mercury recycling Companies

  • Blubox Trading AG

    based in Birrwil, SWITZERLAND.


    Blubox Trading AG

    BLUBOX Trading AG is one of the world`s leading suppliers of recycling plants for flat screens and fluorescent lamps.BLUBOX Trading AG develops and produces the Blubox to solve the world`s most difficult waste recycling problem in a cost-effective ...

    BLUBOX - Lab Container

    BLUBOX - Lab Container

    Many different business areas need a safe, clean and sealed environment. Either for analysis, to treat hazardous materials or to do refining. The LAB Container is a mobile all-in-one system which can be used for different applications. The system ...

  • econ industries services GmbH

    based in Starnberg, GERMANY.


    econ industries services GmbH

    econ industries offers solutions for the treatment of industrial wastes and contaminated soil. Our VacuDry technology separates harmful substances from the solid material with heat and vacuum in a fully encapsulated system. Regarding energy ...

    econ VacuDry - Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    econ VacuDry - Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    econ industries is the only company worldwide which operates a complete mercury waste recovery and treatment centre; suitable for processing all types of mercury waste on an industrial scale. The econ ...

  • Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

    based in Hellertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc.

    Bethlehem Apparatus Company is recognized as the leader in the recycling of mercury and mercury bearing waste. We specialize in providing safe, convenient and cost effective methods for recycling mercury-bearing materials. Using the most advanced ...

    Mercury Recovery/Recycling Service

    Mercury Recovery/Recycling Service

    Bethlehem Apparatus operates the world"s largest commercial mercury recycling facility in North America with over 100,000 sq. ft. of specialized systems and proprietary processes in continuous operation. We have the ...

  • Balcan Engineering Ltd

    based in Horncastle, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Balcan Engineering Ltd

    Founded in 1972 Balcan manufacture a range of safety products, which help companies comply with Health & Safety, Duty of Care and environmental requirements. The Balcan Emergency Life Line (B.E.L.L) is a quick and effective throwing line, ...

    Mercury Recycling Filter Unit

    Mercury Recycling Filter Unit

    Balcan Lamp Recycling Systems and lamp crushers use extensive filtration for phosphor powder and mercury vapours.  Typical mercury emissions are ...

  • Americana Environmental

    based in Oak Brook, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Americana Environmental

    Americana Environmental manufactures the Bulb Terminator, a consumer friendly mercury bulb recycling center for spent CFL and fluorescent bulbs. The machine was conceived to allow an individual to dispose of the bulbs by turning the bulb ...

    Bulb Terminator - Mercury Bulb Recycling Center

    Bulb Terminator - Mercury Bulb Recycling Center

    The world’s FIRST & ONLY Consumer Eco-Friendly Mercury Bulb Recycling Center for spent energy-saving CFLs Bulbs and Tubes. How it Works: The Bulb Terminator, through multiple patent-pending technologies, ...

  • Raw Materials Company

    based in Port Colborne, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Raw Materials Company

    Raw Materials Company (A Division of International Marine Salvage Inc.) is the largest ISO 14001, registered recycler of dry cell batteries in North America. Utilizing our exclusive fully patented alkaline recycling process, we recycle 1000s of tons ...

    Fluorescent Lamp and Mercury Waste Recycling

    Fluorescent Lamp and Mercury Waste Recycling

    Mercury found in switches, lamps, bulbs and thermometers may be seperated and recovered for reuse in new ...

  • Mercury Recycling Limited

    based in Trafford Park, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Mercury Recycling Limited

    Mercury Recycling opened the UK`s first Lamp Recycling Facility in 1996. What was then `State of the Art` equipment was imported from Europe and the first customers began sending in their tubes and discharge lamps for recycling. The majority of ...

    Mercury Bearing Waste Services

    Mercury Bearing Waste Services

    Mercury Recycling Ltd specialise in the decontamination of mercury bearing equipment, decontamination consultancy of land and premises and are a leading player in the supply and ...

  • Veolia North America,  Industrial Business

    based in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Veolia North America, Industrial Business

    Veolia North America helps our customers address environmental and sustainability challenges in energy, water and waste. Today we know that our planet’s natural resources are limited and the worlds’ demands are increasing. Our mission is to resource ...

    Mercury Waste Recycling

    Mercury Waste Recycling

    We can tailor a recycling program to fit your needs depending upon the amount of materials you need to recycle. We'll work to develop proper profiling, containers and labeling in order to transport and dispose of ...

  • Region 8 Enviro LLC

    based in Wheat Ridge, COLORADO (USA).

    Region 8 Enviro LLC

    Region 8 Enviro LLC provides quality environmental remediation services to a wide customer base throughout the Rocky Mountain area. We specialize in Asbestos Removal, along with Hazardous Material Abatement, Environmental Remediation and Mold ...

    Recycling Mercury-Containing Equipment

    Recycling Mercury-Containing Equipment

    . Mercury-containing equipment that is classified as hazardous waste can be collected under the streamlined collection standards for universal waste. These universal waste standards were created in an attempt to make it easier to ...

  • Air Mercury AG

    based in Birrwil, SWITZERLAND.

    Air Mercury AG

    Air Mercury is in the recycling business since 1988. We offer a global network of partners in the recycling market. Segments: energy production and recycling, photovoltaics, waste treatment and recycling, electrical waste recycling, crushing, ...

    Recycling Services

    Recycling Services

    Air Mercury offers the following recycling services for its clients: Recycling or incineration of automotive shredder residues, recycling of flat monitors and LCD TV screens, ...

  • Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

    Ross Environmental offers a full complement of waste management services including: hazardous & non-hazardous waste incineration, field services, transportation, consulting, environmental training services, and packaging products. We provide a range ...

  • MRT System AB

    based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN.

    MRT System AB

    MRT System AB manufacture machines for lamp recycling and mercury recovery from waste products. Our products are used worldwide since 1979. Our outstanding experience is based on close co-operation with professionals from the lighting, and recycling ...

    MRT - Mercury Retorts / Distillers

    MRT - Mercury Retorts / Distillers

    MRTs’ distillers, incorporate all our outstanding experience with distillation technology. Our patented distillers have been on the market for more that 30 years, and the technology behind them embraces all our expertise about ...

  • Environmental Disposal Solutions (EDS)

    based in Winnipeg, , MANITOBA (CANADA).

    Environmental Disposal Solutions (EDS)

    The story of EDS began several years ago when our founder thought to himself, “there must be a better way”. After observing disposal methods for fluorescent lamps at that time, which often involved breaking bulbs and disposing them in the trash, our ...

    Light Bulbs and Lamps Recycling Services

    Light Bulbs and Lamps Recycling Services

    Our unique and proprietary process is equipped to handle all types of light bulbs, including, but not limited ...

  • Cox Research & Technology Inc.

    based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).

    Cox Research & Technology Inc.

    Cox Research is leading the way in Advanced Wastewater Solutions by providing products that cater to some of the most common issues in the wastewater industry. From emerging float technology, proprietary maintenance control systems, and pump station ...

    Opti-Float - Liquid Level Detector

    Opti-Float - Liquid Level Detector

    The OPTI-FLOAT Liquid Level Detector is made of safe, recyclable  materials. It’s mercury and lead free, is built to last for years of service and uses no electrical wires to connect to the external ...

  • Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., LTD.

    based in Tokyo, JAPAN.

    Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., LTD.

    Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co., LTD. is in demand, although fluorescent lamps contain mercury,in Japan today used fluorescent light bulbs are simply disposed of in landfills because there are only a small number of recycling companies that can ...

    Model March21 - Mercury Recovery Equipment

    Model March21 - Mercury Recovery Equipment

    A device to recover mercury from fluorescent lamp glass and ...

  • Stena Metall Group

    based in Göteborg, SWEDEN.

    Stena Metall Group

    The Stena Metall Group is involved in metal recycling, paper recycling, electronics recycling, hazardous waste recycling and chemicals recycling. Stena Metall Groupd is a leader in recycling and environmental services in the Nordic region and a ...

    LCD Recycling

    LCD Recycling

    With innovative customer solutions and our research and development, we are driving electronics recycling forward. One of the unique recycling methods we have designed in recent years is for LCD flat screens. This ...

  • Energizer Holdings, Inc.

    based in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA).

    Energizer Holdings, Inc.

    Energizer Holdings, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is one of the world`s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products and is anchored by its globally recognized brands Energizer, EVEREADY, Rayovac, and ...

    Energizer - Hearing Aid Batteries

    Energizer - Hearing Aid Batteries

    Now hear this! – The Energizer brand's longest lasting Hearing Aid Battery ever! Up to 30% longer vs. previous designs in wireless devices. These long lasting* zero-mercury batteries are the best hearing aid batteries we've ...

  • Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc

    based in Port Chester, NEW YORK (USA).

    Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc

    Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. (EET) is a recycling company serving the environmental needs of a geographically dispersed client base. EET provides many services such as ballast, fluorescent light, mercury waste, transformer, battery and ...

  • Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA)

    based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA).

    Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA)

    ARCA is a high performance company with innovative ideas from experienced leaders that have a true passion for preserving the environment. ARCA`s 34 years of experience in the appliance recycling industry includes more than two decades of providing ...

    Program Operations Services

    Program Operations Services

    ARCA's team of seasoned professionals provide program customers with: Efficient appointment scheduling via Internet and a toll free number. Appointment confirmation letter and a reminder phone call one to two days prior to pick-up. Extended call ...

  • Utopia Waste Management Ltd

    Utopia Waste Management is an independent waste management company which provides a complete waste management package for businesses throughout the UK. With a strong emphasis on waste segregation and recycling we aim to minimise our customers` ...

    Fluorescent Tube Recycling

    facilities where they are crushed and separated into the different materials which make up the tubes – glass, metal or plastic end caps and mercury bearing phosphor powder. These materials can then be ...

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