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  • Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC)

    based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC)

    Developers of environmental software including the well known Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System, ADMS. The world leading ADMS-Urban calculates pollution concentrations at street level resolution over urban areas and links seamlessly to ...

    CERC - ADMS-Roads Standard Training Courses

    CERC - ADMS-Roads Standard Training Courses

    of meteorological data with ADMS-Roads, the use of an emissions inventory database for storing larger numbers of road sources, the selection of background concentration data, and modelling the effects of chemical ...

  • Corobor Systems

    based in Vincennes, FRANCE.

    Corobor Systems

    COROBOR Systems is a French company based in Paris, which provides IT solutions for Meteorology and Aviation for 25 years. We are ISO 9001 certified for Quality Management System since 2002.COROBOR Systems is the only supplier of Meteorological ...

    MESSIR-COMM - Version WIS / GTS - Message Switching Real-Time Central Meteorological Database Software

    MESSIR-COMM - Version WIS / GTS - Message Switching Real-Time Central Meteorological Database Software

    MESSIR-COMM is a COROBOR product building the HEART of Your Meteorological Centre and providing: WIS / GTS Meteorological Message Switching. Telecommunications functions. Real-Time Central Database ...

  • Algenuity

    based in Stewartby, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Algenuity is the biotech division of Spicer Consulting and is located approximately 50 miles north of London, United Kingdom in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. Together, we are a multidisciplinary team of algal molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, ...

  • Applied Weather Associates, LLC (AWA)

    based in Monument, COLORADO (USA).

    Applied Weather Associates, LLC (AWA)

    Applied Weather Associates specializes in regional and site-specific Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) studies. We excel in developing applications designed to provide solutions using advanced hydrometeorological analysis. We provide quality ...

  • MapMakers Group Ltd.

    based in Moscow, RUSSIA.

    MapMakers Group Ltd.

    MapMakers Group Ltd. is the leader in development of meteorological software for processing and delivery of meteorological information in Russia. The main software product developed by MapMakers Group is the meteorological geographical information ...

    MapMakers - GIS Meteo Hydro Software

    MapMakers - GIS Meteo Hydro Software

    GIS Meteo Hydro provides hydrological departments with the following opportunities: Observation of small, medium and large rivers conditions, observation of reservoirs conditions, systematization of hydrological observation data, control over snow ...

  • MeteoGroup USA

    based in UNITED KINGDOM.

    MeteoGroup USA

    MeteoGroup is a global private weather business with offices around the world. Founded in 1986, we combine experience and global coverage with local expertise to offer our customers highly accurate and bespoke weather services.

    Historical Weather Database Services

    Historical Weather Database Services

    MeteoGroup has one of the most comprehensive databases of global historical meteorological data in the world, ranging from the mid-twentieth century to the present day. It includes a wide range of weather parameters ...

  • Solmetric Corporation

    based in Sebastopol, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Solmetric Corporation

    Solmetric was founded in 2005. Our background includes extensive experience in the solar installation industry and in the development of high precision test and measurement tools. Solmetric’s award-winning SunEye is the de facto industry standard ...

  • IBL Software Engineering

    based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

    IBL Software Engineering

    IBL Software Engineering is a modern and flexible world-leading company with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of the meteorological turn-key systems for meterological offices all around the world. We are remarkably able to provide ...

    IBL - Visual Weather Software

    IBL - Visual Weather Software

    Visual Weather is a world-unique system tailored to the daily needs of forecasters as well as to the needs of meteorology scientists. It only depends on you which way and how far you go. It is hard to reach its ...

  • Simutech

    based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.


    Simutech is a technical bureau for software development and services in the IT sector. Simutech has been founded by Dr. Ronald Ruzicka aiming mainly at the development of simulation software and model studies. Meanwhile the development of database ...



    Measurement data and station information: Recording, administrating, analyzing. The environmental data management system, the Hydrographical Information System, the database system for administrating and evaluating environmental ...

  • PVsyst SA

    based in Satigny, SWITZERLAND.

    PVsyst SA

    Given future scenarios, renwable energy soures, in particilar photovoltaic technology, will develop quickly. This has to be done in a sustainable way using the best technical economical solutions. It is essential to develop PV technology in an ...

  • Hydrocomp Inc.

    based in Menlo Park, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Hydrocomp Inc.

    Hydrocomp, Inc. develops and distributes continuous hydrologic simulation software (HFAM) and provides consulting, specializing in hydrologic modeling and analysis. Our goal is to provide innovative methods for the management of water resources. ...

    Hfam - Version II - Dataprep Program Software

    Hfam - Version II - Dataprep Program Software

    The HFAM II Dataprep program (Dataprep) is custom software developed by Hydrocomp, Inc to assist in the preparation of real-time meteorological data for use with HFAM II. The Dataprep program is customized for use in a particular ...

  • CEMCSoft, Division of Corporate EMC

    based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    CEMCSoft, Division of Corporate EMC

    cemcSOFT is a division of cemc corporate environmental management consultants limited. We develop and market software for use by practitioners in the fields of air dispersion modelling and environmental management and reporting. cemcSOFT also ...

    Air Permitting Consulting Services

    Air Permitting Consulting Services

    All industrial facilities which have the potential to emit contaminants to the ambient air must obtain permission from the governing regulatory agency. In some cases getting a permit is a routine process, but increasingly it is becoming a more ...

  • MicroStep-MIS

    based in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.


    MicroStep-MIS specializes in the development, production and marketing of monitoring and information systems, processing of measured data, numerical modeling. MicroStep-MIS operates worldwide. Our core customer groups are airports, meteorological ...

    Climatological Database System (CLDB)

    Climatological Database System (CLDB)

    Climatological database belongs to the usual means of meteorological institutes of today. The main reason of its utilization is storage of all collected meteorological data in one unified structure ...

  • Enviromodeling Ltd.

    based in Santiago, CHILE.

    Enviromodeling Ltd.

    EnviroModeling is a Chilean company specialized in the development of environmental and custom software packages for Windows9x/NT/2000. Our main work includes CalDESK v1.0-2.97, Graphical data display and analysis system for the ...

    Air Quality Consulting Service

    Air Quality Consulting Service

    Leading Company in Air Quality Projects. Enviromodeling is the leading company in Air Quality studies in Chile, with expertise in modeling, data analisis and emission ...

  • Vibrocomp Ltd

    based in Budapest, HUNGARY.

    Vibrocomp Ltd

    Vibrocomp built up a unique competence and broad experience in just about any application of Environmental Planning. Vibrocomp is involved in environmental assessment studies and noise protection work for all kinds of development. Our company has ...

    Acoustic Research

    Acoustic Research

    Vibrocomp is leading expertise and known worldwide for its experience in acoustic research. Our staff, of highly educated Engineers, supports a wide spectrum of customers all over the world. By continuous acoustic and development of our staff we ...

  • Meteorological Solutions Inc. (MSI)

    based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA).

    Meteorological Solutions Inc. (MSI)

    Meteorological Solutions Inc. (MSI) is an air quality and meteorological consulting company with a strong emphasis on near-field dispersion modeling, far-field dispersion modeling, and air permitting. We can provide complete meteorological and air ...

    Applied Meteorology Services

    Applied Meteorology Services

    Meteorological Solutions Inc. provides forecasting and climatological services to state and local government, as well as to the private sector in the industrial, legal, insurance, infrastructure, energy, nuclear, and the ...

  • ARIA Technologies

    based in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE.

    ARIA Technologies

    The european specialist of the atmospheric environement. The main areas of competence of ARIA Technologies are: Computation of pollutant dispersion, meteorological analysis, wind, emission, and air quality modelling. ARIA Technologies works with ...

  • Aiguasol

    based in Barcelona, SPAIN.


    Aiguasol’s independence and high scientific rigor confer it a recognized position of neutrality and objectivity in the sector. Our aim is to create indoor and outdoor spaces and to devise exceptional, comfortable and efficient systems and processes ...

    Version METEONORM v.7 - Worldwide Weather Data

    Version METEONORM v.7 - Worldwide Weather Data

    METEONORM 7 is a comprehensive meteorological reference. METEONORM gives you access to a catalogue of meteorological data for solar applications and system design at any desired location in the world. It is ...

  • FlowMotion

    based in Delft, NETHERLANDS.


    FlowMotion is an engineering and consultancy company based in Delft, the Netherlands, specialising in fluid dynamics for industrial applications. As designer and user of industrial products and processe you usually don’t have the capacity, to ...


    based in Aubière, FRANCE.


    NUMTECH carries out global-scale missions ranging from research into the atmospheric dispersion of emissions linked to human activities, through to producing or forecasting air quality figures or providing expert assessments of meteorological ...

    Research into the atmospheric dispersion of industrial emissions (impact studies, hazard studies)

    Research into the atmospheric dispersion of industrial emissions (impact studies, hazard studies)

    NUMTECH employs the very latest Gaussian dispersion models, such as ADMS or AERMOD/ISC, to produce studies for a wide range of industrial sites, while factoring in particularly complex effects such as hilly terrain, mixed land use patterns, ...

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