protective liner Companies

  • Aquas INC.

    based in Taipei, TAIWAN.


    Aquas INC.

    Aquas Inc. Taiwan based Manufacturer of multiparameter sensors,wireless controller and data logger cloud-based SCADA and artificial intelligence management systems, used in stormwater drainage, municipal water, wastewater, industrial water, ...

    Aquas - Model MAG Series - Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    Aquas - Model MAG Series - Electromagnetic Flow Meter

    The MAG series is a highly reliable and cost-effective electromagnetic flow meter with innovative technology for flow measurement, data collection and communication applications. It is built-in with flow modules, battery, with robust IP68 water ...

  • Prolite Systems Inc.

    based in Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Prolite Systems Inc.

    Prolite Systems is a Canadian based International Fabricator of thermoplastic, fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) and dual laminate piping and equipment. Prolite also designs and manufactures corrosion resistant pollution control systems for the ...

    Prolite - Concrete Protective Liners

    Prolite - Concrete Protective Liners

    HDPE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE Agru SureGrip concrete protective liners. PROLITE will supply, design and install liners for the protection of concrete against multiple ...

  • CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

    based in Frankenthal, GERMANY.

    CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

    CMC Klebetechnik is a mid-size company in the heart of Germany and manufactures since more than 25 years an ETFE-film based adhesive tape that sticks good to ETFE surfaces. It is used for construction, maintenance and repair of ETFE-applications ...

    CMC - Model 77703 - ETFE-Adhesive Tape Double Side Adhesive Coated, With Protective Liner

    CMC - Model 77703 - ETFE-Adhesive Tape Double Side Adhesive Coated, With Protective Liner

    CMC 77703 ETFE-Adhesive tape double side adhesive coated, with protective ...

  • Agru America, Inc.

    based in Georgetown, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Agru America, Inc.

    Agru America, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geotextiles, geo clay liners, concrete protective liners and fittings. The company also supplies vertical barrier systems and ...

    Sure-Grip - Concrete Protective Liners

    Sure-Grip - Concrete Protective Liners

    Providing long-term protection of concrete structures, Sure-Grip Concrete Liners extend the life of tanks, pipes and other structures, by bringing the flexibility and durability of thermoplastics to the strength of ...

  • Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech

    based in Tramore, IRELAND.

    Agru Ireland Ltd. T/A Lining Tech

    Lining Tech is a professional, highly experienced civil and environmental engineering contractor specialising in the provision of sustainable engineered geosynthetic solutions to our clients, nationally and internationally.

    Suregrip - Concrete Protection Liners

    Suregrip - Concrete Protection Liners

    Suregrip is a combined HDPE and PP lining material which is used for concrete sealing and protection in new concrete tanks. The sheets of material are butted together and tacked to the inside of shutters prior to pouring the ...

  • Advanced Pipeline Supplies Ltd

    Advanced Pipeline Supplies Ltd Suppliers of Tube Valves and Fittings in Plastic, Mild, Stainless and Copper. With over 20 years experience and extensive stocks in a variety of materials, few are better equipped to solve your pipework problems.

  • Protective Liner Systems, Inc.

    based in Lithonia, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Protective Liner Systems, Inc.

    Protective Liner Systems offer a full range of products for infrastructure rehabilitation, primary focused on manhole rehabilitation. All of our products are made to work with most pipe lining technologies and most materials used in municipal and ...

  • SHOWA, Inc

    based in Menlo, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    SHOWA, Inc

    Showa Best Glove is global manufacturing powerhouse in the hand protection industry. With U.S. headquarters and extensive research and development operations in Menlo, Georgia, and manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, Canada, ...

    SHOWA - Model 477 - Insulated Liner Protects Gloves

    SHOWA - Model 477 - Insulated Liner Protects Gloves

    Revered for its unique combination of cold protection and tactical grip performance, SHOWA 477 is ergonomically designed to keep your hands dry and warm in the most extreme ...

  • Russetts Development Ltd

    based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Russetts Development Ltd

    Russetts Developments Ltd is a leading supplier of rubber tank liners to the fire protection industry. We also provide a tank liner reinstallation service to industries such as agriculture, landscape and fire protection. In addition to our liner ...

    RDL - Fire Protection Tank Liners

    RDL - Fire Protection Tank Liners

    Tank liners are supplied to the UK, European and Worldwide markets. Russetts Developments Ltd (RDL) have a renowned reputation for being the UK’s leading supplier of ...


    based in Matou, TAIWAN.


    HUITEX® is a leading manufacturer of geosynthetic products since 1990s. We`ve established a reliable reputation through our contribution to provide consistency of product and quality to our global customers. HUITEX® is an ISO 9001 and 14001 ...

  • IFT - Institute of Fluid Technologies

    based in Bremerhaven, GERMANY.

    IFT - Institute of Fluid Technologies

    In many processes in wastewater treatment plants especially for sludge treatment, biogas plants, food and non-food industry and in cooling water systems, the formation of deposits in pumps, pipes, centrifuges and heat exchangers is increasing. The ...

    Fluid-Liner - Protective Induction System

    Fluid-Liner - Protective Induction System

    The Fluid-Liner as a protective induction system is a physical cleaning system. It successfully reduces or even abolishes strong encrustations and depositions in pipelines and equipments in a material friendly ...

  • AGRU

    AGRU ENVIRONNEMENT FRANCE distributes a wide range of high quality products out of plastics: piping systems out of PE; AGRUSAFE Sure Grip concrete protective liners, double sealing system and double containment piping systems, a complete program for ...

  • HBB GeoSales

    HBB GeoSales Ltd is a family owned company who specialize in the Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Geosynthetic Cover, Liner & Barrier systems for the protection and containment of liquids, solids, gases and contaminants, as well as other ...

  • SABK International

    based in JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA.

    SABK International

    SABK provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services for water and wastewater in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East. We supply and install most geosynthetics including geotextiles, geogrids, ...

  • Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv

    based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS.

    Trisoplast Mineral Liners International Bv

    Trisoplast is a robust, flexible, durable and sustainable isolation solution consisting of a special clay-polymer component mixed with sand and water. Perfect as an environmentally protective bottom liner for landfills, tank terminals, industrial ...

  • Zook Enterprises, LLC.

    based in Chagrin Falls, OHIO (USA).

    Zook Enterprises, LLC.

    ZOOK is a global market leader with over 90 years of manufacturing expertise of high quality metal & graphite rupture disks and other pressure relief products. ZOOK has global locations in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Malaysia, with ...

    Zook - Model FAC-R - Forward Acting Rupture Disk

    Zook - Model FAC-R - Forward Acting Rupture Disk

    The FAC-R forward acting rupture disks (bursting discs) are composite design with a process side ring. Designed to be used in the FAH Pre-Torque ...

  • AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH

    based in Bad Hall, AUSTRIA.

    AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH

    As a reliable, professional supplier, AGRU offers everything from semi-finished products through to technologically optimised injection moulded fittings, all from a single source. Founded back in 1948 by Alois Gruber senior in Austria, nowadays the ...


    based in Mörfelden-Walldorf, GERMANY.


    Established in1965, FRANK is a successful owner-managed German company and one of the leading system suppliers in the European market for plastic pipes. We specialise in the development, production and marketing of pipe systems, valves, fittings, ...


    based in MALAYSIA.


    A global market leader with over 90 years of manufacturing expertise of high quality metal and graphite rupture disks and other pressure relief products, compliance to ASME VIII, PED CE, TUV ADM. ZOOK manufactures metal disks including ...

  • PGA-Earth Structure Solutions, Inc.

    PGA – Earth Structure Solutions, Inc. (PGA – ESS, Inc.), founded in 2004, is a subsidiary of the Philippine GeoAnalytics, Inc. (PGAI) Group of Companies, a group that has always been at the forefront of geotechnology in the Philippines. The newer ...

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