filamentous bacteria Companies

  • Vermicon AG

    based in Munich, GERMANY.

    Vermicon AG

    vermicon AG offers innovative and powerful solutions for industrial microbiology. Since its founding in 1997, our actions have been guided by our conviction that the conventional limitations of microbiology have to be broken out of in order to ...

    VIT Nostocoida Limicola - Model II - Fast and Reliable Filamentous Bacteria Detection

    VIT Nostocoida Limicola - Model II - Fast and Reliable Filamentous Bacteria Detection

    VIT Nostocoida limicola II detects all members of Nostocoida limicola II and Alysiosphaera directly within your wastewater sample. Living bacteria exclusively are detected unequivocally and safely. By means of our VIT key, contained bacteria can be ...

  • Bio Systems Europe

    based in Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Bio Systems Europe

    Bio Systems Europe are a UK based biotechnology company that provide solutions to treat a wide range of contaminates. Products are based on formulations of bacteria, free enzymes and micro nutrients, supported by technical expertise to provide ...

    Model EU 30 - Control of Filamentous Bacteria in Water Treatment Plants

    Model EU 30 - Control of Filamentous Bacteria in Water Treatment Plants

    Filamentous microorganisms are opportunistic bacteria that can occur in systems treating a wide range of domestic and industrial waste waters. They will proliferate when environmental conditions favour them. Common triggers are, toxic shock, low ...

  • Aqua Sonic Management International Limited.

    based in North ipswich, AUSTRALIA.

    Aqua Sonic Management International Limited.

    Aqua Sonic Management Pty ltd ultraviolet and ultrasonic wave technology is proven to significantly remove filamentous algae, bacteria, viruses and able to reduce nitrate in an environmentally way. Ultrasound is a well established technology but ...

  • Engeenuity, llc.

    based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

    Engeenuity, llc.

    Engeenuity is a R&D focused company that produces devices with its proprietary photonics-based technology APSE ™ Advanced Physics System Engineering. This innovative technology is based on light activated portable devices which deliver specifically ...

    Advanced Physics System (APSE)

    Advanced Physics System (APSE)

    The APSE technology is based on the Science of Photonics and involves customized configurations designed for specific end purposes, especially biological systems. The APSE technology, in a nutshell, is the structured integration of coherent ...

  • Biomar Microbial Technologies

    based in Armunia, SPAIN.

    Biomar Microbial Technologies

    Biomar Microbial Technologies is a Biotechnological company specializing in Marine Microbiology and the Chemistry of Natural Products, with the maximum technological capabilities to take advantage of the sea’s resources. Founded in 1996, it ...

    Technical and Analytical Services

    Technical and Analytical Services

    At Biomar, we have leading-edge technologies available to handle any order from our clients; thus, we can provide analytical support in the sectors of food production, environmental sciences, clinical, chemical or pharmaceutical research.

  • The Native Antigen Company

    based in Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM.

    The Native Antigen Company

    The Native Antigen Company has developed a proprietary HEK293 mammalian expression system (VirtuE) for expression of recombinant proteins. The Native Antigen Company has rapidly become one of the world’s leading suppliers of infectious disease ...

    Native - Model FHA - Bordetella Pertussis

    Native - Model FHA - Bordetella Pertussis

    Purified FHA from B. pertussis. This product is presented as at least 95% of the intact 220 kDa form, with 5% in the reported breakdown products of 140 kDa and 90 kDa.

  • Ecochemicals UAB

    based in Kaunas, LITHUANIA.

    Ecochemicals UAB

    Waste water treatment solutions and technical knowledge combined with specialty chemicals supply - it is ECOCHEMICALS! Company Ecochemicals works in the field of water and waste water treatment and sludge dewatering. The main principle of our work ...

    Model Greasolux-M/L - Fat Dissolvent Cartridges

    Model Greasolux-M/L - Fat Dissolvent Cartridges

    GREASOLUX – a product providing solutions to problems caused by fat in wastewater treatment Industrial and municipal waste contaminated with fat – a frequent problem for companies maintaining wastewater network infrastructure and ...

  • Ecodigm

    based in Daejeon, SOUTH KOREA.


    ECODIGM, established in 1998, is a Korean company specialising in biological wastewater treatment technology which removes organic and nitrogen content from wastewater. It has over 30 patents in Korea and also has foreign patents in over ten other ...

    Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment

    As the industrial environment polloution is enlarged, the restricton on wastewater is reinforced. We provide high efflcienct process to remove the water pollutants from wastewaters stably. In order lo reduce the loxicily of a high-strength organic ...

  • aqua-tools

    based in Poissy, FRANCE.


    Aqua-Tools is an innovative company. We apply our scientific expertise and technological solutions to quality and risk management in health care facilities for controlling the risk of nosocomial infections; establishments that are open to the public ...

    ATP - Model QG21-W - 2G Rapid Microbiological Analysis Kit

    ATP - Model QG21-W - 2G Rapid Microbiological Analysis Kit

    The QG21W kit is recommended for activated sludges and used water with a very high content of suspended solids (organic and mineral). The kit determines the precise amount of extracellular ATP and total ATP, as well as ATP that is specific to the ...

  • EnviroMix

    based in Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).


    EnviroMix brings innovative mixing & process control technologies to a broad spectrum of municipal and industrial markets. Compared to other mixing methods, direct benefits of EnviroMix include enhanced mixing performance, reduced energy ...

    BioCycle - Mixing and Aeration System

    BioCycle - Mixing and Aeration System

    The BioCycle process is an automated mixing and aeration system that operates on real-time process parameters or a time-based control system. This patented process integrates the BioMix compressed gas mixing system with a facility’s new or ...

  • VTA Austria GmbH

    based in Rottenbach, AUSTRIA.

    VTA Austria GmbH

    VTA – The abbreviation stands for “Verfahrens Technologische Abwasseraufbereitung”, meaning “wastewater processing driven by process engineering”. It also stands for a globally successful Austrian company that sets new standards in wastewater and ...

    Microscopy Trainings

    Microscopy Trainings

    Tips from our biology professionals. Under the guidance of experienced experts, our training sessions can provide a preliminary introduction to the world of microorganisms in the activated sludge, refresh your knowledge of biology, or provide ...

  • Probiosphere Inc.

    based in Riviere-Du-Loup, QUEBEC (CANADA).

    Probiosphere Inc.

    We are solutions provider in the bioremediation field. We are a biotechnology company versed in producing microorganisms for wastewater treatment plants and methane producing plants. Engineering firms trust our products because we deliver results ...

    PROBIOSPHERE Archaea - Model 3x - Mixed Powder of Bacteria Spores and Inorganic Growth Media for Organic and Nitrogen Removal

    PROBIOSPHERE Archaea - Model 3x - Mixed Powder of Bacteria Spores and Inorganic Growth Media for Organic and Nitrogen Removal

    PROBIOSPHERE’s Archaea 3x is a mixed powder of bacteria spores and inorganic growth media. This product keeps the bacterial community inside the system instead of flowing out with the flux. It is convenient and efficient for the removal ...

  • Napier-Reid Ltd.

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Napier-Reid Ltd.

    Napier-Reid is a globally recognized engineering company with proven expertise in design and manufacture of high-quality, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries and municipalities. Napier-Reid is a leading water and ...

    BIO-BATCH - Model SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactors

    BIO-BATCH - Model SBR - Sequencing Batch Reactors

    BIO-BATCH SBR is a process developed by Napier-Reid in which continuous inflow and treatment is accommodated through alternating react, settle and decant sequences in SBR trains. Each train, through a typically operating cycle of three to five ...

  • Avecom

    based in Wondelgem, NETHERLANDS.


    Avecom’s core business is steering and optimizing microbial processes with the focus on customer`s needs. Our specialized team of engineers (environmental and industrial engineers), technicians and lab technicians strives to help you in the best ...

    Macronutrients for Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    Macronutrients for Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    The Nutriflok portfolio improves the reliability and operation of your aerobic wastewater treatment plant!

  • aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH

    based in Neuberg, GERMANY.

    aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH

    aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH does not only want to produce biological nutrient media for special market segments, they also voluntarily tackle the task of finding a balance between market policy necessities and the ideal of environmental conservation. ...

    Bio-Klaralgin- Aquatop - Model BA - Biological Nutrient Media

    Bio-Klaralgin- Aquatop - Model BA - Biological Nutrient Media

    An economical product to promote and improve the anaerobic decomposing process.

  • Aqua Enviro

    based in Wakefield, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Aqua Enviro

    Aqua Enviro is a leading, specialist environmental consultancy, conference organiser and training provider in the water, wastewater, bio-resources and organic waste sectors. We are able to offer wide-ranging expertise, from pilot plant design, ...

    Activated Sludge Microscopy Testing Services

    Activated Sludge Microscopy Testing Services

    One of Aqua Enviro’s techniques for the initial assessment of the activated sludge process is microscopic examination. This test involves the visual assessment of biomass floc structure/size/shape, protozoa, metazoa and filamentous bacteria. ...

  • Envozyme Technologies Private Limited

    based in Madhapur, INDIA.

    Envozyme Technologies Private Limited

    Envozyme Technologies Private Limited in collaboration with Envozyme LLC, USA, is the best-in-class products and solution provider in biological safety and probiotic domains. Envozyme offers quality-driven biological products and aquaculture ...

    Vibzyme - Pathogen Reducing Probiotic

    Vibzyme - Pathogen Reducing Probiotic

    Vibriosis is one of the major disease problems in aquaculture.Vibriosis is a bacterial disease responsible for mortality of cultured shrimp worldwide.Mortalities due to vibriosis occurred when shrimps stressed by factors such as poor water quality, ...

  • Firma Bartosz Sp. J

    based in Białystok, POLAND.

    Firma Bartosz Sp. J

    Firma Bartosz – a Polish company that builds up its experience in the industry of sanitary engineering since 1990. Professionalism and experience that go hand in hand with the commitment of the employees of “BARTOSZ” guarantee a high level of ...

    Hydrofiltr - Deironing Filter

    Hydrofiltr - Deironing Filter

    It is often impossible for the residents of single-family houses to connect to the water network and, therefore, they use their own intakes, e.g. deep-water wells. To be able to determine whether the water from the backyard well is suitable for ...

  • Environmental Leverage Inc.

    based in North Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Environmental Leverage Inc.

    With all the concerns today about environmental liability, some of the Key issues that manufacturers face include: Globalization, Impact of new science and engineering technology, Information systems and e-Commerce, Supply chain management, ...

    Wastewater Biomass Lab Analysis

    Wastewater Biomass Lab Analysis

    Microscopic analyses of any biological system should be a critical component of any ongoing daily monitor and control programs.  Lab sheets to correlate health of the system, any changes in floc structures, higher life forms, filamentous ...

  • Technology Sales Associates

    based in Berlin, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Technology Sales Associates

    Technology Sales Associates Inc. is a professional sales representative agency, operating throughout the New England area. Founded in 1977, we specialize in the water, wastewater, utility, and process industries. We pride ourselves in representing ...

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