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POU water Companies

  • Lenntech Water Treatment

    based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS.


    Lenntech Water Treatment

    Lenntech - Innovative Water Treatment & Membrane Separation Solutions since 1993. Lenntech Water Treatment Solutions, established in 1993, is a design and manufacturing company situated in The Netherlands, near the Technical University of Delft. ...

    LENNSORB - Model 102 - Adsorbent Based on Granularferric Hydroxide

    LENNSORB - Model 102 - Adsorbent Based on Granularferric Hydroxide

    LENNSORB 102 is a high-performance adsorbent based on granular ferric hydroxide. Made in a patented manufacturing process, it was specially developed for selective removal of arsenic from water. Recognized for its high quality and purity, LENNSORB ...

  • Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).


    Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    Acme Engineering was founded as a manufacturer`s representative firm in 1956 and began large-scale production of its own Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in 1963. Our gas detection line was launched in the early 1970’s and ...

  • F-DGSi

    based in Evry, FRANCE.



    Founded in 2006 in Evry, France, where its headquarters and research and development center is based, F-DGSi is a family-owned, dynamic and innovative company in the gas generator sector, the benchmark in design, manufacture and technical assistance ...

    LABOSTAR - Model 3/7 TWF-DI - Ultrapure Water System

    LABOSTAR - Model 3/7 TWF-DI - Ultrapure Water System

    Produce Ultrapure Water directly from your drinking water supply: A system with a very compact integrated tank which can be fixed on the bench or wall mounting to be installed wherever ultra pure water is needed. Available as a tap or pretreated ...

  • Ampac USA

    based in Montclair, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Ampac USA

    Ampac USA advanced water purification systems are built to solve the most complex challenges related to water purification, treatment, provisioning and Seawater Desalination, meant to work in the harshest environments around the globe. Our water ...

    Ampac - Model UVB2-EPCB - Pura Ultra Violet Disinfection System

    Ampac - Model UVB2-EPCB - Pura Ultra Violet Disinfection System

     Pura Ultra Violet Disinfection System UVB2-EPCB Products patented UVB Series is designed to provide disinfected water at a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. In addition to disinfection, water is filtered through our Double Models provide you ...

  • Cosmetal S.r.l.

    based in Recanati (MC), ITALY.

    Cosmetal S.r.l.

    Cosmetal is the leading global manufacturer of superior quality water coolers with more of 30 years of experience in the sector. Today the company is the most important Italian manufacturer, and an international leader, in the production of ...

    Aquality - Model POU - Water Cooler

    Aquality - Model POU - Water Cooler

    Aquality POU, the point of use water cooler that is efficient, sturdy and easy to manage and maintain. Ice bank cooling system, available in two models with different performances: 20 l/h and 28 l/h.  The sober, clean lines of the design and ...

  • KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.

    based in Three Rivers, MICHIGAN (USA).

    KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.

    KDF Fluid Treatment Provides Patented Water Treatment Media for Water and Industrial Treatment. Founded in 1984, KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc. is a technological leader in the fluid treatment industry. KDF process media are high-purity copper-zinc ...

    KDF - Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Systems

    KDF - Point-of-Entry (POE) or Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Systems

    There are essentially only two principle locations for installing water treatment systems. Which of the two systems you need depends upon what you hope to accomplish. One is Point-of-Entry water treatment (POE), the other is Point-of-Use water ...

  • Water Resources of NJ

    based in NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Water Resources of NJ

    We have a proven track record of providing state-of-the-art, turnkey water treatment and purification systems to meet your manufacturing and process requirements.We will custom-engineer water systems to meet any water quality level or volume that ...

  • ProSystems - part of Aquion, Inc.

    based in Elk Grove, ILLINOIS (USA).

    ProSystems - part of Aquion, Inc.

    ProSystems is Aquion’s “private-label” division where we manufacture residential and commercial water treatment systems to serve the independent water treatment dealer, plumbing and home improvement contractor markets in the United States, Canada ...

    Model Pro - POL Series - Drinking Water System

    Model Pro - POL Series - Drinking Water System

    The ProSeries POL (Point of Use) Drinking Water System tucks neatly under a sink and dispenses water to the faucet. Forget the daily cost of bottled water. Thanks to this filter, water will taste better and the coffee, tea and juices made with it ...

  • Crystal IS, Inc. - an Asahi Kasei company

    based in Green Island, NEW YORK (USA).

    Crystal IS, Inc. - an Asahi Kasei company

    Crystal IS, an Asahi Kasei company, is an innovative U.S.-based manufacturer of proprietary, high-performance deep UV (UVC) LEDs. Our products are used for disinfection in a variety of applications, including healthcare, industrial and point-of-use ...


    DIEAU-EDAFIM over 20 years leadership in the POU cooler industry. An Independent manufacturer, working only via distribution networks. Compliance with EU regulations in force (EAS). Global influence: Ability to supply EU wide.

    POU point of use or bottled Water cooler

    ASTAR water cooler for office with 5gl/3Gl bottle or (POU) Point of Use. Automatic sanitation with stream in less than 10 minutes.45 liter per hour, Direct chill, high performance ice bank Sysmem LUMIO water cooler for office with 5gl/3Gl bottle or ...

  • Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine (WC&P)

    based in Tucson, ARIZONA (USA).

    Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine (WC&P)

    Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine (WC&P) has been the voice of professional excellence in POU/POE water treatment for one half a century. Celebrating our 50th `golden` anniversary in 2009, we have been the premier source for news, technical ...

  • MTN Products, Inc.

    based in La Verne, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    MTN Products, Inc.

    MTN Products is a family owned and operated business since 1988, and 2006 respectively. It is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative beverage dispensers, bottled water coolers, and filtration (POU) water coolers that are sold ...

    MTN - Model HB 215-3GI-SIP - High Performance Water Cooler

    MTN - Model HB 215-3GI-SIP - High Performance Water Cooler

    Our high performance water cooler specifically designed to meet the demand of heavy use filtration installations. The Horizonsh comes with a large capacity 3 gallon cold tank and a 2.0L hot tank. There is a front access panel allowing easy ...

  • Blupura Srl


    Blupura Srl

    Blupura, the new generation of high design and environmental friendly POU water coolers. Made in Italy. Today our water-coolers are designed using as much recyclable material as possible and are equipped with energy saving devices to reduce energy ...

  • Alpine Coolers

    based in Duluth, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Alpine Coolers

    Alpine has been manufacturing and providing drinking water filtration systems, bottle water coolers, POU water coolers, in-tank UV sanitization systems, water filters, reverse osmosis filtration and national office drinking water services around the ...

  • IGO Direct USA Corp.

    based in Ontario, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    IGO Direct USA Corp.

    IGO Direct Premium Water Coolers is a manufacturer of POU coolers and bottled water coolers. Our factory direct program ensures the best value and quality in the industry. IGO coolers are attractive but they are also extremely durable and easy to ...

  • Waterlogic International Ltd

    based in Basingstoke, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Waterlogic International Ltd

    Waterlogic is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of top quality mains attached “Point of Use” (POU) water purifying and dispensing systems. These incorporate Firewall™ purification technology, carbon multi-filtration systems, In Tank ...

    Waterlogic - Model WL2000 - Premium Water Dispenser

    Waterlogic - Model WL2000 - Premium Water Dispenser

    An economical and effective POU cooler dispensing safe, clean drinking water for the workplace without the hassle of bottles. Ideal for small offices and factories and the neat WL Station option is a perfect match for coffee machines ; Constant ...

  • Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA)

    based in Victoria, TEXAS (USA).

    Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA)

    The Texas Water Quality Association is the trade association representing the household, commercial, and industrial water quality improvement industry in Texas. Its member companies manufacture and sell point-of-use / point-of-entry (POU / POE) ...

  • H2O International, Inc.

    based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

    H2O International, Inc.

    H2O International is a privately-held, Florida Corporation that manufactures POU/POE water-filtration systems using GAC and KDF media. For more than 20 years, we’ve supplied dealers and distributors around the world, each of which has played a key ...

  • SMS ceramic water filters

    The ceramic silver water filter (CSF) is a point-of-use system based on a ceramic pot filter. These filters are produced by SMS silver filters in Mojoo , Ethiopia and are more cost-effective than alternative water treatment options as ...

  • Clover Co., Ltd.

    based in Anyang, SOUTH KOREA.

    Clover Co., Ltd.

    Clover is a specialized water dispenser manufacturer & exporter based in Korea. With 22 years know-how and experiences, we offer more reliable, durable and competitive water dispensers into the world market, Exporting to over 40 countries, we have ...

    Clover - Model D16A / D16B - Point of Use Water Coolers

    Clover - Model D16A / D16B - Point of Use Water Coolers

    Cabinet: High glossy cabinet(Front and top:ABS plastics, Side:High polymer polyster coated steel panel). Superior resistance to UV light. Color: Fresh grey available as standard. Faucets: Durable polypropylene. Self closing type. Easy to operate.

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