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soil vapor Companies

  • GIG Karasek GmbH

    based in Gloggnitz, AUSTRIA.


    GIG Karasek GmbH

    Established in 1933, the company has developed over the years under the leadership of Karasek family to one of the specialists in Special Process Equipment and technologies in the field of thermal separation. GIG Karasek is a leading plant ...

    GIG Karasek - Rectification (Thermal Separation Process)

    GIG Karasek - Rectification (Thermal Separation Process)

    Rectification is a thermal separation process in which the more volatile components of a mixture are recovered and concentrated. The supply of thermal energy vaporizes the more volatile components and the ascending ...

  • Environmental Remediation Contractor

    based in Groveport, OHIO (USA).


    Environmental Remediation Contractor

    Environmental Remediation Contractor is a force fornature. We're a contractor created to serve theenvironmental and civil contracting industry centeredaround soil and water quality. We have a stellar team withdecades of experience offering the very ...

    Remedial System Installation Service

    Remedial System Installation Service

    Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) is an in-situ remediation technology for the physical treatment of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants in the vadose zone (unsaturated soils) (EPA, ...

  • Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

    based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA).


    Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)

    AMS, Inc. manufactures hand augers, soil probes, core samplers, sludge and sediment samplers, gas vapor probes. AMS PowerProbes can be mounted on pick-up trucks, tracks, or trailers, and have gained widespread acceptance due to their versatility, ...

    AMS - Extendible Tile Probes

    AMS - Extendible Tile Probes

    Probe up to 20' with extensions!: AMS extendible tile probes are made from high carbon stress relieved steel and are not plated. Designed for probing depths of 12' or more, they may also be used to prepare holes for insertion of small diameter ...

  • Blue Rock Environmental, Inc.

    based in Foster City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Blue Rock Environmental, Inc.

    Blue Rock Environmental, Inc. is comprised of dedicated scientists, geologists, and engineers offering a wide array of environmental services to businesses and public entities in the western United States. We strive to solve our clients ...

    Soil Vapor Extraction & Treatment

    Soil Vapor Extraction & Treatment

    on the water table. This is accomplished by applying a vacuum to wells, which in turn induces air flow through the soil column. The contaminants volatilize into the air stream, which are then extracted and treated at the surface. ...

  • Sound Remedial Technologies, Inc.

    based in Crested Butte, COLORADO (USA).

    Sound Remedial Technologies, Inc.

    Sound Remedial Technologies has decades of experience in soil remediation, aquifer restoration, and project management. We have consulted to most of the largest oil companies, including: Exxon, Texaco, ARCO, Chevron, and Conoco. We have managed ...

    Hot Air Soil Vapor Extraction

    Hot Air Soil Vapor Extraction

    We are the award winning experts in this ...

  • GEO Environmental Remediation Company

    based in Orange, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    GEO Environmental Remediation Company

    GEO designs and operates Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Electrokinetic Remediation, C3 Technology and Ex Situ Thermal Desorption (ESTD) technologies. 1,000,000 pounds of contaminants removed worldwide.

    Soil Vapor Extraction with C3 Technology

    Soil Vapor Extraction with C3 Technology

    C3 Soil vapor extraction systems are a combination of compressions, cryogenic cooling, and condensation combined with a proprietary regenerative adsorption technology that efficiently recovers volatile organic ...

  • Camsco, Inc

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    Camsco, Inc

    Camsco has been the premier manufacturer, supplier and service provider for air monitoring applications utilizing Thermal Desorption Tubes (sorbent tubes). We have manufactured over 2.5 million Thermal Desorption tubes out of our facility in ...

    Model SU60519 - Soil Vapor Intrusion Tube (SVI)

    Model SU60519 - Soil Vapor Intrusion Tube (SVI)

    125mg Carbograph™ 2, 125mg Carbograph™ 1 plus 65mg of Carboxen™ 1003. Sorbents are separated by 3mm plugs of glass wool. Carbograph™ 2 is equivalent to Carbopack™ C; Carbograph™ 1 is equivalent to Carbopack™ ...

  • Land Science Technologies (LST) - a division of REGENESIS

    based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Land Science Technologies (LST) - a division of REGENESIS

    Land Science is dedicated to developing and providing advanced technologies for sustainable land development. A goal of Land Science is to provide innovative and technically sound development solutions for under-utilized environmentally impaired ...

    Vapor-Vent - Soil Vapor Collection System

    Vapor-Vent - Soil Vapor Collection System

    Vapor-Vent is a low profile vent system that can be used in lieu of slotted PVC pipe. The speed of installation and the proximity of the vent to the barrier provide cost savings and performance benefits compared to other ...

  • EnviroLogek Technologies

    based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    EnviroLogek Technologies

    Envirologek Technologies offers site investigation and remediation technologies for soil and groundwater cleanup. Products include bioremediation, surfactants, vapor extraction equipment, vapor condensation equipment, metals immobilization, soil gas ...

    Refrigerated Condensation

    Refrigerated Condensation

    The C3 Technology developed by G.E.O. is a combination of cryogenic-cooling and compression processes with a proprietary regenerative adsorption technology that efficiently recovers volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the off-gas ...

  • Above Environmental Services, Inc.

    based in Vernon, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Above Environmental Services, Inc.

    Above Environmental Services, Inc. leads in ensuring a fast, thorough and SAFE resolution for your remediation needs. They are focused on underground storage tank (UST) closure, soil and groundwater remediation, phase II environmental site ...

    Soil Vapor Intrusion

    Soil Vapor Intrusion

    When a group of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (volatile chemicals) are released into soil or shallow groundwater, these chemicals evaporate, producing vapors that travel up through the ...

  • Aztech Technologies Inc.

    based in Ballston Spa, NEW YORK (USA).

    Aztech Technologies Inc.

    Aztech was joint venture between Passaretti Geological & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (established 1991) and F. L. Fina, PE PC (established 1992). With a history of partnering on projects that complemented their services, the original venture was ...

    Soil Vapor Intrusion Investigation

    Soil Vapor Intrusion Investigation

    While soil vapor intrusion evaluations are often performed as part of the site assessment process, the recent emphasis placed on potential vapor intrusion by the regulatory community has resulted in ...

  • Raincountry Industrial LLC

    based in Arlington, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Raincountry Industrial LLC

    Welcome to Raincountry Industrial, a part of Raincountry Trading Company LLC. We are headquartered in the Greater Puget Sound region near the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Raincountry Industrial carries other brands of equipment that are not shown ...

  • Precision Environmental Services, Inc. (PES)

    Precsion Environmental Services, Inc. maintains an experienced staff of professionals including hydrogeologist, geologists, engineers, environmental scientists, chemist, drillers and technicians. Our team provides diverse and extensive experience ...

    Soil Vapor Intrusion

    The phrase “soil vapor intrusion” refers to the process by which volatile chemicals migrate from a subsurface source, through soil vapor and into the indoor air of a ...

  • Universal Blower Pac, Inc.

    based in Noblesville, INDIANA (USA).

    Universal Blower Pac, Inc.

    Universal Blower Pac, Inc. has been providing innovation for manufactured blower systems and engineered solutions since 1979. Our unique approach means engineers listen first and then match your needs to the most efficient and affordable solution. ...

    Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

    Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

    These special units have been engineered by Universal Blower Pac, Inc.specifically for the environmental soil remediation market. Positive displacement blowers are ideal for this application. To effectively eliminate the negative ...


    based in Levata di Curtatone, ITALY.


    Water & Soil Remediation (WSR) holds a leading position in the underground remediation in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. WSR has been operating in Italy and Europe since 1993, being among the very first ...

    Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

    Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

    This method involves the installation of extraction wells, for the decontamination of polluted vadose zones. The wells are maintained in depression by the suction of the gas. How does the recovery happen? Physical extraction of pollutant, ...

  • Liquid Separation Technologies and Equipment, LLC (LSTE)

    based in Mission Viejo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Liquid Separation Technologies and Equipment, LLC (LSTE)

    The Liquid Separation Technologies and Equipment, LLC (LSTE) patented and patent pending designs remove groundwater and soil vapor contamination in an improved, aggressive, cost effective manner for the environmental remediation industry. The LSTE ...

    Model LSTE-10 - Environmental Remediation of Groundwater & Soil Vapor

    Model LSTE-10 - Environmental Remediation of Groundwater & Soil Vapor

    Environmental remediation of groundwater and soil vapor is often plagued with noisy, inefficient and expensive technologies that are not easily modified to meet changing site-specific conditions. Once installed, ...

  • Fliteway Technologies, Inc.

    based in Cudahy, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Fliteway Technologies, Inc.

    Fliteway Technologies, Inc. is a family owned Wisconsin-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of integrated environmental remediation systems, industrial control panels, and custom fabricator of steel, stainless steel and aluminum products. ...

    Soil & Groundwater Remediation Services

    Soil & Groundwater Remediation Services

    Our Capabilities: Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, Liquid-Ring Systems, Air Sparging Systems, Weather and Sound Enclosures, Remediation Buildings, Remediation Trailers, Shipping Container Systems, Air Compressors, ...

  • Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

    based in Mandan, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

    Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

    Concentrated practice in regulatory affairs and technical support to small and middle market clients. Services are offered in Environmental Engineering & Sciences, Emergency Management, Industrial Health and Safety, Economic Development and ...

    Direct Push Soil & Vapor Sampling

    Direct Push Soil & Vapor Sampling

    Our low clearance 4X4 van mounted Geoprobe direct-push soil sampler is well suited to access most locations, including low clearance below overhead electrical lines. This equipment can collect discrete or continuous ...

  • Thames Restek UK Limited

    based in Saunderton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Thames Restek UK Limited

    The aim of Thames Restek UK Ltd is to provide a wide range of quality chromatography columns and accessories built around the core Restek range of products. Established in 1985, we here at Thames Restek are dedicated to providing our clients and ...

  • Intellishare Environmental, Inc.

    based in Menomonie, WISCONSIN (USA).

    Intellishare Environmental, Inc.

    Intellishare Environmental is a manufacturer of thermal and catalytic oxidation solutions for soil and groundwater remediation, volatile organic compounds. Intellishare Environmental delivers thermal and catalytic oxidation solutions to control ...

    Intellishare - Integrate Soil Vapor Extraction and Oxidation Systems

    Intellishare - Integrate Soil Vapor Extraction and Oxidation Systems

    Need help with soil remediation? Want to save time and money by integrating your SVE, oxidizer and controls? We’ve got you ...

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