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chlorinated solvent contamination Companies

  • Jim Stidham and Associates, Inc. (JSA)

    based in Tallahassee, FLORIDA (USA).

    Jim Stidham and Associates, Inc. (JSA)

    JSA’s engineers have extensive expertise in the Chemical, Mechanical, Agricultural, and Civil Engineering disciplines. Our Environmental Engineering section utilizes wide-ranging staff experience in environmental assessment, remediation, and ...


    based in Washougal, WASHINGTON (USA).


    Provider of bioremediation focused products, equipment and engineering support. Based in the Northwest, with offices strategically located throughout the US, ETEC, LLC is a nationwide environmental services provider dedicated to delivering ...

  • BioAug LLC

    based in Clifton, VIRGINIA (USA).

    BioAug LLC

    BioAug LLC was founded to fulfill an important need within the remediation industry - a reliable and non-competing source of the materials and expertise required to implement bioaugmentation, one of today`s most promising remediation technologies. ...

    Technology Description and Technical Support Services

    Technology Description and Technical Support Services

    Bioaugmentation has emerged as one of the most effective techniques for performing in-situ treatment of chlorinated solvent-contaminated saturated soils and groundwater in a safe and economical ...

  • LPS Laboratories

    based in Tucker, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    LPS Laboratories

    PS brand products has provided convenience-packaged maintenance chemicals to industrial, aerospace, military and telecommunications facilities world-wide. ITW Pro Brands is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. ITW is a leading global diversified ...

    Model A-151 - Solvent Degreaser

    Model A-151 - Solvent Degreaser

    NSF Certified: C1 Registration # 059811 (Aerosol); # 059812 (Bulk). Controlled evaporation. Ideal for parts washers, dip tanks, and ultrasonic cleaners. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Removes oil, grease and ...

  • BioPath Solutions

    based in Newark, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    BioPath Solutions

    BioPath Solutions provides certainty and meaningful savings through guaranteed fixed price remediation with a focus on biological remediation of persistent organic pollutants. Our core mission is to provide certainty through performance-driven, ...

    Onsite Remediation: Organics & Metals

    Onsite Remediation: Organics & Metals

    We have significant experience in recalcitrant organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorinated solvents, DNAPL, and other types of contaminants. We use our proprietary BioBlend solution to remediate ...

  • Geo-Oxidation Services, Inc

    based in New York, NEW YORK (USA).

    Geo-Oxidation Services, Inc

    Geo Oxidation Services, Inc. uses a well-known, waste water industry chemical oxidation process, Fenton’s Reagent. In 1894, H.J.H. Fenton discovered that hydrogen peroxide when mixed with correct proportions of a soluble iron catalyst at a pH of ...

  • ORIN Remediation Technologies, Inc.

    based in Verona, WISCONSIN (USA).

    ORIN Remediation Technologies, Inc.

    Orin Remediation Technologies, Inc. (ORIN) is an environmental contractor specializing in the application of treatment chemistries that render organic and inorganic contaminants nonhazardous in a safe and cost effective manner. ORIN is a company ...

    Remediation Services

    Remediation Services

    ORIN’s chemical remediation approaches apply in situ and ex situ processes that cost-effectively reduce contaminants to site or regulatory levels or nonhazardous to meet the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) ...

  • Ecocycle Corporation

    based in Toyama, JAPAN.

    Ecocycle Corporation

    EcoCycle Corporation produces proprietary biostimulants, which are used for cleaning soil and groundwater contaminated with toxic compounds. As shown in the picture below, the biostimulants are dissolved in water and injected subsurface to stimulate ...

    EcoClean for Chlorinated solvents Service

    EcoClean for Chlorinated solvents Service

    EcoClean is wholesome food for the soil microorganisms. It consists of source of energy, macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins, aminoacids and components of nucleic acids. EcoClean is applied to the soil and groundwater ...

  • EI LLC

    based in Brookline, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    EI LLC

    EnviroInsite is the groundwater data visualization application developed for practicing hydrogeologists. It is a workspace for exploring and communicating complex geologic and environmental conceptual models. Our ease of use and low cost make it the ...

    Fingerprinting Contaminants Analysis Software

    Fingerprinting Contaminants Analysis Software

    EnviroInsite's fingerprinting features were originally designed for separating out the contributions of multiple contaminant sources. Other applications include the presentation of natural attenuation, allowing users to track the ...

  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation, Inc. (AEHS)

    based in Amherst, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation, Inc. (AEHS)

    The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, member-supported, professional organization. Our purpose is to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge ...

    Environmental Forensics: Environmental Crime Scene Investigations

    Environmental Forensics: Environmental Crime Scene Investigations

    properties and fate & transport will be reviewed for main environmental contaminant classes (e.g., petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, perchlorate, oxygenate additives, ...

  • LENOCI Environmental Consulting Ltd.

    based in Solymar, HUNGARY.

    LENOCI Environmental Consulting Ltd.

    Environmental consulting throughout Central and Eastern Europe and other emerging market countries. Services include environmental due diligence, compliance auditing, remediation management, water resource management, pollution control consulting, ...

    Remediation Management Services

    Remediation Management Services

    We provide our clients with comprehensive environmental remediation management services, including: Designing, permitting, supervising, and interpreting site investigations; Risk assessments according to risk-based corrective action legislation; ...

  • Terran Corporation

    based in Beavercreek, OHIO (USA).

    Terran Corporation

    We provide innovative solutions to complex and challenging problems. Backed by a network of senior associates, we routinely assemble teams to tackle diverse project needs. What distinguishes Terran Corporation from the myriad of environmental ...

  • Clean Properties, Inc.

    based in Sudbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Clean Properties, Inc.

    Clean Properties, Inc. specializes in oil and hazardous waste clean-up. Since 1989, we have completed over 3,000 environmental projects, serving Massachusetts and adjoining states. Projects include cleanup of oil and industrial contaminants such ...

  • Euremtech

    based in Zelzate, BELGIUM.


    Since three and a half years European Remediation Technologies (ERT) distinguishes o.s. on the European remediation market. ERT is a soil and groundwater remediation company specialised to deliver full services for in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) ...

    In Situ Biological Technology

    In Situ Biological Technology

    Stimulate microbial activity : create the ideal conditions for ...

  • JRW Bioremediation, L.L.C.

    based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA).

    JRW Bioremediation, L.L.C.

    JRW Bioremediation is a leader in the development of environmentally-friendly products used to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater based on innovative patented technology involving the anaerobic degradation of contaminants in the ...

    Wilclear Plus - Sodium Lactate

    Wilclear Plus - Sodium Lactate

    Fast, effective, economical say goodbye to your chlorinated contaminants. Fast : Lactate provides carbon for rapid establishment of anaerobic ...

  • Compass Remediation Chemicals

    based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

    Compass Remediation Chemicals

    Our Priority is You -- Compass was founded to be a service-based products company focusing strictly on customer needs: competitive pricing, impeccable delivery and accurate billing. There is a gap in real customer service in the remediation products ...

    Compass Remediation - Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Compass Remediation - Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Compass offers zero valent iron in multiple grades to meet the varying requirements of sites with different geological settings and contaminant profiles. As reactivity and longevity are dependent on surface area, particle size is a ...

  • Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

    based in Warren, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

    Chubb Group of Insurance Cos. is a leading global property and casualty insurance organization. Since 1882, members of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies have provided property and casualty insurance products to customers around the globe. These ...

    Environmental Site Liability Services

    Environmental Site Liability Services

    Environmental Site Liability insurance helps protect companies from the uncertainty of potential environmental liabilities associated with owning or operating facilities or sites. Environmental Site Liability insurancefor buyers and sellers of ...

  • Comelt S.p.A

    based in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), ITALY.

    Comelt S.p.A

    Comelt was founded in 1995 to commercialize activated carbons for different applications, such as air and water purification or, more generally, gas and liquid phase purification. Comelt has always been supportive to its customers, to ...

    Carbosorb - Model 1240 - Water Treatment Granular Activated Carbon

    Carbosorb - Model 1240 - Water Treatment Granular Activated Carbon

    CARBOSORB 1240 is a high quality granular activated carbon produced by physical activation (steam and heat) of selected ...

  • Bio Blend Technologies

    based in Cantonment, FLORIDA (USA).

    Bio Blend Technologies

    Bio Blend Technologies mission is to provide the most cost-effective, highest-quality environmental remediation services available worldwide. Bio Blend Technologies is the research and development arm of the US O’Neill Industries family. Our unique ...

    Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI)

    Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI)

    This technology was designed for the in-situ treatment of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs) or more specifically chlorinated solvents found in contaminated groundwater, and is one of the few ...

  • Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

    based in Claymont, DELAWARE (USA).

    Terra Systems, Inc. (TSI)

    Terra Systems, Inc.’s senior scientists have been developing in situ bioremediation technology since the 1980’s. Our roots go back to Richard Raymond, Sr. who received the first patent, U.S. Patent No. 3,846,290 for in situ bioremediation of ...

    TSI DC - Bioaugmentation Culture

    TSI DC - Bioaugmentation Culture

    . It is estimated that Dehalococcoides are not present in 10 to 40 percent of chlorinated solvent contaminated ...

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