Legionella risk assessment Companies

  • WET Water Environmental Treatment Ltd

    based in Tamworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

    WET Water Environmental Treatment Ltd

    Today the company provides water hygiene and Legionella prevention services to over 2000 sites throughout the UK. Our experience ranges from 500 Legionella risk assessments for a national blue chip company to basic remedial works such as removing ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments

    Legionella Risk Assessments

    Our comprehensive and compliant Legionella risk assessments include identification and evaluation of all potential sources of risk associated with Legionella within your building’s water system. A City and Guilds qualified Legionella risk ...

  • Surevale Ltd

    based in Abington, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Surevale Ltd

    SureVale Ltd offers impartial, independent advice in the area of Air and Water Management and Assessment on the risk of Legionella Bacteria occurring in any building across the UK. All our work is carried out to the most recent and highest standards ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    SureVale understands the importance of having the correct Legionella control and procedures in place. Unfortunately, many other companies carrying out Legionella risk assessments perform simple box ticking exercises without inspecting the entire ...

  • Legionella Control International

    based in Mancheste, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Legionella Control International

    Legionella Control International are leading environmental specialists offering a range of Legionella risk management, water and air hygiene services to organisations and individuals across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Through our proactive ...

    Legionella - Risk Assessments

    Legionella - Risk Assessments

    Although it is impossible to guarantee that pathogenic micro-organisms such as Legionella will not exist in a water system, through proactive management and effective control programmes it is possible to dramatically reduce the factors that allow ...

  • uRisk

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.


    We are a water hygiene company with over 25 years experience, specialising in legionella control and water hygiene services. Our offices are based in Baldock, Hertfordshire. With a short 30-minute train journey into London Kings Cross. Our engineers ...

    uRisk - Legionella Risk Assessment

    uRisk - Legionella Risk Assessment

    uRisk is a water hygiene service provider, based in Hertfordshire with nationwide coverage and over 25 years experience. We provide water services from legionella risk assessments to legionella testing and remedial works, as well as legionella ...

  • WEMCO Ltd

    based in Newton Abbot, UNITED KINGDOM.

    WEMCO Ltd

    WEMCo Ltd was incorporated in 2009 when the Directors saw an opportunity in the West Country to establish a company with the experience and technical knowledge to deliver a high level of service in the region. Our commitment to quality and the ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    WEMCo Ltd specialise in high quality risk assessments for all water systems, providing a bespoke risk assessment and management program to control legionella.The aim of any Legionella Risk Assessment should be to assess and record the extent, ...

  • Life Environmental Services

    based in Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Life Environmental Services

    Life Environmental Services is fully committed to meeting the needs of its clients by ensuring that they are compliant with the requirements identified under the HSE ACoPL8 document Legionnaire’s Disease; the Control of legionella bacteria in water ...

    Water Hygiene - Legionella Risk Assessments

    Water Hygiene - Legionella Risk Assessments

    The Legionella Risk Assessment is the first essential step to reduce risk at your premises. This in-depth water system assessment addresses each site for the likelihood of legionella growth, and the level of exposure to the organism. The output of ...

  • Jordan Environmental Ltd

    based in Bury St Edmunds, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Jordan Environmental Ltd

    Jordan Environmental Ltd is a company of water system hygiene specialists that aims to provide a bespoke professional service to a range of clients in the commercial sector. Services offered include: risk assessment surveys; sampling and ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment surveys & reports have become the bedrock of the current water hygiene market. However the trend for the person responsible for appointing a company to undertake this on their behalf is thankfully moving away from a ...

  • Clarity Assessment Specialists Environmental Ltd

    At Clarity we offer our clients clear and concise services that include professional Legionella and water hygiene management, control and prevention. We are based in Swindon but deliver our services to organisations and individuals nationwide. We ...

    ACoP L8 Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    This legal requirement will be delivered with full understanding, risk and responsibility awareness from our professional surveyors. Ensuring that you are completely aware of where we are and where we need to be, with our clear reports and oncise ...

  • Ashdale Engineering UK Ltd

    based in Milford Haven, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ashdale Engineering UK Ltd

    Ashdale Engineering, as part of its wider provision of independent statutory inspection services, provides legionella risk assessments to its clients. Ashdale engineers have a genuine understanding of relevant technical and safety issues, working ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Ashdale Engineering is fully equipped to conduct a thorough Legionella risk assessment of your property assets. We issue a Legionella Risk Assessment report detailing all potential hazardous areas and the recommended risk control measures.

  • Building Monitoring Services Ltd

    based in Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Building Monitoring Services Ltd

    Building Monitoring Services (BMS) Limited`s main and subsidiary business activities are:- risk assessment, hot & cold water monitoring and inspection services, cleaning & disinfection, independent consultancy services, legionella awareness ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment - Monitoring And Record Keeping Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment - Monitoring And Record Keeping Services

    The first identified Legionnaires' disease outbreak occurred in 1976 at an American Legion Convention in Philadelphia. Legionnaires' disease is contracted by the inhalation of water droplets or nuclei contaminated with Legionella bacteria. Anything ...

  • Surevent (UK) Ltd

    based in Kettering, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Surevent (UK) Ltd

    Surevent provides bespoke water management, air quality and duct work maintenance solutions which create a healthy working environment, optimisation of operating costs and plant performance.At Surevent, we work with you to ensure we identify and ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    50% off Legionella Risk Assessments from Surevent – only £325 (per system). Surevent is experienced in undertaking and completing legionella risk assessments for customers nationwide. Our risk assessment procedure will ensure compliance ...

  • Archer & Stone Ltd

    based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Archer & Stone Ltd

    Archer & Stone are a small (4 Staff) independent consultancy, specializing in legionella control. Services provided include: Risk Assessment, Auditing, Training, and Consultancy & Sampling. Clients cover a wide range of sectors, industries and ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    The key starting point to any legionella control programme is having legionella risk assessments carried out on premises. Under the Approved Code of Practice known as ACoP L8 it is a requirement to assess the risk in order to determine the next ...

  • CLIRA Ltd

    based in Shrewsbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

    CLIRA Ltd

    CLIRA Ltd provides legionella risk assessment on domestic water systems, and includes the following elements: site specific legionella risk assessments and log books; auto-cad schematic drawings. We provide legionella risk assessment to the UK - ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    The first step towards compliance is to carry out a risk assessment of the building water services. Our specialist water consultants carry out the risk assessment in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice.

  • Guardian Water Treatment Ltd.

    based in Basildon, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Guardian Water Treatment Ltd.

    Guardian Water Treatment Ltd. was founded in Essex. Since the company`s inception, it has expanded rapidly to its current position. Guardian Water Treatment is renowned for offering innovative, sound solutions to a wide variety of service treatment ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment

    Legionella Risk Assessment

    The Approved Code of Practice L8 2001 ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ (ACoP L8) applies to all businesses in the UK who store or use water in a manner that is likely to create an aerosol, irrespective of the ...

  • Broadwater Technologies Ltd

    based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Broadwater Technologies Ltd

    Broadwater Technologies Ltd is an established water quality specialist company operating throughout the UK incorporating a synergy of expertise and knowledge. With over 20 years experience in all business sectors including leisure, commercial, NHS ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Our approved and comprehensive legionella risk assessment exceeds the HSE's ACoP L8 minimum requirements. The Risk assessment report provides clear recommendations with categorised risk and priority ratings to implement effective control and ...

  • Dantek Environmental Services

    based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Dantek Environmental Services

    Dantek Environmental Services is a water hygiene specialist company providing the following services; legionella risk assessments; hot and cold water system cleaning and disinfection; cold water storage tank remedial work; water tank lining and hot ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments Services

    A Legionella risk assessment is the first step towards compliance with the Health and Safety Executives Legionella approved code of practice and guidance document, ACoP L8. Whilst the guidelines are not law they are enforceable under the Health and ...

  • Riverside Environmental Services Ltd

    based in Kent, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Riverside Environmental Services Ltd

    Riverside Environmental Services Ltd provides specialist environmental consultancy services which include ‘water hygiene’ [controlling legionellosis risk posed by engineered systems at clients’ sites] and the company’s LCA registration relates to: ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment And Monitoring Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment And Monitoring Services

    Independent Legionella risk assessment and monitoring consultancy. We work without commercial bias to provide a cost effective and high quality solution. Legionella is a risk for almost all water systems found within buildings and must be ...

  • Sterilizing Services

    based in Long Eaton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Sterilizing Services

    Sterilizing Services Ltd, established in 1988 provides a comprehensive range of water treatment services including: Legionella risk assessment, Water storage tank clean and disinfection, Water storage tank refurbishment, Mains water system ...

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Legionella Risk Assessment Services

    Concerned about legionella contamination? Sterilizing Services Ltd can carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your hot and cold water systems. This is carried out by experienced engineers who are fully trained and committed to accommodating ...

  • Aquacare Europe B.V.

    based in BP `s-Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS.

    Aquacare Europe B.V.

    Aquacare designs, manufactures, installs, commissions and maintains water treatment equipment and programmes with the aim of maximising efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness whilst minimising environmental impact. We will work with you to ...

    Legionella Risk Assessments and Control Plans Services

    Legionella Risk Assessments and Control Plans Services

    In evaporative cooling systems, it is necessary to control the proliferation of Legionella bacteria in order that health risks that may result from infections by that organism are minimised


    based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM.


    ACMS UK – Providing business intelligence through bespoke compliance & risk management software. ACMS UK deliver a customisable software system that meets all your asset, property, compliance and risk management needs. ACMS UK has, and continues to, ...

    Vision - Legionella Risk Assessment Software

    Vision - Legionella Risk Assessment Software

    The smart way to manage your risk. Totally configurable, the Legionella Risk Management Module can be adapted to what you need whether you’re responsible for one property or multiple properties and whatever sector you operate in. Properties ...

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