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condensate polishing Companies

  • Tekran Instruments Corporation

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    Tekran Instruments Corporation

    Tekran® Instruments Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced systems for ambient air, laboratory analysis, and point-source mercury monitoring. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran® has ...

    Tekran - Model 2642 - Natural Gas Fixed Sampler

    Tekran - Model 2642 - Natural Gas Fixed Sampler

    Tekran and VE Technology have partnered together to improve the quality of Natural Gas sampling and analysis. Proper sample collection requires precision equipment to assure mercury is quantitatively transported between the source pipeline and the ...

  • Hydroflux Pty Ltd

    based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.


    Hydroflux Pty Ltd

    The Hydroflux Group is made up of established privately, owned Australian business dedicated to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment management systems. We service Australia via offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the Pacific region via our ...

    Hydroflux FlooIX - Condensate Polishing of Ion Exchange

    Hydroflux FlooIX - Condensate Polishing of Ion Exchange

    In power generation, treatment of recovered condensed steam forms a pivital role in the overall plant energy efficiency. As steam passes through production areas, or through a steam turbine, it collects impurities from the surfaces in which it comes ...

  • Fluence Corporation

    based in White Plains, NEW YORK (USA).


    Fluence Corporation

    Fluence is a leader in the decentralized water, wastewater and reuse treatment markets, setting the industry pace with its Smart Products Solutions, including Aspiral™, NIROBOX™ and SUBRE. Fluence offers an integrated range of services across the ...

    Ultrapure Water Treatment Services

    Ultrapure Water Treatment Services

    Fluence has decades of experience delivering ultrapure water solutions for power generation and other industrial clients. Fluence provides standardized and customized ultrapure water (UPW) systems using industry-proven membrane-based technologies, ...

  • Graver Water Systems

    based in New Providence, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Graver Water Systems

    Graver Water Systems, LLC is an experienced and highly qualified supplier of equipment and services to nuclear power plants, with over 100 existing installations worldwide. Since many nuclear plants have systems in excess of 30 years old, Graver ...

    Deep Bed Condensate Polishers

    Deep Bed Condensate Polishers

    Graver Water Systems has optimized deep bed condensate polishing technologies through the use of proprietary flow distribution enhancements and enhanced collection, to maximize resin utilization. For on-site regenerated systems Graver's trademarked ...

  • Cannon Bono Energia S.p.A. - part of the Cannon Group

    based in Peschiera Borromeo, ITALY.

    Cannon Bono Energia S.p.A. - part of the Cannon Group

    Welcome to BONO ARTES, the BONO Company in charge of waste water treatment. BONO, the mother Company, was already committed, to the excellence in the business of Steam Boilers and Boiler-Water Treatment.

    BONO ARTES - Condensate Polishing System

    BONO ARTES - Condensate Polishing System

    Condensate polishing is employed to purify the return steam condensate in order to meet the quality requirements of high pressure thermal cycles and minimise consumption of make-up water. The polishing of the recovered condensate is implemented ...

  • OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH

    based in Korntal-Münchingen, GERMANY.

    OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH

    OSMO develops and implements valuable industrial membrane separation plants for a multitude of process applications as well as for water treatment.

    OSMO - Condensate Polishing Plant

    OSMO - Condensate Polishing Plant

    During the production process of basic organic chemicals, very often condensates occur as byproducts, which have to be treated before dumping or recycling into production process. The condensate occurring at the product process of caprolactame ...

  • Huvis Water

    based in Bangbaecheon-ro, Seocho-gu, SOUTH KOREA.

    Huvis Water

    Founded in 1959, Huvis Water is proud of its role as the pioneer in the water treatment and wastewater treatment fields. Huvis Water has achieved remarkable technological development thanks to accumulated organization experience and technological ...

    Huvis-Water - Condensate Polishing System

    Huvis-Water - Condensate Polishing System

    Maintains steam generator (SG) reliability, allows operation even with condenser leakage, supplies protection from turbine deposition and corrosion, and reduces start-up time after a plant trip or refueling. Overall plant economy and efficiency is ...

  • Wigen Water Technologies

    based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Wigen Water Technologies

    Founded in 1965, Wigen has evolved from a manufacturer`s representative firm into a global leader in custom water treatment and purification systems. With several U.S. patents to its credit, Wigen continues to develop new methods aimed at recycling ...

    Condensate Polishing Systems

    Condensate Polishing Systems

    Wigen is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of condensate polishing systems for industrial, power and steam utility applications. These systems are used to maintain a high quality of water by removing impurities from condensate return ...

  • PT Beta Pramesti Asia

    based in Jakarta, INDONESIA.

    PT Beta Pramesti Asia

    PT Beta Pramesti has been providing industries in Indonesia with Water and Waste Water Treatment Solutions for over 23 years. Our company started as the exclusive distributor of Hydro-Chem Boiler and Cooling Tower Chemical from Melbourne, Australia ...

    Condensate Polisher Systems

    Condensate Polisher Systems

    Condensate Polisher systems filter the condensated steam from the boiler/turbine. The system employs activated carbon filtration to remove hydrocarbons, and is then polished using ion exchange systems, similar to a softening system at elevated ...

  • Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co.,Ltd

    based in Songjiang District, CHINA.

    Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co.,Ltd

    Shanghai Pullner Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. located in Songjiang district Shanghai. We are committed to the field of filtration process technology development, technology consulting, services and filtration equipment, filters and filter R&D ...

    Pullner - Model PHFX Series - String Wound Fitter Cartridge

    Pullner - Model PHFX Series - String Wound Fitter Cartridge

    PHFX Series String Wound Filter Cartridge is washable depth filter cartridge, use of high-performance fiber (polypropylene, cotton, glass fiber, etc.) according to a specific process, tightly wrapped on a porous skeleton(PP or SS support), put an ...

  • Driplex Water Engineering Ltd.

    We, Driplex Water Engineering Ltd. are one of the leading Turnkey EPC Company for Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems of India. We have established our plants in Power, Petroleum, steel, cement and many other sectors in India. We have executed over ...

  • Gowrishankar Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    We like to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturers of granular activated carbon used in water and waste water treatment. We have modern plant to manufacture this product to Indian & International specification. We are an ISO9001-2008 company ...

  • Zenon Diagnostic

    based in Ataşehir, TURKEY.

    Zenon Diagnostic

    Zenon designs, develops and manufactures equipments and devices in the field of pathology and microbiology. Thanks to our own facilities, we design and build special solutions for pathology laboratories and hospitals. Our main target is to produce ...

    Zenon - Cold Plate

    Zenon - Cold Plate

    The high performing unit is cooling down to -30° C in a very short time.

  • T. L. Maddox Companies

    We supply industrial magnets, fans, coolant cleaners, dust collectors, feeders, lime systems, blowers, metal detectors, checkweighers, mixers, crushers, grinders, mills, conveyors, airlocks, diverters, scrubbers, cyclones, silencers, vacuum systems, ...

  • Refinite Water

    based in Cassatt, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Refinite Water

    Refinite offers a wide variety of municipal and industrial water treatment products. These factory-built components are built by leading equipment manufacturers in the industry and backed by years of experience. Refinite Water strives to offer ...

    Water-EG - Horizontal Pressure Filters

    Water-EG - Horizontal Pressure Filters

    Water is the universal solvent and necessary for life.  Impurities to water can be harmful to health and disrupt the smooth operation of industrial equipment and processes.  Water-EG treats water professionally.  Backed by years of ...

  • Felite Resin Technology Co.,ltd

    based in Yancheng, CHINA.

    Felite Resin Technology Co.,ltd

    FELITE CHINA is a professional manufacturer of high quality Ion Exchange Resins since 1972. We manufacture Ion Exchange Resins in a wide variety of applications, including deionization, softening, metals removal, product purification, resource ...

    Model FA201 - Strong Base Anion Macroporous, Type I

    Model FA201 - Strong Base Anion Macroporous, Type I

    FA201 is a highly efficient and durable, Type I macroporous strong base anion exchange resin with quaternary ammonium as the functional group. Its macroporous structure provides high operating capacity and excellent regeneration efficiency and ...

  • Jonas Inc.

    based in Pomfret, MARYLAND (USA).

    Jonas Inc.

    Jonas, Inc. is an engineering, consulting, and R&D company with expertise in water and steam chemistry, turbines, boilers, corrosion, materials, instrumentation, and failure analysis in utility (fossil and nuclear) and industrial systems; combining ...

    Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control

    Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control

    Two-to-three day review of water and steam chemistry, operation, and maintenance of the steam generating plant aimed at prevention/reduction of cycle component corrosion and scale and deposit formation. Results of the audit are recommendations for ...

  • Crest Ultrasonics Corporation

    based in Trenton, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Crest Ultrasonics Corporation

    Crest Ultrasonics is the largest privately-held company in the ultrasonics industry, with a tremendous presence in ultrasonic invention and situated perfectly within a vertical group of companies within The Crest Group — the global leader in ...

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

    The ideal ultrasonic bath environment for precision cleaning, with plug-and-play transducerized applications. To create a basic yet high-quality ultrasonic bath, all you need is a Crest Ultrasonics tank, immersible transducer, and ultrasonic ...

  • Dongying Hysen Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    based in Dongying, CHINA.

    Dongying Hysen Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Dongying Hysen Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a modernized and environmental-friendly high-tech enterprise. We are mainly engaged in R&D, production and marketing of special ion exchange resin products. Meanwhile, we also design application unit ion ...

    Hysen - Model MR-11 - Mixed Bed Resin for Low-Speed Wire-Cutting

    Hysen - Model MR-11 - Mixed Bed Resin for Low-Speed Wire-Cutting

    MR-11 mixed bed resin dedicated for low speed wire cutting is a ready-to-use resin comprised of gel-type strongly acidic cation exchange resin and strongly Dasic anion exchange resin it ts made with special resin used for high transition and special ...

  • ULT AG

    based in Löbau, GERMANY.

    ULT AG

    ULT AG develops stationary and mobile extraction and filtration systems to be utilized in many industries, handiwork, and laboratories. ULT AG is a globally active vendor of extraction and filtration technology for the removal of airborne ...

    Model ASD 160 - Mobile Smoke and Dust Extraction Unit

    Model ASD 160 - Mobile Smoke and Dust Extraction Unit

    Stationary and mobile unit with castors and adjustable feet. Replacement filter system – individual filter exchange. Extremely quiet operation. Simple filter handling, accessible from the top. Rugged steel housing. One or two connectors for ...

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