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isokinetic sampling Companies

  • Pollution S.r.l.

    based in Budrio (Bologna), ITALY.


    Pollution S.r.l.

    Pollution Analytical Equipment manufactures innovative chemical analysers such as portable FID and MEMS-based Micro GC . We serve environmental monitoring and process control markets with a worldwide presence. Besides, we have a very active Italian ...

  • Gasmet Technologies Oy

    based in Vantaa, FINLAND.


    Gasmet Technologies Oy

    Our mission is to provide solutions that help improve air quality, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and promote occupational safety. Our vision is to live on a green planet with less emissions. We believe this can be achieved by ...

    Gasmet - Model GT90 Dioxin+ - Dioxin Monitoring System

    Gasmet - Model GT90 Dioxin+ - Dioxin Monitoring System

    The GT90 Dioxin+ is designed specifically for long-term monitoring of dioxin emissions. The automatic system represents the cutting-edge technology for dioxin sampling and fulfills all requirements of the dioxin measurement standard. Because dioxins ...


    based in Poissy, FRANCE.



    ENVEA (the new name of Environnement S.A Group) is manufacturing since 1978 air pollution, emission and process monitoring systems, with full turnkey capabilities (gas analyzers, dust monitors, solids and flue gas flow meters...) completed by ...

    Sensor Calibration Using the Dosed-Reference-Method

    Sensor Calibration Using the Dosed-Reference-Method

    The measurement result of the sensor is only as good as the reference to which it has been calibrated. For this reason we have developed the dosed-reference-method as an alternative to isokinetic dust sampling. The main basic idea of this is that a ...


    based in Ocala, FLORIDA (USA).



    F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. is the leading North American manufacturer of traditional and microprocessor based air sampling instruments and high-tech airflow calibration systems for the nuclear power industry. Products lines include AC/DC air ...

    F&J - Model GAS-EDL-HPE - Elite Digital Light (EDL) Global Air Sampler System (200 - 240 VAC)

    F&J - Model GAS-EDL-HPE - Elite Digital Light (EDL) Global Air Sampler System (200 - 240 VAC)

    F&J Model GAS-EDL-HPE is a powerful small foot print light weight AC/DC powered air sampling system operable from (1) line power or (2) an optional 24VDC external power source.  This powerful air sampler is the lightest weight low volume ...

  • TCR-Tecora

    based in Cogliate (MB), ITALY.



    TCR Tecora, a leading Italian private company that develops, manufactures and supplies instrumentation for air pollution and emission sampling & analysis. TCR Tecora is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, continuous dioxin ...

    TCR Tecora - Isokinetic Sampling Kit

    TCR Tecora - Isokinetic Sampling Kit

    Isokinetic sampling kit with filter holder for flat d. 47 mm membrane.

  • HI-Q Environmental Products Company

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    HI-Q Environmental Products Company

    HI-Q Environmental Products Company (HI-Q) is a leading manufacturer of Air Sampling & Radiation Monitoring Equipment, Systems and Services since 1973. We are an ISO-9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of continuous duty high & low volume air samplers, ...

    HI-Q - Gas Sampling & Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    HI-Q - Gas Sampling & Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    HI-Q Environmental Products Company's product line includes complete stack sampling systems, consisting of a specified type of probe, in-line filter holder, the transport line, sampling pump and flow controller. We recommend, design, and supply ...

  • Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    based in Borgolavezzaro, ITALY.


    Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    A family-run company, which from 2005 deals exclusively with gas diluters, just using the technique of equal capillaries, which was adopted after some experiences with different techniques. The background of the available technical knowledge ranges ...

  • Technopa GmbH

    based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.


    Technopa GmbH

    The management of Technopa consists of experienced professionals from the alternative energy and waste-to-energy sectors. In the search for newer and newer challenges we recognized that steam, this miraculous natural phenomenon, is massively misused ...

    GasiFlex - Model 50 - Gasifier Power Unit

    GasiFlex - Model 50 - Gasifier Power Unit

    The GasiFlex 50 - power unit built into 20ft container is a unique“3-in-1” solution of a robust gasification, a co-generation, a dryer. The high degree of automation enables the packaged technology to be deployed without constant staff ...

  • Genius5-Instruments GmbH

    based in Kottingbrunn, AUSTRIA.

    Genius5-Instruments GmbH

    Genius5-Instruments GmbH is specialist and producer of high quality sampling systems. Sampling systems needs to be designed to follow international standards. These systems and its software needs to be adapted, when standards are revised or new ...

    Genius5 - Model PCDD - Isokinetic Sampling of POP´s

    Genius5 - Model PCDD - Isokinetic Sampling of POP´s

    The Genius 5 PCDD samples dioxin emissions and other pollutants from 1 to 8 hours, fulfilling all the requirements of the dioxin measurement standard EN 1948-1, released 2006. Intuitive sampling pages guide the user to have reliable, representative ...

  • Isokinetic Sampling Services

    At Isokinetic Sampling services we specialize in the measurement and reporting of point source particulate and gaseous emissions.Our service and reporting structure has been carefully designed to facilitate easy comparison to the requirements set ...

  • Analytical Testing Consultants (ATC)

    based in Kannapolis, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Analytical Testing Consultants (ATC)

    ATC is still a small privately owned environmental testing and consulting firm that is totally focused on air pollution sampling and testing to meet all our clients needs. Since first incorporating on July 1, 1981, the company has engaged in these ...

    Isokinetic Sampling Services

    Isokinetic Sampling Services

    Years upon years oF experience in collection of Isokinetic Samples makes ATC a must-have on site during your compliance or engineering test program. Our strict adherence to LELAP procedures in the field makes us the ideal test crew on site. We send ...

  • Matts Monitors

    based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Matts Monitors

    Based in Gloucestershire and Devon, working nationally and internationally, we specialise in the supply, technical support, service and repair of gas and dust analysers for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, noise monitors and weather ...

  • Jonas Inc.

    based in Pomfret, MARYLAND (USA).

    Jonas Inc.

    Jonas, Inc. is an engineering, consulting, and R&D company with expertise in water and steam chemistry, turbines, boilers, corrosion, materials, instrumentation, and failure analysis in utility (fossil and nuclear) and industrial systems; combining ...

    EPRI - Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles (Probes)

    EPRI - Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles (Probes)

    Isokinetic sampling nozzles (probes) for sampling gases and liquids (including steam and water in steam plants). Ideal for saturated steam, superheated steam, and water sampling. Other applications include oil in water, water in oil, propant in oil, ...

  • Environmental Supply Company, Inc.

    based in Durham, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Environmental Supply Company, Inc.

    Environmental Supply Company (ESC) manufactures source-testing equipment that is designed to fulfill the technical and operational requirements specified by the U.S. EPA in the Stationary Source Testing Methods. We specialize in the design and ...

    Model M5-A-S1 - Auto Isokinetic Sampling System

    Model M5-A-S1 - Auto Isokinetic Sampling System

    The M5-A-S1 Auto Isokinetic system is designed with continuous auto data logging capabilities and uses a Venturi to monitor and signal pressure adjustments automatically.  The heart of the system is the A-2000 console and utilizes field tested ...

  • Tecora

    based in Villebon-sur-Yvette, FRANCE.


    Since its creation, Tecora offers its customers measurement and monitoring technologies enabling them to characterize industrial processes up to their final impact on people and their environment. When necessary, Tecora also provides appropriate ...

    Tecora - Outstack Sampling Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Tecora - Outstack Sampling Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Heated isokinetic sampling probes are deigned for dust measurements in accordance with standard:

  • Dado Lab SRL

    based in Cinisello B., ITALY.

    Dado Lab SRL

    We are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply solutions and support to customers. Realize the same basic solutions, already available from many ...

    Dado - Model CP5 - Not-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Dado - Model CP5 - Not-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    The CP5 is the revision of the classic not-heated sampling probe for the isokinetic sampling of particulate matter in stack emission application.

  • DustWatch cc

    based in Sun Valley, SOUTH AFRICA.

    DustWatch cc

    As a company we strive to offer the best dust monitor service and training to our clients in the field of fallout dust monitoring. With many years of experience and expertise we provide services and training at very competitive prices. Our mission ...

    Isokinetic Sampling

    Isokinetic Sampling

    Isokinetic sampling is very tedious and we, as people who try to serve our clients best interests are looking for ways to minimise costs, and in doing this we are having a serious look at the benefits of doing isokinetic sampling.

  • Cronin Environmental

    based in Cork, IRELAND.

    Cronin Environmental

    Cronin Environmental is an Irish Company specialising in Environmental Monitoring and Occupational Health & Safety. Cronin Environmental carries a comprehensive suite of Environmental and Health & Safety monitoring equipment. Included in this ...

    Isokinetic Sampling Services

    Isokinetic Sampling Services

    Using the TCR Isostack automatic sampling system Cronin Environmental can carry out Iso-Kinetic sampling to meet the requirements of the EPA and ISO 9096 standards. The automatic sampler enables Cronin Environmental to sample for: Polychlorinated ...

  • Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems

    based in Wimborne, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems

    Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems is an established leader in the design, manufacture, supply, support, lifetime extension and decommissioning of I&C systems for the worldwide nuclear industry. With monitoring and control installations ...

    Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    Ultra offers a range of isokinetic sample probes, designed to extract a representative sample of particulate from a effluent duct or stack.   In addition to designing and manufacturing a full range of Isokinetic and Gaseous Sample Probes, ...

  • Thermochem, Inc.

    based in Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Thermochem, Inc.

    Thermochem provides chemical engineering, laboratory analysis, geochemistry and field testing services and products to a wide range of energy industries. From base operations in the Western USA and South East Asia, Thermochem has served oil and gas, ...

    Isokinetic Sampling for Steam Purity and Quality Services

    Isokinetic Sampling for Steam Purity and Quality Services

    Isokinetic Sampling with Traversing Retractable or Fixed Multi-Nozzle Probes. High-resolution Profiles across the Entire Diameter of a Pipeline. Trace Chemical Impurities including SiO2, Na, Ca, Cl, B, As. Particulate Measurement for Entrained ...

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