drinking water chlorine Companies

  • Lenntech Water Treatment

    based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS.


    Lenntech Water Treatment

    Lenntech - Innovative Water Treatment & Membrane Separation Solutions since 1993. Lenntech Water Treatment Solutions, established in 1993, is a design and manufacturing company situated in The Netherlands, near the Technical University of Delft. ...

    Lenntech - Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters

    Lenntech - Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters

    Material: Polypropylene fleece and net, or washed polypropylene yarn or polyester felt filtering medium and granular activated carbon. Removal of: color, smell, taste contamination, pesticides, chlorine, organic substances.

  • Nanjing Ligong Shuifu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    based in Nanjing, CHINA.

    Nanjing Ligong Shuifu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    Nanjing Ligong Shuifu Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise providing years of experience in all aspects of Chlorine Dioxide technology with a strong background relying on technology innovation and scientific ...

    Waterman - Model CPF-C - Drinking Water Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    Waterman - Model CPF-C - Drinking Water Chlorine Dioxide Generator

    Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland). Model Number: CPF-C. Output: Clo2: 50~20000g/h. Conversion Rate: 98%. Material: PVC (shell), Titanium (reactor), PTFE(tube). Control: manual. Raw Material: NaClO2 and HCl. Power: Electric. Certification: ...

  • Canamidex International Corp.

    based in Richmond Hill, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Canamidex International Corp.

    Canamidex International Corp. was founded in 2007, as a result of our thirty plus years of Engineering and Management experience and expertise in the water and wastewater treatment, transfer industries and industries utilities within North America, ...

  • Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,LTD

    based in Tianjin, CHINA.

    Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,LTD

    Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,LTD is a comprehensive and professional international trade and international logistics company. Our products are used for fish process, shrimp pool, disinfection of the swimming pool water, medical apparatus, ...

  • Latsha Technologies

    based in Chennai, INDIA.

    Latsha Technologies

    We undertaking designs, manufacturing, Installs and commissions Gas Chlorinators, Sulphonators, Ammoniators, Electro Chlorination Systems, Auto Chlorine Leak Absorption system Evaporators, All Chlorine Storage , Handling ,Safety and Testing ...


    based in Mumbai, INDIA.


    DDR OVERSEAS is a leading manufacturer and global exporter of coconut shell charcoal based steam activated carbon.We are Located in the industrial hub of South India .South India produces the best coconuts in the world, this helps us to make ...

    DDR - Model W - Water and Wastewater treatment

    DDR - Model W - Water and Wastewater treatment

    We are committed to provide high grade Activated Carbon for drinking water as well as industrial water treatment.WATER PURIFICATION AND DRINKING TREATMENTActivated Carbon is mainly used for chlorine and organics removal in drinking water treatment ...

  • ttt

    based in Carrollton, TEXAS (USA).



  • Liberty Carbon Service, Inc

    based in Excelsior Springs, MISSOURI (USA).

    Liberty Carbon Service, Inc

    Liberty Carbon Service, Inc, is your best solution for reusing your liquid-phase granular activated carbon. Our patented technology and extensive experience provide a safe, efficient and convenient method of reactivation. And, our Kansas City area ...

    Liberty Carbon - Granular

    Liberty Carbon - Granular

    8X30 and 12X40 mesh carbon is produced from selected grades of bituminous coal, and is designed for liquid phase applications.  This carbon is mostly used for potable water treatment and removal of chlorinated compounds.  This carbon is ...

  • Sera ProDos UK Ltd.

    based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Sera ProDos UK Ltd.

    Sera Dosing UK Ltd is the UK and Ireland subsidiary of Seybert & Rahier GmbH Co. Betriebs-KG (sera) which is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical dosing pumps and equipment in the world. We offer an extensive range of products and services ...

    Sera EcoBlue - Dosing Pumps

    Sera EcoBlue - Dosing Pumps

    The EcoBlue by sera solves dosing tasks economical and impresses with the usual quality, reliability and very low cost. A dosing-set is included in scope of delivery.

  • Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC

    based in Temple, TEXAS (USA).

    Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC

    Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of wastewater product and service solutions for both residential and commercial application. Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC utilizes state of the art software for all of its design ...

    Rainwater Harvesting Design & Supplies

    Rainwater Harvesting Design & Supplies

    Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that can be collected for household use. Collecting rainwater in tanks and using it can reduce your water bills, provide a chlorine-free supply of fresh drinking water, and reduce community infrastructure ...

  • Viega

    based in Velika Gorica, CROATIA.


    Viega is the global leader in press pipe fitting technology for industrial, commercial and residential projects. A true innovator among imitators, Viega manufactures and distributes the world’s best plumbing, heating and pipe joining system ...

    Viega PureFlow - Model PEX - Tubing

    Viega PureFlow - Model PEX - Tubing

    Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing is a flexible tubing solution made in the United States. Manufactured with strict quality control through our vertically integrated manufacturing process, Viega PureFlow PEX Tubing is the best tubing solution you can get in ...

  • MB Holding Ltd

    based in Riga, LATVIA.

    MB Holding Ltd

    MB Holding Ltd is registred in Latvia, founded in 2012. We have become the leading company in region, which provides solutions for above the ground storage tanks. MB Holding Ltd. is the only company in the Baltic region that offers a full production ...

    Liner, Membrane Poduce - Butyl, EPDM, PVC

    Liner, Membrane Poduce - Butyl, EPDM, PVC

    “MB Holding” Ltd in 2015th started to produce a liners, membranes for water and other fluid storage. Each membrane is produced on order, by precise dimentions and specification. From  2016 th we offer a PVC membranes as well. Can be ...




    Pineco is an Italian company well known for its high-quality standards in the field of water treatment equipment. Our head-quarter and logistic centre are based in Verona, in the middle on the thermo-mechanical district. Our business structure ...

    PINECO - Model DC15LOT - Automatic Water Softener

    PINECO - Model DC15LOT - Automatic Water Softener

    Automatic water softener with cationic exchange resin. Electronic digital time settable. Fully automatic control valve 7 cycles functioning. Vessel made of reinforced fibreglass suitable for potable water, brine tank made of shock resistant plastic. ...

  • Central Chemical Services

    based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Central Chemical Services

    Central Chemical Services are the water treatment specialists providing a complete water treatment package to fully comply with current guidelines such as L8, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance; “Legionnaires’ disease, the control of Legionella ...

    CCS - Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Unit

    CCS - Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Unit

    Chlorine Dioxide is a very powerful oxidant most commonly used as a disinfectant in the water. Used commercially in aqueous solution rather then gas due to its explosiveness when exposed to rising temperatures, exposure to light or allowed to come ...

  • Global Adsorbents Pvt Ltd.

    based in Kolkata, INDIA.

    Global Adsorbents Pvt Ltd.

    Global Adsorbents Pvt. Ltd., is in the adsorption business for more than 20 years. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality Activated Carbon in all varieties i.e. Powder, Granular & Extruded form. The company supplies ...

    Activated Carbon

    Activated Carbon

    Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal or activated coal, is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous and thus to have a very large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. The word activated ...

  • Indian Springs Mfg. Co., Inc.

    based in Baldwinsville, NEW YORK (USA).

    Indian Springs Mfg. Co., Inc.

    Indian Springs Manufacturing Co., Inc. has been designing and manufacturing hazardous materials emergency equipment since 1958. Beginning as a small job shop, serving primarily Central New York, we gained a hard-earned reputation for quality ...

  • TwinOxide International B.V.

    based in PZ Best, NETHERLANDS.

    TwinOxide International B.V.

    TwinOxide International B.V. is the exclusive worldwide license holder, producer and distributor for TwinOxide, a transportable non-explosive two-component chlorine dioxide. TwinOxide is a unique, advanced delivery system of two solid components. ...

  • Multicon Marine Ltd.

    based in Athens, GREECE.

    Multicon Marine Ltd.

    Multicon Marine Ltd, is a technical and trading company activated mainly in the marine market through the representation of major manufacturers of products/systems for ships of all types.

  • Barrow International

    based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Barrow International

    Barrow International has been delivering cost effective, specialised, high impact marine marketing distribution results, nationally and internationally, for over 25 years. Directed by sales and marketing expert David Barrow, Barrow International has ...

  • CCP Gransden

    based in Ballygowan, NORTHERN IRELAND.

    CCP Gransden

    UK and Ireland distributors of BASF flocculants and polyelectrolytes for water & waste water treatment. BASF Magnafloc and Zetag flocculants supplied with laboratory testing and on site trials to acheive site optimisation, compliance and reduction ...



    We can supply quick dissolving 'Hiclon' chlorination tablets for chlorination of water mains after installation or repair. We stock and supply 'Sanuril' and 'Steadichlor' slow release chlorine tablets for the ongoing chlorination of potable water ...

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