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conductivity mapping Companies


    based in Dresden, GERMANY.


    The SURAGUS GmbH is a young innovative and fast developing German company, a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing Dresden. The company develops, manufactures and sells eddy current-based testing technology for ...

    EddyCus MA map (MPECS) - Crack, Flaw and Surface Conductivity Mapping System

    EddyCus MA map (MPECS) - Crack, Flaw and Surface Conductivity Mapping System

    The system allows a fast, user-friendly mapping of the surface conductivity and surface defects of flat and curved samples. There are various sensors with different sensitivities and spatial resolutions customizes for different material systems ...

  • Wildscape Restoration, Inc.

    based in Ventura, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Wildscape Restoration, Inc.

    Wildscape is a small environmental consulting and contracting firm. Our staff has a broad range of experience that totals over 35 years in biological resource services, cultural resources services, planning, and permitting. In particular, we have ...

  • Braveheart Shipping BV

    based in AC Urk, NETHERLANDS.

    Braveheart Shipping BV

    Braveheart Shipping B.V. is a maritime company based in Urk, the Netherlands, and is specialized in hydrographical studies, surveying, crew tendering and oil detection.



    Specialist dept measurements are made so clients– such as dredging companies or port authorities –can efficiently manage workingprocesses like dredging, port maintenance and replenishment work. Sediment density measurements can also be ...

  • Forest Survey of India

    based in Dehradun, INDIA.

    Forest Survey of India

    Forest Survey of India (FSI) is an organisation under the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.Its principal mandate is to conduct survey and assessment of forest resources in the country.It started as an organization called ...

  • Engeenuity, llc.

    based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

    Engeenuity, llc.

    Engeenuity is a R&D focused company that produces devices with its proprietary photonics-based technology APSE ™ Advanced Physics System Engineering. This innovative technology is based on light activated portable devices which deliver specifically ...

    Advanced Physics System (APSE)

    Advanced Physics System (APSE)

    The APSE technology is based on the Science of Photonics and involves customized configurations designed for specific end purposes, especially biological systems. The APSE technology, in a nutshell, is the structured integration of coherent ...

  • Qness GmbH  - part of Verder Scientific

    based in Golling, AUSTRIA.

    Qness GmbH - part of Verder Scientific

    The focus of Qness GmbH located in Golling in the province of Salzburg in Austria, is on development and manufacturing of innovative high-end products for hardness testing. Qness can offer the benefits of highly-motivated employees with immense ...

    Qpix Control - Version 2 - Sophisticated Architecture Software

    Qpix Control - Version 2 - Sophisticated Architecture Software

    Qpix Control2 heralds a new generation of hardness testing software. It has been developed based on customer input and feedback to guarantee maximum user-friendliness. New standards in hardness testing are now being established thanks to the ...

  • Geomorph Services

    based in CYPRUS.

    Geomorph Services

    Geomorph Services was founded in 2004. Since the beginning we have been serving the oil and gas industry, contractors, engineers, utility and concrete professionals who find non-destructive testing a useful inspection tool. We deal with the ...

  • IDSi International

    based in Fort Lee, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    IDSi International

    IDSi provides regulatory and crisis management software for Governments and Companies. Market leading complete solution for compliance and emergency planning to meet SARA Title III, EPCRA called the TIER II MANAGER. NIMS and ICS compliance ...

    Incident Collaborator Software

    Incident Collaborator Software

    Collaborate across multiple agencies based on NIMS and ICS standards before, during, and after an emergency incident. Robust features include NIMS Typing, ICS Forms, Resource Mgmt., GIS Mapping, Conference, Cost Tracking, and Organizational Chart ...

  • Anasys Instruments

    based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Anasys Instruments

    Anasys Instruments is dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions that measure nanoscale material properties. Understanding structure-property correlation, especially for samples with spatially varying physical and chemical properties, ...

    Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module (SThM)

    Scanning Thermal Microscopy Module (SThM)

    This module (comprising controller, software and probes) enables most AFMs to be able to do temperature mapping of their sample with 0.1ºC resolution.The Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) module from Anasys Instruments enables a number of ...

  • SKF

    based in Göteborg, SWEDEN.


    SKF has been a leading global technology provider since 1907. Our fundamental strength is the ability to continuously develop new technologies – then use them to create products that offer competitive advantages to our customers. We achieve this by ...

    Customer Training

    Customer Training

    Increase knowledge to improve reliability. Manufacturers today are under tremendous pressure to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, achieving maximum machine reliability is critical. The profitability of all ...

  • Illumina Inc.

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Illumina Inc.

    Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. These systems are enabling studies that were not even imaginable just a few years ...

    FastTrack - FastTrack Microarray Services

    FastTrack - FastTrack Microarray Services

    Illumina FastTrack Microarray Services works collaboratively with you to achieve your research objectives. Since 2001, we have consistently provided on-time, reliable microarray services, including genotyping and methylation array services, to ...

  • SubTerra Geoservices LLC

    based in Pine Beach, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    SubTerra Geoservices LLC

    SubTerra Geoservices utilizes state-of-the-art geophysical equipment and software to provide nonintrusive subsurface information. We specialize in conducting Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic Induction, and Terrain Conductivity ...

    Electromagnetic (EM) Terrain Conductivity and Induction

    Electromagnetic (EM) Terrain Conductivity and Induction

    EM conductivity and induction investigations are a rapid and cost effective way to map landfills, locate USTs and buried drums/waste, as well as map shallow groundwater contamination.GeoSeek uses the Geonics EM31DL Terrain Conductivity Meter to ...

  • Delta Systematics

    based in Port Harcourt, NIGERIA.

    Delta Systematics

    Delta Systematics is a consulting firm established to deliver business solutions and end products that are timely, have professional integrity and value-added. In accordance with the mission, the firm members hold in common a commitment to excellent ...

    Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

    Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping

    An Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping (ESI) was conducted for an oil and gas field belonging to Shell Petroleum Development Corporation in Eastern Nigeria using ARCINFO and ARCVIEW software. The ESI project was integrated into qualifying ...

  • GPR Data LLC

    based in Eugene, OREGON (USA).

    GPR Data LLC

    GPR Data, Inc. established in 1998, is a company using Ground Penetrating Radar for non destructive investigation of earth and concrete. Based in Eugene, Oregon GPR Data Inc. has a servicing area which covers the globe. GPR Data has worked in ...

  • C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, L.L.C..

    based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA).

    C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, L.L.C..

    Fenstermaker is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing Engineering, Environmental, Surveying and Advanced Remote Sensing Technology Services which focus on Underwater Acoustic Remote Sensing and Terrestrial LIDAR.

    Oil & Gas Surveys Services

    Oil & Gas Surveys Services

    Adept at conducting diverse surveys in all types of terrain, Fenstermaker is well-prepared to help achieve exceptional results for the oil & gas industry. Seasoned in the efficient and accurate collection, analysis, and mapping of data from ...

  • UK Soils Observatory (UKSO)

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.

    UK Soils Observatory (UKSO)

    The UK Soil Observatory (UKSO) provides a unified starting point for accessing UK soils data and underpinning research, with the specific objective of providing these data for free where possible. Such access to fully described datasets will allow ...

    LandIS - Soilscapes Viewer Software

    LandIS - Soilscapes Viewer Software

    An updated version of our popular Soilscapes application is now available. This replaces the original version that has served us well since being launched in 2005 and brings a number of enhancements such as improved compatibility across browsers, ...

  • Boréalis

    based in Magog, QUEBEC (CANADA).


    The Boréalis platform helps organizations plan, engage and measure across multiple stakeholder engagement programs to influence and build trusted relationships. Boréalis field-proven stakeholder engagement applications reduce risk and increase ...

    Local Employment Software

    Local Employment Software

    Protect your social license to operate by meeting local employment and business development targets. Local employment requirements are an inherent part of many extractive and other large-scale projects. But without a well-planned process in place, ...

  • Apex Geoservices Ltd

    based in Wexford, IRELAND.

    Apex Geoservices Ltd

    APEX Geoservices Limited is a leading geophysical consultancy providing expert services to the Engineering, Environmental and Natural Resource Industries since 2001.With over 25 years of industry experience and in excess of 1000 projects completed ...

    Ground Conductivity

    Ground Conductivity

    Ground Conductivity Mapping is an electromagnetic technique used to investigate lateral variations in overburden material and variations in depth to bedrock. This EM31 survey technique (shown below) determines the apparent conductivity of the ground ...

  • KMS Technologies/KJT Enterprises, Inc.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    KMS Technologies/KJT Enterprises, Inc.

    KMS Technologies of Houston, Texas is a division of KJT Enterprises Inc. and focuses on integrating advanced electromagnetic methods for the oil industry to increase the discovery and recovery factor. We provide services, R&D projects and several ...

    Lotem-Suite - Dimensional Forward Modeling Software for CSEM

    Lotem-Suite - Dimensional Forward Modeling Software for CSEM

    Lotem-Suite is a software package developed to perform 1-dimensional (1D) Controlled Source ElectroMagnetics (CSEM) modeling. LOTEM is a Time Domain Electromagnetic method (TEM) which uses grounded electric dipole sources for detection and ...

  • Foothill Associates

    based in Chico, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Foothill Associates

    Professionalism, experience, innovation, and a multi-disciplinary approach - these qualities set Foothill Associates apart from other environmental consulting firms. Our greatest strength is the synergy between our multiple divisions, where ...

    Biological & Wetland Resources

    Biological & Wetland Resources

    Foothill Associates develops biological and wetland resource information for projects ranging in size from small individual sites to regional, large-scale multi-jurisdictional planning areas. The baseline information our biologists gather includes ...

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