flood prediction Companies

  • Water Insight BV

    based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

    Water Insight BV

    Water Insight provides operational water quality remote sensing products and services. Remote sensing allows you to gather high resolution water quality products, both temporally and spectrally, in a very cost-effective manner. We have expertise in ...

    Drought Flood and Predictions Service

    Drought Flood and Predictions Service

    STREAM is an instrument for developing spatial hydrological models. Water Insight has coupled near real time precipitation and evapo-transpiration data from satellite images with STREAM. This combined model is able to predict ...

  • Ambiental Risk Analytics

    based in Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ambiental Risk Analytics

    Seventeen years ago, a group of scientists, mathematicians and statisticians from Cambridge University agreed that we had to do better at understanding flood risk. We needed a different type of model to understand the impacts of climate change, ...

    FloodFutures - Predictive Flood Infrastructure Managers Software

    FloodFutures - Predictive Flood Infrastructure Managers Software

    FloodFutures is our predictive flood model that considers nine possible climate change scenarios between 2020 and 2080. We developed it to help (re)insurers, utility companies, local authorities, infrastructure ...

  • Anser GIS AB

    based in Lund, SWEDEN.

    Anser GIS AB

    AnserGIS consulting specialises in spatial analysis, and can bring over 20 years of combined experience in research and consultancy.

    Scientific Analysis Services

    Scientific Analysis Services

    Geographic information is increasingly recognised as an important part of everyday life, from mobile social ‘apps’ helping individuals connect, to logistics helping businesses connect. Thanks to GPS location is now an accessible ...

  • Worldsensing

    based in Barcelona, SPAIN.


    Worldsensing is a widely recognized global IoT pioneer. We provide customers with the tools to make the right operational decisions based on real-time intelligence. Our insights enable operators to understand the performance of distributed ...

  • Lawson-Fisher Associates

    based in South Bend, INDIANA (USA).

    Lawson-Fisher Associates

    Lawson-Fisher Associates has been providing effective civil engineering services and solutions for over 40 years. At Lawson-Fisher Associates, we believe it is the ability to deliver services and solutions that don’t just satisfy the need; they ...

    Hydrology and Hydraulics Services

    Hydrology and Hydraulics Services

    Understanding the interaction between rainfall and stormwater runoff is essential to the analysis of existing watersheds and predicting their behavior. Another service commonly provided by Lawson-Fisher is hydrologic/hydraulic ...

  • GreenLearning Canada Foundation

    based in Drayton Valley, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    GreenLearning Canada Foundation

    GreenLearning Canada Foundation is a leader in energy education. We provide teachers with a suite of FREE education programs and lesson plans that address energy-environment topics in a wide range of subjects from grades 4 through 12. Topics like ...

    The Great Canadian Stormwater Challenge

    The Great Canadian Stormwater Challenge

    In the Stormwater Challenge, youth will have the opportunity to research, develop and implement a stormwater action plan for their school or community. The program will engage students in taking action against the risk of flood ...

  • Seneca Economics and Environmental Management Network

    based in Germantown, MARYLAND (USA).

    Seneca Economics and Environmental Management Network

    The Seneca Economics and Environmental Management Network is a network of independent consultants who share an interest in solving environmentally-related challenges.1 Each of us has spent between fifteen and thirty years working on relevant issues, ...

    Environmental Disaster Analyses Services

    Environmental Disaster Analyses Services

    While employed by the U.S. Geological Survey, Dr. Wyant co-authored numerous oil spill risk assessments for environmental impact studies related to offshore drilling and transport. He also worked on flood prediction ...

  • HIDTMA, S.L.

    based in Las Matas, SPAIN.

    HIDTMA, S.L.

    HIDTMA (Hydraulics and Environment SL) is a private technical consultancy company specialising in Environmental studies and Coastal and Ports Engineering.The philosophy of HIDTMA is that of providing technical advice with complete independence. ...

    Fluvial Engineering Services

    Fluvial Engineering Services

    HIDTMA has the most advanced tools and techniques for carry out studies in fluvial engineering such as data collection equipment, numerical models and laboratory ...

  • Ambiental Technical Solutions

    based in Falmer, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ambiental Technical Solutions

    Ambiental is a leading Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), Surface Water Drainage and risk modelling consultancy. We operate internationally and produce high detail flood risk data, flood hazard maps, perils risk data and reports for the land and property ...

    Flowroute - Flood Modelling Software

    Flowroute - Flood Modelling Software

    Flowroute is a flood modelling suite developed by Ambiental in collaboration with scientists at Cambridge University. Flowroute is composed of a number of components that enable modelling of flood risk ...

  • OnSite Resources Limited

    based in Walsall, UNITED KINGDOM.

    OnSite Resources Limited

    Originally established in 1977, OnSite is a South Staffordshire PLC owned company that has grown through strategic acquisition and organic expansion to become one of the UK`s leading wastewater management contractors. Active throughout the United ...

    OnSite Live

    OnSite Live

    OnSite has been carrying out short-term flow surveys for the UK utilities since 1984. During this time the procedures have remained largely unchanged, being based on the WRc Guide to Short Term Flow Surveys, written in ...

  • International Marine & Dredging Consultants (IMDC)

    based in Berchem (Antwerp), BELGIUM.

    International Marine & Dredging Consultants (IMDC)

    International Marine & Dredging Consultants (IMDC) is an international hydraulic consultant with a vast experience in a wide range of water-related projects. IMDC has grown steadily for over 30 years in different types of marine, coastal, estuarine ...

    Flood Forecasting Services

    Flood Forecasting Services

    IMDC can deliver a wide range of services to design and implement your real time flood forecasting system. These systems combine many components, like numerical weather predictions, telemetry systems, ...

  • Civica Infrastructure Inc.

    based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Civica Infrastructure Inc.

    As a company, we have experienced exponential growth, both internally and externally through our efforts in the community. The company was founded in 2012, when Edward Graham, our president, recognized the need for expert resources to aid growing ...

    Flood Forecasting Module

    Flood Forecasting Module

    Flooding potential is a function of climate and watershed conditions. Civica’s Flood Forecasting system uses spatial-enabled climate forecasts plus current, field-verified antecedent moisture conditions ...

  • PUB, Singapore`s National Water Agency

    based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

    PUB, Singapore`s National Water Agency

    Managing the country`s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way. PUB is a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. It is the national water agency, managing Singapore’s water supply, water ...

    Intelligent Watershed Management

    Intelligent Watershed Management

    The aim of R&D in intelligent watershed management is to leverage on developments in instrumentation and controls and innovative IT solutions to enhance PUB"s capability in managing water resources and controlling floods. For ...

  • Vieux, Inc.

    based in Norman, OKLAHOMA (USA).

    Vieux, Inc.

    Vieux & Associates, Inc. is an engineering technology firm specializing in rainfall/runoff software, products, and services. We bring the atmosphere down to earth by harmonizing weather radar data with rain gauge measurements and leveraging the ...

    PreVieux - Rainfall Prediction Software

    PreVieux - Rainfall Prediction Software

    PreVieux is radar-based quantitative precipitation forecast for notifications, protective actions, sampling, operational control, and real-time forecasting of runoff or flooding. ...

  • AGT Group GmbH

    One of the fastest-growing public safety and security solutions organizations in the world, AGT International has operations across the globe. Utilizing systems capable of translating billions of bytes of live data into one unified ‘language,’ AGT ...

    Water Management

    Urban centers face a range of unique water management challenges: from ensuring water access across an ever-growing distribution grid, to monitoring and maintaining water quality, effectively managing floods, and ensuring city ...

  • Educational Program Innovations Center (EPIC)

    based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Educational Program Innovations Center (EPIC)

    Founded 28 years ago, EPIC Educational Program Innovations Center (EPIC) is a leading training solution provider of engineering and technology courses in Canada. More than 70,000 people – spanning a range of industries – have attended an EPIC ...

    EPIC - Introduction to River Ice Engineering Training Course

    EPIC - Introduction to River Ice Engineering Training Course

    River ice causes prevalent problems in Canada and will be addressed in this course.  Breakup and subsequent ice jams cause significant damage in some areas.  This course will provide an introduction to river ice engineering and is tailored ...

  • WestLand Resources, Inc.

    based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

    WestLand Resources, Inc.

    WestLand Resources, Inc. offers you a comprehensive, integrated services platform that delivers creative, functional, and seamless solutions to meet a broad range of environmental, engineering, landscape architecture, and cultural resources needs. ...

    GIS & Cartography Services

    GIS & Cartography Services

    WestLand utilizes technologically current computer systems and experienced, well-trained operators to produce all our CAD products. This staff of 15 is utilized by the environmental, landscape architecture, archaeology and engineering groups as ...

  • Predictive Service

    based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

    Predictive Service

    Predictive Service is a company built on delivering innovative and integrated solutions. Our global footprint combined with our international team of highly-trained professionals serves a variety of clients from single locations to corporate ...

    Maintenance & Reliability Snapshot Services

    Maintenance & Reliability Snapshot Services

    Your time is valuable, and likely in high demand. Were you to create a comprehensive list of maintenance and reliability issues that would benefit from your attention, the task ahead can easily seem overwhelming. If you are to persevere through the ...

  • SRK Consulting

    SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice. SRK provides focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly from earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, SRK offers services from exploration through ...

    Mine Water Management

    Efficient water management is essential to nearly all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle – from preliminary approvals, production, de-commissioning ...

  • Arup

    based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Arup provides a comprehensive environmental and sustainability consultancy service. We have an international track record of excellence spanning many years. From our offices around the world, experienced staff deliver advice at all stages of ...

    Geographic Information Systems Services

    Geographic Information Systems Services

    We use geographical technology creatively to understand, manage and share ideas about the built and natural world.We use geographic information systems (GIS) technology to visualise, manage, analyse and collate data based on any ...

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