autosampling equipment Companies

  • Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

    based in Georgetown, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

    Designing + manufacturing ultrasonic and optical instrumentation to help municipal/industrial plants around the globe measure, monitor and automate control of water & wastewater treatment and process slurries. Products: The Sludge Gun® handheld ...

    Markland - Duckbill™ Automatic Composite Sampling System

    Markland - Duckbill™ Automatic Composite Sampling System

    Meet the needs of challenging applications: Move samples up high lifts (80+ feet) and over long runs (90+ feet). Sample multiple sites simultaneously.Self-cleaning: Lines are blown clear and dry after each sample, even in freezing ...

  • Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    based in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.


    Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    We are the world’s leading producer of real-time trace gas & organic particle analyzers based on Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) technology, with a market-leading detection limit

    IONICON - Autosampler for Automated Head-Space Analysis with PTR-MS

    IONICON - Autosampler for Automated Head-Space Analysis with PTR-MS

    Static and dynamic head-space analysis for up to 270 vials (10/20 ml). Integrated software for use with PTR-MS.

  • Prince Technologies B.V.

    based in Emmen, NETHERLANDS.

    Prince Technologies B.V.

    Prince Technologies is One of the World’s Leading Innovation and Manufacturing Specialists of Capillary Electrophoresis and Autosampler Equipment. For more than two decades, we have developed the most flexible CE and autosampler systems for a wide ...

  • AHF analysentechnik AG

    AHF analysentechnik AG high performance and standard equipment for spectroscopy in bio and trace analysis of elements. Key expertise for sample introduction in ICP-OES/MS, fluorescence and Raman filters, sample handling in ultra trace analysis ...

  • ProHydro, Inc.

    based in Fairport, NEW YORK (USA).

    ProHydro, Inc.

    ProHydro is the manufacturer of the Snap Sampler. The Snap Sampler is a passive/no-purge groundwater sampling device that employs a unique double-opening sample bottles seal under the water surface using a remote trigger. Snap Samplers are deployed ...

    ProHydro - Snap Sampler - Passive Groundwater Sampling System

    ProHydro - Snap Sampler - Passive Groundwater Sampling System

    The Snap Sampler is a patented (US Pat. 7,178,415) groundwater sampling device that employs a unique double-end-opening bottle with “Snap” sealing end caps. This dedicated, in-well equipment is deployed at the desired position in the ...

  • SOLME s.r.l.

    based in San Biagio di Callalta, ITALY.

    SOLME s.r.l.

    Since 1980 So.L.Me designs and manufactures equipments and plants for chemical and pharmaceutical. The company`s philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs and special problems of the customer and propose the most efficient and effective design ...

    Filters & Filter-Dryers

    Filters & Filter-Dryers

    There are several possible configurations with two or three blades and design conceived in order to optimize the mixing of the product and the discharge of the dried product.

  • SM Trading (pty) ltd

    based in Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA.

    SM Trading (pty) ltd

    Southern African distributors for IN-SITU monitoring equipment (USA) NT Ambient leak detection (Italy) Digimed process lab and field analysers (Brasil). SM Trading also do consulting and installations of water quality instrumentation for the power ...

  • Mex Biotech Hong Kong Limited

    based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

    Mex Biotech Hong Kong Limited

    Mex Biotech Hong Kong Ltd is a growing supplier for in-vitro diagnostics product. We are dedicated to develop, manufacture and distribute in-vitro rapid diagnostic test products. We have developed long-term business relationships with clients all ...

  • Aquamatic Ltd

    based in Irlam, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Aquamatic Ltd

    Established in 1991, Aquamatic Limited is a leading manufacturer of automatic Wastewater Sampling Equipment, based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Our company and our product range benefit from over 50 years experience in the wastewater sampling ...

  • Ranido

    based in Praha 6, CZECH REPUBLIC.


    Ranido sro is a Ltd company registered in Prague, The Czech Republic. We are specialized in the field of industrial catalysis and process technology. Our main customers are manufacturers of bulk and specialty chemicals in EMEA region as well as in ...

    Catalyst R&D Services

    Catalyst R&D Services

    OUR R&D SERVICESPerformance EvaluationFor Performance tests we use Fixed-bed reactors: Pilot reactor with 1200ml volume Micro-reactor with 25ml volume Test-reactors up to 250ml volumes Temperature up to 550 °C Pressures up to 220 bar Fully ...

  • Zhejiang Ailipu Technology Co., LTD

    based in Taizhou, CHINA.

    Zhejiang Ailipu Technology Co., LTD

    Zhejiang Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd. (Former name: Zhejiang ailipu Pump Co., Ltd) was founded in 1997, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of dosing pumps, complete injection package and systems. Ailipu specialized in automatic dosing pump.complete ...

  • KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

    based in Berlin, GERMANY.

    KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH

    KNAUER (that is the `KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH`) is an owner-managed middle-sized company situated in Berlin, Germany. Since 1962, we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing laboratory instruments around the world. With 130 ...

    Optimas - Autosampler

    Optimas - Autosampler

    The Autosampler Knauer Optimas was developed for optimal automation of routine injections.With a choice of carousel trays, it provides sample vial flexibility and with the proven PASA™ injection concept, reliable and accurate sample handling ...

  • INGOS s.r.o.

    based in Praha 4, CZECH REPUBLIC.

    INGOS s.r.o.

    INGOS Ltd. is a Czech engineering, manufacturing and trading company, which was founded in 1995 and the main activity was the development, design and manufacturing of laboratory instruments. Within next two years further development of the company ...

    INGOS - Model LCS 5040 - HPLC Autosamplers

    INGOS - Model LCS 5040 - HPLC Autosamplers

    LCS 5040 autosampler can be fitted with a disc carrying up to 80 samples. The particular version of the disc must be specified by the customer at the time of placing the order, taking into consideration that on one device two discs can be combined - ...

  • Nippon Instruments Corporation

    based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

    Nippon Instruments Corporation

    Nippon Instruments Corporation has specialized in analyzing mercury. Efforts to control mercury and prevent the spread of any damage to human health resulting from mercury have just commenced on a global basis but mercury will be present. This has ...

    Nippon - Model MA-3000 - Direct Thermal Decomposition Mercury Analyzer

    Nippon - Model MA-3000 - Direct Thermal Decomposition Mercury Analyzer

    The MA-3000 is a global standard model of our thermal decomposition mercury measuring equipment that was developed in response to customer’s needs for equipment usable without “special knowledge” or “troublesome wet ...

  • Envsin Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

    based in Shenzhen City, CHINA.

    Envsin Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Envsin Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is one leading manufacturer and supplier in China for environmental chamber and climatic chamber, our products include: environmental chamber, humidity chamber, test chamber, vibration test, salt spray test, ...

    Envsin - Thermal Shock Test Chambers

    Envsin - Thermal Shock Test Chambers

    The Rapid-Rate Thermal Stress Test Chamber consists of high temperature zone (preheat zone) and low temperature zone (precool zone). The samples are put on a platform which can move fast from cold zone to hot zone to make a thermal ...

  • Aguambiente

    based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN.


    Since it was founded, has preferentially developed its activities in the field of industrial waste water. This has led it to correctly know and treat each of the industries. Aguambiente provides services of urban and industrial waste water ...

    Discharges Audit Laboratory Services

    Discharges Audit Laboratory Services

    Approved Laboratory and Microbiology and R & D Laboratory. Each project must have guarantees of starting out from a solid calculation base. Each project must have guarantees of starting out from a solid calculation base. At Aguambiente, we ...

  • China Excellent Vial Factory

    based in Ningbo Zhejiang, CHINA.

    China Excellent Vial Factory

    China Excellent Vial Factory, . ltd specializes in manufacturing and distributing supplies and accessories in Chromatography instrument. We are a trustworthy manufacturer of various types of the auto sampler vials, matched caps, septa, Teflon, ...

  • Procontrol, S.L.

    based in Barcelona, SPAIN.

    Procontrol, S.L.

    PROCONTROL has devoted over 8% of its turnover to investments in R+D+i. This investment has focused on the studying and developing of new products applied to the treatment of waste water. This process has led the company to acquire patents which ...

    Procontrol - Semi-Automatic Spillage Control System

    Procontrol - Semi-Automatic Spillage Control System

    The PROCONTROL spillage control equipment consists of a control system for taking samples semiautomatically, with a view to determining the quality and quantity of the spillages which have occurred.

  • Gihmm GmbH

    based in Spillern, AUSTRIA.

    Gihmm GmbH

    GIHMM GmbH is specialised in developing and producing systems for Radiation Early Warning Networks, GAMMA DOSE RATE and ALPHA- BETA- GAMMA- AEROSOL ACTIVITY. To our customers we offer personalized advice on planning, constructing and maintaining ...

    Model AMS02 - Mobile Aerosol Monitoring System

    Model AMS02 - Mobile Aerosol Monitoring System

    This is a special version of the AMS series of BITT Technology. The AMS02 units are generally characterized as multi-detector equipment with an automatic sample changer. The AMS02M-2008 is having one or two radiation detectors but manual sample ...

  • Kimman Process Solutions B.V. (KPS)

    We have been helping to meet the world's Auto Sampling & Analysis needs for over 15 years. Kimman Process Solutions B.V. (KPS) is a leading company in the field of design, manufacturing, and maintenance of Automatic Sampling Systems, Analyser ...

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