atmospheric emissions monitoring Companies

  • GRIMM Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & Co. KG - a member of the Durag Group

    based in Ainring, GERMANY.


    GRIMM Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & Co. KG - a member of the Durag Group

    GRIMM takes pride in manufacturing high-tech equipment for measuring aerosols in research, environment, industry, and work places. Precise detection of airborne particles is now possible in an enormous range starting at 0.8 Nanometer and going up to ...

    GRIMM - Model EDM665 - Environmental Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometers

    GRIMM - Model EDM665 - Environmental Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometers

    The EDM 665 Environmental Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer combines two technologies for particle counting and classifying in one device: the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS+C) with the butanol condensation particle counter for nanoparticles ...

  • Condorchem Envitech

    based in México, D.F, MEXICO.

    Condorchem Envitech

    Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering firm providing water, effluent and air emissions treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial activities, including power generation plants, MSW landfills, as well as gas and oil extraction ...

  • Nicarnica Aviation AS

    based in Lysaker, NORWAY.

    Nicarnica Aviation AS

    Nicarnica Aviation AS is based on a solid foundation of experienced management and technical professionals. We are a private limited company with Norsk Innovasjonskapital AS as the main investor, devoted to a long term and stable operation. ...

    NicAIR - Ground Based Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System

    NicAIR - Ground Based Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera System

    NicAIR is a thermal infrared imaging camera used to measure gases and particles in the atmosphere from a safe distance (ground based up to 20 Km) and can operate 24 hours a day.  The system uses up to four different waveband filters allowing ...

  • Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants (IAMC)

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.

    Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants (IAMC)

    Industrial Air Monitoring Consultants Ltd is a company committed to providing a range of high quality services related to the monitoring of industrial emissions.Using MCERTs qualified staff IAMC will advise clients on MCERTS related issues such as ...

    Provision of Staff for Mcerts Emission Monitoring Services

    Provision of Staff for Mcerts Emission Monitoring Services

    Provision of MCERTS Level 2 staff with Technical Endorsements 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the monitoring of industrial emissions to atmosphere.

  • C.I-AnalyseGAS

    The team at CI-Analysis GAS has a comprehensive knowledge of the gas industry, and our expertise in instruments for gas analysis and testing makes it possible to service our many different customers every day.CI-Analyze GAS, formerly known as ...

  • Envirosoft Ltd.

    based in Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Envirosoft Ltd.

    Envirosoft is a UK company specialising in PC based data-logging systems for environmental applications.We are the UK`s number one supplier of emissions data logging systems, supplying to ABB, Siemens, Orbital Gas, Land Instruments, Enviro ...

    CEMSuite - Software Package for Small Processes

    CEMSuite - Software Package for Small Processes

    CEMSuite is our software package for small processes that are not covered by WID, IPPC and LCP. CEMSuite is a comprehensive data-capture and reporting package that can acquire data from almost any automatic monitoring system. For some analysers with ...

  • Aerosol Dynamics Inc.

    based in Berkeley, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Aerosol Dynamics Inc.

    Airborne particles comprise the visual haze in the atmosphere, and are important to human health and global climate. Aerosol instruments developed by our firm are used for atmospheric research, routine monitoring, epidemiology studies, and global ...

    Model TAG - Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph

    Model TAG - Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph

    Our thermal desorption aerosol gas chromatograph provides hourly, in-situ molecular speciation and quantitation of semi-volatile organic aerosols. Developed jointly with the University of California, Berkeley, this instrument is sold through ...

  • Landfills +, Inc.

    Landfills +, Inc. is a small business founded by Dr. Jean Bogner to provide specialized landfill gas (LFG) consulting services in the context of integrated waste management. Solid waste is a significant source of renewable energy. This energy can be ...

  • Siteright Environmental

    SiteRight Environmental enjoys a reputation as one of the country`s leading environmental consultancies in the field of stack testing and IPPC/Waste licence compliance. SiteRight Environmental is a compact and progressive organisation offering ...

    Auditing Services

    The EPA have recently published a number of guidance documents on the measurement of emissions to atmosphere. Siteright provide a an auditing package designed to assess your company's compliance with the guidance. As part of our auditing service we ...

  • E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise

    based in Wrocław, POLAND.

    E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise

    E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise was founded in May 1988 by private individuals. With competent employees, employed on employment contract - we combine knowledge and experience of various specialized fields, and we can realize all ...

    Emiotest - Model 3114 - Gravimetric Dust Meter

    Emiotest - Model 3114 - Gravimetric Dust Meter

    Automatic dust meter EMIOTEST 3114, in its innovative technical solution, is a portable device designed to perform, in closed channels, periodic measurements of dust concentration in the flue gases and a dust mass stream (e.g. in the exhaust) to ...

  • LSE Monitors

    based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

    LSE Monitors

    Synspec BV and Sensor Sense BV have been working together to develop a revolutionary, robust and versatile technology for measuring ammonia (NH3) or nitrous oxide (N2O) in ambient air. Sensor Sense, a spin-off company from the Nijmegen University is ...

    LSE - Model N2O-4405 - Ultra Sensitive N2O Monitor

    LSE - Model N2O-4405 - Ultra Sensitive N2O Monitor

    Nitrous oxide (N2O) plays an important role as greenhouse gas and is involved in the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. In the last century, the anthropogenic sources of N2O increased by a factor 2 and, consequently, the concentration ...

  • Codel International Ltd

    based in Bakewell, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Codel International Ltd

    CODEL International Ltd is a UK-company based in Bakewell, in the heart of the picturesque Peak District National Park design and manufacture cutting edge instrumentation, primarily, for monitoring emissions to atmosphere, road tunnel environments ...

  • Groupe IRH Environnement

    based in Vandoeuvre -les- nancy, FRANCE.

    Groupe IRH Environnement

    Water, air, soil... These three elements are the foundations of Groupe IRH Environnement`s action.Yves Bernheim is the CEO and shareholder. Groupe IRH Environnement has two operational subsidiaries: IRH Ingénieur Conseil and ICF Environnement.

    Characterisation of Atmospheric Emissions Services

    Characterisation of Atmospheric Emissions Services

    Polluting atmospheric emissions are caused by many human activities that modify the composition of the atmosphere and deteriorate the quality of the air. The inspection, control and treatment of atmospheric emissions are therefore essential to ...

  • Trigas Agencies CC

    Trigas Agencies CC was founded in 1998 as a need existed in the Gas and Fire Detection Industry for a Company that could offer a reliable, cost effective product range coupled with our vast experience in the business.Trigas is a small to medium ...

  • Ethos Environmental Ltd.

    based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ethos Environmental Ltd.

    Ethos Environmental provide your business with a range of consultancy services for both national and multi-national clients. Monitoring and reporting expertise ensures all regulatory standards in health, safety and environmental performance are met ...

    Atmospheric Dispersion Monitoring Services

    Atmospheric Dispersion Monitoring Services

    Recent years have seen a development of increasingly sophisticated atmospheric dispersion models which has led to a greater understanding of the impact industrial businesses are having on the environment. These modern applications are focusing on ...

  • Boreal Laser Inc.

    based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Boreal Laser Inc.

    Boreal is in the business of protecting assets, the environment, and most importantly, people. For the last 25 years Boreal has been on the forefront of gas detection innovation and to this day we continue to push the envelope. We are proud to ...

    Boreal Laser - Model GasFinder3-OP - Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer

    Boreal Laser - Model GasFinder3-OP - Portable Open-Path TDL Analyzer

    Primary uses of the GasFinder3-OP are to: Continuously monitor gas concentrations over open area sources. Provide immediate and unambiguous detection of gas leaks. Can be combined with weather data and an atmospheric dispersion model to give a ...

  • Sick Automation

    based in Waldkirch, GERMANY.

    Sick Automation

    SICK is one of the world`s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. Founded in 1946 by Dr.-Ing. h. c. Erwin Sick, the company with headquarters in Waldkirch im Breisgau near Freiburg ranks among the ...

    Sick - Model GMS800 - Extractive Gas Analyzers

    Sick - Model GMS800 - Extractive Gas Analyzers

    The GMS800 is a product familiy of extractive analyzers which can measure more than 60 different gas compounds. The GMS800 is characterized by its modular design: 6 analyzing modules, one gas module, I/O modules and an operating unit. Standardized ...

  • Terra Applied Systems, LLC (TAS)

    based in League City, TEXAS (USA).

    Terra Applied Systems, LLC (TAS)

    Terra Applied Systems, LLC (TAS) seeks out new and maturing technologies in all fields from atmospheric component detection to reverse osmosis solutions and applications. We strive to be the premier bridge between manufacturers and end users of ...

  • Sensor Sense B.V.

    based in Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS.

    Sensor Sense B.V.

    Sensor Sense is a young hightech company dedicated to develop, produce and sell highly sensitive, laser-based trace gas detectors for use in environmental monitoring, industry, agriculture, biological research and medical applications. We are ...

    Ultra Sensitive Nitrous Oxide Analyzer (N2O)

    Ultra Sensitive Nitrous Oxide Analyzer (N2O)

    Nitrous oxide (N2O) plays an important role as greenhouse gas and is involved in the depletion of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. The world wide N2O increase is generally caused solely by the anthropogenic sources.

  • Loccioni Group

    based in Angeli di Rosora (AN), ITALY.

    Loccioni Group

    Loccioni Environment develops and integrates environmental and processes monitoring systems, combining competences of measure, control, automation, valorization and data management that have allowed Loccioni to reach an International leadership in ...

    Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)

    Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)

    Loccioni Environment provides complete systems for monitoring continuous industrial emissions in the atmosphere (CEMS): Interfacing with the bodies dealing with law limits control, it affords turnkey solutions, fixed or transportable CEMS, complete ...

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