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handheld gas analyzer Companies

  • IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    based in Saint Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA).


    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers CEMS. Furthermore, the product range includes leak detectors (HC, refrigerant) and portable Air Quality Detectors. IMR ...

    IMR - Model 1000 - 1-2-Cell Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer

    IMR - Model 1000 - 1-2-Cell Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer

    Measures:  O2,CO; Flue-gas temperature. Calculates: CO2, CO corrected, combustion efficiency, excess air. Comes with gas-sampling probe, condensation trap, battery, IR interface

  • Elkins Earthworks LLC

    based in Wadsworth, OHIO (USA).

    Elkins Earthworks LLC

    From the late 1980`s into the 2000`s, there were few choices for landfill gas analyzers. What was available did not suit the needs of the landfill field technicians. Too often, the technician was forced to deviate or re-establish standard procedures ...

    Envision Mesa - Model 2 - Rugged Handhelds Gas Analyzer

    Envision Mesa - Model 2 - Rugged Handhelds Gas Analyzer

    The Envision works by being paired, via BlueTooth, with a rugged handheld

  • Ecom America Ltd.

    based in Gainesville, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Ecom America Ltd.

    For over 20 years, ECOM America has been the leading manufacturer of portable emission combustion analyzers. Our instruments provide reliable and accurate results for most combustion applications in the market, and our team’s commitment to safety, ...

    Ecom - Model B Plus - Handheld Gas Analyzer

    Ecom - Model B Plus - Handheld Gas Analyzer

    he ecom-B Plus is an easy to use handheld gas analyzer designed for commercial and industrial combustion monitoring in a variety of applications. It can be fitted with up to 3 gas sensors, measuring O2, CO & NO, plus Stack and Ambient ...

  • Apex Instruments, Inc.

    based in Fuquay-Varina, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Apex Instruments, Inc.

    Apex Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes emission measurement sampling equipment. Founded in 1988 and managed by William H. Howe, an experienced source tester, Apex Instruments has evolved and grown from manufacturing testing ...

    ECOM - Model CN-OC - Handheld Gas Analyzer - Low CO

    ECOM - Model CN-OC - Handheld Gas Analyzer - Low CO

    ECOM America Ltd., manufactures portable emission / combustion analyzers for many applications. From single gas Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide analyzers for flue gas testing to multi-gas analyzers measuring Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, ...

  • Online Safety Services (Europe) Ltd

    based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Online Safety Services (Europe) Ltd

    OSS Enviro are specialists in air emissions products, stack testing products, source testing products and the environmental air services. Our head office, based in the UK, has a team of professionals with over 40 combined years of accumulated ...


    Glotech is a performance oriented and cost effective organization serving the market of Qatar & Gulf countries in the field of Environmental, Laboratory & Process Instrumentation. We are very successful not only in fulfilling the commitment of ...

  • E Instruments - Sauermann Group

    based in Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    E Instruments - Sauermann Group

    The E Instruments organization is a privately held company originally incorporated in 2001 by experts with over 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and industrial applications. The initial business mission was to provide high quality ...

    E-Instruments - Model BTU 4500 - Handheld Commercial and Industrial Gas Analyzer

    E-Instruments - Model BTU 4500 - Handheld Commercial and Industrial Gas Analyzer

    The BTU-4500 is a NEW hand-held commercial and industrial gas analyzer that is a valuable tool designed for emissions monitoring and maintenance and tuning of combustion processes including boilers, burners, gas and diesel engines, turbines, ...

  • Monitoring Solutions

    based in Indianapolis, INDIANA (USA).

    Monitoring Solutions

    Monitoring Solutions specializes in helping industry and government meet rapidly growing demands for air pollution monitoring and reporting due to changing regulatory requirements (i.e. 40CFRPart60 and 40CFRPart75). We provide engineered solutions ...

  • Keika Ventures, LLC (KV)

    based in Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Keika Ventures, LLC (KV)

    Keika Ventures, LLC (KV) is a US-based company often described as an `environmental consulting company.` We specialize in dealing with complex, multi-faceted environmental projects. Furthermore, we have a truly global presence. Our present client ...

  • Pine Environmental Services, Inc.

    based in Windsor, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Pine Environmental Services, Inc.

    Pine is the leading provider of rental equipment in the nation for Environmental Monitoring Equipment, Sampling and Safety Supplies, Non-Destructive Testing and Visual Inspection Instruments, as well as Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) ...

  • Omni Controls Inc.

    based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).

    Omni Controls Inc.

    Omni Controls has been awarded two GSA Contracts, GSA Schedule 66 II Q and GSA Schedule 66 II J. It has enhanced its web site and check out processes to provide ease of browsing and ordering equipment for governmental agencies interested in the GSA ...

  • Felixtrument

    based in Concord, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    Felixtrument, being affiliated to the Felix Technology Inc., is a supplier and solution provider to clients’ requirements for test and measurement devices, monitoring stations, calibration equipment, and analytical instruments. The products are ...

  • MRU Instruments, Inc.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    MRU Instruments, Inc.

    Development, manufacturing and sales of high quality and low-price emission monitoring instruments on electro-chemical and IR-basis for heatings and furnaces. Continous development of new market segments: heating installers, industrial sectors like ...

    AMPRO - Model 2000 - Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzers

    AMPRO - Model 2000 - Handheld Multi-Gas Analyzers

    The most powerful handheld MULTIGAS ANALYZER for industrial combustions, emission- and process monitoring using up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 NDIR.

  • LFG Parts Supply

    based in Clinton, ILLINOIS (USA).

    LFG Parts Supply

    LFG Parts Supply specializes in supplying parts to the industrial reciprocating engine operator. We are dedicated to increasing your operational up-time while decreasing your operating costs. With a background of over 30 years in industrial engines ...

  • madur Electronics (Wuhan) Trade Co. Ltd.

    madur Electronics (Wuhan) Trade Co. Ltd. is madur distributor in China.

  • Kirsten Controlsystems GmbH

    Kirsten Controlsystems GmbH is madur distributor in Germany.

  • Eljack

    Since inception we sell and service of gas analyzers. We cooperate in their production with the company Madura, as well as perform them almost all external accessories and instrumentation.

  • Premac

    Oil & gas solutions.

  • Bridge Analyzers, Inc.

    based in Bedford Heights, OHIO (USA).

    Bridge Analyzers, Inc.

    Bridge Analyzers, Inc. has exhaust emissions analyzers, residual oxygen analyzers, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) headspace gas analyzers and case ready meat gas analyzers. Applications include standard exhaust gas instruments used as ...

    Bridge - Model CO/HC - 2 Exhaust Gas Analyzers

    Bridge - Model CO/HC - 2 Exhaust Gas Analyzers

    For years, CO and HC measurements have been used for performance tuning.  The Bridge 2 gas analyzer is differentiated by its use of modern infrared sensors and an integrated microprocessor. This full featured 2 gas analyzer (CO & HC) offers ...

  • Ekologické Centrum spol. s r.o.

    Our Company`s main activity is measuring emissions of industrial plants. We are holders of a certificate issued by our country`s supreme authority (Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic) pursuant to which our measurements can be carried out ...

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