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aquifer injection Companies

  • EN Rx, Inc.

    based in Flower Mound, TEXAS (USA).


    EN Rx, Inc.

    EN Rx was founded in 2001 and has established itself as a member of the engineering vendor community that offers innovative environmental remediation solutions. EN Rx is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company with offices in Texas, Florida, ...

  • Sound Remedial Technologies, Inc.

    based in Crested Butte, COLORADO (USA).

    Sound Remedial Technologies, Inc.

    Sound Remedial Technologies has decades of experience in soil remediation, aquifer restoration, and project management. We have consulted to most of the largest oil companies, including: Exxon, Texaco, ARCO, Chevron, and Conoco. We have managed ...

    Steam Injection

    Steam Injection

    SRT has the expertise to apply cutting-edge steam injection in either deep or shallow aquifers.  Taking the recent experience at Williams AFB and the multi-millions spent on R&D (monitoring steam propagation etc.), an optimized system can ...

  • Biopipe Global Corp.

    based in NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Biopipe Global Corp.

    Biopipe Global is an innovative onsite NO sludge wastewater treatment and water recycling company. The company, founded in 2012 by Turkish Entrepreneur, Enes Kutluca, is transforming the water industry with its patented technology & seeks to advance ...

    Biopipe - Biological Wastewater Treatment Pipe System

    Biopipe - Biological Wastewater Treatment Pipe System

    Biopipe guarantees a wastewater treatment system good for life Unlike other traditional wastewater systems Biopipe produce NO SLUDGE, NO ODOUR, NO SOUND AND NO WASTE. Biopipe brings energy consumption to a minimum as it can store wastewater in a ...

  • Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

    based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA).

    Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

    Terra Systems, Inc.’s senior scientists have been developing in situ bioremediation technology since the 1980’s. Our roots go back to Richard Raymond, Sr. who received the first patent, U.S. Patent No. 3,846,290 for in situ bioremediation of ...

    MTS - Metals Treatment Substrate

    MTS - Metals Treatment Substrate

    MTS™ - Metals Treatment Substrate is a slow release product that has been designed to remove a range of dissolved metals from groundwater via in situ immobilization and also provide a substrate for biodegradation of chlorinated ...

  • Ecovac Services

    based in Woodstock, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Ecovac Services

    We pioneer and provide expedited and cost-effective in situ mobile remedial solutions for VOC/SVOC impacted sites. EcoVac Services is the world leader in dual phase multi phase extraction services, having conducted over 8,000 mobile dual ...

    In Situ Chemical Oxidation

    In Situ Chemical Oxidation

    ISCO-EFR is EcoVac’s proprietary technology combining multi phase / dual phase extraction (MPE/DPE) with in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).  This unique approach has decreased contaminant levels relative to corrective action levels by 80 ...

  • Sensatec GmbH

    based in Kiel, GERMANY.

    Sensatec GmbH

    Sensatec is a provider of sophisticated technologies for the analysis and remediation of contaminated sites as well as for the intelligent use of sensor-based environmental monitoring systems. In the field of In-situ-technologies for the remediation ...

    Sensatec - Drilling Technology

    Sensatec - Drilling Technology

    We are in command of tested and proven sophisticated drilling and injection technology. Especially in the case of in-situ remediation, it is crucial that the injection system is customized according to the aquifer‘s complexity.

  • In-Situ Technieken / Arcadis Nederland BV


    In-Situ Technieken / Arcadis Nederland BV

    In-Situ Technieken has been operating internationally as a soil remediation firm for almost 10 years now. One of the specialisms of In-Situ Technieken is In Situ Chemical Oxidation, or ISCO. In-Situ Technieken has introduced the technology in Europe ...



    Sparging signifies the injection of air into the groundwater of the aquifer. The air migrates in fine fissures to the vadose zone. The air injection leads to a stripping of contaminants into the vadose zone and boosts aerobic biodegradation in the ...

  • Central Station Steam Company- Cadillac Meter

    based in Tigard, OREGON (USA).

    Central Station Steam Company- Cadillac Meter

    Cadillac Meter, Central Station Steam Company, has been serving the energy industry for over 100 years. The original Cadillac Gravity meter was first introduced in 1906. Since its inception we have been a leader – providing the most accurate and ...

    Cadillac - Model EMAG - Magnetic Flow Meter

    Cadillac - Model EMAG - Magnetic Flow Meter

    The Cadillac EMAG Magnetic Flow Meter has been acknowledged as the industry standard for accuracy and electronics innovation. The Cadillac EMAG magnetic flow meter is capable of measuring liquids of all types and consistency while providing an ...

  • Todd Engineers

    based in Alameda, California 94501-1080, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Todd Engineers

    Todd Groundwater specializes in the planning, development, management and protection of GROUNDWATER. We retain a tenured staff of professionals who know our clients and are highly responsive to their needs. We are a certified Small Business ...

    Recycled Water

    Recycled Water

    Growing uncertainty in traditional sources of water supply and better understanding of treatment technology, both at the treatment plant and underground, have led to increasing public acceptance of recycled water use. Recycled water is municipal ...

  • EOS Remediation, LLC

    based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    EOS Remediation, LLC

    EOS Remediation has been the leading provider of in situ remediation products that reengineer the groundwater environment transforming contaminants into non-toxic end products. We offer a complete suite of remediation products including: Emulsified ...

  • InSitu Remediation Services Limited (IRSL)

    based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    InSitu Remediation Services Limited (IRSL)

    InSitu Remediation Services Limited (IRSL) is a contractor specializing in the in situ remediation of soil and groundwater. IRSL staff have over 26 years experience in evaluating,designing,implementing and optimizing in situ remediation programs.RSL ...

    Surfactant Flushing

    Surfactant Flushing

    Mobilizing contaminants for efficient mobilization and extraction. Surfactant flushing involves injecting a surfactant mixture into an aquifer impacted with Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs) to mobilize them. The surfactant and the mobilized NAPL ...

  • Knoll Environmental, LLC (Knoll)

    based in Needham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Knoll Environmental, LLC (Knoll)

    Knoll Environmental, Inc. (Knoll) is a privately owned consulting firm specializing in hydrogeological and environmental remediation services for private and public sector clients. Knoll was founded as an alternative to the large, expensive ...

    Hydro-Tech - Microwells and Soil Coring Services

    Hydro-Tech - Microwells and Soil Coring Services

    Knoll specializes in subsurface soil coring and aquifer injection technologies. Knoll's Hydro-Tech division, specializes in the installation of advanced soil coring technologies and microwells.Hydro-Tech's equipment consists of portable hydraulic ...

  • SiREM

    based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    SiREM provides the tools environmental professionals need to optimize remediation of chlorinated solvents and other recalcitrant chemicals. As an industry leader, SiREM provides unparalleled technical support, combined with a unique range of ...

    SiREM - Model KB-1 Primer - Anaerobic Injection Water Preparation Anaerobic Bioaugmentation Cultures

    SiREM - Model KB-1 Primer - Anaerobic Injection Water Preparation Anaerobic Bioaugmentation Cultures

    KB-1 Primer is used to prepare anaerobic water to disperse electron donors and protect anaerobic bioaugmentation cultures during injection into aquifers. In the past, production of anaerobic water was time consuming, and often produced water with ...

  • Regenesis

    based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    REGENESIS is the global leader in the research, development and commercialization of technology-based solutions for the environment. More specifically, the Company specializes in scientifically proven product and services-based solutions for ...

    HRC PRIMER - Hydrogen Release Compound

    HRC PRIMER - Hydrogen Release Compound

    HRC PRIMER is a less viscous version of the standard Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) product. It is a thinner, water-like compound that is typically injected into an aquifer where it releases lactic acid at a rate faster than standard HRC (several ...

  • PeroxyChem an Evonik Company

    based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    PeroxyChem an Evonik Company

    PeroxyChem is a global leader in peroxygen and adjacent chemistries. The company employs approximately 600 people throughout the world, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. With an unyielding commitment to safety at its core and backed ...

    PeroxyChem - In Situ Geochemical Stabilization (ISGS) Technology

    PeroxyChem - In Situ Geochemical Stabilization (ISGS) Technology

    In Situ Geochemical Stabilization (ISGS™) technology utilizes a permanganate-based solution to geochemically stabilize dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) in the aquifer. Permanganate and other proprietary reagents are mixed into an ...

  • Penney Engineering, Inc.

    based in Mansfield, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Penney Engineering, Inc.

    Penney Engineering, Inc has been a progressive environmental engineering company comprised of experienced engineers, scientists and technicians. We design, manufacture, install and operate groundwater, water, soil and wastewater treatment systems. ...

    Penney - Groundwater Aeration For Removing Volatile Organic Compounds

    Penney - Groundwater Aeration For Removing Volatile Organic Compounds

    Groundwater aeration, air sparging, or in-place air stripping is a proven remedial technology for removing volatile organic compounds from groundwater. Ambient air is usually forced into the upper portion of a shallow groundwater aquifer through an ...

  • ClydeUnion Pumps -  an SPX Corporation brand

    based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

    ClydeUnion Pumps - an SPX Corporation brand

    Whilst the name is comparatively recent ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, is one of the most experienced specialised engineering companies in the world. Formed through the acquisition and integration of a series of highly respected pump manufacturers ...

    Model MUTUP - Specialised Pump

    Model MUTUP - Specialised Pump

    The ClydeUnion Pumps MUTUP is an advanced pump designed to provide reliability in subsea multiphase pumping. It is also applied for downhole pumping applications onshore. It features a hydraulic turbine submersible pump, which is particularly suited ...

  • Olympic Environmental Equipment, LLC.

    Olympic Environmental Equipment, LLC. represents the leading manufacturers of environmental sampling, remediation and treatment products for the Pacific Northwest region of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.Manufacturers:QED ...

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