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anemometer system Companies

  • Scarlet Tech Ltd.

    based in Taipei City, TAIWAN.


    Scarlet Tech Ltd.

    Scarlet Tech - A leading company in environmental and occupational health instruments. Scarlet merges medical science and technology, along with the capacity of coordinating international academy to translate research into practice. We care about ...

    Scarlet WindPro - Wireless Wind Monitor System

    Scarlet WindPro - Wireless Wind Monitor System

    Scarlet WindPro is a stand-alone system that helps users get real time site wind information, anywhere, from any smart device by simply logging into Scarlet web portal. The novel Smart Wind Monitoring System perfectly solves the spatial limitation ...

  • Kanomax USA, Inc.

    based in Andover, NEW JERSEY (USA).


    Kanomax USA, Inc.

    Kanomax delivers the best measurement solutions with its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles. We contribute to technological innovation and quality improvements for the processes of quality and ...

    Kanomax  Anemomaster - Model 1550/1560 Series - Multi-Channel Anemometer

    Kanomax Anemomaster - Model 1550/1560 Series - Multi-Channel Anemometer

    Models 1550 and 1560 are the most advanced multichannel anemometers offered by Kanomax. These systems are capable of measuring many channels simulatenously and are capable of measuring temperature and relative humidity as well as airflow.

  • Enercorp Instruments ltd

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Enercorp Instruments ltd

    Enercorp Instruments ltd is a Canadian manufacturer of Humidity, Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation. Our products are used in a wide range of applications with emphasis on Energy Management, Food Processing and Climate Monitoring. With ...

    Wind Transmitter

    Wind Transmitter

    The First Class wind transmitters are designed to evaluate the location and capacity of future wind power systems. The anemometer measures the horizontal component of wind speed and the direction transmitter detects the horizontal wind direction. ...

  • Muir Matheson Ltd

    based in Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Muir Matheson Ltd

    Muir Matheson manufactures and maintains Weather and Oceanographic monitoring systems for customers in the Aviation, Oil & Gas and Environmental Monitoring industries. Design flexibility and customer support are our priorities. Compliant with latest ...

    Consultation Services

    Consultation Services

    In the Aviation department our highly motivated team of professionals have the knowledge and experience  to provide consultation on your aerodrome’s requirements whether you need replacement anemometer parts or a full SAMOS ...

  • WindLogger - designed and manufactured by Logic Energy

    based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

    WindLogger - designed and manufactured by Logic Energy

    Meet the experts behind WindLogger technology. WindLogger is built upon the field-proven expertise of Logic Energy, a UK-based company with years of experience offering monitoring solutions for energy efficiency projects and renewable energy ...

    LeWL - Wind Logger

    LeWL - Wind Logger

    The new LeWL WindLogger has been manufactured since 2008. We have sold thousands of these little wind data loggers all over the world and they have an excellent reputation for their stability, accuracy and endurance.

  • Equinox Instruments Limited

    Equinox Instruments Limited specialises in providing class leading instruments to its customers with a product portfolio that includes Solar Radiation Sensors, Compact Weather Stations, Ultrasonic Wind Sensors, Anemometers, Wind Vanes, Sun Tracking ...

  • Wind Energy Solutions BV (WES)

    based in Spanbroek, NETHERLANDS.

    Wind Energy Solutions BV (WES)

    Over the last decade wind turbines and wind parks have taken off in spectacular fashion. Things are changing. Producing energy where you need it makes more sense than transporting it over long distances and using wind turbines to do this is known as ...

  • Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd

    based in Meldreth, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd

    Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd. was formed in 1988 to meet the needs of the Professional Meteorologist. We offer an extensive range of products, demonstrating the depth and breadth of our ability. Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd manufactures automated ...

    FWS - Cup Anemometer

    FWS - Cup Anemometer

    The Fairmount Anemometer is a professional sensor intended to provide reliable and accurate measurement of wind speed, combining traditional British quality with modern electronics. It has been developed to offer very smooth and reliable mechanical ...

  • Tridiagonal Solutions Inc

    based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA).

    Tridiagonal Solutions Inc

    Tridiagonal Solutions Inc is an advanced engineering solutions provider with expertise in process performance enhancement and product development solutions to industrial clients worldwide. The portfolio comprises of process engineering, CFD, EFD, ...

    Experimental Fluid Dynamics

    Experimental Fluid Dynamics

    A successful process development project will need to utilize both computational and experimental methods in a complimentary manner to accelerate the development process. Experimental studies either validate process solutions developed using ...

  • Degreane Horizon

    based in Quartier Saint Lazare, FRANCE.

    Degreane Horizon

    Originating from the electronics department of Ets DEGREANE, DEGREANE HORIZON has been working for over fifty years with customers all over the world in sectors reliant on electronics: Defence, Energy/Transport, and Meteorology. The company ...

    Deolia - Model 396 - Wind Sensor

    Deolia - Model 396 - Wind Sensor

    The DEOLIA396 wind sensor is a complete system that includes an anemometer, a wind vane and a universal wind transmitter that can be adapted to various configurations and complies with ICAO standards.

  • Texas Electronics Inc.

    based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).

    Texas Electronics Inc.

    Texas Electronics, Inc. has been a pioneer and innovator in the field of quality meteorological instrumentation. Since our first wind speed and wind direction sensors were designed and built in 1956, our instruments have continually evolved into the ...

    Model 2-200 - Wind Speed System

    Model 2-200 - Wind Speed System

    The Model 2-200 Wind Speed Indicating System is an extremely accurate, low cost wind measuring system. This system consists of a Model TV-114 anemometer and a dial indicator. No external power source is required, as the system generates its own ...

  • Applied Technologies, Inc. (ATI)

    based in Longmont, COLORADO (USA).

    Applied Technologies, Inc. (ATI)

    Applied Technologies, Inc. has over 40 years experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of high quality environmental monitoring equipment. The company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific meteorological ...

    FluxSoft - Flux Measurement System (FMS) Software Package

    FluxSoft - Flux Measurement System (FMS) Software Package

    The Flux Measurement System, (FMS) Software Package -  'FluxSoft' - produces estimates of momentum flux, sensible heat flux, and latent heat flux by applying the Eddy Co-variance Method to measurements of atmospheric conditions. The ...

  • Theodor Friedrichs & Co.

    based in Schenefeld, GERMANY.

    Theodor Friedrichs & Co.

    Since more than 50 years the name of Theodor Friedrichs has been developed to a synonym of precision instruments for professional meteorology and environmental monitoring. Grown up from a craftsmanshop in Hamburg-Niendorf today`s company is a modern ...

    Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D

    Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D

    The 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer (USA-1) is an all weather type system which has proven reliable operation in arctic and Antarctic areas, in highly polluted areas of waste disposals, at mountains, at coastal sites, on ships, etc. On the other hand, this ...

  • NRG Systems

    based in Hinesburg, VERMONT (USA).

    NRG Systems

    RNRG measurement products and technical services are purpose-built for the global renewable energy industry. RNRG pioneered wind resource assessment more than 30 years ago, when the wind industry was just beginning. Today, we serve multiple stages ...

    WindSensor - Model P2546-OPR - Anemometer

    WindSensor - Model P2546-OPR - Anemometer

    Originally designed for marine environments, the P2546-OPR is ideally suited for wind resource assessment and power performance studies both onshore and off. RNRG offers two versions of the P2546-OPR sensor: the P2546C-OPR (coil version) and the ...

  • Hoa Phong E&C

    Hoa Phong E&C Investment and Development JSC (referred to as HPEC) was established on June 16th 2010. Along with the national development, in order to meet the needs of infrastructure and to improve the living standard, HPEC has continuously ...

  • Far Data Ltd

    based in Cracow, POLAND.

    Far Data Ltd

    The company was established as a connection of three independent economic entities, existing on the market since the early 1990s. This merger has increased the commercial and technical capacity and significantly expanded the area of operations. The ...

    Model NP-3 - Wind Speed Transmitter

    Model NP-3 - Wind Speed Transmitter

    The NP-3 anemometer is a device of a very robust structure (anodized aluminium) used to of measure wind speed in an open area. The instrument's special bearing mounting and its labyrinth sealing ensure measurements even at very small wind speed. The ...

  • Dantec Dynamics

    based in Skovlunde, DENMARK.

    Dantec Dynamics

    Dantec Dynamics` main area of activity is development and sales of integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology. Our systems are used to ...

    Hot-wire and Hot-film Probes

    Hot-wire and Hot-film Probes

    Dantec Dynamics offers a complete probe system for use with Constant Temperature Anemometers (CTA). The CTA anemometer is today's most widely used instrument for measurement and analysis of the micro-structures in turbulent gas and liquid flows. The ...

  • AirClean Systems

    based in Creedmoor, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    AirClean Systems

    AirClean Systems manufactures a complete range of ductless fume hoods and laminar flow hoods designed to protect the operator, the process, or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gases, and particles. AirClean Systems ductless fume hoods, workstations ...

    PowderSafe Type C Enclosure

    PowderSafe Type C Enclosure

    AirClean Systems Type C PowderSafe balance enclosure incorporates the airflow dynamics and HEPASafe features of the PowderSafe Type B with user-friendly features and chemical fume containment capabilities of the ductless fume hood. Thermally fused ...

  • CESTEL ltd

    CESTEL ltd was established in 1992 as a result of restructuring of a privately owned company Elektronika Brozovič. We have been an important part of the road engineering business ever since 1978, the year when former Yugoslavia witnessed the ...

  • Mecasolar

    based in FustiƱana, SPAIN.


    MECASOLAR is a company devoted to the design, manufacture and distribution of 2-axis trackers, 1-axis azimuth Seasonal trackers, 1axis horizontal and polar tracker, fixed structures, Roof-Mounted Structures and the MECASCREW universal foundation ...

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