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pipe flocculator Companies

  • H2Flow Equipment Inc.

    based in Vaughan, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    H2Flow Equipment Inc.

    H2Flow supplies processes and equipment for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal use and actively works with plant engineers & operators, consulting engineers and contractors. Industrial customers typically include the power, ...

    H2Flow - Model PF Series - Pipe Flocculator for Chemical Treatment System

    H2Flow - Model PF Series - Pipe Flocculator for Chemical Treatment System

    Unlike conventional tanks and mixers, the H2Flow PF Series Pipe Flocculators use kinetic energy harnessed directly from flow of the wastewater to mix chemistry inline. The PF Series Pipe ...

  • Toro Equipment S.L.

    based in La Cisterniga, SPAIN.


    Toro Equipment S.L.

    Toro Equipment is a leading European company specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment for industrial and urban wastewater treatment, water processing, water reuse and sludge treatment. We offer our customers the best water treatment ...

    Toro Equipment - Model FLH Series - Floculator Pipe

    Toro Equipment - Model FLH Series - Floculator Pipe

    Our Flocculator (FLH) equipment is an option that serves as a supplement to the

  • Novotec N.V

    based in Merelbeke, BELGIUM.

    Novotec N.V

    Novotec NV was founded in 2001. Together with several partners Novotec developed into a valued point of contact for our customers, looking for an optimized solution for their waste water problems. Armed with a rich experience in handling various ...

    Novotec - Model NPF - Pipe Flocculator

    Novotec - Model NPF - Pipe Flocculator

    The NPF pipe flocculator designed by Novotec is a mixing device used to inject chemicals in a waste water flow. The highly effective design includes pipe diameter changes and numerous bends, ...

  • Atana Limited

    based in Coalville, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Atana Limited

    Incorporated in 2002, Atana have offices throughout the United Kingdom, and respond to enquiries from the UK and Europe. Our head office based in Leicestershire, East Midlands, houses manufacturing, logistics, laboratory, engineering and ...

    Atana - Pipe Flocculators

    Atana - Pipe Flocculators

    Atana's range of pipe flocculators cover flows from 5 cubic meters per hour upto 150 cubic meters per hour and provide a consistent method of effectively dosing inline chemicals into waste water influent streams. ...

  • Logisticon Water Treatment b.v.

    based in Groot-Ammers, NETHERLANDS.

    Logisticon Water Treatment b.v.

    Logisticon Water Treatment designs and constructs complete water treatment installations for the preparation of drinking and process water, and for the treatment of communal and industrial waste water. We have our own factory for this purpose. We ...

    Pipe Flocculators

    Pipe Flocculators

    A pipe flocculator guarantees that mixing is effective and that the retention time of the water and the mixing energy released are constant (plug flow). In this way, the particles in the water and the chemicals to ...

  • Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc.

    based in Tainan, TAIWAN.

    Ecologix Technologies Asia Pacific, Inc.

    Ecologix is a successful company in the field of wastewater treatment equipment with the fine bubble membrane diffusers, Rotary Screen, Dissolved air flotation ,Pipe flocculator, MBR modules and MBR packaged plant manufacturing. Product management ...

  • Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

    based in Erbach, GERMANY.

    Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG

    Located in Hessen, Germany, we are focused on providing both industry and consumers with cost effective, environmentally friendly, water conditioning devices, used to combat problems associated with scale and corrosion in water bearing pipes and ...

    Sialex Ring - For Controlling of Scale and Corrosion

    Sialex Ring - For Controlling of Scale and Corrosion

    SialexRing - The first offering using the Sialex® process. These devices are employed in the control of “Scale” and “Corrosion” associated with water pipes and devices exposed to this water, as a result ...

  • P-TEC - Piedmont Technical Services, Inc.

    based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA).

    P-TEC - Piedmont Technical Services, Inc.

    Piedmont Technical Services, Inc. “P-TEC” is engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing, sale, start-up and on-going operational training for dissolved air flotation based water and wastewater treatment systems for a variety of industrial ...

    P-Tech - Model PF Series - Flocculators

    P-Tech - Model PF Series - Flocculators

    P-TEC PF Series Flocculators are designed for effective chemical addition and monitoring of the Floc building process ahead of any of the PTEC DAF systems. This simple pipe based design allows for versatility and ...

  • Puriflo (UK) LLP

    based in Poole, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Puriflo (UK) LLP

    Puriflo have over 18 years experience in providing waste water treatment solutions for the food processing industry. The white water generated by Puriflo DAF systems is safe, consistently delivered and among the best available. Disposal of ...

    Puriflo - DAF System

    Puriflo - DAF System

    Puriflo Dissolved Air Flotation plants come in a number of standard sizes. For example with a flotation area of 4.0m by 1.0m, 4.0m by 2.0m, 6.0m by 2.0m etc. They are all packaged units which are piped, wired and tested in the ...

  • Shimmick Construction Co., Inc.

    based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Shimmick Construction Co., Inc.

    Shimmick Construction Company is one of the premier general engineering contractors in the Western United States. Shimmick`s focus on heavy civil construction has resulted in a wide spectrum of projects, each with its own complex challenges. Our ...

    Mechanical Services

    Mechanical Services

    Chillers,Fire suppression systems,Flocculators,Gates,HVAC,Heat exchangers,Ozone generators,Process ...

  • Hydropath Technology Ltd.

    based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Hydropath Technology Ltd.

    HYDROPATH provides the ultimate in water care technology to global business, industry and consumers – reducing limescale, preventing bio-fouling and offering chemical-free solutions with a difference. We do this by applying the very best in ...

    HydroFlow AquaKlear - Model P Range - Limescale Remover Pipe Fitting System for Cooling Towers

    HydroFlow AquaKlear - Model P Range - Limescale Remover Pipe Fitting System for Cooling Towers

    The Aquaklear P Range is used in cooling towers in industry, and for public swimming pools. Installing Aquaklear protects against limescale build-up and removes the existing limescale too. Aquaklear is also designed for the management of algae and ...

  • DAFCO Inc.

    based in Lenoir, NORTH CAROLINA (USA).

    DAFCO Inc.

    DAFCO provides a cleaner and greener environment through innovative wastewater treatment technologies. We design and build complete, customized, cutting-edge industrial solutions with an expected outcome and guaranteed reliability. DAFCO systems are ...

    DAFCO - Innovative Dissolved Air Flotation System

    DAFCO - Innovative Dissolved Air Flotation System

    Dissolved Air Flotation is a water and wastewater treatment process that clarifies wastewater through the removal of suspended matter such as oil, greases or solids. Removal is achieved by injecting pressurized air into the wastewater where ...

  • FRC Systems International, LLC - part of JWC Environmental

    based in Cumming, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    FRC Systems International, LLC - part of JWC Environmental

    FRC Systems International designs and manufactures industrial wastewater treatment systems for organizations in the food processing, oil & gas, cosmetics, metals, and general manufacturing industries. FRC delivers state-of-the art technical ...

    Model F Series - Flocculators

    Model F Series - Flocculators

    Flocculators, per their namesake, are designed to provide the mixing action and retention time required to adequately coagulate and flocculate solids in wastewater. FRC takes floc tube design very seriously, as they ...

  • K-Pack Water Treatment B.V. - Colubris Cleantech

    based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS.

    K-Pack Water Treatment B.V. - Colubris Cleantech

    K-Pack Water Technology has been a global supplier of wastewater treatment facilities since the 1970s. Having started out as one of the pioneers in water purification, K-Pack Water Technology is now a specialist in the area of wastewater treatment ...

  • Auquix, LLC

    based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Auquix, LLC

    AUQUIX listens to our client`s management goals and designs a system solution for maximum efficiency. The specified final design brings it all together in a convenient integrated package. Clients get better performance and efficiency while keeping ...

    PEWE - DAF - Clarification Systems

    PEWE - DAF - Clarification Systems

    Counter-Cross Flo plate pack, ParaLam Weir system, integrated pipe flocculator and ROGUE MAX RGT aeration, PEWE applies the latest in technology innovation to a given system design. Each system operates by precise ...

  • Nijhuis Industries

    based in Doetinchem, NETHERLANDS.

    Nijhuis Industries

    Solid Solutions In A Fluid WorldNijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. We meet today’s challenges as well as ...

    Flocculation Systems

    Flocculation Systems

    These systems remove emulsions, dispersions and heavy metals from the wastewater by adding coagulant, flocculant or ...

  • EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH

    based in Gärtringen, GERMANY.

    EUWA H.H. Eumann GmbH

    The company was founded in 1965 by Hanns-Heinz Eumann. His first employee was his wife Elizabeth, who actively helped him to build up the company. The company specialised in the production of water treatment equipment for the brewing and beverage ...

    Multi Layer Filters

    Multi Layer Filters

    Classic alternatives to this modern membrane separation are gravel and multi-layer filters. Gravel or multi-layer filters are used to remove suspended solids, caused either by a previous oxidation process, through defective pipes or ...

  • WPL Ltd

    based in Waterlooville, UNITED KINGDOM.

    WPL Ltd

    WPL is an environmental wastewater treatment solutions provider. WPL offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to deliver long term cost-effective treatment at even the most challenging sites; working in collaboration with our customers ...

  • Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC.

    based in Vancouver, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC.

    Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC. offers innovative process and wastewater treatment solutions and recycling opportunities. The PEWE research and development team is actively seeking new technologies for the Industrial and Municipal global ...

    PEWE G²-SEP - Model GS Series - Plate Settler

    PEWE G²-SEP - Model GS Series - Plate Settler

    of the optional PEWE Command Control automated panel. A pipe flocculator is available for chemical efficacy enhancement as well. PEWE products and systems are designed in-house and produced under tight ...

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