cleaning robot Companies

  • Coulson Ice Blast

    based in Port Alberni, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).


    Coulson Ice Blast

    Coulson Ice Blast is a privately owned family company based in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada. The company started in 2012 and began revolutionizing ice blasting technology; striving to create a cost effective, environmentally friendly and ...

    Coulson Ice Blast - Automated Cleaning System

    Coulson Ice Blast - Automated Cleaning System

    We have an exclusive partnership with the world's premier industrial robot manufacturer, KUKA Robotics. Coulson Ice Blast technology will be fitted to KUKA robotic arms; enabling the most cost efficient cleaning, de-burring, and de-flashing ...

  • Weda AB

    based in Sodertalje, SWEDEN.


    Weda AB

    WEDA of today has specialised in underwater cleaning solutions with automatic and semi automatic robots. The cleaners are developed in cooperation with the end users in the pool industry, water and sewage industry and general industry worldwide. The ...

    Weda - Model YT-600 - Underwater Cleaning Robot for Sediment (Sludge) Removal

    Weda - Model YT-600 - Underwater Cleaning Robot for Sediment (Sludge) Removal

    Underwater cleaning robot for smaller basins with a large amount of sedimentation. This robot handles large amounts of bottom sediment and particle sizes up to 40 mm. T-600 is delivered on a transport trolley which makes it easy to move between the ...

  • The Baker Company

    based in Sanford, MAINE (USA).


    The Baker Company

    For nearly 70 years The Baker Company has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment. Recognized as the industry pioneer, The Baker Company maintains an unparalleled passion ...

    BioPROtect - Model III Class II Style - Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Enclosures

    BioPROtect - Model III Class II Style - Walk-In Clean Air and Containment Enclosures

    Designed expressly for high volume robotic and equipment applications: The popularity of robotically assisted technologies has resulted in the continuing development of the BioPROTECT Series of walk-in and reach-in biological safety enclosures. ...

  • MDB Srl

    based in Lanciano, ITALY.

    MDB Srl

    MDB produces large equipment for oil refineries such tube bundles extractors, tube bundles moving machines, heat exchngers maintenance equipments, with lifting capacity up to 150 tons. MDB also manufactures hydraulic and mechanical grabs with ...

    MDB - Model MD-ROBOT - Internal Cleaning Robot

    MDB - Model MD-ROBOT - Internal Cleaning Robot

    The Internal Cleaning Robot, Mod. RII, is used in the petrochemical plants to clean tube bundles internally; extremely efficient; less shutdown time is necessary and increases production.

  • Yanmar Marine International B.V.

    based in Almere, NETHERLANDS.

    Yanmar Marine International B.V.

    We personally welcome you to the new world of Yanmar. For over 100 years, we have been inventive pioneers building the world`s finest, most reliable and durable diesel engines. Today, we are visionaries, embarking on a bold, new path. Leveraging the ...

  • MClimate

    based in Sofia, BULGARIA.


    MClimate is an IoT company which changes the way people use the appliances they already have. Our products connect to your heating and cooling system, so you can gain control over 70% of your electricity bill. Everybody is talking about smart homes ...

    Melissa Climate - Model Betty - Cleaning Robot for Bathrooms and Windows

    Melissa Climate - Model Betty - Cleaning Robot for Bathrooms and Windows

    Betty is a smart cleaning robot for bathrooms and windows. Enjoy your free time doing the thing you love and leave the dirty work to Betty

  • Urakami Research & Development Co., Ltd.

    based in Konan-ku, JAPAN.

    Urakami Research & Development Co., Ltd.

    Urakami Research & Development Co. succeeded, for the first time in the world, in the invention and practical use of a robot that adheres to, by way of negative pressure suction, and travels along, the surface of a structure. Since the latter half ...

    Urakami - Cleaning Robot

    Urakami - Cleaning Robot

    Cleaning Robot's main unit adheres to the wall by vacuum and self-propels, and a support unit is installed on the ground. The main unit is equipped with two suction disks and moves like a land-loop adhering to the wall while both disks are always ...

  • BAZENSERVIS s.r.o.

    We are no new-comers to the market, so we do know that honouring the history and the values of a company is the foundation for successful projects and, above all, for satisfying clients. BAZENSERVIS additionally has the good fortune that the entire ...

  • Aryan Pumps and Enviro Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    M/s. Aryan Pumps & Enviro Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India, is one of the leading solution providers in the field of fluid handling and disaster management. With over a decade of experience and state of art manufacturing facility, its products & services ...

  • Poolking Trade and Services Ltd

    Poolking Ltd. was founded in Hungary in 2011. The founders, who themselves are actively involved in the company's operational work, have more than 20 years experience in the swimming pool technique as well as in production of chemical and wellness ...

  • Panton Mcleod W

    Panton McLeod are dedicated to supporting our clients to protect, maintain & improve water quality within treatment and distribution systems, collectively we call our range of products and services Water Quality Engineering. Holding 6 major ...

  • Equinox Services Ltd

    Offers sales and service for the entire Weda Product Program


    * business line up :: underwater sludge or sediments cleaning by using ROV called Crebo 7.* application fields :: cooling tower basin, steel mill, nuclear power plant, drinking water plant and etc* ROV platform :: used for various kinds of purposes ...

    CREBO7 - Underwater Cleaning Robot

    CREBO7 - Underwater Cleaning Robot

    Used for cleaning underwater sludge at the water tank basin, cooling tower, nuclear power plant and drinking water tank or reservoir, etc.Remotely operated vehicle to clean underwater sludge or sediments at the bottom of water tank.Unrivaled price ...

  • Tat Hing Pool Limited

    Tat Hing Water Processing Co., Ltd./Tat Hing Pool Limited has been providing efficient, quality service to the public. The company has set up factories in Guangzhou (Yuen Hoi. Co. LTI.), supply stability, honest and reliable. Sub-brand of the ...

  • Ekpac China Ltd.

    Ekpac is a group of highly specialized companies, all striving for dominant product success in their fields. We provide a comprehensive range of importing, exporting, sourcing, and financing solutions for companies worldwide. With a well-established ...

  • Scantron Robotics USA, Inc.

    based in Spring, TEXAS (USA).

    Scantron Robotics USA, Inc.

    Since our start in 2009, Scantron`s experience in industrial tank service applications has grown exponentially. Beginning with only potable water tanks, we are now able to inspect and clean virtually any industrial tank or water holding structure. ...

    Cleaning Robots

    Cleaning Robots

    Scantron's cleaning robots are specifically designed to safely and efficiently remove sediment from the bottom of industrial water tanks and basins.

  • Fulcrum Robotics

    based in South Hobart, AUSTRALIA.

    Fulcrum Robotics

    Fulcrum is the only comprehensive provider of ROV Services in Tasmania. Fulcrum is the first Tasmanian owned and operated company with the ability to mobilise multiple types of ROV inspection assets locally, nationally and internationally. We ...

  • Pump & Pool Products

    Maintaining good water quality relies on regular cleaning. All commercial swimming pools, waste water treatment plants, waterworks & nuclear power plants, must have the bottoms and occasionally the sides cleaned regularly. The ability to clean ...

  • WWC Water and Wastewater Holding BV

    based in Terneuzen, NETHERLANDS.

    WWC Water and Wastewater Holding BV

    WWC - Water and Wastewater Holding is a young consulting networking company with extreme experienced staff and state-of-the-art know-how in water technology.

  • Panton McLeod

    based in Groton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Panton McLeod

    Working purely for and in the drinking water industry Panton McLeod is active throughout the USA and the United Kingdom with a clearly focused range of products and services. Panton McLeod America is an independently owned company distributing the ...

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