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bioremediation process Companies

  • OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).


    OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere of any size, large or small. OSE II is an ...

  • Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc

    based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA).


    Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc

    Microbe Inotech Laboratories (MiL), is a Pluton Biosciences laboratory providing full-service microbiological testing for customers ranging in size from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies. Founded 29 years ago by Dr. Bruce Hemming, MiL ...

    Research and Discovery Services

    Research and Discovery Services

    Microbe Inotech's parent company, Pluton Biosciences, researches and mines beneficial microbes in the soil for use in sustainable bioproducts across a variety of industries, including pesticide, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and bioremediation. ...

  • AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.

    based in Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc.

    AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. (ABET, Inc.) incorporates `Green Chemistry` `a viable non-chemical method, with reduced regulatory issues.` ABET, Inc. is the Biology in your process system.`Since 1987, ABET, Inc., has been involved in the ...

  • Biobasic Environnement SARL

    Biobasic Environnement is an environmental engineering & consulting company focusing on management and rehabilitation of polluted soils through a biological process. Biobasic Environnement provides a global and consumer specific solution: from ...

  • AquaVira (Pty) Ltd.

    based in SOUTH AFRICA.

    AquaVira (Pty) Ltd.

    AquaVira (Pty) Ltd. was founded as a process engineering company, specializing in the treatment of agricultural, domestic and industrial water and wastewater via customized membrane filtration and bioremediation process solutions. With a strong ...

  • Industrial Ecosystems

    Industrial Ecosystems operates a wholly owned subsidiary, Environmental Protection Company (EPC), which utilizes a bioremediation process to reclaim contaminated soil. Industrial Ecosystems, Inc. is a world leader in systematic bioremediation with ...

  • BakTek Çevre Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

    based in Ümraniye, TURKEY.

    BakTek Çevre Teknolojileri San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

    BakTek is a environmental technology company, which focuses on biotechnology and innovation. Bioremediation technology can be explained as the process of using living organisms ,like bacteria to solve waste water pollution which is an environmental ...


    based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA).


    Our green remediation is in-situ treatment. It is based on natural enzyme, devoid of bacteria, without relapses and free of residues and finally without supporting procedures. Our Enzymatic `Green` Remediation process uses enzymes developed from ...


    based in Spruce Grove, ALBERTA (CANADA).


    Delta is a premier provider of ex-situ and in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation solutions through proven biology and chemistry coupled with advanced processes. DELTA provides a cost effective, safe alternative for the elimination of hydrocarbon ...

    Sustainable Env Remediation - Sustainable Environmental Remediation via complete degradation of toxic organic contaminants using Delta BioLogix

    Sustainable Env Remediation - Sustainable Environmental Remediation via complete degradation of toxic organic contaminants using Delta BioLogix


  • Fiton Group

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Fiton Group

    Fiton Group Is a Toronto, Canada based company that specializes in biocatalysis, a proprietary form of bioremediation. Projects are completed worldwide on a co-operative or team basis.

    Biocatalysis Treatment Technology

    Biocatalysis Treatment Technology

    The Fiton biocatalysis treatment process is completely scalable using naturally occurring microorganisms to break down hazardous substances into non toxic matter leaving no harmful side effects or collateral damage to the host environment.

  • MetGen Oy

    based in Turku, FINLAND.

    MetGen Oy

    MetGen is a Finnish company active in development and production of industrial enzymes. MetGen is building the range of the products to solve critical industrial issues that address needs in the following markets: pulp&paper, biofuels and waste ...



    Laccases are oxidoreductases belonging to the multinuclear copper-containing oxidases. Interest in these essentially 'ecofriendly' enzymes has grown significantly in recent years: their uses span from the textile to the pulp and paper industries, ...

  • Creative Enzymes

    based in Shirley, NEW YORK (USA).

    Creative Enzymes

    Creative Enzymes uses its expertise in enzyme manufacturing to supply customers enzymes using for life science research and production of medicines, food, alcohol, beer, fruit juice, fabric, paper, leather goods, etc. Our products are used worldwide ...

  • F4 Environmental Inc.

    based in Stony Plain, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    F4 Environmental Inc.

    Founded in 2010, F4 Environmental is dedicated to providing proactive solutions to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from waste streams with some of the most efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective methods available. ...

    Biologics and Chemistry Technology

    Biologics and Chemistry Technology

    Proven chemical/biological system that degrades organics to carbon dioxide and water. Readily biodegradable, water based formula. Pathogen free. DNA tested. All components are DSL and TSCA listed. May be shipped non-regulated world wide by any ...

  • Smith Monitoring & Maintenance Engineering, Inc. (SMME)

    based in Decatur, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Smith Monitoring & Maintenance Engineering, Inc. (SMME)

    Smith Monitoring & Maintenance Engineering, Inc. (SMME) provides cost effective remedial design, installation, process monitoring and operation and maintenance services associated with soil and groundwater remediation. We specialize in in-situ ...

    PHOSter Advanced - Soil And Groundwater Remediation Process

    PHOSter Advanced - Soil And Groundwater Remediation Process

    PHOSter is a soil and groundwater remediation process through bio-enhancement. It uses low-volume air sparge and chemical addition to maintain optimum aquifier conditions for native bacteria/archaea reduction/conversion of contaminants. PHOSter was ...

  • Twelker Recycling-Systeme

    Mechanical waste processing. Shredders. Composting. Manual seperation plants. Soil bioremediation. Since Jan 1998 we supply used equipment for waste processing. Trommel Screeners and Shredders represent our main business, compost turners and ...

  • EnviroLogic

    based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).


    Today, EnviroLogic is the leading global manufacturer of industrial, commercial, marine, institutional and residential products for use in the innovative field of Environmental Biotechnology. We have extensively researched the natural process and ...

    Remediact - Liquid Bioremediation Agent

    Remediact - Liquid Bioremediation Agent

    Soil & Water Remediation Formula This product will solve water & soil hydrocarbon contamination problems. It will bio-remediate most hydrocarbons, in deep water or soil, with a minimum amount of equipment, labor and cost.Liquid ...

  • GKL Solutions Ltd.

    based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    GKL Solutions Ltd.

    Oil Spill Bioremediation agent for Sarva Bio Remed.Marine Agent for Advanced Sensor Oil in Water Analysers. Marine Agent for Recovered Energy Oil in Water Separators. UK Marine Agent for DVZ Services Oil in Water Separators. Agent for Organic Oil / ...

    Complete Solution For Heating Oil / Fuel And General Oil Spills

    Complete Solution For Heating Oil / Fuel And General Oil Spills

    A complete Solution for Heating Oil / Fuel (including Aviation fuel) and General Oil Spills. Fuel Oil Fumes gone in Minutes. Fumes are eliminated permanently from Homes, Factories, Boats, Trucks and Cars. Ready to use Liquid. Removes odour from ...

  • I-Corp International, Inc.

    based in Ocean Ridge, FLORIDA (USA).

    I-Corp International, Inc.

    I-Corp International provides engineering plastics and geosynthetic materials performance, technical, and nondestructive testing technical support to design engineers, waste and water facility owners, geosynthetic manufacturers, general contractors, ...

    Landfill Gas Surface Monitoring Services

    Landfill Gas Surface Monitoring Services

    As USEPA's concerns over greenhouse gasses emitted from landfills increase (CFR 61, 12 March '96), I-CORP has built upon its expertise of locating leaks in geomembrane liners electrically to measure geomembrane seam strength nondestructively using ...

  • Global Petroleum Environmental Technologies, LLC

    based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).

    Global Petroleum Environmental Technologies, LLC

    We have developed a patent-pending in-situ/ex-situ chemical treatment technology named ECOSAFE®, an environmentally safe solution that when used with our ECOSAFE® Environmental Management System (EEMS), penetrates into the soil and degrades ...

  • Vaporooter - Douglas Products

    based in Liberty, MISSOURI (USA).

    Vaporooter - Douglas Products

    Vaporooter chemical root control is the most effective solution for eliminating roots from residential and municipal sewer lines. Reduce costly overflows and pipe maintenance with Vaporooter. As an experienced water and sewer manager or contractor, ...

    BioPlug - Non-Toxic, Microbial Grease Eradication

    BioPlug - Non-Toxic, Microbial Grease Eradication

    Halt the build-up of fats, oils and grease in wastewater systems with a simple, labor-free maintenance program using BioPlug. Grease, as well as sugars and starches, are stopped from forming continuously and automatically for 30 days at a time.

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