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hydrogen cyanide Companies

  • CR Clean Air Group, LLC

    based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA).


    CR Clean Air Group, LLC

    The mission of the CR Clean Air Group, LLC is to provide its customers with the tools to address nearly any emissions challenge. Whether it is to meet required regulations, increase employee safety, recover valuable product, remove process ...

    Acidic Gases

    Acidic Gases

    Bromine and Fluorine: Bromine (Br2) and Fluorine (F2) are typically scrubbed in a counter current packed tower to achieve maximum efficiencies using a dilute aqueous alkali solution. For applications with very high concentrations of these gases ...

  • CTP Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control GmbH

    based in Graz, AUSTRIA.


    CTP Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control GmbH

    CTP (Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH) is one of the world`s leading companies in air pollution control for industrial applications. CTP was founded in 1985 and since then, its engineers, chemists and researchers have been developing ...

  • DOD Technologies Inc

    based in Cary, ILLINOIS (USA).


    DOD Technologies Inc

    DOD Technologies is a leading global supplier of integrated industrial gas detection systems and solutions. Safety is our number one priority. All gas leak detection equipment offered by DOD Technologies is designed to keep your workplace and your ...

    ChemLogic - Model 1 & 2 - 60 Day - Colorimetric Cassettes

    ChemLogic - Model 1 & 2 - 60 Day - Colorimetric Cassettes

    ChemLogic colorimetric tapes for use inside the ChemLogic 1 and 2 Continuous Gas Monitors. ChemLogic colorimetric cassettes offer extremely quick and reliable detection for an extensive list of gases. Shop our available tapes above, or, if you need ...


    based in Brooklyn, NEW YORK (USA). works on one mission – to provide you with the best designed labels that fit all your needs. We aim for our labels to be as effective as possible because better labels have a higher success rate of compliance. Safety is necessary ...

    Hydrogen Cyanide Label

    Hydrogen Cyanide Label

    A Hydrogen Cyanide chemical label will help prevent an avoidable and unnecessary accident. Nothing works better to increase safety than a Hydrogen Cyanide label.

  • SpecAir Specialty Gases

    based in Auburn, MAINE (USA).

    SpecAir Specialty Gases

    SpecAir Specialty Gases is the largest independent specialty gas laboratory in the northeast. Whether you need a scientific grade pure gas to support your analytical instrumentation or an EPA protocol for environmental emission testing, SpecAir ...

    SpecAir - Hydrogen Cyanide

    SpecAir - Hydrogen Cyanide

    Weight: N/A. Dimensions: N/A. Concentration: 10 PPM HCN / N2. Cylinder: 29L Aluminum, 58L Aluminum.

  • MeterMall USA

    based in Marysville, OHIO (USA).

    MeterMall USA

    Distributor of portable digital equipment for measuring, monitoring and data-logging environmental conditions including air flow, temperature, humidity, gases, light, pressure, sound, electrical energy usage. We proudly represent Dwyer, Extech, ...

    Model 12D - Hydrogen Cyanide Dositube, 1 - 200 ppm, 10/box

    Model 12D - Hydrogen Cyanide Dositube, 1 - 200 ppm, 10/box

    Use 12D Gastec dosimeter tubes to measure the concentration of Hydrogen Cyanide gas in the workplace and other enclosed air spaces. No pump required! Just snap off the pre-scored end and position the dositube in a specific location or clip it to a ...

  • Davidson Clark Ltd

    based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Davidson Clark Ltd

    Design and supply of all types of gas cleaning systems including spray towers, packed towers, venturi, and plate scrubbers incorporating the patented Davidson Clark scrubbing plate which offers higher capacity and efficiency compared to other ...

  • Evonik Industries AG

    based in Essen, GERMANY.

    Evonik Industries AG

    We don’t produce car tires, mattresses, tablets, or animal feed. However, these end products contain Evonik products – like 4,000 others, too. Often, it’s just a small amount that we contribute but that’s exactly what makes the difference. This is ...

  • Sy-Klone International

    based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA).

    Sy-Klone International

    Sy-Klone International has been on a mission since 1986 to become the technological world leader in atmospheric ejective air precleaning. Our research and development efforts are second to none. Since 1986, Sy-Klone International has earned more ...

    RadialSHIELD - Model ABEK1 P3 - FEFF130 - Gas/HEPA Filter

    RadialSHIELD - Model ABEK1 P3 - FEFF130 - Gas/HEPA Filter

    Combination gas and particulate filter, rated ABEK1 P3 according to EN12941 (1998) +A1 (2004) + A2 (2008), for extended length RESPA-CF2 only.

  • HazSim

    based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    HazSim was developed by Firefighters / Hazardous Materials Specialists, whom after many years in the field, set out to fill a critical gap in HazMat training. As a result of that vision, HazSim products have redefined how specialists in hazardous ...

    HazSim Pro - Training System

    HazSim Pro - Training System

    HazSim Pro Training System Has Been Used To Improve Safety For Those Working In Dangerous Environments across the U.S. since 2011.

  • Specgas Inc.

    based in Warminster, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Specgas Inc.

    In 2001 SpecGas Inc was established by Alfred Boehm, a research chemist that started his career in 1976 in Germany. While working for “Messer Griesheims Industries” he advanced to director level positions of one of the world’s largest specialty and ...

    Specgas - Specialty Gas Mixtures

    Specgas - Specialty Gas Mixtures

    Specialty gas mixtures are the cornerstone of SpecGas Inc.’s production capabilities. We produce stable high purity gas blends of reactive and toxic gases at low PPM & PPB levels. Major gas distributors ask us to blend multi component ...

  • iscientific Pte Ltd

    based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

    iscientific Pte Ltd

    Iscientific is one of the largest laboratory equipment suppliers in Singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd offers a wide range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) environmental monitoring equipment rental such as IAQ Meter, TSI 9565, 982, 964 probes, Particulate ...

    Rental of Indoor Air Quality monitoring equipment

    Rental of Indoor Air Quality monitoring equipment

    Iscientific Singapore offers Indoor Air Quality environmental monitoring equipment for rental and sales in Singapore. We provide rental of environmental testing meters such as IAQ Meter, Particle Counter TSI DustTrak DRX Model 8533, TSI ...

  • Alfa Chemistry

    based in Ronkonkoma, NEW YORK (USA).

    Alfa Chemistry

    Alfa Chemistry As a global Contract Research Organization (CRO), headquartered in New York, USA, Alfa Chemistry has served the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries for years. Today, Alfa Chemistry is specialized in organic chemistry, material ...

    Alfa - Aluminum Catalysts

    Alfa - Aluminum Catalysts

    The aluminum catalyst refers to an elemental aluminum or aluminum compound which has a catalytic function. Trivalent aluminum has unique electron-deficient structure and is easily combined with some ligands to form an aluminum compound. Some ...

  • S.C. Eco Lab Consult Srl

    based in Bucharest, ROMANIA.

    S.C. Eco Lab Consult Srl

    S.C. Eco Lab Consult SRL, founded in 2003, is a privately funded company, registered with the Romanian Register of Commerce, with no. J 40 / 16132 / 2003. Its operations headquarter is in Bucharest , Romania . Our field of activity is environmental ...

    Environmental Analyses Services

    Environmental Analyses Services

    Our company has its own laboratory where it performs physical and chemical analyses for: drinking and surface water , wastewater, air (emissions and transfer of toxic air pollutants), waste and leachate, workplace pollutants, microclimate, noise.

  • Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc. (ACD)

    based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

    Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc. (ACD)

    Advanced Calibration Designs (ACD) was founded in 1988 with the mission to develop and manufacture the most dependable, accurate, reliable and affordable gas calibration standards in the world. ACD`s Calibration Gas Instruments are the best solution ...

    MiniBump - Model 750-0401-00 - Calibration Gas Bump Tester

    MiniBump - Model 750-0401-00 - Calibration Gas Bump Tester

    The MiniBump is an ultra-small calibration gas instrument specifically designed for 'bump' testing chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors.


    “IGM-Detector” CO.LTD entered Russian market of analytical equipment in 1995.The main activity is development and production of gas analysis devices and sensors which principle of operation is based on the optical IR technologies, and flame ...

    MICROSENSE portable Multi-Gas detector (1 to 5 gases)

    MICROSENSE portable Multi-Gas detector (1 to 5 gases)

    The gas detector is designed for measuring concentrations of flammable gases, tde volume fraction of oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as tde volume fraction of toxic gases (hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, ...

  • Medizin- und Labortechnik Engineering GmbH (MLE)

    based in Radebeul, GERMANY.

    Medizin- und Labortechnik Engineering GmbH (MLE)

    Our enterprise MLE GmbH Dresden is active in the area of laboratory and analytical measurement technique. For 20 years we gained a lot of experience in developing, constructing and producing laboratory equipment. We offer complete solutions and are ...

    Compact Cyanide Analyzer for Water, Soil and Environmental Analysis

    Compact Cyanide Analyzer for Water, Soil and Environmental Analysis

    Pyridine-free determination of total cyanide and weak-acid dissociable cyanide content. Determination according to flow analysis method DIN EN ISO 14403. Integrated UV and thermo digestion for selective liberation of cyanide from metal complexes. ...

  • RC Systems, Inc.

    based in Hitchcock, TEXAS (USA).

    RC Systems, Inc.

    RC Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1979 and has a wealth of experience designing and manufacturing gas detectors. We understand the importance of having a reliable monitoring system and offer effective gas detection solutions for various ...

    SenSmart - Model 7100 EC - Toxic Gas Detector

    SenSmart - Model 7100 EC - Toxic Gas Detector

    With an ultra-low power design and easy to use features, the SenSmart 7100 is compatible with all our toxic gas detection sensors, including those for hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen cyanide, and many others. RC Systems’ ...

  • Monitor Tech Lab LLC

    based in Columbus, OHIO (USA).

    Monitor Tech Lab LLC

    Monitor Tech, Corporation LLC has been providing emission and process monitoring equipment and services since 2003. Our team of experts has over 90 years of combined experience in the emissions and process monitoring industry. Monitor Tech, ...

    MONITOR TECH - Model MT100 - Data Acquisition System

    MONITOR TECH - Model MT100 - Data Acquisition System

    MonitorTech delivers everything you need from our unique probe to our Data Acquisition System and reports.ALL EPA REQUIRED EMISSION GASES NOx (NO + NO2), CO, O2s wet/dry (moisture), SO2, Hcl, NH3, CO2,Opacity, Flow, CH4, H2S, H2, C6H14, C3H4, Cl, ...

  • Syft Technologies Ltd

    based in Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND.

    Syft Technologies Ltd

    Syft Technologies are the world leading providers of SIFT-MS solutions, which are revolutionizing the trace analysis world.This groundbreaking technique emerged out of investigations of ion chemistry in the Earth’s atmosphere, and other planetary ...



    This solution allows instant analysis of breath and headspace samples. Multiple chemically diverse compounds can be targeted and profiled in a single scan. Compounds in headspace can be quantified down to part per trillion by volume (pptv) levels. ...

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