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breath analysis Companies

  • Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    based in Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    We design, develop and manufacture quadrupole mass spectrometers for advanced research applications and specialist process monitoring. Our product range includes: Systems for precision gas analysis for real time , multiple gas/vapour analysis with ...

    Hiden - Model HPR-20 TMS - Specialist Gas Analysis System for Fast Event Transient Analysis

    Hiden - Model HPR-20 TMS - Specialist Gas Analysis System for Fast Event Transient Analysis

    The Hiden HPR-20 TMS Transient MS is configured for fast event gas analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere. Ideal for fast gas switching experiments the MS features the Hiden QIC quartz-lined 0.9 m sampling interface.

  • Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    based in Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.


    Ionicon Analytik Ges.m.b.H.

    We are the world’s leading producer of real-time trace gas & organic particle analyzers based on Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) technology, with a market-leading detection limit

    IONICON - Model BET - Inlet System for Buffered End-Tidal Breath Analysis

    IONICON - Model BET - Inlet System for Buffered End-Tidal Breath Analysis

    Inlet system optimized for real-time breath analysis with PTR-MS. Based on our patented BET sampling technique and certified for clinical use.

  • Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    based in Borgolavezzaro, ITALY.


    Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    A family-run company, which from 2005 deals exclusively with gas diluters, just using the technique of equal capillaries, which was adopted after some experiences with different techniques. The background of the available technical knowledge ranges ...

  • RJ Lee Group, Inc.

    RJ Lee Group (RJLG), is an innovative environmental and materials characterization company that excels in the analysis of materials using chemical and microscopic techniques. The Company is involved in a wide variety of service and research projects ...

  • Ingeniería Analítica, S.L.

    Ingeniería Analítica S.L. is a pioneer in the field of analytical techniques of chromatography and spectrometry when it comes to deliver not just instrument boxes but turnkey solutions. More than 40th years of experience in the analytical market and ...

  • Addair

    With the experience of its founders, the Addair company is a specialist in measuring the air quality and metrology of aerosols. Addair the company and its employees accompany you throughout your steps and advise you on the most suitable for your ...

  • Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc.

    based in Oakville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Chrysalis Scientific Technologies Inc.

    Chrysalis Scientific Technologies is a Canadian company dedicated to providing products and services that enable our customers to improve quality, productivity, and safety ... to achieve "Simply Better Results." Key technologies include: Laboratory ...

    Model 8014BAK Series - Compressed Breathing Air Analysis Kit

    Model 8014BAK Series - Compressed Breathing Air Analysis Kit

    The Matheson Model 8014BAK is an on-line analysis kit for ensuring the quality of compressed breathing air. It quickly and easily measures the levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil mist, water vapor, and oxygen. Unlike other methods, there ...

  • Syngene

    based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.


    We are a division of the Synoptics Group, founded in 1985 by imaging experts from the University of Cambridge. Synoptics Ltd is owned by SDI Group plc. At Syngene we live and breathe image analysis because products specifically for gel documentation ...

  • Indus Scientific Pvt ltd

    Leading indigenous Manufacturer of Automotive Exhaust Monitors, Flue Gas Analyser, Oxygen analyser, Oxygen Monitors, Carbon Potential Controller, Ambient Gas Monitors, Gas Detectors, Breath Alcohol Analysers. State of the art R & D and ...

  • V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH

    based in Absam, AUSTRIA.

    V&F Analyse- und Messtechnik GmbH

    V&F is the producer, developer and global provider of online-multicomponent-gasanalyzers. Our major businesses are in the fields of automotive, food, environmental and medical industries. V&F is building gas analyzers for customer needs. There is a ...

  • Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International) Inc.

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (International) Inc.

    Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) has been committed to promoting road safety and preventing impaired driving through alcohol and drug testing technology. We offer life saving, innovative products and program services to safety conscious ...

    Alcolock - Model V3 - Alcohol Ignition Interlock

    Alcolock - Model V3 - Alcohol Ignition Interlock

    ALCOLOCK V3 inhibits vehicle operation if the driver has been drinking. Engineered to withstand the vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures, it can be installed in any motorized equipment, including trucks, ships, trains and heavy ...

  • Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt Ltd

    Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Gas Detection & Monitoring Equipments, COD Analyser, Grain Moisture Meter, Gas Detectors , Breath Alcohol Analyser, Iodine Value Meter, and so forth. We ...

  • McArthur Medical Sales Inc

    Established in 1984, MMSI represents manufacturers from Canada, United States, England and Europe. Through our four business units: Hospital Specialty Products, Medical Supply Dealers, Home Health Care and Retail Pharmacies we are proud to offer ...

  • A Quality Indoor Environment LLC

    based in St.Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA).

    A Quality Indoor Environment LLC

    A Quality Indoor Environment has been `Providing Healthy Solutions for Your Environment.` A Quality Indoor Environment, is focused on residential and commercial properties in the West Central communities of Florida. The combination of knowing how to ...

  • Middleton Spectral Vision

    Middleton Spectral Vision is an established supplier of high performance hyperspectral imaging systems. We have a talented engineering team with strong capabilities. We have experience in applying hyperspectral imaging solutions in industrial and ...

  • Syft Technologies Ltd

    based in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

    Syft Technologies Ltd

    Syft Technologies are the world leading providers of SIFT-MS solutions, which are revolutionizing the trace analysis world.This groundbreaking technique emerged out of investigations of ion chemistry in the Earth’s atmosphere, and other planetary ...



    This solution allows instant analysis of breath and headspace samples. Multiple chemically diverse compounds can be targeted and profiled in a single scan. Compounds in headspace can be quantified down to part per trillion by volume (pptv) levels. ...

  • G.A.S. Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme mbH

    based in Dortmund, GERMANY.

    G.A.S. Gesellschaft für analytische Sensorsysteme mbH

    G.A.S. develops and manufactures customized analytical instruments that represent problem solutions and that are easy in use. Our mission is to become a leading manufacturer in analytical niche applications developing trend setting instrumentation ...

  • Hexsor Scientific Limited

    based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hexsor Scientific Limited

    Hexsor Scientific is an award-winning SME specialising in the design and manufacture of leading-edge sensor systems for the analysis of liquids and gases across a broad range of eco-applications and industrial and commercial systems. Innovative ...

    VapourSense - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

    VapourSense - Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

    VapourSense is a high performance custom-designed portable quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) with a membrane inlet for the analysis of residual gas and vapour samples in air. Ideal for the rapid detection of volatile (VOCs) and semivolatile (SVOCs) ...

  • Imspex Diagnostics Ltd.

    based in Abercynon, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Imspex Diagnostics Ltd.

    Our team of professionals is multidisciplinary and has extensive experience in business development and analytical sciences. The combined IMSPEX and GAS GmbH teams are a World leading business, application and technological development team with ...

    BreathSpec - VOC Analysis Instruments

    BreathSpec - VOC Analysis Instruments

    The BreathSpec has been designed for the analysis of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) metabolic profiles in human breath. This instrument would be ideal for clinical applications where non-invasive patient screening is valuable to aid the clinician ...

  • Gasera Ltd

    based in Turku, FINLAND.

    Gasera Ltd

    Gasera Ltd. represents the finest of Finnish high technology. We develop cutting edge measuring equipment that enables reliable analysis of gases, liquids and solid materials. The technical know-how along with ownership of the intellectual property ...

    Model LP1 - Photoacoustic Multi-Gas Analyzer

    Model LP1 - Photoacoustic Multi-Gas Analyzer

    The LP1 combines the high selectivity of tunable laser spectroscopy with the unmatched sensitivity and linearity of the patented cantilever enhanced photoacoustic technology. This zero-background technique gives high stability with re-calibration ...

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