lead decontamination Companies

  • The VALGO Group

    As a leading player in the rehabilitation of contaminated sites in Europe, VALGO provides novel turn key solutions that contribute to preserve the environment. Through its technical skills (Deconstruction, Depollution) and engineering skills ...

    Asbestos and Lead Decontamination

    The asbestos and lead removals and work on materials containing them is a major environmental constraint and requires the use of particularly exacting techniques. VALGO offers a full range of expertise in these services, which are ...

  • Green Bay Lead, Inc.

    Green Bay Lead, Inc. has offered a complete turnkey operation for the environmental decontamination of indoor firing ranges, from an environmental assessment to total remediation. Lead testing, lead abatement, real estate lead decontamination, ...

  • Enviro-Vac Corp.


    Enviro-Vac Corp.

    Hazardous Materials Abatement & Decontamination: asbestos, lead, mercury, PCB & Arsenic Cleanup. Enviro-Vac is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective decontamination & hazardous materials abatement solutions necessary prior to ...

    Arsenic Decontamination, Lead Removal Contractor: Abatement & Remediation Services

    Arsenic Decontamination, Lead Removal Contractor: Abatement & Remediation Services

    Arsenic decontamination, lead paint & coating abatement, heavy metals dust - safe work plans. safety first. Fully compliant with epa certification section 402 toxic substance control act - certified by canadian ...

  • FHS Scandinavia

    based in DENMARK.

    FHS Scandinavia

    Specializes supplier in decontamination in the food Industry.We represent leading European producers of Ozone, UVC and Ionization technologies. For all kind of surfers disinfection and CIP cleaning. all based on environmental sustainable ...

  • Winter Environmental Services

    Facility Services: Asbestos abatement - Lead-based paint abatement - Chemical decontamination - Contaminated structure demolition - Contaminated dust removal - Storage tank maintenance

  • PRB Environmental Group, Inc

    based in Peachtree City, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    PRB Environmental Group, Inc

    Leading edge technology for Decontamination of Water and Soil; using Humic Substances for a more effective and cost-efficient solution. The application utilizies Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) that is installed by injection (not by excavation) to ...

    KSGV Modified Humic Solution - Modified Humic Solutuon for a PRB

    KSGV Modified Humic Solution - Modified Humic Solutuon for a PRB

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce PRB Environmental Group, Inc.. Our main objective is to provide solutions to soil and groundwater contamination using Humic substances. We are announcing a new patented leading ...

  • BELFOR Environmental

    based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

    BELFOR Environmental

    BELFOR Environmental is a leading single-source provider of environmental services in the United States. From emergency spills and asbestos or lead removal, to the decontamination or demolition of process facilities, BELFOR Environmental has the ...

  • BOX O3 GmbH

    based in Steinenbronn, GERMANY.

    BOX O3 GmbH

    BOX O3 GmbH is a modern development company that specializes in the processing of medical wastes. For more than 10 years, we develop high quality products for decontamination of microbiologic materials using ozone. Safety for the human being, ...

  • MACK Group, LLC

    based in Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    MACK Group, LLC

    We offer a complete line of asbestos abatement services including asbestos abatement of insulation, floor tiles, roofing, mastic, boiler insulation, caulking and other ACM as well as transportation and disposal of ACM waste.We have the flooring ...

    Interior Demolition Contractor Services

    Interior Demolition Contractor Services

    are typically perform in conjunction with our decontamination and abatement services as described below:Interior demolition to remove asbestos materials,Building renovations to remove contaminated materials,Interior demolition to ...

  • Belltech Consultants Inc.

    based in Orange Beach, ALABAMA (USA).

    Belltech Consultants Inc.

    Bell Tech Inc. specializes in ecological management as it relates to the response, recovery and restoration of spill response activities.With over 24 years of experience ranging from the Exxon Valdez to the Deepwater Horizon Incidents, Bell Tech has ...

    Bell Vac Extreme Vessel

    Bell Vac Extreme Vessel

    Revolutionary state of the art design capable of 100% contaminant capture and recovery. The Bell-Vac Extreme has been recognized as the world's leading vessel and structure decontamination process during the Exxon ...

  • Franke-Filter GmbH

    based in Bad Salzdetfurth, GERMANY.

    Franke-Filter GmbH

    Franke-Filter manufactures oil mist separators for generating adjustable vacuum in the lube oil system and filtering the oil mist with an efficiency of more than 99.9%. Turbine engineers, maintenance managers and plant managers turn to ...



    Oil Mist at compressors might present a significant hazard and cause severe problems. One of the problems at compressors is lube oil and oil mist exhaust. Due to high pressure impact, lube oil escapes at many spots. The solution to this problem is ...

  • FSP-Tech GmbH

    based in Essen, GERMANY.

    FSP-Tech GmbH

    FSP-Tech was founded in 1995 as a commercial selling agency for safety equipment and has grown steadily to become one of the leading manufacturers of emergency eye-/face washers, safety showers and decon showers. FSP-Tech was founded by Thomas Geier ...

  • H&H Environmental Construction and consulting Inc.

    H&H Environmental is the nations largest mold removal and prevention company

    Lead Remediation

    In addition to surface-by-surface lead testing and inspection, H&H Environmental specializes in lead removal and abatement services, including decontamination. We are devoted to ...

  • Adams Engineers and Equipment, Inc.

    Adams Engineers and Equipment, Inc. sells plastic processing equipment used in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and thermoforming of plastic products in the Southern United States and Northern Mexico. Additionally, Adams Engineers offers ...

  • Envirotech Clean Air, Inc.

    based in Stoneham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Envirotech Clean Air, Inc.

    The company was established in 1988 from a desire to provide clean, safe indoor air for all people. Envirotech Clean Air, Inc. began as an air conveyance system cleaning company, better known as air duct cleaning, and was among the first members of ...

    Mold Remediation Services

    Mold Remediation Services

    the nation. Envirotech is known in New England as one of the leading Mold Remediation & Decontamination companies. Our companies reputation rests in its reasonable and successful treatment of minor to severe ...

  • Lemer Pax

    based in Chapelle-Sur-Erdre Cedex, FRANCE.

    Lemer Pax

    Lemer Pax is a high-tech designer and manufacturer based in Nantes. As a global innovation leader in the field of radiation protection, we are a driving force for the innovative and sustainable economy in Pays de la Loire. Our top priority is to put ...

    Lemer - Model GTD02 - Leaded Counter Window

    Lemer - Model GTD02 - Leaded Counter Window

    The leaded counter window can be used to temporarily store under protection injectable doses from the preparation room for collection from the injection ...

  • Sol-Air Systems Inc.

    based in Kelowna, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Sol-Air Systems Inc.

    Sol-Air Systems’ line of patented proprietary UV Air Decontamination Technologies eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses and molds for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Globally, air quality issues are posing escalating risks on ...

  • Next Generation Recycling Maschinen GmbH (NGR)

    based in Feldkirchen, AUSTRIA.

    Next Generation Recycling Maschinen GmbH (NGR)

    Next Generation Recycling Machines (NGR) is a European manufacturer of plastic recycling machines. Both applications for post-industrial and post-consumer plastics are being implemented economically and ecologically by NGR. A recycling of a variety ...

    P:REACT - Model LSP - Lquid State Polycondensation Machine

    P:REACT - Model LSP - Lquid State Polycondensation Machine

    The LSP-Process utilizes the inherent capability of PET to condensate in the molten phase under vacuum. This condensation leads to an increase of IV. The high performance vacuum effectively decontaminates the ...

  • Prevor

    based in Valmondolis, FRANCE.


    Today, safety and performance have become key requirements in our progressive society. Despite this, we cannot, by definition, eradicate the unforeseen, whether at home or at work: fuel leaks, an overturned paint can, a chemical tank spill, etc. ...

    LeVert - Model HF - Liquid Chemical Decontaminant

    LeVert - Model HF - Liquid Chemical Decontaminant

    Liquid chemical decontaminant for hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives. Hydrofluoric acid is present in the majority of chemical mixtures used in surface treatment. Its hazardous character comes from the corrosiveness of the acid ...

  • Fultz Pumps, Inc.

    based in Lewistown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Fultz Pumps, Inc.

    FULTZ PUMPS, INC. has been a manufacturer and distributor of quality groundwater monitoring pump equipment. Our goal is to provide reliable and convenient equipment for all groundwater sampling projects. We continuously look for ways to redesign our ...

    Hose With Integrated Power Wire

    Hose With Integrated Power Wire

    Designed exclusively for Fultz Pumps, Inc.; this hose has the power cable built into the wall of the hose.  This streamlined hose allows for easy installation.  For our portable systems, this hose simplifies the decon process by ...

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