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inspection robot Companies

  • by Medit Inc.

    based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA).

    Premium by Medit Inc.

    Tools have been developed over hundreds of years to allow people to view inaccessible areas, within complex objects, including the human body. More recently MEDIT Inc., founded by Vladimir Khubiryants in 2002, realized that as optical technology ...

    Gecko - Model 9060 - Steerable Pipe Inspection Robot

    Gecko - Model 9060 - Steerable Pipe Inspection Robot

    The Gecko 9060 steerable pipe inspection robot is a sturdy compact device designed and manufactured in Germany to be versatile and productive. It can be used to inspect a wide range of pipes, ...

  • Shenzhen Senzor Tek Co.,Ltd

    based in Longhua District, CHINA.

    Shenzhen Senzor Tek Co.,Ltd

    We are a manufacturer specialized in pipeline inspection equipment. We produce different kinds of pipeline inspection equipments: Pipe inspection robot, Push rod camera and HD wireless manhole camera. We has a professional CIPP team with 22 years ...

    Senzor - Model S300E - Pipe Inspection Robot

    Senzor - Model S300E - Pipe Inspection Robot

    S300E pipe inspection robot is widely used in the 300-2000mm interior space of the environment of underground pipelines, tunnels, pressure vessels,mine detection survey, earthquake rescue, pipe weld ...

  • Subsea Tech

    based in Marseille, FRANCE.

    Subsea Tech

    Subsea Tech is an engineering company based in Marseille (France) and specialized in design, manufacturing and sales of marine and underwater intervention robots. Subsea Tech started developing a range of mini-ROV and producing small series in its ...

    Tortuga - Underwater Inspection Robot

    Tortuga - Underwater Inspection Robot

    The Tortuga ROV is a 500m depth rated underwater inspection robot. Each one of the 4 horizontal thrusters develops a 17 kgf thrust and is fitted with an unique azimuthal control system that allows operating the ROV ...

  • RedZone Robotics

    based in Warrendale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    RedZone Robotics

    RedZone Robotics offers complete solutions to gather and assess essential information for wastewater systems management. Our specialized robots gather a wide range of actionable data about system condition through multi-sensor inspection (MSI) and ...

    Responder - Remote Pipeline Inspection Robot

    Responder - Remote Pipeline Inspection Robot

    RedZone has pioneered the industry with a suite of multi-sensor inspection (MSI) products designed for large interceptors and tunnels. MSI data quantifies critical problems like corrosion and debris levels that traditional, ...

  • SolarACM Systems Corporation

    based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    SolarACM Systems Corporation

    SolarACM Systems Corporation has a high quality team of professionals, with broad knowledge and extensive experience in business management, product research and development (R&D), marketing and sales. Particularly, our R&D department has a group of ...

    SolarACM - Data Storage/Analysis and Management Software

    SolarACM - Data Storage/Analysis and Management Software

    The sensing and inspection data collected by Kolchar S2 robot can be transmitted and stored in database located in local machine or cloud server according to the needs and requirements of the solar power plant ...

  • FSndt Industries Co.,Ltd

    We are a manufacturer in China produce different kinds of inspection cameras. Our products including pipe inspection robot, manhole inspection camera, push rod inspection camera, chimney inspection camera, borehole inspection camera...We have ...

    Pipe Inspection Robot

    Pipe Inspection Robot FS150 The pipe inspection robot FS150 is widely used in the 150-1500mm underground pipelines, tunnels, containers, and other spaces where people can not ...

  • Danduct Clean

    based in Herning, DENMARK.

    Danduct Clean

    Danduct Clean is the world leading supplier of duct cleaning equipment and are supplying air duct cleaning equipment all over the world. The Danduct clean ductclean equipment are developed exactly to ensure good and healthy ventilation hygiene and ...

    Danduct - Inspection Robot

    Danduct - Inspection Robot

    The remote controlled Danduct Clean inspection robot has two cameras mounted on a strong, Powerful chassis. One to let you see what’s in front of you, what kind of contamination you are facing and what can be ...

  • Shenzhen SROD Industrial Group Co., Ltd

    based in Shenzhen, CHINA.

    Shenzhen SROD Industrial Group Co., Ltd

    Founded in 2009, Shenzhen SROD Industrial Group Co., Ltd is a professional company with more than 10 years experience in the design, development, production and distribution of industrial inspection systems and trenchless repair equipment. ...

    SINGA - Model 300 - Pipe Inspection Robotic Crawler

    SINGA - Model 300 - Pipe Inspection Robotic Crawler

    S100 PIPE INSPECTION ROBOT SPECIFICATION Brief introduction CCTV crawling pipeline detection system is mainly used in petroleum and petrochemical, municipal drainage pipeline internal rapid detection and ...

  • Berkeley Springs Instruments LLC.

    based in Cumberland, MARYLAND (USA).

    Berkeley Springs Instruments LLC.

    BSI has been designing, manufacturing, and installing: plant control rooms, industrial robotics, automation software, and smart sensors for nuclear, industrial, pharmaceutical, and petroleum markets. BSI is responsible for the development and ...

    BSI - Tank Inspection Robotics

    BSI - Tank Inspection Robotics

    BSI has used robotic technology to internally inspect tanks and confined spaces for over 35 years. The world’s largest provider of in-service AST inspection robots and ...

  • Invert Robotics

    based in Breda, NETHERLANDS.

    Invert Robotics

    Invert Robotics’ unique technology is now being adapted for the identification, recording and reporting of cracks in mission critical assets across a range of industries including food and beverage, aviation and pharmaceutical, and oil and gas. Our ...

    Cutting Edge Robotic Inspections Technology

    Cutting Edge Robotic Inspections Technology

    Invert’s cutting-edge robotic technology displaces traditional error prone and time consuming manual inspection methods. Remote inspection of critical assets using Invert’s mobile ...

  • Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI)

    based in NOIDA, INDIA.

    Digital Surveillance Inc (DSI)

    DSI is the pioneer of pipeline inspection robotics in India. DSI started the indigenous manufacturing of pipeline inspection robots in 2007 while executing the inspection works for Delhi Jal Board for the work of rehabilitation of trunk sewers in ...

    Beaver - Model PSR - Pipeline Survey Robots

    Beaver - Model PSR - Pipeline Survey Robots

    DSI Robotics specializes in design & manufacture of Pipeline CCTV Inspection Robots for Intrusive but Non-Destructive inspections of Sewer, Water & Drainage systems. DSI has ...

  • Scantron Robotics Canada Inc.

    based in Craven, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

    Scantron Robotics Canada Inc.

    SCANTRON ROBOTICS brings you state of the art technology which gives a safe and dependable way to economically inspect and clean your tanks and reservoirs. We are industry leaders in on-line underwater robotics for leading edge inspection and ...

    Robotic Inspections Services

    Robotic Inspections Services

    The ROV SURVEYOR gets in the water faster than divers and accesses areas that are too deep, confined, or hazardous for humans. Send the ROV SURVEYOR into pre-dive, keep an eye on divers, or video record any underwater ...

  • Industrial Waste Control (IWC)

    Industrial Waste Control provides specialized and innovative cleaning, vacuuming, waste handling and transportation services for today’s complex and ever changing environmental arena. Industrial Waste Control began in 1983 when the owners, Matt ...

  • Synterprise

    based in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE (USA).


    Synterprise is a Global Engineering Services company focused on engineering and environmental emissions reduction. Synterprise developed and installs the EcoJet combustion improvement and emissions reduction system. Synterprise engineers provide ...

    Traxtor - Remote Robotic Inspection System

    Traxtor - Remote Robotic Inspection System

    The Traxtor series of robotic crawler platforms are designed specifically for the rigorous environment of uncleaned plant equipment – spray dryers, boilers, tanks, stacks, etc. The twin drive track units equipped with powerful ...

  • Fulcrum Robotics

    based in South Hobart, AUSTRALIA.

    Fulcrum Robotics

    Fulcrum is the only comprehensive provider of ROV Services in Tasmania. Fulcrum is the first Tasmanian owned and operated company with the ability to mobilise multiple types of ROV inspection assets locally, nationally and internationally. We ...

    Fulcrum - Robotic Inspections – Air + Land + Sea Services

    Fulcrum - Robotic Inspections – Air + Land + Sea Services

    Fulcrum services the water, energy, industrial residential marine, fisheries sectors, emergency services and more. Rated to depths exceeding 1000 feet, carrying high resolution colour cameras, HD recording systems, manipulator/grabber arms, sampling ...

  • E-Solar Corporation

    based in JAPAN.

    E-Solar Corporation

    E-SOLAR makes a great deal of “high-spec” and “Japanese-made” in solar module manufacturing, so that our plant is located in Matsuyama, one of the most historic cities in Japan. We constructed a leading-edge, fully automatic production line in this ...

  • LMK Technologies, Inc.

    based in Ottawa, ILLINOIS (USA).

    LMK Technologies, Inc.

    Located in Ottawa, Illinois, LMK Technologies has been a leader in trenchless Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining since its beginning in 1993. LMK is recognized by many municipalities and engineering firms as the innovative leader for the trenchless ...

  • Tanknology - EnGlobe Corp.

    based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Tanknology - EnGlobe Corp.

    Tanknology was established in Canada in 1988 as the first company to provide uniform national standards for testing and quality control in the precision leak testing industry. Over the past thirty years the company has developed into a nationwide ...

    API653 Robotic Internal Tank Inspection Services

    API653 Robotic Internal Tank Inspection Services

    Now you can complete an API 653 inspection on your aboveground storage tanks with no interruptions in service by using our robotic inspection technology. This method is not designed to replace but ...

  • Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

    based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Pure Technologies - a Xylem brand

    Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of critical infrastructure. Pure’s expertise and technologies are being used around the world to help utility ...

    PureRobotics - Robotic Pipeline Inspection System

    PureRobotics - Robotic Pipeline Inspection System

    PureRobotics is powerful robotic pipeline inspection system that can be configured to inspect virtually any pipe application 24-inches (609 millimeters) and larger. Capable of performing ...



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