hydrocarbons contamination Companies

  • econ industries services GmbH

    based in Starnberg, GERMANY.


    econ industries services GmbH

    econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of industrial wastes and contaminated soil. Our VacuDry technology separates harmful substances from the solid material with heat and vacuum in a fully encapsulated system. Regarding energy ...

    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant for Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    VacuDry - Soil Remediation Plant for Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminants from oil lagoons and refinery waste; In 2007 econ industries delivered an indirectly heated thermal desorption plant to a client in Kuwait. The plant was designed to treat ...

  • Nano Iron s.r.o.

    based in Židlochovice, CZECH REPUBLIC.


    Nano Iron s.r.o.

    NANO IRON company is engaged in production of Zero Valent Iron nanoparticles (nZVI) together with provision of technical support in the application of groundwater remediation. We are also a science and technology company, which focuses on the ...

    Nanofer - Model 25S - Aqueous Dispersion of Fe(0) Nanoparticles

    Nanofer - Model 25S - Aqueous Dispersion of Fe(0) Nanoparticles

    Aqueous dispersion of Fe(0) nanoparticles with biodegradable organic surface modification, which has been designed especially for in-situ groundwater remediation. Frequent target contamination is hexavalent chromium and chlorinated ...

  • Cypher Environmental Ltd.

    based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA).


    Cypher Environmental Ltd.

    Cypher Environmental engineers environmentally friendly, high-quality dust control, soil stabilization, and water remediation solutions for a growing global economy. As an industry pioneer, Cypher is constantly innovating and delivering greater ...

    UltraZyme - Hydrocarbon Powder

    UltraZyme - Hydrocarbon Powder

    and contamination in a wide variety of applications. This product is effective across a broad range of pH levels and temperatures and can be used to treat liquid tailings, oil and gas spills (land and water), and for ...

  • Environmental Remediation Contractor

    based in Groveport, OHIO (USA).


    Environmental Remediation Contractor

    Environmental Remediation Contractor is a force fornature. We're a contractor created to serve theenvironmental and civil contracting industry centeredaround soil and water quality. We have a stellar team withdecades of experience offering the very ...

    Air Sparging Service

    Air Sparging Service

    into contaminated groundwater enabling the hydrocarbons to change its state from dissolved to vapor state. The injection of air helps to flush the contaminants upward into the unsaturated zone ...

  • QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

    based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM.


    QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

    QED Environmental Systems design, manufacture and support environmental technology solutions for groundwater, soil and gas management applications into industrial, environmental and energy markets worldwide. Its corporate headquarters are in the USA ...

    Eliminator - High Capacity Bladder Pump

    Eliminator - High Capacity Bladder Pump

    The Eliminator is a high capacity bladder pump designed for LNAPL and DNAPL. It’s also used to handle viscous contaminants, such as crude ...

  • J.U.M. Engineering GmbH

    based in Karlsfeld, GERMANY.


    J.U.M. Engineering GmbH

    J.U.M. Engineering is an independent privately owned developer and manufacturer of Hydrocarbon & Stack VOC Emissions Analyzer founded in late 1973. J.U.M. Engineering is well known in the industry since 1984 for their very fast responding aerosol ...

    J.U.M. - Model H100 - Trace Hydrocarbon in Hydrogen FID-Analyzer

    J.U.M. - Model H100 - Trace Hydrocarbon in Hydrogen FID-Analyzer

    ionization detector (FID) in a heated oven to prevent the loss of high molecular weight hydrocarbons and to provide long term stability and reliable performance in the analysis of low trace concentration levels of ...

  • Signet Aggregates, LLC

    based in Casper, WYOMING (USA).


    Signet Aggregates, LLC

    Signet Aggregates licenses patented technology and processes for use by you, the end user, whether a mine or service provider. We have a variety of licencing agreements to fit your needs and situation. Our technology enhances existing operations and ...

    Model HLT - Hydrocarbon Liberation Technology

    Model HLT - Hydrocarbon Liberation Technology

    Our patented mechanical process works on oil and gas drill cuttings, as well as contaminated soils from spills, to reduce Diesel Range Organic (DRO) content enough to satisfy state and federal agencies' requirements for on-site ...

  • F-DGSi

    based in Evry, FRANCE.



    Founded in 2006 in Evry, France, where its headquarters and research and development center is based, F-DGSi is a family-owned, dynamic and innovative company in the gas generator sector, the benchmark in design, manufacture and technical assistance ...

    COSMOS - Model N2/ZN2 - Nitrogen Gas Generator for GC

    COSMOS - Model N2/ZN2 - Nitrogen Gas Generator for GC

    The COSMOS N2 / ZN2 is designed to produce safe regulated supply of high purity up to 99,9995% for GC Make-up, GC Carrier gas, headspace vial pressurization, purge and trap, tube conditioning for thermal desorption. The COSMOS Nitrogen use the ...

  • Hanby Environmental

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    Hanby Environmental

    Hanby colorimetric test method was discovered in 1986 by John Hanby for identifying the presence of hydrocarbons in soil or water. The Hanby method offers a revolutionary solution to obtaining on-site samples that potentially contain petroleum ...

  • Panpisco Technologies, Inc.

    A safety, eSecurity, environment, and apps company with a 50-year legacy. A leading provider in the Philippines for Systems, PPE, Gas Monitors, SCBA`s, body harnesses, specialized equipment, Custom Apps, and more. We are the exclusive brand ...

    Superall - Hydrocarbon Contamination Bioremediation

    Effective solutions with unmatched results in cleaning, degassing or remediation of any hydrocarbon-based substance for: Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Pharma, Medical Facilities, Commercial Cleaning, ...

  • SuperAll Products, LLP

    based in Tomball, TEXAS (USA).

    SuperAll Products, LLP

    uperAll products have been providing solutions to a diverse array of industries — from oil & gas drilling, production and refineries, to degassing hydrocarbons, water treatment, oil treatment, enhanced oil recovery and even restaurants, schools, and ...

    SuperAll - Hydrocarbon Contamination

    SuperAll - Hydrocarbon Contamination

    Hydrocarbon contamination is inevitable and ranges from cooking grease on the countertop to major oil spills. SuperAll products have been providing solutions for hydrocarbon based spills, ...

  • Absolute Throughput Solutions Inc.

    based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Absolute Throughput Solutions Inc.

    Absolute leverages 20 years of experience in industrial cleaning, delivering a new industry standard, both in hydrocarbon fouling removal and in environmental stewardship. Years of testing and research have allowed us to gather a selection of ...

    Absolute - Hydrocarbon Contaminated Asset Valves

    Absolute - Hydrocarbon Contaminated Asset Valves

    At ABSOLUTE we take your hydrocarbon contaminated asset, and we return it to you clean…normally within a few hours. ABSOLUTE’s unique process, starts with our proprietary organic solvent selected over ...

  • A F Howland Associates

    based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM.

    A F Howland Associates

    A F Howland Associates provides an independent practice offering a specialist service in geotechnical engineering and related disciplines. We have a broad based expertise in both soft and hard rock conditions for a variety of engineering situations ...

    Environmental Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater

    Environmental Monitoring of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater

    A F Howland Associates has experience in investigation of sites contaminated with hydrocarbon products, specifically NAPLs (Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) primarily of heating oil composition. Where ...

  • Clean It Up

    based in Surprise, ARIZONA (USA).

    Clean It Up

    When we began our business in 1992, industrial customers were often asking us about environmental and industrial matters that needed the best possible solution for their specific applications. We trained with experts for months to become Certified ...

    Bio-Absorbent for remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

    Bio-Absorbent for remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

    Natural Fibers - make this product ideal for remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils . Encapsulating the oils so it won't leach out while oil eating microbes degrade the hydrocarbons. Highly ...

  • Tersi Technologies

    We provide in situ remediation technology and services for the oil industry and contaminated sites world wide. Our processes are non-toxic and biodegradable and can consistently cure hydrocarbon contaminated soils and water columns in 24 to 48 ...

  • Middle East Environmental Technology Services

    based in Manama, BAHRAIN.

    Middle East Environmental Technology Services

    ME-ETS WLL is a remediation company using Ivey-sol(R) and IROX(R) technology to treat soil and groundwater contamination. We have over 1,500 projects world-wide through our Partner Company Ivey International based in Canada. Our Award Winning ...


    based in Spruce Grove, ALBERTA (CANADA).


    Delta is a premier provider of ex-situ and in-situ hydrocarbon bioremediation solutions through proven biology and chemistry coupled with advanced processes. DELTA provides a cost effective, safe alternative for the elimination of hydrocarbon ...

    Sustainable Env Remediation - Sustainable Environmental Remediation via complete degradation of toxic organic contaminants using Delta BioLogix

    Sustainable Env Remediation - Sustainable Environmental Remediation via complete degradation of toxic organic contaminants using Delta BioLogix

    environmental remediation. The conventional methods of “cleaning” contaminated sites are expensive and only relocate the contaminants, which defers the problem for future generations. DELTA provides a cost ...

  • Osprey EcoConsult Nigeria

    based in NIGERIA.

    Osprey EcoConsult Nigeria

    Osprey Spill Control (OSC) and Osprey Ecoconsult Nigeria believes in an integrated three- tier approach to our business: social, environmental and economic responsibility through Innovative Green products, village level training with staged depos, ...

  • F4 Environmental Inc.

    based in Stony Plain, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    F4 Environmental Inc.

    Founded in 2010, F4 Environmental is dedicated to providing proactive solutions to aid in the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from waste streams with some of the most efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective methods available. ...

  • Innova Soil Technology Pty Ltd

    An Australian company, Innova Soil Technology Ltd, has developed an innovative Thermal Desorption Process to allow safe, reliable and efficient on-site treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. The process is fully mobile and suitable for ...

    Direct-heated Fast-quenched Thermal Desorption (DFTD) process

    Contaminated soil, at up to 30 Tonnes per hour, enters the rotary dryer and is gently heated to around 450°C to evaporate the hydrocarbon contaminants. The clean soil is then removed from the ...

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