment for killing floating, submerged and planktonic algae in ponds and lakes. Spring application. Algae forming on the bottom of pond and water temperature above 60˚F. 30 day residual ...

  • Natural Aeration Inc.

    based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Natural Aeration Inc.

    The power of the sun `photosynthesis` is used by beneficial bacteria to stabilize nutrients in preparation for land application. Conventional systems function anaerobically and lose valuable nutrients, throwing the system into imbalance. Cows are ...

  • ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC

    based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

    ECO Oxygen Technologies, LLC

    The Global Leader in SuperOxygenation 20 years of experience in efficient gas transfer solutions with over 50 custom-engineered success stories. ECO2 SuperOxygenation systems for water and wastewater treatment are designed and produced by ECO Oxygen ...

  • SCATMAN Ltd.

    based in Oulu, FINLAND.

    SCATMAN Ltd.

    SCATMAN offers electronic tools for collecting and visualizing data in surveys and mappings of environmental and natural issues. SCATMAN applies normal touch screen smartphones or tablets for easy and reliable survey data collecting. Survey data ...

    Professional Services

    Professional Services

    All our tools and services are customizable to meet your requirements, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any needs for tailored software solutions in surveys and mapping for environmental/natural issues or ...

  • AlgaeControl.US

    based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).


    AlgaeControl.US, based in Charleston, SC is a Worldwide Distributor of Hydro BioScience ultrasonic algae and biofilm control devices - Quattro-DB® and Mezzo-DB®. We currently have over 50 authorized dealers nationwide providing you a wide variety of ...

  • Waterscope International Inc.

    based in Budapest, HUNGARY.

    Waterscope International Inc.

    WaterScope International Inc. was founded in February 2016. Prior to founding WaterScope, the team spent years researching different solutions and developing the current line of equipment. Our founder and CEO has 10+ years experience with water ...

    WaterScope Micro - Onsite Monitoring Device

    WaterScope Micro - Onsite Monitoring Device

    Version: onsite device. Detectable organisms: unicellular and multicellular organisms (worms, nematodes, flagellata, rotifers). Analyzed volume: 1,5-2 l/hour. Size of recognizable objects: 50 – 300 µm. Method of analysis: morphological ...

  •, Inc.

    based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA)., Inc.

    WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems (ACS) remove algae, scum, and other foreign material from WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) clarifier weirs and troughs. Eco-Blaster, Biological Control Systems (BCS) is used to control foam and material on ...

    WeirWasher - Automated Cleaning System

    WeirWasher - Automated Cleaning System

    WeirWasher Automated Cleaning System are engineered to the specific design parameters of each tank .WeirWasher Automated Cleaning Systems are ' ONLY technology that is SCADA/PLCATIMI automated. WeirWasher. ACS removes the algae, ...

  • Storm Safe

    based in ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Storm Safe

    I invented StormSafe for my own operation` says Mike Meeker, fish farmer since 1984. `But it will work anywhere in the world, because other farmers have the same challenges I have. The genius behind the StormSafe system boils down to few key ...

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