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dechlorination chemical Companies

  • American Water Chemicals, Inc. (AWC)

    based in Plant City, FLORIDA (USA).

    American Water Chemicals, Inc. (AWC)

    American Water Chemicals (AWC) was created in 1993 by a group of membrane desalination experts in response to the demand for more reliable water treatment chemicals and membrane-related technical services. Over the years, our unique understanding of ...

    AWC - Model DC-208 - Dechlorination Chemicals

    AWC - Model DC-208 - Dechlorination Chemicals

    Dechlorination chemical used to remove free & combined chlorine, to prevent oxidation and damage to the membranes. Does not emit toxic SO2 ...

  • Tramfloc, Inc.

    Tramfloc, Inc. Industrial and Mining Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment | We also provide polymer feeding systems, emulsion breakers, super absorbent polymers, metal remediation, dechlorination and defoaming chemicals.

  • Western Chemical Corporation

    Western Chemical Corporation (WCC) is very well known for their consistent quality and timely supplies of ACTIVATED CARBON to various industries since last 3 decades. We have already been catering the requirements of most of the consumers like ...

    Acid Washed Activated Carbon

    Acid Washed Activated Carbon produced from Pine Wood, chemically activated. Suitable for several application among which are dechlorination, decolorisation and ...

  • gujarat enviro-care industries

    based in rajkot, INDIA.

    gujarat enviro-care industries

    Gujarat enviro-care industries is the biggest manufacturers of wood activated carbon in india with the technology from Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products CAF and National Engineering &Technology Research Centerof Forest Chemical ...

    Washed Activated Carbon

    Washed Activated Carbon

    Acid Washed Activated Carbon produced from Pine Wood, chemically activated. Suitable for several application among which are dechlorination, decolorisation and ...

  • Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.

    based in Freeport, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Provectus Environmental Products, Inc.

    Provectus (Latin) = advanced; higher level of knowledge. Provectus Environmental Products, Inc. is a performance technology/chemistry provider to the soil and groundwater remediation industry. We specialize in the development and global ...

    Provect-IR - Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent

    Provect-IR - Antimethanogenic ISCR Reagent

    This distinctive, patented combination of natural and food-grade chemicals promotes ISCR conditions for fast and effective destruction of targeted constituents of interest (COIs) such as chlorinated solvents, organochlorine ...

  • Phase Separation Solutions Inc.

    based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Phase Separation Solutions Inc.

    PS2 was founded in 2004 by a group of proven Canadian environmental entrepreneurs with the singular philosophy that the proper application of advanced clean technology was the safe and economical management to proper management of environmental ...

    Clean Soil and Clean Air Services

    Clean Soil and Clean Air Services

    Incineration is a proven methodology and has long been the accepted means of dealing with PCB impacted soil and hydrocarbon based sludge and will always provide an option for certain persistent contaminants and waste ...

  • Tersus Environmental, LLC

    based in Wake Forest, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Tersus Environmental, LLC

    Tersus Environmental was founded in 2011 to provide technology-based solutions combined with unparalleled technical support to increase remediation effectiveness and decrease remediation costs. Our focus is the remediation of soil and groundwater ...

    Nutrimens - Metabolic Supplement

    Nutrimens - Metabolic Supplement

    Nutrimens™ is an all-natural bio-fermentation product. Liquid Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product is produced during the fermentation of an unmodified strain of botanical classification Saccharomyces cerevisiae, including products of ...

  • Volpin Impianti S.r.l

    based in Fratta Polesine, ITALY.

    Volpin Impianti S.r.l

    The company Volpin Systems S.r.l was founded in 1990 by Enzo Volpin and Carlo De Checchi who decide to use their experience in the field of water treatment giving life to a new business reality. Our activity is based first on a line of water ...

    Volpin - Adsorption and Dechlorination Filters

    Volpin - Adsorption and Dechlorination Filters

    Automatic/Manual actived carbon filters for adsorption and dechlorination, for civil and industrial use, exploitining the principle of chemical activated carbon. They are essentially composed of a steel tank ...

  • Chemtrol a Division of Santa Barbara Control Systems

    based in Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Chemtrol a Division of Santa Barbara Control Systems

    Santa Barbara Control Systems, a California company, manufactures the CHEMTROL line of microprocessor-based controllers for automated water treatment in swimming pools, spas, cooling towers and other industrial applications. CHEMTROL controllers ...

    Chemtrol - Model PC3000 - Programmable Controller System

    Chemtrol - Model PC3000 - Programmable Controller System

    The CHEMTROL PC3000Controller is a programmable control system that offers complete chemical automation (ORP, PPM, and pH) plus control of conductivity or TDS, water balance with Langelier Index, temperature and heater control. ...

  • TRACOM Inc.

    based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    TRACOM Inc.

    TRACOM has been designing custom and standard fiberglass products for nearly 30 years. We started by modernizing the wastewater treatment business with economical, standardized products. As our company grew, we started supporting many other ...

    TRACOM - Fiberglass All Weather Shelter

    TRACOM - Fiberglass All Weather Shelter

    For year-round protection of larger equipment, Tracom offers one-piece FRP shelters. Our all-weather enclosures require virtually no maintenance, are not susceptible to decay or rust. Typical applications include: Chemical storage, ...

  • Geovation Engineering, P.C.

    based in Florida, NEW YORK (USA).

    Geovation Engineering, P.C.

    Geovation is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of environmental remediation. We provide innovative technologies, products and services for the bioremediation of a broad range of chemical contaminants in soil, sediment, ground-water and ...



    BioGeoCheMix is an advanced solid chemical composition (patents pending) that incorporates a complex suite of both organic and inorganic amendments. BioGeoCheMix is designed for the anaerobic remediation and biologically mediated ...

  • Ivey International Inc.

    based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Ivey International Inc.

    Ivey International Inc. (IVEY) is an award winning environmental technology development company with a commitment to provide outstanding products and services through the development and application of innovative air, soil and groundwater ...

    Surfactant Enhanced Chemicalization (SEC) Services

    Surfactant Enhanced Chemicalization (SEC) Services

    In-situ and ex-situ application processes to liberate contaminants making them more ‘chemically available’ for chemical oxidation by chemical agents. SEC-Surfactant Enhanced ...

  • James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd

    based in Auburn, AUSTRALIA.

    James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd

    James Cumming & Sons Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 1909 by James Cumming and members of his family, manufacturing Ironfounders’ Blacking using technology developed from owning and operating similar manufacturing plants in Scotland.The ...

    GAC Dechlorination

    GAC Dechlorination

    For many years, food and beverage manufacturers have relied on activated carbon to remove chlorine, and other taste and odour causing compounds, from water used in their processing.While the removal of organic taste and odour causing compounds ...

  • KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc.

    based in Vienna, VIRGINIA (USA).

    KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc.

    KEMRON has delivered innovative and cost-effective environmental solutions to the public and private sectors nationwide. Our services address complex environmental problems to reduce regulatory risk and convert contaminated properties into ...

    Treatability Studies and Technology Evaluation

    Treatability Studies and Technology Evaluation

    KEMRON’s Treatability Laboratory evaluates processes for the treatment of hazardous and low-level radioactive wastes. Our research and development personnel draw upon direct experience with full-scale treatment processes to ensure that ...

  • Promag Enviro Systems Ltd.

    based in Burnaby, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Promag Enviro Systems Ltd.

    Promag Enviro Systems Ltd. is an equipment and service supplier for water and waste-water treatment in the U.S. and Canada with a far reaching network of manufacturers that allows us to provide a varied and comprehensive range of products including ...

    Vita-D-Chlor - Model 140 Tablets, 12307514 - Dechlorination Tablets

    Vita-D-Chlor - Model 140 Tablets, 12307514 - Dechlorination Tablets

    New EPA regulations for the dechlorination of water prior to flushing into streams, lakes and ground water has prompted the industry to find safer and more environmentally conscious methods of dechlorination. ...

  • PeroxyChem an Evonik Company

    based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    PeroxyChem an Evonik Company

    PeroxyChem is a global leader in peroxygen and adjacent chemistries. The company employs approximately 600 people throughout the world, with facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. With an unyielding commitment to safety at its core and backed ...

    Daramend - Anaerobic Bioremediation Reagent

    Daramend - Anaerobic Bioremediation Reagent

    Daramend® anaerobic bioremediation reagent represents a superior biological treatment technology for solid materials impacted by recalcitrant organic compounds. Since the first application in 1996, variations of the technology have been ...

  • Sound Environmental Strategies

    based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Sound Environmental Strategies

    SoundEarth Strategies, Inc. provides client-focused geologic and engineering consulting services on environmental and water supply projects. SoundEarth was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2001 and has grown to offices in Washington, Oregon, ...



    one of an array of innovative technologies with demonstrated success in targeted, site-specific applications.  To remediate petroleum or chlorinated compounds, consider in-situ chemical oxidation, which involves injecting ...


    HESCO is a world leader and innovator in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems. Since 1972 HESCO has been providing the State of Michigan with industry leading technology and cutting-edge environmental solutions. Our ...

  • Trojan Technologies -  a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

    based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

    Our UV systems are installed in over 7,800 municipal disinfection facilities throughout the world, disinfecting over 44 billion gallons of water per day. We believe clean water is an invaluable resource. That`s why, for more than a quarter of a ...

    Chlorine Conversion to UV Disinfection System

    Chlorine Conversion to UV Disinfection System

    Chlorine gas has traditionally been used for wastewater disinfection for many years. Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach) is an alternative to chlorine gas; however, it is more costly and has the same environmental concerns. UV disinfection can ...

  • Concorde – Corodex Group

    based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

    Concorde – Corodex Group

    The Concorde- Corodex Group, a part of M.H Al Mana Group of Companies, is one of the Middle East region’s pioneering providers of fire protection, water purification, wastewater treatment and environmental services. Established in 1974, the company ...

    Corodex - Chemical Injection

    Corodex - Chemical Injection

    Used for pH adjustment, Chlorination, Dechlorination. For various applications that need chemical injections with manual and/or automatic injection rate controls, Corodex Industries provides complete injection ...

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