sludge drying bed Companies

  • Enduro Composites

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).


    Enduro Composites

    Enduro Composites is a manufacturer dedicated to developing products and solutions that deliver meaningful value and service for our customers. With a history of innovation and industry firsts, our fiber reinforced polymer solutions have earned ...

  • Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

    based in CHINA.

    Jiaozuo ZJN Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

    Take “high-efficiency, energy saving, being practical” as the principle, our company dedicates in environmental protection business. With over 20-years striving and innovation, we have got outstanding achievements in drying technology for sludge, ...

    Sludge Drying Beds  Textile Sludge Management - Model GLOBAL ZJN  - J09

    Sludge Drying Beds Textile Sludge Management - Model GLOBAL ZJN - J09

    Printing and dyeing sludge contains a large number of chemical residues, with high proportion of inherent water, is very difficult to dehydrate. Its composition is very complex, with high content of harmful substances and a certain degree of ...

  • Enox Sp. z o.o.

    based in Olsztyn, POLAND.

    Enox Sp. z o.o.

    ENOX Sp. z o.o.  is an engineering and executive company established to develop and implement solar drying technology for sewage sludge. The proposed solution was developed by a team of specialists from the University Research Center of the ...

    Enox - Solar Sludge Dryers

    Enox - Solar Sludge Dryers

    Solar sludge dryers use sunlight energy for drying. Solar drying of sludge differs from other sludge drying technologies primarily by the process temperature. In disc, drum or fluidized dryers, water evaporation occurs at temperatures above 100 ...

  • IST-Anlagenbau GmbH

    based in Neuenburg, GERMANY.

    IST-Anlagenbau GmbH

    Solar Sewage Sludge Drying. IST-Anlagenbau GmbH has been founded as a spin off by a consulting engineering firm for solar technology. The – meanwhile worldwide recognized - WendeWolf process has been developed based on this know-how. The company ...

    WendeWolf - Solar Sewage Sludge Drying

    WendeWolf - Solar Sewage Sludge Drying

    Any Sewage Water Work throughout the world will produce sludge, a form of biomass growing in the basins. This biomass has to be evacuated and is, generally speaking, difficult to handle! When liquid it has a dry matter of 3 to 4 %, or only 30 to 40 ...

  • TIA – Technologies for Industrial-Wastewater Treatment GmbH

    based in Breitenfelde, GERMANY.

    TIA – Technologies for Industrial-Wastewater Treatment GmbH

    TIA means Technologies for Industrial Wastewater(A) treatment. Our products range from wastewater treatment and recycling plants to process water supplies for industry and municipal authorities.Our biological and chemical treatment plants are ...

  • SludgeNET Dewatering Systems, Inc.

    based in Highlands, TEXAS (USA).

    SludgeNET Dewatering Systems, Inc.

    Founder and President Jerry Nowling has built, owned and operated wastewater treatment plants in the Houston area for over 34 years. Frustrated that he was paying to have the water hauled with the sludge, he set out to build the first dewatering ...

    SludgeNET - Enviro-Sludge Solutions / Wastewater Sludge Services

    SludgeNET - Enviro-Sludge Solutions / Wastewater Sludge Services

    As a result of our research we realized there is a better way of doing the dewatering process. So, we engineered, designed and developed a 40’ aluminum tandem “Sludge-Net” trailer capable of processing up to 60,000 gallons of ...

  • U.S. Water Services Corporation

    based in New Port Richey, FLORIDA (USA).

    U.S. Water Services Corporation

    U.S. Water Services provides a cohesive staff particularly experienced in meeting regulatory and operational requirements, as well as adjunct services that are critical to design and ongoing successful utility operation and managment. U.S. Water ...



    The Everglades City Advanced Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility has a permitted capacity of 0.200 mgd and annual daily average flow equals 0.160 mgd. The major treatment process components consist of influent screening, flow equalization, ...

  • M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited

    based in Coimbatore, INDIA.

    M/s Green Solutions (India) Pvt Limited

    We are a Holistic Solutions Provider in the Waste water Treatment Plant design , engineering , commissioning , erection and stabilisation. We do not use even a spec of any Chemical in our treatment methodology and has been well received by the ...

    Sewage Treatment Plants And Solutions

    Sewage Treatment Plants And Solutions

    The pollutants in domestic wastewater not only arise from domestic and food service functions, but also from some home industries and small-scale industrial units. Due to the increase in population most of the sewage treatment plants get challenged ...

  • Teknofanghi S.r.l.

    based in CERNUSCO S/N, ITALY.

    Teknofanghi S.r.l.

    engineering, production and sale of equipment for civil and industrial sludge dewatering. With about 50 employees, the company is situated in the hinterland of Milan, a modern factory having a total area of 5.000 m². 2.500 m² are used for production ...

    Scrudrain - Dynamic Thickener

    Scrudrain - Dynamic Thickener

    To increase the D.S.-content of sludge, TEKNOFANGHI proposes SCRUDRAIN® dynamic thickeners with Archimedean screw inside. These are generally used as prethickening for filter presses, belt filter presses, centrifuges and drying beds to achieve ...

  • Envirodyne Systems Inc.

    based in Camp Hil, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

    Envirodyne Systems Inc.

    Envirodyne Systems Inc. was founded in 1971 in Camp Hill, PA, USA. We custom design and manufacture a full range of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial applications. Our experienced design team has built a ...

    ESI - Sludge Bagging Systems

    ESI - Sludge Bagging Systems

    The All-AmericanTM Sludge Bagger is an economical alternative to drying beds, liquid hauling and other technologies for small sludge flows dewatering. The All-AmericanTM Sludge Bagger has been featured in Operations Forum, a Water ...

  • SRP Schneider & Partner Ingenieur - Consult GmbH

    based in Kronach, GERMANY.

    SRP Schneider & Partner Ingenieur - Consult GmbH

    SRP Schneider&Partner Ingenieur-Consult GmbH is a competent partner for project development, design, tendering and implementation. We offer a wide range of consultancy and engineering services in the fields of: Water Supply Engineering, Wastewater ...



    Once safe drinking water has been provided, the healthy living conditions of the public can best be ensured by the provision of effective and reliable sewerage networks. The control of pollution of surface and groundwater sources is achieved by the ...

  • Wamechsi Group (Pty) Ltd

    based in Leeuwfontein, SOUTH AFRICA.

    Wamechsi Group (Pty) Ltd

    Wamechsi Group (Pty) Ltd is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that specializes in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment. Wamechsi Group is a highly specialized mechanical equipment manufacturer situated in Pretoria, ...

    Wamechsi - Channel Gates

    Wamechsi - Channel Gates

    The Wamechsi Group’s Channel Gates and Penstocks act as a flow slop or volumetric flow control. The gate is raised in order to open the channel or increase the flow of water through the channel.

  • Industrial Waste Water Services, LLC

    based in Clarkesville, LOUISIANA (USA).

    Industrial Waste Water Services, LLC

    Industrial waste water systemIndustrial Waste Water Services, LLC has over 30 years experience successfully treating industrial wastewater. We guarantee to meet or exceed your discharge limits. Many industries can reuse water without further ...



    In all industries that utilize wastewater equipment a growing concern is the cost of dealing with the skimmings that are produced. High fuel cost is really beginning to take effect. Dewatering by IWWSIWWS has been helping industries deal with this ...

  • Charter Machine Company

    based in Metuchen, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Charter Machine Company

    GEC incorporated in 1968. A full service machine shop capable of large and small run machine work. Since 1974 we have been producing our own product, the GEC Turret Rewinder. We specialized in doing work for the printing industry, but now are ...

    CMC - Sludge Bagger

    CMC - Sludge Bagger

    The CMC sludge bagger is a perfect solution to capturing valuable solids that can be recycled rather than watching it go down the drain.The CMC sludge bagger is a complete self-contained dewatering system.  This economical, simple to ...

  • Hallaton Environmental Linings

    based in Sparks, MARYLAND (USA).

    Hallaton Environmental Linings

    Founded in 1993 and located in Maryland, Hallaton, Inc. is one of the industry`s leading environmental contractors. We install liquid & waste containment & drainage systems, gas & leachate piping, tanks & tank removal, as well as provide various ...

    Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Awareness and new regulations require industrial and municipal waste water treatment facilities and their holding lagoons to have a lining system to contain contaminants and prevent the pollution of streams and groundwater.

  • ANDRITZ Atro GmbH

    based in Nuernberg, GERMANY.

    ANDRITZ Atro GmbH

    ANDRITZ Atro GmbH is a leading supplier of screw pumps for water and waste water applications and of hydrodynamic screws for exploiting the energy potential of small rivers with heads of up to 10m. Ritz-Atro GmbH was founded in 1969 and currently ...

    ANDRITZ Fluid Bed Drying System FDS

    ANDRITZ Fluid Bed Drying System FDS

    The fluid bed drying system with direct feeding converts dewatered sludge into almost dust-free granules with> 90% DS. The thermal heat for evaporation of the water is transferred indirectly by a heat exchanger immersed in the fluid bed. The ...

  • Krofta Engineering Limited

    based in New Delhi, INDIA.

    Krofta Engineering Limited

    Krofta Engineering Limited, India was started in 1983 with technical collaboration with Krofta Technologies Corporation, USA. Krofta is the world leader in Dissolved Air Floatation clarifiers ( DAF) and the technology was developed and patented ...

  • ABL Environmental Consultants Ltd

    based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    ABL Environmental Consultants Ltd

    ABL Environmental Consultants Limited is a Canadian engineering firm which provides specialized services in water and wastewater treatment process design, and plant operations. Our unique company focus, together with the dedication and commitment of ...

  • Mulcahy Shaw Water, Inc.

    Our company has been serving clients, principals & distributors since 1974. We are driven to exceed expectations & build long-lasting relationships throughout our territory. Mulcahy Corporation was founded by John T. Mulcahy in 1974. John ...

  • ARM Ltd.

    based in Rugeley, UNITED KINGDOM.

    ARM Ltd.

    ARM Group Limited is a privately owned company based in Rugeley, Staffordshire. Established in 1947 as agricultural engineers, since the 1980s, we have specialised in the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems using ...

    Sludge Treatment Reed Beds Plant (STRB)

    Sludge Treatment Reed Beds Plant (STRB)

    Sludge Treatment Reed Beds (STRB) have been used to treat sewage and drinking water sludges. Developed from the planting of reeds into a pre- existing sludge drying beds, they differ from the conventionally constructed reed bed designed ...

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