oil spill bioremediation Companies

  • OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    based in Dallas, TEXAS (USA).


    OSEI - Oil Spill Eater International, Corp

    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation process for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination virtually anywhere of any size, large or small. OSE II is an ...

    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE) - Biological Enzyme for Oil Spill Bioremediation

    Oil Spill Eater II (OSE) - Biological Enzyme for Oil Spill Bioremediation

    OSE II is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product. OSE II is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. The end result of this process is CO2 and ...

  • Alabaster Corporation

    based in Pasadena, TEXAS (USA).

    Alabaster Corporation

    Welcome to Alabaster Corp. We manufacture Industrial Strength Bioremediation Cleaning Products and Custom Microbial Cleaners. Our products are designed to provide faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions to your environmental needs. We ...

    SEA-BRAT - Model 4 - Water Pollution and Hydrocarbon Oil Spill Bioremediation Cleaner

    SEA-BRAT - Model 4 - Water Pollution and Hydrocarbon Oil Spill Bioremediation Cleaner

    For the Dispersion and Clean Up of water pollution and hydrocarbon oil spills. Applied to any hydrocarbon it will disperse the oil spill on contact. It's that simple. SEA ...

  • BioNutraTech, Inc.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    BioNutraTech, Inc.

    BioNutraTech, Inc. is the developer, primary manufacturer of micro-encapsulated biostimulants for use in the bioremediation of organic wastes and contaminants in soil, water and animal bedding. Our products reduce time and money on a average of 20 ...

    Model VB997 - Soil for Hydrocarbons and Oil Spill Bioremediation

    Model VB997 - Soil for Hydrocarbons and Oil Spill Bioremediation

    VB997 Soil remediation through bioremediation utilizes a nutrient formulation that accelerates the growth and activity of on-site, naturally occurring microbes that consume hydrocarbons and contamination in soil safely, producing ...

  • Bioremediate.com, LLC

    based in Stewart, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Bioremediate.com, LLC

    Bioremediate.com LLC specializes in providing microbial solutions for aquaculture facilities - disease control, WWTP facilities, waste effluents - BOD control and the bioremediation of hydrocarbons such as oil spills or oil/water separation. ...

    Bioremediate - Oil Spill Bioremediation

    Bioremediate - Oil Spill Bioremediation

    Many of the most toxic environmental contaminants are now candidates for ...

  • The GROW Company

    The GROW Company is an Australian supplier of oil spill bioremediation products including the PRP powder. The company is also an industry leader in green technologies including humate products for the agriculture sector and vita sustain ...

  • GKL Solutions Ltd.

    based in Hampshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    GKL Solutions Ltd.

    Oil Spill Bioremediation agent for Sarva Bio Remed.Marine Agent for Advanced Sensor Oil in Water Analysers. Marine Agent for Recovered Energy Oil in Water Separators. UK Marine Agent for DVZ Services Oil in Water Separators. Agent for Organic Oil / ...

  • Haleco

    Aborbents for oil and other spills. Absorbents / Bio-remediation / Pollution clean-up equipment / Sealing / Protection and safety / Retention / Separate collection

  • Hull`s Environmental Services, Inc.

    Founded in 1983, Hull`s Environmental Services, Inc. has grown into a complete service environmental remediation, industrial services and oil field services company headquartered in Wilson, Oklahoma with full service facilities in Texas, Georgia and ...

  • Nature`s Broom, Inc.

    based in MISSISSIPPI (USA).

    Nature`s Broom, Inc.

    Nature’s Broom contains a high level of micro-organisms that break down petroleum hydrocarbons. This process usually takes about 12 weeks when moisture content and temperature allow the multiplication of the micro- organisms. the micro-organisms ...

    Nature - Broom Absorbent (.4lb Pouch)

    Nature - Broom Absorbent (.4lb Pouch)

    Nature’s Broom is a revolutionary absorbent technology that starts soaking up the spill as soon as it touches the liquid! Unlike clay absorbents, there is no need to wait before finishing ...

  • East Coast Distribution, Inc.

    East Coast Distribution, Inc. was established in the State of New York in July 2001. Since then, our company has been successfully working on promoting the best products manufactured, and technologies developed by the U.S. and other Western ...

  • Procon Environmental Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

    Procon Environmetal Technologies (Pty) Ltd. offer a full scope of Environmental Products & Technologies, specializing in systems that minimize the impact of contamination on the environment and surrounding areas. The company has secured exclusive ...

    Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation Services

    Procon specializes in Bio-Augmentation and has been involved in various bioremediation and oil spill projects. We will take other conditions into account, such as PH, temperature, salinity and the ...

  • CL Solutions, LLC

    based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

    CL Solutions, LLC

    CL Solutions provides products for bioremediation of environmental spills of oil, fuel and industrial chemicals. CL Solutions’ microbial cultures are safe for human health and the environment. When used under appropriate conditions, our microbial ...

    Petrox - Model EC - Rapid Bioremediation

    Petrox - Model EC - Rapid Bioremediation

    Bioremediation and cleaning solution for removal and destruction of petroleum hydrocarbons and other chemicals.  Petrox EC combines the benefits of surfactant with microbial bioremediation for immediate ...

  • Green State Services

    based in New Paltz, NEW YORK (USA).

    Green State Services

    Green State Services specializes in absorbent products, absorbent mats, oil absorbent pads, absorbent socks, spill control products, spill kits, oil spill kits, spill containment pallets, containment pallets, containment berms, stormwater management ...

    Cleans Oil Spill on Water or Hard Surfaces

    Cleans Oil Spill on Water or Hard Surfaces

    For Oil Spills on Water or Hard Surfaces, OS Powder is the Complete solution for remediation & clean-up of fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbon spills. Oil ...

  • Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

    based in Emigsville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

    Since 2001, SARVA has been developing and manufacturing the cost-effective, environmentally-friendly bioremediation products. Our products are used for remediation of various hydrocarbon contamination in soil and water including gasoline, diesel ...

  • Slick Solutions

    based in Dublin, IRELAND.

    Slick Solutions

    Slick Solutions is a specialist oil spill company founded by CEO Francis Fullen in 2015. From its operational base in Dublin, Ireland the team offers expert consultancy and a full bioremediation service. The Slick Solutions mission is to restore and ...

    Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) Powder

    Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) Powder

    Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) is a perfect crystalline structure manufactured from Bees Wax that bonds with any spilled oil or fuel and eradicates it. PRP is a 100% natural product and contains no chemicals. ...

  • OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc

    based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    OilSpillRem - Universal Remediation Inc

    OilSpillRem. provides Green Spill Cleanup and Absorbent Products for Oil, Fuel and other Hydrocarbon Spills.PRP (petroleum remediation product) and OilBuster can be used for many oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon clean up applications ...

    Model XL - Oil Buster

    Model XL - Oil Buster

    OIL BUSTER XL can be used to absorb and remediate oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons from hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or wood. Effective for individual home use, or industrial ...

  • Aabaco Environmental Industries

    based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA).

    Aabaco Environmental Industries

    Aabaco Environmental provides a range of high quality products to a broad range of industries nationwide. Our more than twenty years in the business speaks to the high level of quality and customer satisfaction necessary to achieve this milestone. ...

    Bio-Aabsorb - Model Micro-N - Absorb and Clean Up Oil Spills

    Bio-Aabsorb - Model Micro-N - Absorb and Clean Up Oil Spills

    BIO-AABSORB MICRO-N is a concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micronutrients formulated for use in the degredation of petroleum based hydrocarbons. Absorb and clean up oil spills Quickly and ...

  • SpillAway Projects Ltd.

    SpillAway Projects Ltd is a UK based distributor stocking SpillAway Brands™ products. We have been selling the SpillAway Brands™ range of products since 2006, firstly as a solutions based business working closely with customers, consultants and the ...

  • EnviroLogic

    based in Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).


    Today, EnviroLogic is the leading global manufacturer of industrial, commercial, marine, institutional and residential products for use in the innovative field of Environmental Biotechnology. We have extensively researched the natural process and ...

    SpillAway Brands™ - SpillAway+™

    SpillAway Brands™ - SpillAway+™

    Absorbent For use on oil (hydrocarbon) spills - bio-remedial version available ...

  • Cowens Ltd

    based in Carlisle, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Cowens Ltd

    Manufacturers of oil containment booms, Oilsorb-Ultra absorbents, skimmers, pumps, storage tanks, oil water separators, oil detectors, spill kits, biological products, chemical spill kits, oil in water filters, silt screens, hydraulic bellows.

    Cowens - Bio Tubes - Oil Separator Bioremediation

    Cowens - Bio Tubes - Oil Separator Bioremediation

    Oil Separator Bioremediation; Forecourt separators accumulate oil from spills and rain/cleaning water run-offs. These separators must be cleaned regularly to prevent environmentally ...

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