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isokinetic sampling probe Companies

  • Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    based in Borgolavezzaro, ITALY.


    Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

    A family-run company, which from 2005 deals exclusively with gas diluters, just using the technique of equal capillaries, which was adopted after some experiences with different techniques. The background of the available technical knowledge ranges ...

  • TCR-Tecora

    based in Cogliate (MB), ITALY.



    TCR Tecora, a leading Italian private company that develops, manufactures and supplies instrumentation for air pollution and emission sampling & analysis. TCR Tecora is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, continuous dioxin ...

    TCR Tecora - Model Ministack - Isokinetic Integrated Sampling Probes

    TCR Tecora - Model Ministack - Isokinetic Integrated Sampling Probes

    Our isokinetic probes are realized to make the sampling easier by placing the probe more precisely in the stack emission flow during isokinetic sampling.

  • HI-Q Environmental Products Company

    based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    HI-Q Environmental Products Company

    HI-Q Environmental Products Company (HI-Q) is a leading manufacturer of Air Sampling & Radiation Monitoring Equipment, Systems and Services since 1973. We are an ISO-9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of continuous duty high & low volume air samplers, ...

    HI-Q - Gas Sampling & Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    HI-Q - Gas Sampling & Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    HI-Q Environmental Products Company's product line includes complete stack sampling systems, consisting of a specified type of probe, in-line filter holder, the transport line, sampling pump and flow controller. We recommend, design, and supply ...

  • Matts Monitors

    based in Stroud, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Matts Monitors

    Based in Gloucestershire and Devon, working nationally and internationally, we specialise in the supply, technical support, service and repair of gas and dust analysers for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, noise monitors and weather ...

  • Dado Lab SRL

    based in Cinisello B., ITALY.

    Dado Lab SRL

    We are instrument designers, manufacturers and stack emission and environmental sampling experts realizing instruments and, especially, supply solutions and support to customers. Realize the same basic solutions, already available from many ...

    Dado - Model CP5 - Not-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Dado - Model CP5 - Not-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    The CP5 is the revision of the classic not-heated sampling probe for the isokinetic sampling of particulate matter in stack emission application.

  • Tecora

    based in Villebon-sur-Yvette, FRANCE.


    Since its creation, Tecora offers its customers measurement and monitoring technologies enabling them to characterize industrial processes up to their final impact on people and their environment. When necessary, Tecora also provides appropriate ...

    Tecora - Outstack Sampling Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Tecora - Outstack Sampling Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe

    Heated isokinetic sampling probes are deigned for dust measurements in accordance with standard:

  • Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems

    based in Wimborne, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems

    Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems is an established leader in the design, manufacture, supply, support, lifetime extension and decommissioning of I&C systems for the worldwide nuclear industry. With monitoring and control installations ...

    Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    Isokinetic Sampling Probes

    Ultra offers a range of isokinetic sample probes, designed to extract a representative sample of particulate from a effluent duct or stack.   In addition to designing and manufacturing a full range of Isokinetic and Gaseous Sample Probes, ...

  • Enviro Engineering General Trading LLC

    Enviro Engineering General Trading, EEGT is a Marketing & Engineering company established since 1996 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our main activity is supplying equipments which can measure chemical or physical parameters. Our objective is to ...

  • Ravebo B.V.

    Equipment for flow and process applications in the industry, maritime, environmental & medical sector.

  • DOO Envirolab

    based in Senta, SERBIA.

    DOO Envirolab

    Doo Envirolab Technical laboratory for measuring equipment in the ecology is founded mainly for sale, maintain, service and calibration of laboratory and measuring equipment, used for sampling and analyzing the quality of air, soil and water.

  • ​Spirax Sarco Spain

    Our concern for the environment began over 35 years ago when the family company MORE NIETO SA Home distribution in Spain of a wide range of dedicated control of combustion processes and other industrial products. For over 15 years we are part of ...

  • Entech Associate Co., Ltd.

    Entech Associate Co.,Ltd. was established since 1994. The firm’s business is import and selling measuring instruments in the fields of industrial, Energy, Safety, Environmental, and medical and laboratory. Our services are selling, consulting, ...

  • Jonas Inc.

    based in Pomfret, MARYLAND (USA).

    Jonas Inc.

    Jonas, Inc. is an engineering, consulting, and R&D company with expertise in water and steam chemistry, turbines, boilers, corrosion, materials, instrumentation, and failure analysis in utility (fossil and nuclear) and industrial systems; combining ...

    EPRI - Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles (Probes)

    EPRI - Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles (Probes)

    Isokinetic sampling nozzles (probes) for sampling gases and liquids (including steam and water in steam plants). Ideal for saturated steam, superheated steam, and water sampling. Other applications include oil in water, water in oil, propant in oil, ...

  • Airy Technology, Inc.

    based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Airy Technology, Inc.

    Airy Technology, Inc.`s objectives is to contribute to the improvement of occupational and residential environments by providing a variety of sophisticated measuring instruments. Specifically, we provide a unique service in the area of providing ...

    Airy Technology - Model P230 - Remote Particle Counter

    Airy Technology - Model P230 - Remote Particle Counter

    The Airy Technology P230 remote particle counter measures 0.3 µm and 0.5 µm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). Integration is easy into a real-time monitoring or building management system via Modbus™ RTU or Modbus™ ...

  • Particles Plus, Inc.

    based in Stoughton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Particles Plus, Inc.

    Particles Plus engineers and manufactures feature-rich particle counter instrumentation and vacuum pump technology for the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Indoor Air Quality, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Data Storage industries. Particles Plus is the ...

    Particles Plus - Model 8206 - Handheld Particle Counter (0.2 µm @ 0.1 CFM)

    Particles Plus - Model 8206 - Handheld Particle Counter (0.2 µm @ 0.1 CFM)

    The Particles Plus 8206 Handheld Particle Counter measures 0.2 μm to 10.0 μm with a flow rate of 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM). Easy to configure, this instrument displays up to 6 user-selectable size channels as well as temperature and relative ...

  • E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise

    based in Wrocław, POLAND.

    E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise

    E.M.I.O. Innovation-Implementation Enterprise was founded in May 1988 by private individuals. With competent employees, employed on employment contract - we combine knowledge and experience of various specialized fields, and we can realize all ...

    E.M.I.O - Model Type S - Aspiration Segmented Unheated Velocity Probes

    E.M.I.O - Model Type S - Aspiration Segmented Unheated Velocity Probes

    Sectional, unheated, aspiration velocity probes type 'S', included in dust meter EMIOTEST 2598 set, allow thecollection of dust samples from the stream of waste gases from technological processes and technical operations inorder to determine the ...

  • Bercu nv

    based in Antwerp, BELGIUM.

    Bercu nv

    Since 1951, BERCU nv, has been providing his customers with a combination of professional service and problem solving capabilities. Later on we integrated a firm specialized in automotive instruments. Now as a full service instrumentation company, ...


    based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM.


    UK suppliers of test equipment and instrumentation, calibration services, hire facilities and online purchase. The first website in the UK dedicated to the procurement of electrical testing equipment online. The site still remains one of the leaders ...

  • Fluke Corporation

    based in WA, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Fluke Corporation

    Fluke Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Since its founding in 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting ...

    Fluke - Model 985 - Particle Counter

    Fluke - Model 985 - Particle Counter

    The Fluke 985 Particle Counter is the preferred choice for HVAC and IAQ professionals. From filter testing to IAQ investigations, the Fluke 985 is the portable solution for determining airborne particle concentrations. Use the Fluke 985 to ...

  • Transcat, Inc.

    based in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA).

    Transcat, Inc.

    Transcat has been supporting industry’s test and measurement requirements for over 40 years. We serve customers within such areas as the pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, energy, and chemical process industries. Transcat also offers ...

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