fusion bonded epoxy coating Companies

  • Leemco, Inc.

    based in Colton, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Leemco, Inc.

    Leemco is the leader in manufacturing uniquely designed products for Golf, Commercial and Municipal piping systems. Our company offers a full line of high strength, corrosion resistant, ductile iron fittings, joint restraints, saddles, valves and ...

    Leem - Guard - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings

    Leem - Guard - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coatings

    The Leem-Guard Fusion Bonded Epoxy is applied to the outside surface of the fitting or joint restraint which protects against corrosive soil conditions. Epoxy ...

  • L.B. Foster Home

    based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    L.B. Foster Home

    L.B. Foster supplies transportation, construction, utility, energy, recreation and agriculture markets with the materials necessary to build and maintain their infrastructure. Today, L.B. Foster Company is a leading manufacturer, fabricator and ...

    L.B. Foster - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating (FBE)

    L.B. Foster - Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating (FBE)

    L.B. Foster applies Fusion-Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coatings that exceed all industry pipe coating standards. This protective coating is a one-part, heat ...

  • Hefei Pipeline Valves & Fittings Co., Ltd.

    based in Hefei, CHINA.

    Hefei Pipeline Valves & Fittings Co., Ltd.

    Hefei Pipeline Valves & Fittings Co., Ltd is one primary manufacturer for high quality of various valves & accessories, such as Butterfly Valve, Check valve, gate valve, globe valve, strainer, ball valve, pipe fittings etc. We located adacent to ...

    Model HVA423 - Butterfly Valve

    Model HVA423 - Butterfly Valve

    Art No.: HVA423. Specification: Buttefly valves, lug type, worm gearbox operated. Design: MSS SP-67, BS5155, EN593. Working pressure: Class 125 / Class 150, PN10 / PN16. Face to face: EN558-1 Series 20. Flange: ANSI B16.1 Class 125, EN1092-2. ...

  • Freeflow Pipesystems

    based in Oldbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Freeflow Pipesystems

    Established in 1988 as Viking Johnson Fabricators to supply coated steel pipework and fittings to the UK Water industry, the Company became Freeflow Pipesystems in 2002 and is now a leading supplier in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and North ...

  • BAIKA Steel Tubular Systems, SL

    based in Alegría-Dulantzi (Álava), SPAIN.

    BAIKA Steel Tubular Systems, SL

    BAIKA Steel Tubular Systems, SL. is one leading manufacturer of submergedarc spiralwelded steel pipes, according to the UNION-MELT, (SAW) process. Pipes are coated by SERT either Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Fusion bonded Epoxy, coal ...

  • Tianjin Xinyue Industrial and Trade Co.,Ltd.

    ianJin XinYue Steel Group ,located in Daqiuzhuang Industrial Area,Tianjin,China, is one of the most famous enterprise of steel pipe in China.consolidating steel pipe production, stocking, domestic & international marketing. Our aim is creating the ...

    ERW Steel Pipe Casing Pipe

    ERW Steel Pipe Casing Pipe

    Usage: Used for low pressure liquid transportation, such as water, gas, and oil. Oil drilling and machinery manufacturing, etc. ERW : Electric Resistance Welded pipe HFI: High Frequency Induction weld pipe EFW: Electric Fusion ...

  • Poly-Cam Inc.

    based in Anoka, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Poly-Cam Inc.

    Established in 1990, it is the goal of Poly-Cam to bring to the end user of polymer products an alternative method of joining polymer piping materials with efficient, affordable means. Poly-Cam continues to develop new products for you with our ...

    Poly-Cam - Model 815 - Weld-on Transition for Gas and Water

    Poly-Cam - Model 815 - Weld-on Transition for Gas and Water

    The POLY-CAM Threaded Transition Adaptors is a multi-level mechanical transition fitting, protected under patent number 5,211,429, which is hydraulically compressed unto the polyethylene or pipe quality copolymer ...

  • Qingdao Valtech Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

    based in Chengyang District, CHINA.

    Qingdao Valtech Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

    Qingdao Valtech Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, specializing in producing ductile iron fittings (ISO2531/BSEN545/EN598) and fittings accessories such as pipe saddle, flange adaptors, couplings, uni ...

    All Socket Tee for PVC Pipe

    All Socket Tee for PVC Pipe

    We supply ductile  iron  fitting for PVC pipe, the coating of the fitting is zinc and bitumen or ...

  • Shanxi Datong Casting Co.,Ltd.

    based in Jincheng City,, CHINA.

    Shanxi Datong Casting Co.,Ltd.

    Shanxi Datong Casting Co., Ltd. is a corporate private enterprise founded in August 2012, who is located at Jincheng city, Shanxi province famous for its rich resources of pig irons, coke, steel and other industrial raw materials. The Company has ...

    Ductile Iron Fittings

    Ductile Iron Fittings

    epoxy coating. Liquid epoxy painting.. Black bitumen painting.. external: zinc(130g/㎡)+bitumen(70microns) painting. Fusion bonded epoxy ...

  • Weflo Valve company Ltd.

    based in Chunyang, CHINA.

    Weflo Valve company Ltd.

    Weflo Valve Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of valve and fire hydrant products for the world-wide fire protection, waterworks, HVAC and industrial markets. The Weflo Valve Co., Ltd. employs over 700 workers. This facility is ISO ...

    Model FIG.5104 & 5105 - Silent Check Valve

    Model FIG.5104 & 5105 - Silent Check Valve

    Working Pressure :16 bar or 25 bar. Working Temperatre :-10℃ to 120℃ for EPDM seat. -10℃ to 82℃ for NBR seat. -10℃ to 150℃ for Viton seat. Corrosion Protection :Internally and externally liquid ...

  • Raci Srl

    based in Milano, ITALY.

    Raci Srl

    Raci srl is an Italian manufacturing company producing valves for Waterworks and spacers for Pipelines. Since more than 60 years on the market, today almost a symbol: RACI built his image of authority and credibility day by day, starting from the ...

    Model 8340 & 8350 - Universal Type Pipe Saddles

    Model 8340 & 8350 - Universal Type Pipe Saddles

    Universal type for use on cast iron, ductile iron, steel and AC pipes. One body for various dimensions of pipes. Body high quality epoxy powder coated (fusion bonded), ...

  • Kennedy Valve Plant and Industrial Group

    based in Elmira, NEW YORK (USA).

    Kennedy Valve Plant and Industrial Group

    Kennedy Valve Plant and Industrial Group began producing valves in 1997 after American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) decided to exit the metal seated gate valve market (AWWA C-500). Kennedy Valve Plant and Industrial Group only pursues treatment ...

    Kennedy - Model C515 - 14` – 54` Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

    Kennedy - Model C515 - 14` – 54` Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

    rubber shall be permanently bonded to the wedge perASTMD429. Valves shall be supplied with O-ring seals at all pressure retaining joints. No flat gaskets or conventional type packing shall be allowed on NRS valves. The valves shall ...

  • ROBAR Industries Ltd.

    based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    ROBAR Industries Ltd.

    ROBAR Industries Ltd. leads design and manufacture a wide variety of cast and fabricated fittings for municipal distribution of water and sewer. A full service casting and forging manufacturing division with extensive experience producing parts for ...

    ROBAR - Model 2406 / 2506 - Cast Ductile Iron Service Saddle

    ROBAR - Model 2406 / 2506 - Cast Ductile Iron Service Saddle

    ROBAR 2406 / 2506 Service Saddles are used to take a service outlet off a transmission or distribution line. The 2406 / 2506 are suitable for use on C900 pipe due to their wide strap confi guration. The 2406 comes with shop ...

  • Aqua Fitting

    based in Dalian, CHINA.

    Aqua Fitting

    Established In 1997, Aquafitting Is A Leader Company In The Manufacturing Of Gate Valves, Check Valves And Butterfly Valves, As Well As Universal Couplings, Flange Adaptors And Saddles Commonly Used In Clean And Sewage Water Applications, In Natural ...

    Universal Coupling

    Universal Coupling

    , cast iron, asbestos cement and other rigid pipe materials. The ability of AQUAFITTING RANGER couplings to join dissimilar pipe materials is a bonus feature in both repair or permanent situations. Corrosion protection for AQUAFITTING RANGER ...

  • Plascoat Systems Limited

    based in Farnham, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Plascoat Systems Limited

    Plascoat has been working in the thermoplastic powder coating industry for over 60 years and has a unique blend of experience, from formulation and powder manufacture to coating and equipment. Today we combine this knowledge and understanding of the ...

    Model PPA 571 - Plastic Coating for Potable Water Pipes and Fittings

    Model PPA 571 - Plastic Coating for Potable Water Pipes and Fittings

    Developed by Plascoat, the world leader in thermoplastic powder technology, BPA free coating Plascoat PPA 571 Aqua can be used as an alternative to cement lining in ductile iron pipes or fusion ...

  • Fivalco Valves & Fittings Inc.

    based in Belingham, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Fivalco Valves & Fittings Inc.

    Fivalco is a widely recognised world class manufacturer of flow control products primarily serving the critical Fire Protection, General Process Industries, Water Supply and Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) markets worldwide. e operate ...

    Fivalco - Model OS&Y 3299-LI-300-GG - Gate Valve

    Fivalco - Model OS&Y 3299-LI-300-GG - Gate Valve

    Valve Standard: Conforms to AWWA C515 / BS5163. Working pressure: 21 BARS / 300PSI. Temperature: from -10OC to 120OC. Fusion bonded epoxy coated interior and exterior RAL3002. ...

  • Idro Gas Engineering S.A.S

    based in Motta de` Conti (Vc), ITALY.

    Idro Gas Engineering S.A.S

    Both in the national and international context, our company is strong in the field having over 25 years of experience in the design and production of accessories for building and maintaining water and gas main supply lines and piped networks in ...

    QUICK - Adaptor

    QUICK - Adaptor

    Body – ductile iron GJS-500 coated with fusion bond epoxy with 250mm thickness. Brass ring. Gasket -  EPDM or NBR rubber suitable for contact with drinking ...

  • Contact Equipment Controls Co.

    ECCO products include: meters for natural gas and propane, meter mounted pressure & temperature correctors, flow computers, pressure recorders, remote totalizers, impulse contactors, Automatic Meter Reading - AMR and Advanced Metering Infrastructure ...

  • Leinadibanie Limited

    LEINADIBANIE is a wholly owned indegenous oil and gas servicing company established 2006, its Head Office is located at Lekki Peninsula, Lagos. Our ultimate area of specialization is streamlined at rendring quality products and services in the down ...

  • L/B Water Service, Inc.

    based in Selinsgrove, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    L/B Water Service, Inc.

    LB Water has been providing quality water and wastewater solutions for decades. Over time, we`ve grown from one sales office in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, to eight full-service locations covering Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. LB Water has ...

    Restraint Coupling

    Restraint Coupling

    Wide range covers DI through IPS PVC pipe diameters without having to change components.One piece, stab-fit installation.Cast components are high strength ductile iron.Working pressure: up to 350 psi.Accommodates 8 degrees of deflection (4 degrees ...

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