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rotating scraper Companies

  • Hydria Water AB

    based in Borås, SWEDEN.


    Hydria Water AB

    Hydria Water AB sells and markets products and solutions for wastewater treatment. Together with our sister company, we have long experience and knowledge and provides products, installation and service. All development, design and production takes ...

    VA Teknik - Rotating Sludge Scraper

    VA Teknik - Rotating Sludge Scraper

    These machines are manufactured to a basic design and are mainly made of stainless steel. Our full-bridge and semi-bridge rotating sludge scrapers are of latticework type. There are a variety of configurations, with ...

  • ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting Corporation

    based in Seyrantepe-Sarıyer, TURKEY.


    ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting Corporation

    ENTA is a Waste Water Treatment and Engineering Company, which has completed more than 500 Waste Treatment Systems in Turkey and 24 countries, provides customers with the latest technology of treatment systems and the expert engineering team. ENTA ...

    ENTA - Manufacturing and Equipment Supply Services

    ENTA - Manufacturing and Equipment Supply Services

    equipment include; automatic screen, screen presses, grit separators, static sieves, mixers, fixed and rotating bridge scrapers, oil separators, DAF units, surface and fuchs type aerators, pressured filters, clean ...

  • Econet group Ltd.

    based in Helsinki, FINLAND.


    Econet group Ltd.

    We are Econet Group and we are on a mission. Why? Because everyone has right for clean water.We operate in the water and environmental sectors providing the best quality of planning, engineering, and contracting services including electro-mechanical ...

    Slamex - Circular Sludge Thickener

    Slamex - Circular Sludge Thickener

    Sludge thickener SLAMEX ST is designed for effective gravity thickening of municipal and industrial sludge. Incoming water is led to the damping cylinder of the thickener in order to distribute the water proportionally to the thickening basin and ...

  • Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA).


    Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    Acme Engineering was founded as a manufacturer`s representative firm in 1956 and began large-scale production of its own Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in 1963. Our gas detection line was launched in the early 1970’s and ...

    ACME - Scraper Strainer Advantage Over Backwash

    ACME - Scraper Strainer Advantage Over Backwash

    Acme scraper strainers resist clogging and fouling when faced with large solids and high solids concentration. Backwash strainers cannot remove oversize solids and will clog, requiring manual removal of the solids and cleaning of ...

  • SYSTEA S.p.A.

    based in Anagni (FR), ITALY.


    SYSTEA S.p.A.

    SYSTEA S.p.A. is an Italian company established in 1988 with the objective to develop, manufacture and sell automatic wet chemistry analyzer for environmental and industrial markets. The actual products range, based on its own industrial patents, ...

  • ASTIM A.S.

    based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY.


    ASTIM A.S.

    Astim A.S. has been established and organized to build complete industrial plants and to manufacture various mechanical equipment such as, stainless steel and mild steel tanks and process equipment, pressure vessels, columns, steel construction ...

    ASTIM - Model DRL - Rotating Sludge Scraper

    ASTIM - Model DRL - Rotating Sludge Scraper

    In circular tanks; the flow pattern is radial. To supply a radial flow; the wastewater can be entered to the tank from the center or around the periphery of the tank. Peripheral driven rotating scrapers removes the ...

  • AAF Envirotec GmbH

    based in Essen, GERMANY.

    AAF Envirotec GmbH

    AAF Envirotec GmbH is engaged in the design, manufacture and erection of water & wastewater treatment plants. We offer a complete range of mechanical and biological treatment solutions according to the latest international standards. All of the ...

    Rotating Scrapers

    Rotating Scrapers

    Rotating scraper bridges are designed for desludging and descumming of primary - and final settling ...

  • Tech Universal (UK) Ltd

    based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Tech Universal (UK) Ltd

    We are a specialist process engineering company who are experts in the fields of water and waste water treatment.

    Rotating Scraper – Half Bridge Type

    Rotating Scraper – Half Bridge Type

    Full Bridge Rotating Scraper (Clarifier) is designed and used in all sedimentation tanks (primary & secondary sedimentation). In general manner it is mainly used to treat domestic and industrial effluent ...

  • Mittem Environmental Technology

    based in Pendik /Istanbul, TURKEY.

    Mittem Environmental Technology

    MITTEM Environmental Technologies has been active in the field of wastewater treatment and water treatment systems for about 15 years in contracting, construction, mechanical equipment manufacturing, equipment supply, installation, performance ...

    Mittem - Rotating Scrapers

    Mittem - Rotating Scrapers

    Equipments that are develop for scraping the sludge that settled and collecting the sludge at a point in sedimentation and sludge thickening units. In rotating scrapers, scraper bridge and bottom ...

  • Tuke & Bell Ltd

    based in Wednesbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Tuke & Bell Ltd

    In 100 years Tuke and Bell has grown from a small company to become one of the market leaders in the design and manufacture of sewage purification equipment. This success stems from consistently meeting the needs of our customers with well designed ...

    Tuke & Bell - Rotating Bridge Scrapers

    Tuke & Bell - Rotating Bridge Scrapers

    The Tuke & Bell Rotating Bridge Scraper consists of an access bridge with an open-mesh walkway, mounted onto a central rotating bearing.  The bridge supports an arrangement of helical ...

  • A&J Water Treatment Ltd.

    based in Dodworth, UNITED KINGDOM.

    A&J Water Treatment Ltd.

    With water industry product heritage dating from the mid 1990´s, we are proud to continue to be pioneers in the design, manufacture and installation of water and wastewater treatment equipment. Our core products are settlement tank scrapers, sludge ...

    Rotating Settlement Tank Scrapers

    Rotating Settlement Tank Scrapers

    Our Rotating half bridge, three-quarter bridge and full bridge scrapers are built to a standardised modular design. A&J Water's history of delivering rotating bridge scrapers ...

  • Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Products, Co. Ltd

    based in Guangzhou, CHINA.

    Guangzhou Jet Bio-Filtration Products, Co. Ltd

    Founded in 2001, our company is engaged in research, manufacturing, marketing and sales of laboratory consumable products. Up to now we have developed totally 350 kinds of products. JET is well known for its broad variety of different kinds of ...

  • Response Group

    based in Charleville, IRELAND.

    Response Group

    Response Group is a leading provider of expert solutions to the water and wastewater treatment industry in Ireland and the UK. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering a wide range of projects from large scale municipal and ...

    Rotating Half-Bridge Scraper

    Rotating Half-Bridge Scraper

    Response Group manufacture Rotating Half-Bridge Scrapers suitable for radial flow settlement tanks ranging in diameter from 6 metres to 30 metres. These Scrapers will collect primary or secondary ...

  • Korrotherm GmbH

    based in Neuenrade, GERMANY.

    Korrotherm GmbH

    Korrotherm GmbH was founded as an own company. The business origins,however, date back until the year of 1992. In this year the “Dittmann Froid – Industriel has been founded by Andreas Dittmann in the Alsacian Breitenbach/Haut Rhin. We are custom ...

    Korrodest - Model DRY - Vacuum Evaporator

    Korrodest - Model DRY - Vacuum Evaporator

    Korrodest Vacuum Evaporators “DRY” are primarily used for the separation of water from liquid chemicals. The production line “DRY” allows to reach a final concentrate having, if required, a solid consistency. The line ...

  • Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc.

    based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Robix Alternative Fuels, Inc.

    The Corporation is an industrial products/technology company, which is focused on oil recovery products. The Company has developed two products the C Series and the P Series. Both Products use Robix patented technology to remove oil form the surface ...

    Model C Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    Model C Series - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel

    The Robix C Series is a patented oil spill recovery vessel capable of efficiently recovering oil in rough, debris laden sea conditions as well as lakes, rivers and tailings ponds. Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often ...

  • Hellan-Strainer Co.

    based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA).

    Hellan-Strainer Co.

    The Hellan Strainer’s unique, patented, self-cleaning design was named after a Norwegian inventor, Haakon Hellan. In 1963, Cleveland Gear Company, Inc. purchased the design and incorporated its own worm gear speed reducers to create a motorized ...

    Hellan - Model TSH Series - In-Line Flow Body, Single Screen Strainer

    Hellan - Model TSH Series - In-Line Flow Body, Single Screen Strainer

    Available in 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″, and 3″ models.  The “TSH” Hellan Manual Strainers employ a single handwheel equiped rotating screen and a rigid scraper bar to remove ...

  • Akatherm BV

    based in Panningen, NETHERLANDS.

    Akatherm BV

    Over 50 years of experience in plastic pipe systems, focusing on innovation, quality and dedication: that is Akatherm BV. Akatherm is part of Aliaxis, the worldwide leading producer of plastic pipe systems. Water is the source, not only of life but ...



    Rotation scraper for the complete removal of the oxidic layer of PE pipes and fittings. The scraper is delivered in a useful aluminium transportation case, including a set of spare ...

  • D.W. RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH

    based in Monzingen, SWITZERLAND.

    D.W. RENZMANN Apparatebau GmbH

    Our company was founded in 1969. For nearly 40 years, RENZMANN has been developing and building industrial washing machines and solvent distillation units intended primarily for print shops and for paint and varnish manufacturers. Our core ...

    Model Type ROTO - Distillation Unit

    Model Type ROTO - Distillation Unit

    with heating elements. Alternatives: connection to a customer supplied warm water-, steam- or thermal oil system.. Water-cooled stainless steel condenser. Rotating scraper system (rotor), prevents incrustations on ...

  • KLASS-Filter GmbH

    based in Türkenfeld, GERMANY.

    KLASS-Filter GmbH

    30-year of experience of Georg Klaß sen. has flowed into our filters. Georg Klaß sen. started with development and experiments at a time, when water recycling was no subject. One of his many merits is to make society more sensitive to this ...

    Zyklon - Filter

    Zyklon - Filter

    low-weight pollutants will settle on the filter tube. One hydrodynamic scraper rotates around the filter element for continuous purification through suction effect It optimizes rfie filter's efficiency and moreover ...

  • SOLME s.r.l.

    based in San Biagio di Callalta, ITALY.

    SOLME s.r.l.

    Since 1980 So.L.Me designs and manufactures equipments and plants for chemical and pharmaceutical. The company`s philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs and special problems of the customer and propose the most efficient and effective design ...

    Filters & Filter-Dryers

    Filters & Filter-Dryers

    There are several possible configurations with two or three blades and design conceived in order to optimize the mixing of the product and the discharge of the dried product. ...

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