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benzene sampling Companies

  • TCR-Tecora

    based in Cogliate (MB), ITALY.



    TCR Tecora, a leading Italian private company that develops, manufactures and supplies instrumentation for air pollution and emission sampling & analysis. TCR Tecora is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, continuous dioxin ...

    EasyGas - Model Plus - Constant Flow Sampler System

    EasyGas - Model Plus - Constant Flow Sampler System

    EasyGas Plus is a constant flow sampler, compact with high performance, light and cheap. EasyGas PLUS sampler completes TCR Tecora product range for gaseous compounds sampling and fulfills to the normative regarding CEN/TS 13649:14 ...

  • Vogel GmbH & Co. KG

    For more than 60 years specializing in individual laboratory facility in the areas of Human Pathology, Veterinary Pathology, histology, and in forensic medicine. Our customers are leading institutes and laboratories all over the world. They ...

  • Löser Messtechnik

    based in Berlin, GERMANY.

    Löser Messtechnik

    Since more than 40 years Löser Messtechnik develops and produces in Berlin-Spandau Osmometers and Cryometers for medical, biological and chemical Laboratories. The company is led by Axel Löser, who continues the Osmometer-Tradition of his father ...

    Model i - Cryometer

    Model i - Cryometer

    The zero point is calibrated with pure benzene and a standard point with a benzene solution of 200 mmol. Occasional checks show that the calibration is very stable. An additional third point i.e. 400 mmol solution can be used to calibrate, whereby ...

  • Camsco, Inc

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    Camsco, Inc

    Camsco has been the premier manufacturer, supplier and service provider for air monitoring applications utilizing Thermal Desorption Tubes (sorbent tubes). We have manufactured over 2.5 million Thermal Desorption tubes out of our facility in ...

    Fenceline - Model BTEX-S-4 - Monitoring Tube Shelter - 4 Brackets

    Fenceline - Model BTEX-S-4 - Monitoring Tube Shelter - 4 Brackets

    Fenceline PVC Tube Shelter with 4 Brackets for Passive Sampling Tubes. The Tube Shelter is designed to assist in benzene air monitoring and shelter tubes from outdoor elements during fenceline monitoring. This item holds 4 Passive Sampling Tubes.

  • Geochron Laboratories

    based in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Geochron Laboratories

    We specialize in isotope analyses for researchers in the fields of geology, economic geology, geochronology, archaeology, anthropology, and hydrology, and for environmental, metabolic, and food adulteration studies. Geochron Laboratories has been ...

    Radiocarbon Age Determinations

    Radiocarbon Age Determinations

    Radiocarbon dating is the principal method for determining the age of carbon-bearing materials from the present to about 50,000 years ago. The method takes advantage of the natural occurrence of a radioactive isotope of carbon (14C or 'Carbon ...

  • Passam Ltd.

    based in Mannedorf Zurich, SWITZERLAND.

    Passam Ltd.

    Passam ltd. produces diffusive samplers for ambient monitoring. Passam provides analytical service in spectrophotometry, ion chromatography and gas chromatography. The equipment allows passam to produce controlled test-atmospheres and enables passam ...



    Benzene is a colorless and highly flammable liquid characterized by a distinctive smell mainly emitted by vehicles and other combusting processes. Benzene quickly reacts with other chemical in the air and is removed within a few days of release. ...

  • Thames Restek UK Limited

    based in Saunderton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Thames Restek UK Limited

    The aim of Thames Restek UK Ltd is to provide a wide range of quality chromatography columns and accessories built around the core Restek range of products. Established in 1985, we here at Thames Restek are dedicated to providing our clients and ...

  • Soclema

    based in Grezieu-La-Varenne, FRANCE.


    SOCLEMA is an expert in sampling solutions for the analysis of natural gas and liquids. SOCLEMA is an integrator that offers complete sampling lines to ensure that extracted samples are strictly in accordance with the gases and liquids to be ...

    Soclema - Model SNDS - Sweep Sampler

    Soclema - Model SNDS - Sweep Sampler

    High-security Direct sampling for liquids

  • Dikma Technologies Inc.

    based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Dikma Technologies Inc.

    Dikma Technologies Inc., established in 1993, is a global technology leader committed to developing novel separation and purification solutions for life sciences and related industries. Our core technology portfolio includes products for liquid ...

    Leapsil - Model 2.7 μm HPLC / UHPLC - Compatible Columns

    Leapsil - Model 2.7 μm HPLC / UHPLC - Compatible Columns

    Ultra fast separation without compromising resolution. Compatible with all HPLC and UHPLC instruments. Method development flexibility. Wide pH stability. Outstanding selectivity.

  • GEOMEK Stockholms Geomekaniska AB

    GEOMEK provides geotechnical services & products. At Geomek we market systems solutions for products and services in both the geotechnical surveying and the foundation drilling industry.

  • Hichrom Limited

    based in Theale, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hichrom Limited

    Hichrom is an expanding company, working at the cutting edge of separation science. Founded in 1978, we are one of the world`s leading manufacturers and distributors of ultra high performance and high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC & HPLC) ...


    Chromservis Company Ltd. is a fast and reliable partner in solving analytical problems in laboratories and in industrial applications. Comes chromatographic instruments and accessories for analytical and semi-preparative applications for ...

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