biofilm production Companies

  • Warden Biomedia

    based in Luton,, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Warden Biomedia

    Warden Biomedia specialises in the research and development of random filter media for aeration and biological treatment plants. With the philosophy of increased surface area, the eco-friendly biological filter media are manufactured with specific ...

    Research & Development Services

    Research & Development Services

    Innovation is at the heart of what we do and we lead the field in research and development of eco-friendly random filter media. We're investing considerably in R&D and have research partnerships with two of the UK's leading academic centres of ...

  • Fluence Corporation

    based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA).


    Fluence Corporation

    Fluence is a leader in the decentralized water, wastewater and reuse treatment markets, setting the industry pace with its Smart Products Solutions, including Aspiral™, NIROBOX™ and SUBRE. Fluence offers an integrated range of services across the ...

    Project Financing Services

    Project Financing Services

    Flexible, customized financing packages help public and private entities meet their water and wastewater needs. With extensive experience in trade, project financing, leasing, rentals and water-as-a-Service (WaaS), Fluence’s team of experts ...

  • Jenfitch, LLC

    based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Jenfitch, LLC

    At Jenfitch, Inc., we are developing water treatment chemical solutions for meeting the strenuous demands for the 21st Century. With over 40 years in the water treatment industry, we are concern with developing technologies that help solve the ...

    Biofilm Removal

    Biofilm Removal

    Biofilm provides protection to various pathogens in water treatment, wastewater, oil & gas production, post-harvest operations and more. To destroy the biofilm you have to oxidize the ...

  • Sterilex Corporation

    based in Hunt Valley, MARYLAND (USA).

    Sterilex Corporation

    Sterilex Corporation is a recognized leader in developing anti-microbial, anti-biofilm, and decontamination products for microbial control, biofilm removal and biodecontamination. Sterilex is renowned within its target markets for solving microbial ...

    Sterilex - Indicon Gel

    Sterilex - Indicon Gel

    , is a quick and accurate way to make the Invisible…Visible. Indicon Gel provides a cost-effective, rapid visual indication of the presence of biofilm on a surface which may contain harmful microorganisms such as Listeria, ...

  • EvaClean

    based in Braintree, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).


    EarthSafe’s founders set out to develop EvaClean; an enhanced cleaning and disinfection system that is as practical as it is revolutionary. The EvaClean system has proven to be a huge success. We have not had one outbreak and the staff “loves” them. ...

    Pur One - Model 13.G (ESPO13.1GLP) - Sporicidal Grade Disinfection Tablet

    Pur One - Model 13.G (ESPO13.1GLP) - Sporicidal Grade Disinfection Tablet

    Biofilm forms when bacteria join together on a surface in clumps and form a protective coating around themselves that make them resistant to disinfectants. While each individual bacteria in biofilm would be ...

  • GIO.ECO srl

    based in Segrate (Mi), ITALY.

    GIO.ECO srl was founded in 1993 with the chief aim of developing its activities through the new technologies destined to play a key role in the third millennium. With this particular task in mind, the company continuously strives to find really advanced ...

    Ecorcompat - Multi-Function System

    Ecorcompat - Multi-Function System

    vehicle, atomizes a liquid enzymatic solution made from biosurfactants and a selection of enzymes expressly used for the break-down of compounds of organic origin. These characteristics give the product effective degreasing and ...

  • GlobalEx Official


    GlobalEx Official

    Globalex designs and manufacture a modern solution, permanent, effective and safe for the environment. Globalex produces strong bactericide and virucide line at low concentrations. For exemple, it will eliminate bacterias, viruses, algae, and ...

  • Microbac Bioproducts B.V.

    based in Bergschenhoek , NETHERLANDS.

    Microbac Bioproducts B.V.

    Microbac Bioproducts B.V. Your genuine supplier of biological products! This products is very much suited to clear the water of your swimming lake/ natural pool. It contains 100% biological bacteria that help reduce the growth of alge in your ...

    Clearh2o - Model 200 - Tablet

    Clearh2o - Model 200 - Tablet

    Clearh2o-200 is 100% biological product. The bacteria in our product will produce a biofilm on the inside of the driplines. The result is that dirt and sediments such as sand can no longer attach to ...

  • Danish Clean Water A/S

    based in Sønderborg, DENMARK.

    Danish Clean Water A/S

    Danish Clean Water A/S is a manufacturer of ECA generators and has successfully marketed and deployed its generator for more than 5 years, sold to more than 20 countries through local partnerships and has thereby gained significant market power. Our ...

  • Sludge Solutions International (SSI)

    based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

    Sludge Solutions International (SSI)

    Sludge Solutions International (SSI) is pleased to announce to the worldwide Wastewater Industry, the availability of its patented blend of bacterial strains and select nutrients (U.S. Patent 6884351 issued April 26, 2005). Sewper Rx is a ...

    Sewper - Model Rx - Polymicrobial Blend

    Sewper - Model Rx - Polymicrobial Blend

    Sewper Rx is a polymicrobial blend of ecologically engineered bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients, scientifically formulated for the biodegradation of organic compounds found in all types of wastewater systems.  Sewper Rx bacteria have been ...

  • Water Development Program (WDP)

    based in Ford End, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Water Development Program (WDP)

    The Water Development Program aims to provide safe drinking water for all, free of Algae, Bacteria, Bleach, Chlorea, Chlorine, Ecoli, Bilharza, Fungi and other water-borne diseases, improving the quality of the water supply for those tendering ...

    Bacsan - Non Hazardous Chemical

    Bacsan - Non Hazardous Chemical

    BACSAN – is the most concentrated of the range of chemical products distributed by us. It is a liquid and supplied in 25 litre high impact drums for bulk applications. No toxic or harmful ...

  • Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD)

    based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD)

    Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD) specialises in biological process intensification using expanded bed technology. This generic technology is used to develop novel processes, either in house for licensing or under contract. Expanded bed ...

    Biological Process Intensification Generic Technology

    Biological Process Intensification Generic Technology

    Advanced Bioprocess Development Limited (ABD) specialises in biological process intensification using expanded bed technology. This generic technology is used to develop novel processes, either in house for licensing or under ...

  • Primec Ltd


    Primec Ltd

    At Primec we offer Air & Water Hygiene Services from all aspects of Legionella Control, Water Treatment, Air Monitoring and Ductwork Cleaning for clients within the Education, Local Authority, Sheltered Accommodation, Manufacturing and the Hotel & ...

    Chilled & LTHW Checks Services

    Chilled & LTHW Checks Services

    Pseudomona bacteria is now being found in heating and chilled water systems in many parts of the country. Until the last couple of years, bacteria in these types of systems were of little consequence and not often investigated. This bacteria ...

  • Dynamic Aqua Science, Inc.

    based in Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Dynamic Aqua Science, Inc.

    AMB Bio Media Makes very compact wastewater plants, robust and stable operation, no backwash required, no membranes, self cleaning media, never need to replace, 20 years guarantee. AMB Bio Media represents the latest in proven MBBR Bio TechnologyAMB ...

    DAS - MBBR Bio Media

    DAS - MBBR Bio Media

    The Moving Bed Bio Media is made of HDPE Borealis Quality. The Bio Media Provided from us is self cleaning and provide excellent surface ratio. The biofilm carrier elements are produced from a material and with a procedure that, ...

  • PB International

    based in NETHERLANDS.

    PB International

    PB International offers a wide range of Legionella filters for different applications. We offer durable, simple and qualitative products for optimal protection against the the Legionella bacterium. In addition to supplying Legionella filters, PB ...

  • Global Mold Incorporated

    based in Coeur d`Alene, IDAHO (USA).

    Global Mold Incorporated

    Global Mold Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of random dump plastic tower packing media and wastewater treatment biomedia. Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. With the engineering, manufacturing and quality control all done in-house, we are able ...

    Global Mold - Air & Gas Treatment Media System

    Global Mold - Air & Gas Treatment Media System

    In virtually all wet scrubber systems, vertical tower, horizontal packed bed, bioscrubbers, our plastic random dump packing media is an essential component of the exhaust gas & air purification process.  In each application, contaminated ...

  • Environmental Biotech

    based in Bradenton,, FLORIDA (USA).

    Environmental Biotech

    Environmental Biotech is a global product and service provider delivering environmentally appropriate green solutions to drainage, waste water and FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) problems for business, commercial and municipal entities. The Environmental ...

  • BTI Products, LLC

    based in Bayfield, COLORADO (USA).

    BTI Products, LLC

    Welcome to BTI Products, LP—a consulting and product manufacturing firm specializing in solutions to microbial and corrosion problems, including microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), in industrial systems. Since 1984, BTI Products has ...

    MICclean - Chemical 2

    MICclean - Chemical 2

    Assists in removal of foreign materials such as oils, dirt, deposit materials, corrosion products, slimes, and biofilms,  Concentrated to offer economical cleaning, Compatible with most materials used in FPS, ...

  • Dripping Wet Water Inc.

    based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA).

    Dripping Wet Water Inc.

    Dripping Wet Water Inc is the manufacturer of a novel patented system of producing chlorine dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide is the most economical and ideally suited biocide for the treatment of water and water reuse applications. Our focus is on the ...

    CLO2 - Commercial Chlorine Dioxide System

    CLO2 - Commercial Chlorine Dioxide System

    . This property is responsible for many of its practical uses as an oxidizer and biocide, such as biofilm removal. ...

  • Realco S.A.

    based in Louvain-la-Neuve, BELGIUM.

    Realco S.A.

    Realco is a Belgian company based in the Louvain-la-Neuve science park. It is the world leader in the development, production, and sale of enzyme-based hygiene solutions and processes. Realco`s name has its historic origins in the company`s primary ...

    Realco - Biofilm Detection Kit

    Realco - Biofilm Detection Kit

    Every day, the agri-food industry sees finished products being recalled because of contamination. Most of this contamination is the result of the limitations of current cleaning methods or solutions. To combat the growth of such ...

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