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oil cleanup Companies

  • Cypher Environmental Ltd.

    based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA).


    Cypher Environmental Ltd.

    Cypher Environmental engineers environmentally friendly, high-quality dust control, soil stabilization, and water remediation solutions for a growing global economy. As an industry pioneer, Cypher is constantly innovating and delivering greater ...

    UltraZyme - Hydrocarbon Powder

    UltraZyme - Hydrocarbon Powder

    UltraZyme HydroCarbon Powder (UZHC) has been created to suit unique effluent treatments as well as oil spills on land and in water. UZHC is a blend of environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to consume, digest and reduce oil / gas as ...


    based in Leonardo, NEW JERSEY (USA).



    OHMSETT is the only facility where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, research, and training can be conducted in a marine environment. The Ohmsett test tank allows testing of full-scale equipment. The tank`s wave generator creates ...

  • ADsorb-it - by Eco-Tec, Inc.

    based in Vaughn, WASHINGTON (USA).


    ADsorb-it - by Eco-Tec, Inc.

    ADsorb-it products are manufactured in the USA for the TRULY effective removal of oil, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants and suspended solids while allowing the virtually unrestricted flow of water! We use only the finest materials in their ...

    ADsorb-it - Oil Sweep Systems

    ADsorb-it - Oil Sweep Systems

    Mop up an oil or fuel spill on boat decks, in the shop, garage, or warehouse. Use the Oil Sweep any place that would normally require hands-and-knees placement and removal of sorbent pads. The complete unit is comprised of three parts: the Oil Sweep ...

  • OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).


    OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere of any size, large or small. OSE II is an ...

  • Texas Boom Company

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).


    Texas Boom Company

    Since 1986, Texas Boom Company has been manufacturing a wide range of equipment to support the oil spill response and prevention industries. The products produced include oil containment boom, turbidity curtains, silt curtains, floating baffle ...

    TBC - Catch Basins and Berms for Handling Waste & Spills

    TBC - Catch Basins and Berms for Handling Waste & Spills

    Texas Boom’s catch basins and berms are great for handling waste, spills, and runoff efficiently and safely. We offer a variety of wash berms, fill berms, and chemical berms that function as mobile containment systems, environmental protection ...

  • GEI Works, Inc.

    based in Sebastian, FLORIDA (USA).

    GEI Works, Inc.

    GEI Works provides products for pollution containment and collection, erosion control, industrial spill containment clean up applications, and emergency use as site specific solutions. We are customer focused by offering turbidity curtains, portable ...

    Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

    Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment

    Granite Environmental is a leading source of Oil Spill Cleanup Equipment. Our oil booms are designed for most climate and response situations. OPA 90 compliant oil spill containment boom, FOC boom (fast oil cleanup boom), oil absorbent boom, oil ...

  • Clean Properties, Inc.

    based in Sudbury, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Clean Properties, Inc.

    Clean Properties, Inc. specializes in oil and hazardous waste clean-up. Since 1989, we have completed over 3,000 environmental projects, serving Massachusetts and adjoining states. Projects include cleanup of oil and industrial contaminants such ...

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    Clean Properties routinely addresses the cleanup of basement oil spills.  We have worked directly for property insurance companies and for property owners.  We are skillful in filing insurance claims on behalf of property owners as well as ...

  • Micro-Bac International, Inc.

    based in Round Rock, TEXAS (USA).

    Micro-Bac International, Inc.

    Micro-Bac International, Inc. an environmental biotechnology research, development and manufacturing company of sustainable eco-friendly microbial products for the petroleum industry, wastewater and bioremediation issues. For over 30 years, ...

    Micro-Bac - Model Spill-Bac™ - The Natural & Effective Land Oil Spill Cleanup Solution

    Micro-Bac - Model Spill-Bac™ - The Natural & Effective Land Oil Spill Cleanup Solution

    Spill-Bac™ is a proprietary blend of specially selected biologicals and biochemicals used to remediate crude oil spills on land. It can be applied topically to spills such as occur from oil field maintenance operations, tank and flow line ...

  • Environmental Remediation Specialists Inc. (ERS)

    based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA).

    Environmental Remediation Specialists Inc. (ERS)

    Environmental Remediation Specialists, Inc. (ERS) has become a leader in the hazardous material (hazmat) emergency response and envrionmental services field. Originating in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our goal is to provide effective services with a focus on ...

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    ERS has responded to and performed oil spill cleanup services ranging from a 5 barrel release on land to over 5000 barrels released into major waterways.  Our oil response teams focus on initial containment knowing that prevention of oil spill ...


    based in Mckinney, TEXAS (USA).


    BESCO is an environmental expertise firm & one of the leading Companies in this area to offer a complete range of total environmental solutions and tailor made products on its innovative way and developed the solutions & ability to serve difficult ...

    OSEII - Biological Oil Spill Cleanup

    OSEII - Biological Oil Spill Cleanup

    OIL SPILL EATER II (hereinafter OSE II) is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product and it contains exact proportions of enzymes, bio surfactants, nutrients and other necessary constituents for complete life cycles and biodegradation ...

  • CCH Greenfield Solutions, LLC.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    CCH Greenfield Solutions, LLC.

    CCH Greenfield`s Solutions chemists and staff have more than 35 years of experience in the oil field industry. We have developed more than 500 specialty products. We have been a pioneer in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing GREEN ...

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    Oil Spill Cleanup Services

    On it's own, oil is not magnetic, but when mixed with water-repellent nanoparticles that contain iron, the oil can be magnetically separated from the water. The nanoparticles can later be removed to enable the re-use of the oil. The recovery process ...

  • SR2O Holdings, LLC

    based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA).

    SR2O Holdings, LLC

    SR2O Holdings, LLC is our Parent Company based out of Oklahoma City. Scrap Rubber, Plastics, Municipal Solid Waste, Contaminated Soil and Biomass Feedstocks…SR2O captures hydrocarbons to produce top grade commodity renewable and biofuels for todays ...

  • Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.

    based in Norcross, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc.

    Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc., is a company dedicated to advancing chromatography and separation science. We formulate and manufactures proprietary and specialized chemical adsorbents used for the purification of industrial compounds. DAI`s work with ...

    Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb - Alumina for Oil Spills and Cleanup

    Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb - Alumina for Oil Spills and Cleanup

    Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ (DA Oil Sorb™ ) was developed for the removal of crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico or sea water by combining the two most powerful mechanisms for capturing the greatest amount of oil from surface water - DAI Dyna-Aqua ...

  • Crown Oil Environmental Ltd

    Crown Oil Environmental welcome you to our environmental services. Established for over 60 years, COE can help with oil spill cleanups, oil tank decommissioning and removal, fuel transfers, uplifts and more.If you`re trying to help protect the ...

  • Stan's Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service

    Stan's Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service prides itself on providing high quality service to our customers with their various needs, which include marsh transportation and construction, oil spill and environmental cleanup and recovery, plus ...

  • Ideal Response

    based in Maidstone, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Ideal Response

    Ideal Response is a Recovery and Hygiene business, operating in London and the South East. Ideal Response provides a 24/7 emergency oil spill cleanup service for commercial and residential customers. Ideal Response are proud to be exclusive UK ...

  • Cleanup- PCI Products Company/PowerClean Inc.

    based in Chino Hills, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Cleanup- PCI Products Company/PowerClean Inc.

    Your online source for cost effective clean up solutions. Products to protect your wood, carpet and concrete from permanent damage caused by oil, water and other elements. Water absorbent products for use in case of an emergency leak, for windows ...

    Cleanup Stuff - Garage Mat - 3` Widths

    Cleanup Stuff - Garage Mat - 3` Widths

    This Low Cost Garage Mat Absorbs Vehicle Leaks. The Non-Penetrable Backing Prevents Permanent Concrete Stains. Your home is your most valuable asset and the garage floor mat can help to keep it looking like new. Protect your homes value with the ...

  • AAI Environmental Corporation

    based in Ashland City, TENNESSEE (USA).

    AAI Environmental Corporation

    All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Environmental Corporation is a state-of-the-art environmental consulting firm with vast experience in conducting environmental site assessments throughout the United States. Our reports are compliant with the EPA ...

    Oil and Gas Field Environmental Assessments & Cleanups

    Oil and Gas Field Environmental Assessments & Cleanups

    AAI  has extensive experience in conducting Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments, and remediation on active and inactive oil and gas well properties, as well as, oilfield services properties. We also conduct Baseline Studies on ...

  • Monarch Green, Inc.

    based in Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Monarch Green, Inc.

    Monarch Green, Inc. is a cutting edge, environmentally conscious, “green” manufacturer of the most advanced, oil spill cleanup products in the world. Working closely with like-minded organizations and partners within multiple industries, Monarch ...

  • Marine Pollution Control Corporation

    Marine Pollution Control Corporation (MPC) was founded in 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. Incorporated a year later, MPC was the first spill cleanup corporation in the Great Lakes region and one of the first in the nation. MPC is a highly mobile, rapid ...

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