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buoy system Companies

  • Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

    based in Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS.

    Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

    Bluewater has been a technological front runner in the SPM business. The company has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed many innovative FPSO, FSO and SPM systems for oil companies worldwide through turnkey supply and time charter ...

    Bluewater - Rigid Arm SPM Buoy System

    Bluewater - Rigid Arm SPM Buoy System

    he single point mooring buoy with rigid arm system includes a rigid steel frame that is connected between vessel and buoy by means of large hinges. This requires a dedicated vessel ...

  • Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply‎ Company

    based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply‎ Company

    Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply‎ Company leads of key supplier to the commercial marine market. Chandlery, cordage, marine coatings, commercial fishing gear, hydraulics, personal and vessel safety gear, protective clothing and rigging loft.

    Model CAL4000 - Buoy Mooring System

    Model CAL4000 - Buoy Mooring System

    STAR PLATE & RING ASSY 3" TUBE Buoy mooring ...

  • Floatex

    based in Provaglio d`Iseo, ITALY.


    FLOATEX s.r.l. is currently one of the leading companies in buoyancy and fendering for coastal and offshore marine products. FLOATEX interest in the production of different plastic products, processing technology and application, has been of great ...

    Monit-Boa Floating Buoy System

    Monit-Boa Floating Buoy System

    The floating buoy system makes MONIT-BOA suitable either for shallow water or lagoons areas or no sheltered deeper sea sites.  This buoy have important advantages and features, as : On line ...

  • Linemaster

    Linemaster was founded in 1992. The result of an idea to create a product to aid in the deployment of Longlines. Today the Linemaster Longline controller and GPS Buoy system is an industry standard and are exported to more than 20 countries ...

  • Australian Maritime Systems Ltd

    Australian Maritime Systems Ltd (AMS) specialises in the delivery of high-quality maritime safety equipment and services to clients spread across Australia and the Pacific region. Operating from seven strategic locations on the Australian ...


    to service staff, in particular when working on navigation buoys. Australian Maritime Systems has developed the AMS Birdscarer® that is an environmentally friendly solution to this ...

  • Walsh Marine Products

    based in Brookfield, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Walsh Marine Products

    Walsh Marine Products is a premier manufacturer of navigational aids for inland waterways. Specializing in buoys and floats, our product line includes Coast Guard approved regulatory buoys and barrier floats ranging in sizes from 13” spheres to ...

    Tough Seal - Model W961R - Regulatory Buoy

    Tough Seal - Model W961R - Regulatory Buoy

    Besides providing navigational directions and information to boaters, buoys and markers identify dangerous or restricted areas. In the USA, you’ll encounter two types of marking systems: regulatory markers and ...

  • Trident Sensors Ltd.

    based in Fernhurst, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Trident Sensors Ltd.

    Trident Sensors Limited produce state-of-the-art satellite communications and data systems. Our systems are used by researchers, government agencies, maritime and fisheries sectors, sporting organisations and armed forces around the world for all ...

    Trident - Buoy, Drifter, Glacier & Ice Floe Trackers & Data Communication Systems

    Trident - Buoy, Drifter, Glacier & Ice Floe Trackers & Data Communication Systems

    Bespoke solutions. Data capture on USB, serial port, A/D converter or Bluetooth. Data sent & received via Iridium. High spec batteries available to provide thousands of reports between charges. Waterproof housing - IP68. End-to-end service ...

  • Notilo Plus

    based in Marseille, FRANCE.

    Notilo Plus

    Notilo Plus is dedicated to the knowledge and protection of our ocean using a mix of the best, latest and proprietary underwater technologies. We wanted to create the first autonomous underwater drone able to precisely track its targets. We want to ...

    Notilo - Seasam Autonomous Drone Compact Underwater System

    Notilo - Seasam Autonomous Drone Compact Underwater System

    Seasam Autonomous Drone is a compact underwater system that allows for multiple wireless underwater operations in a compact format. In its autonomous mode, it is able to track and follow targets as well as perform autonomous tasks, ...

  • Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd.

    based in Glenorchy, AUSTRALIA.

    Fiomarine Industries Pty Ltd.

    Fiomarine is the proud designer and manufacturer of the Fiobuoy. We believe in: Reliability, Customer service & collaboration Protecting the environment, and Safety for all users. The Fiobuoy Range: an economical and reliable alternative for the ...

  • Oneka Technologies

    based in Sherbrooke, QUEBEC (CANADA).

    Oneka Technologies

    Oneka develops and commercializes autonomous desalination systems that use the power of the waves to make drinking water. After four generations of systems, we have demonstrated the functioning and performance of the technology. We allow ...

    Oneka - Commercializes Autonomous Desalination Systems

    Oneka - Commercializes Autonomous Desalination Systems

    Oneka offers an all-in-one desalination system where everything needed to produce drinking water from seawater is included in the buoys at sea. This includes pumping offshore through reverse osmosis filters and ...

  • Open Seas Instrumentation Inc.

    based in Musquodoboit Harbour, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    Open Seas Instrumentation Inc.

    Open Seas Instrumentation, Inc. manufactures oceanographic equipment. The Company provides instrument mounts, streamlined buoys, extra buoyancy units, trawl shields, and scientific net systems.

  • SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT)

    based in Midsomer Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT)

    SRT Marine Systems plc (SRT) develops and delivers advanced maritime domain awareness technologies, products, and systems, with particular expertise in Automatic Identification Systems (AIS). Since 1987, customers from around the world have relied ...

    Express - Model AIS Aton - Transponder

    Express - Model AIS Aton - Transponder

    for permanent installations. EXPRESS is easy to install quickly and securely on any buoy using the unique quick fit bracket ...

  • InterOcean Systems LLC

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    InterOcean Systems LLC

    InterOcean Systems LLC has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of the highest quality oceanographic and environmental equipment. The company provides more than 150 standard products, ranging from environmental sensors and instruments ...

    Model Series 1800 - Aluminum Subsurface Buoys

    Model Series 1800 - Aluminum Subsurface Buoys

    InterOcean systems provides a line of aluminum buoys and steel buoys to provide rugged floatation for a variety of offshore and oceanographic applications.The Series 1800 Aluminum Subsurface ...

  • D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

    based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

    D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

    Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for Environmental and Scientific Research The D-Opto utilises a proven fluorescence technology to measure dissolved oxygen. The D-Opto optical sensor technology has been successfully used in the wastewater industry ...

    D-Opto - Shutter System

    D-Opto - Shutter System

    The D-Opto Shutter system has a self-monitoring on-board intelligence that ensures reliable operation of the sensor by covering the the optical window between sampling – opening only when a sample is ...

  • Flydog Solutions OÜ

    based in Tallinn, ESTONIA.

    Flydog Solutions OÜ

    We design and build fully customizable data buoys, vertical profiler buoys and submersed profilers that fit large number of sensors, are easy to install and competitively priced. A pre-study in 2010 on Marine Surveillance undertaken by Flydog made ...

    FlyBox Oscar - Coastal Profiler Buoy

    FlyBox Oscar - Coastal Profiler Buoy

    It consists of an autonomous winch/profiler, FlyBox data-logger and a web-based data management system powered by SensorNest cloud platform. Oscar can be installed onto any floating platform making it ideal for a variety of project ...

  • Mitcham Industries, Inc. member of Mind Technology Inc

    based in Huntsville, TEXAS (USA).

    Mitcham Industries, Inc. member of Mind Technology Inc

    Mitcham Industries, Inc. provides technology to the oceanographic, hydrographic, defense, seismic and security industries. Headquartered in Huntsville, Texas, Mitcham has a global presence with operating locations in the United States, Canada, ...

    BuoyLink - Model EX - GPS Tracking Monitors System

    BuoyLink - Model EX - GPS Tracking Monitors System

    Our GPS Tracking System monitors precise locations for gun floats, paravanes, chase boats, forward nav buoys and tail buoys. The system provides up to 32 inputs and interfaces ...

  • AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS)

    based in Sidney, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS)

    AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is an expert in the Design, Manufacture and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide for the past 40 years. AXYS applies its extensive knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, offshore wind ...

    Commissioning Services

    Commissioning Services

    or installation. Commissioning of a buoy typically includes reassembly of the system, testing of the reassembled system to ensure compliance with factory standards, and preparation for ...

  • Allgaier Mogensen, S.A.U

    based in Getafe, SPAIN.

    Allgaier Mogensen, S.A.U

    Allgaier Mogensen S.L.U. has been part of the Allgaier-Group since 2003. The subsidiary is based in Madrid and has a production facility in the northern Spanish town of Avilés. Allgaier Mogensen is a company highly specialized in the design and ...

    Gosag - Compact Sand Washing Units

    Gosag - Compact Sand Washing Units

    These equipments were developed to wash sand although they are used too to wash minerals, purification of rivers and lakes, granulometric curves recomposition, contaminated grounds treatment, bentonite sludges treatment, etc.In this types of ...

  • Zunibal , S.L.

    based in Derio, SPAIN.

    Zunibal , S.L.

    At Zunibal we have been developing electronic services and products based on unique investigation and designs for their application in the marine sector for twenty years. We develop personalised and adapted technological solutions. Solutions that ...

    Tuna Xtreme - Model 8 - Satellite Buoy

    Tuna Xtreme - Model 8 - Satellite Buoy

    offering information in the hours of greatest fishing interest, it offers the new Fortuna Mode, 100 soundings in 5 transmissions, 1 per minute. Facilitates a double sounding presentation, in scientific mode and summary mode. The Vertical Sounder ...

  • Aptomar AS

    based in Trondheim, NORWAY.

    Aptomar AS

    Aptomar is a leading provider of Integrated Field Monitoring sensors, systems and services for the oil and gas industry. The company focuses on protecting the safety and integrity of people, the environment and assets by managing; 24/7 oil spill ...

    Aptomar - Model TCMS - Tactical Collaboration And Management System

    Aptomar - Model TCMS - Tactical Collaboration And Management System

    The TCMS is a standalone tactical tool for collaboration and information sharing between the vessels, platforms and land based resources involved in safety critical operations at sea. ...

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