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sand filter media Companies

  • Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd

    based in Higashida-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Ka, JAPAN.

    Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd

    NIHON GENRYO was founded in 1939. At first, we were selling the glass material of “Quartz sand” by sieving knowledge. In 1945, NIHON GENRYO established brand- new company as a specialized “Filter Sand”under the department of technology and the ...

    Nihon - Coral Sand Filter Media

    Nihon - Coral Sand Filter Media

    Our coral sand is dried and sterilized natural coral fossil. It is porous and very absorptive. There are two kinds of coral sand, that for ornamental fish aquariums and that for soil improvement, and they are divided according to this usage.

  • Northern Filter Media

    based in Muscatine, IOWA (USA).

    Northern Filter Media

    Northern Filter Media! We will be celebrating our 100th year anniversary in 2014. During this century in business, Northern Filter Media has expanded its product offering to include the most complete source of filtration products for the potable, ...

    Northern Filter - Sand Filter Media

    Northern Filter - Sand Filter Media

    Northern Filter Media, Inc. is the leading US manufacturer of filter sand for the potable water, waste-water and pool industries since 1914. Northern’s Filter Sand was formed from a natural glacial deposit formed millions of years ago along ...

  • Everfilt

    based in Mira Loma, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Everfilt has been a manufacturer of water filtration products for over 40-years. The company introduced the concept of using high-strength stainless steel wedgewire as the basis for it’s under-drain design. The design was chosen as an alternative to ...

    Everfilt - Sand Media Filters & Multi-Media Filters

    Everfilt - Sand Media Filters & Multi-Media Filters

    Sand media filters are used to remove suspended solids from water and wastewater. Because they have one layer of filter media, sand media filters remove only relatively large solids (normally in the range of 40 micron and larger). The effective size ...

  • Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc.

    based in Eighty Four, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Encotech, Inc. / Carbon Service and Equipment Company a Division of Encotech, Inc.

    Encotech is a leading provider of environmental products, systems, and services. With over 35 years of experience, we offer the best products and support to our customers. With offices in PA, FL, SC and LA, we currently service sites from Maine to ...

    Pool Sand Filter Media

    Pool Sand Filter Media

    Like a filter used to purify drinking water, a swimming pools water filter performance depends on the water filtration media. Yon can use pool filtration media to pmify your pool water. Protect your pool and your family from water borne contaminants ...

  • Rotek Water Systems

    based in Pingtung County, TAIWAN.

    Rotek Water Systems

    Rotek Water Systems Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese industrial scale water purification equipment manufacturer. We specialize in reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, media filtration, ion exchange, water disinfection, and water treatment chemicals.

    Rotek - Multi Sand Filter Media

    Rotek - Multi Sand Filter Media

    Rotek Gravel is a natural ore that has many outstanding advantages over more common granular filter sands and multimedia used for suspended solids reduction. The angularity of the granules and the tapered internal pore spaces allow reduction of ...

  • Hydro Flo Technologies LLC

    based in St Charles, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Hydro Flo Technologies LLC

    HydroFlo Tech, LLC. we manufacture a broad line of equipment suitable for process water, potable water and wastewater treatment applications. NOTE: Our oil and gas produced water treatment systems have been sucessfully treating up to 1.2 million ...

    HydroCell - Automatic Backwashing Sand Media Filters

    HydroCell - Automatic Backwashing Sand Media Filters

    HydroFlo High Rate Automatic Backwashing Sand Media Filters are designed for general-purpose water filtration. These permanent media, automatic backwashing filters will remove organic and/or inorganic suspended solids down to 20 microns in size. ...


    based in PAKISTAN.


    Drip IrrigationAgriculture • Horticulture • Greenhouses • LandscapeSmall volumes of water pass through the drippersMicro Sprinkler;Horticulture • Greenhouses • LandscapeMedium volumes of water pass through the nozzlesSprinklersAgriculture • ...



    Water enters through the filter inlet and percolates Wthrough the filter bed. When suspended matter comes in contact with media particles, it absorbs it. Clean water Then goes via the filtration nozzles through the filter outlet. Cleaning is done by ...

  • Ball Tech Energy Ltd

    based in Rosh HaAyin, ISRAEL.

    Ball Tech Energy Ltd

    Ball Tech Energy Ltd. is an innovative design and manufacturing company, founded in 1994. Specializes in the field of Cooling Towers water treatment, shell and tubes Condensers for Air Conditioning and Industrial process Heat exchangers Automatic ...

    Whirled - Model WSMF-30 - Sand Media Filter

    Whirled - Model WSMF-30 - Sand Media Filter

    Ball Tech Energy’s sand filters have been developed especially for water filtration in contaminated water applications where sand grains adhere to each other and cause filter clogging. In such applications, simple backwashing of the grains has ...

  • Red Flint Sand and Gravel, LLC

    based in Eau Claire, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Red Flint Sand and Gravel, LLC

    Since 1917, Red Flint Sand and Gravel has utilized Eau Claire, Wisconsin`s natural geological resources and formations to become a leading industrial minerals producer. Founder A.O. Ayres operated the company on the principles of offering high ...

    Water Filter Sand Filtration Media

    Water Filter Sand Filtration Media

    Red Flint Sand and Gravel water filter sand is composed of sub-angular, hard, durable, and dense grains of predominately siliceous material. Extracted from a clean glacial sand deposit, Red Flint Sand and Gravel ’s physical properties make it ...

  • Anthracite Filter Media Company

    based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Anthracite Filter Media Company

    Anthracite Filter Media Company has been in business since 1935 and is a dependable global supplier of filter media to the drinking water, wastewater, chemical and petrochemical industries. All our filter media meet or exceed the AWWA and NSF ...

    Anthracite - Filter Sand Media

    Anthracite - Filter Sand Media

    Filter Sandsare a naturally occurring minerals. They are mined, washed, dried, screened and sized to meet the stringent requirements for water and wastewater filtrations. Our materials meet or exceed the AWWA-B100 and the ANSI/NSF-61 Standards.

  • Chengdu Filtrascale Tech Co., Ltd

    based in CHINA.

    Chengdu Filtrascale Tech Co., Ltd

    FILTRASCALE is a union of professional filtration and water treatment. Founded by water filter and engineering experts, and supported by international leading companies in automatic self-cleaning filter, FILTRASCALE is a professional Automatic ...

    Filtrascale - Model CAF600 Series - Automatic Backwash Sand Media Filter

    Filtrascale - Model CAF600 Series - Automatic Backwash Sand Media Filter

    Medium height: 40cm. The whole process is automatic ,and not need people to watch. The system can use the filtered water to backwash by itself, no need other water  resources, so it can save much water. High degree of system integration, ...

  • Yardney Water Filtration Systems, Inc.

    based in Riverside, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Yardney Water Filtration Systems, Inc.

    Yardney Water Filtration Systems is a pioneer in the development of clean water solutions. Since 1965 we have provided high-quality, cost effective products becoming one of the world’s leading manufacturers of water filtration equipment. Yardney was ...

    Yardney - Automatic Backwash Sand Media Filters System

    Yardney - Automatic Backwash Sand Media Filters System

    Yardney Sand Media Filters are designed as a solution for the most challenging dirty water conditions in irrigation systems. Yardney pioneered the use of sand media filtration in 1965 and through advancing technology, continuse to provide high ...

  • Anthrafilter Media & Coal Ltd.

    based in Niagara Falls, NEW YORK (USA).

    Anthrafilter Media & Coal Ltd.

    Anthrafilter since 1976 in Canada and the United States. Anthracite filter media, filter sands & gravels, garnet, ilmenite, activated carbon, & manganese green sand. Our filter media meets or exceeds AWWA specifications. Packaging & transportation ...



    Filter Media to all levels of Government, Industrial, and Commercial plants and installations.

  • Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    based in Bluffton, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

    Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    MAE2 turnkey solutions are custom designed for your site and application. Our product offerings cover all areas of environmental remediation and wastewater treatments. Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. (MAE2) specializes in environmental ...

    MAE2 - Sand/Media Filter

    MAE2 - Sand/Media Filter

    Media filters can be designed for a wide variety of solids. Typical media choices include Anthracite for course solids removal, Birm media for removal of iron & Manganese, Filter-Lite/Sand for removal of suspended solids. These media’s can ...

  • TriVitro Corporation

    based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA).

    TriVitro Corporation

    Since 1996 TriVitro has led the development of sustainable recycled glass products. Ranging from terrazzo aggregates to industrial abrasives and water filter media, TriVitro has developed the production methods and brands that introduce effective ...

    Vitroclean - Superior Media for Sand Filters

    Vitroclean - Superior Media for Sand Filters

    The proven alternative filter media — over 15 years of success with tens of thousands of installations throughout the world.

  • Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI)

    based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

    Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI)

    Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) is a manufacturer of custom engineered turnkey industrial wastewater treatment systems that are: designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, and commissioned. HEI is an experienced and registered Professional ...

    HEI - Media (Sand) Filters

    HEI - Media (Sand) Filters

    The HEI low profile gravity flow sand filter continuously filters, by gravity, liquid suspensions producing excellent filtrate while simultaneously and continuously cleaning the filtration bed. HEI’s low profile filter backwashing is ...

  • ACS Medio Ambiente SA

    Water treatment engineering and solutions.

  • Butler Manufacturing Services Ltd. (BMS)

    based in Longford, IRELAND.

    Butler Manufacturing Services Ltd. (BMS)

    Butler Manufacturing Services Ltd. (BMS) is a specialist designer and manufacturer of wastewater treatment products. It aims to provide superior products, of superior design and quality at competitive cost. By constant research and development and ...

    Package Dual Media Sand Filter

    Package Dual Media Sand Filter

    The BMS Dual Media Sand Filter is a compact Duty/Standby Filter system specifically designed for the tertiary treatment of effluent discharges from sewage treatment plants. The filter housing is constructed in GRP and comes fully assembled.  It ...

  • Pingxiang Tianma Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    based in Pingxiang City, CHINA.

    Pingxiang Tianma Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    Pingxiang Tianma Column Internals Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacture and tradecompany specialized in ceramic mass transfer products. We engaged in manufacture and distribute random tower packing and structure packing media. We supply high ...

  • National Factory for Processing and Treating Minerals

    We are mining company producing and supplying wide variety of Silica sand and gravel for Filter Media and other Silica sand applications based in Saudi Arabia and capable of supplying globally. We are capable of utilizing on time delivery for small ...

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