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biofouling prevention Companies

  • H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

    based in Elst, NETHERLANDS.


    H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

    H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. was founded with the mission to provide Economic and Ecological solutions to control biofouling in industrial water systems. H2O BFS provides solutions to prevent biofouling risks in industrial water systems. H2O is ...

    H2O Ecodosing - Biocide Dosing Control

    H2O Ecodosing - Biocide Dosing Control

    prevent biofouling issues, H2O developed the EcodosingTM methodology. The Ecodosing method results in a dosing procedure which is tailored to the specific local requirements to prevent biofouling settlement and growth. This will reduce the overall ...

  • Jenfitch, LLC

    based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Jenfitch, LLC

    At Jenfitch, Inc., we are developing water treatment chemical solutions for meeting the strenuous demands for the 21st Century. With over 40 years in the water treatment industry, we are concern with developing technologies that help solve the ...

    Jenfitch - Chemical for Biofouling Prevention in Cooling Towers

    Jenfitch - Chemical for Biofouling Prevention in Cooling Towers

    To optimize your cooling tower, you need to have a clean heat transfer surface.  Bacteria and organic deposits can lower your heat transfer rate up to 40%.  Using JC 9450 and controlling CFU’s (colony forming unit), we can prevent ...

  • Kurita

    based in Tokyo, JAPAN.



    Kurita Water Industries Ltd. provides water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries in the form of products, technology, and maintenance services. The Company’s operations are broadly divided into the Water Treatment Chemicals business and ...

    Kurita - Model NT - Innovative Biofouling Control Technology

    Kurita - Model NT - Innovative Biofouling Control Technology

    Biofouling is a major problem for the efficient operation of an open cooling water system. Slime produced by bacteria can very quickly form strong stable biofilm on heat exchanger, pipework and tower fill surfaces with really undesired ...

  • LG Sonic

    based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS.

    LG Sonic

    Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention systems. More than 10 years of experience in applying ultrasound technology to control algae and biofouling. LG Sonic products ...

    LG Sonic - Model Industrial Line - Solution for Preventing Biofouling

    LG Sonic - Model Industrial Line - Solution for Preventing Biofouling

    Prevent biofouling and reduce chemical usage in cooling basins and sea chests with the LG Sonic Industrial Line antifouling system.

  • Makro Organics

    based in Langebaan, SOUTH AFRICA.

    Makro Organics

    Makro Organics was established in 2015 Located in the western cape of South AfricaOffer 5 unique products, each focussing on a different environmental treatment program. Makro Organics is a sister company of Organic Aqua, (each having its own ...



    OxyFlow is applied to piping systems to remove organic build-up and scaling. Can be applied as shock treatment to irrigation system, piping systems to remove all accumulated sludge or as auto dosing to gradually reduce or prevent sludge. OxyFlow ...

  • EOM Offshore, LLC

    based in Pocasset, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    EOM Offshore, LLC

    The EOM Offshore team brings extensive experience in oceanographic monitoring, field operations, and logistics spanning the global ocean from coastal – out to 200 meters, to continental shelf – 200 to 1000 meters, out to full ocean depths – 1000 to ...

    EOM - Model MFN-MRS - Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System

    EOM - Model MFN-MRS - Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System

    The Multifunction Node-Marine Recovery System (MFN-MRS) has customizable configurations for multiple seafloor instruments and functions as a power and communications node that can integrate with existing seafloor power grids and ...

  • Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. (DBI)

    based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

    Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. (DBI)

    Droycon Bioconcepts Inc. does offer a range of research and development and consulting services related to the environmental problems for industries, municipalities and government organizations. The strength in our consulting lies in a mixture of ...

  • Pecten Aquatic

    based in KM Lent, NETHERLANDS.

    Pecten Aquatic

    Pecten Aquatic aims to safeguard the aquatic environment from industrial impacts. It does so by assisting large-scale surface water users both in their mitigation of environmental impacts on daily operations and in complying with permit requirements ...



    Service topics are ingress of fish and debris, fish passage, turbine mortality, fish deterrence, monitoring and mitigation of biofouling, water treatment, cooling water discharge impacts, site reviews and operational trouble shooting associated with ...


    VGCE are the licensed distributor and applicator for Corrocoat UK in Vietnam.Corrocoat was established in 1975, and operates across five continents from more than thirty locations worldwide, providing comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions ...


    Corrocoat is our main range of corrosion protection coatings.Ideal for critical service applications, these high-performance polymeric products offer long-term prevention of biofouling, resistance to cathodic disbonding, crack bridging, high ...

  • HyCa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    HyCa Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Cleantech company, is presently developing products using its own patent pending technologies. These products are environmentally safe and cost effective for treatment of cooling waters, ballast waters, industrial ...

    HyCator:BFP Reactor System

    Cooling water systems are an integral part of process operations in many industries. Biofouling has been recognized as an important contributor to impaired heat transfer causing decrease in thermal efficiency and increased power consumption. When ...

  • Toscano Línea Electrónica SL

    based in de Guadaíra, SPAIN.

    Toscano Línea Electrónica SL

    At Toscano we are specialists in the design and manufacture of control and protection equipment for the Electrical, Water and Environment sectors. Founded in 1971 and currently run by the brothers Francisco and Carlos Toscano, it maintains a strong ...

    DUMO - Model ACM - Algae Cleaner

    DUMO - Model ACM - Algae Cleaner

    DUMO Algacleaner Marina ACM is an ultrasonic equipment designed to prevent the formation of marine biofouling. It avoids or reduces the proliferation of algae and other colonizing organisms over the hull and propellers of the boats. DUMO ACM is ...

  • Cosun Beet Company - Biobased Experts

    based in Breda, NETHERLANDS.

    Cosun Beet Company - Biobased Experts

    Cosun Beet Company - Biobased Experts offers biobased solutions. Our activities range from development to manufacturing and supply of biobased functional chemicals. The backward integration results in direct access to our raw materials. This ...

    Cosun - Aqueous use of Membrane Systems - Carboxyline

    Cosun - Aqueous use of Membrane Systems - Carboxyline

    CMI is a green threshold inhibitor, with NSF-certification for use in potable water, effective against CO3 and SO4–scale. Due to its inherent biodegradability the product offers the unique feature of being biobased but not contributing to ...

  • JRW Bioremediation, L.L.C.

    based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA).

    JRW Bioremediation, L.L.C.

    JRW Bioremediation is a leader in the development of environmentally-friendly products used to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater based on innovative patented technology involving the anaerobic degradation of contaminants in the ...

    WilkeyWhey - Whey Powder

    WilkeyWhey - Whey Powder

    Dry solid substrate, high fermentable fraction variety of organics. Dry Solid Substrate: WilkeyWhey can be stored for extended periods of time if kept dry.

  • Oceanit

    based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).


    Oceanit is a ‘Mind to Market’ company, founded in Hawai’i. Since 1985, Oceanit has built a world-class reputation for developing and migrating fundamental science to real-world application. Oceanit practices Intellectual Anarchy to blend ...

    EverPel - Surface Treatment Functional Coatings

    EverPel - Surface Treatment Functional Coatings

    Omniphobic surface treatments impart valuable modifications to surface substrates which are exposed to corrosive environments, high-pressure/temperature conditions.

  • Hydropath Technology Ltd.

    based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hydropath Technology Ltd.

    HYDROPATH provides the ultimate in water care technology to global business, industry and consumers – reducing limescale, preventing bio-fouling and offering chemical-free solutions with a difference. We do this by applying the very best in ...

    HydroFLOW - Model I Range - Industrial Limescale Remover Pipe Fitting System

    HydroFLOW - Model I Range - Industrial Limescale Remover Pipe Fitting System

    The Hydroflow Industrial I Range is designed for challenging applications in industrial environments. It provides a range of water treatment benefits, including limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control. In addition to being much ...

  • Zebra-Tech Ltd.

    based in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND.

    Zebra-Tech Ltd.

    Zebra-Tech provides mechanical cleaning systems against biofouling. Zebra-Tech Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialising in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling. Zebra-Tech’s core ...

    Zebra-Tech - Model D-Opto - Shutter System

    Zebra-Tech - Model D-Opto - Shutter System

    For harsh environments and situations where bio-fouling is extreme, the D-Opto Shutter system can be fitted to the D-Opto Sensor (not currently available for the D-Opto Logger). The Shutter is a mechanical device that simply attaches to the side of ...

  • Viqon Water Solutions

    based in Helmond, NETHERLANDS.

    Viqon Water Solutions

    Viqon water solutions is an independent consulting company in aquaculture and water treatment. VIQON has more than 15 years experience aquaculture engineering and project realization. VIQON is expert in engineering fish farms based on sustainable ...

    Viqon - Membrane Flow Filtration Technology

    Viqon - Membrane Flow Filtration Technology

    New technique that uses adsorption forces to separate water purifying bacteria from cleaned water without the use of polymers. The technique uses membrane modules. The modules are placed under a specific angle in order to transport the bacteria down ...

  • BIONAM Tecnologías Ecológicas

    Experts in UV water disinfection equipment and ultrasound algae control systems.

  • Merus GmbH

    based in Sindelfingen, GERMANY.

    Merus GmbH

    Thus 1996 the Merus GmbH was founded in Germany. Starting with a headquarter in Sindelfingen we installed Merus Rings in private homes in Germany. Due to good results our customers passed on the product into different industries and abroad. In the ...

    Cooling Tower

    Cooling Tower

    A cooling tower is built to cool down cooling water with air. The system works with surface enlargement. An open cooling tower is part of an open cooling water system. The warm cooling water coming back from the consumers, is pumped into the upper ...

  • Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.S.

    based in Güzelbahçe/İzmir, TURKEY.

    Kemisan Klor-Alkali A.S.

    Kemisan® has been developing and manufacturing electrolysis technology since 1976 in Izmir, Turkey. With the experience of 40 years in Chlor-Alkali and Electrochemistry. Today Kemisan® enables you to produce your own fresh disinfectant only from ...

    Clorel®SEA - Onsite Seawater Electrochlorination

    Clorel®SEA - Onsite Seawater Electrochlorination

    Unlimited Way of Chlorination: Clorel® SEA Seawater Electrochlorinators are using only seawater and electricity to produce Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) for any kind of marine biofouling prevention in seawater cooling and marine applications. ...

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