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sonar survey Companies

  • Hibbard Inshore

    based in Auburn Hills, MICHIGAN (USA).

    Hibbard Inshore

    Hibbard Inshore is an underwater services company specializing in unmanned and remotely controlled operations. Our diverse ROV fleet is operated and supported by full time supervisors and pilots. Based in North America, Hibbard Inshore operates ...

    Side Scan Sonar Surveys

    Side Scan Sonar Surveys

    Rather than produce a quantitative set of bottom elevations, sidescan sonar surveys generate a qualitative suite of underwater imagery. For projects where a snapshot “picture” of the bottom is ...

  • Aqua Survey, Inc.

    based in Flemington, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    Aqua Survey, Inc.

    Aqua Survey, Inc. (ASI) is a full service ecotoxicology company founded in 1975. Aqua Survey provides laboratory testing, field sampling, geophysical surveying and consulting services to a wide variety of clients throughout the world including many ...

    Sub-Bottom Sonar Surveying Services

    Sub-Bottom Sonar Surveying Services

    Aqua Survey utilizes Sub-Bottom sonar 
echoes to detect and map targets and layering within 
the beds of lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries and oceans. The harder the target or strata, the harder and more ...


    based in AZERBAIJAN.


    CASPIAN GEOMATICS LTD is a company qualified on Geomatics and various engineering fields. The company was founded in 2017. Activity directions of the company involve Engineering, Environment, Hydrography survey (Bathymetry, Side-Scan-Sonar survey), ...

  • Fugro EMU Limited

    based in Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Fugro EMU Limited

    Fugro EMU Limited is now the largest commercial marine environmental services organisation in the UK, employing approximately 220 members of staff with in-depth knowledge of Renewables, Oil and Gas, Aggregates, Ports and Harbours, Cables and ...

    Sidescan Sonar Survey

    Sidescan Sonar Survey

    Fugro EMU Limited’s Geosurvey group has considerable experience conducting high resolution dual frequency sidescan sonar surveys independently or as part of a full geophysical survey. We use a ...

  • Javier E. Bidot & Associates, PSC

    Javier E. Bidot, PSC, provides above ground and subsurface utility surveys, hydrographic and sidescan sonar surveys and tree inventories. With professional engineers, land surveyors and certified utility locators, this service oriented organization ...

  • Tritech International Limited

    based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Tritech International Limited

    Tritech International Limited [Tritech], a Moog Inc. Company (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications. The company has 3 UK ...

    SeaKing - Hammerhead High Resolution Survey Sonar

    SeaKing - Hammerhead High Resolution Survey Sonar

    The SeaKing Hammerhead is at the forefront of sonar technology, offering high resolution, 360º mechanical scanning imaging. Utilising a wide transducer aperture, the SeaKing Hammerhead has a very fine mechanical step size and ...

  • ASI Group Ltd.

    based in St Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    ASI Group Ltd.

    ASI Group Ltd. (ASI) providing integrated engineering, ecological and marine services to clients worldwide. We are a full-service engineering and technology based company with a focus on all aspects of underwater infrastructure inspections, ...

    Sonar Profiling and Imaging Surveys

    Sonar Profiling and Imaging Surveys

    ASI Group provides a wide range of sonar technologies that enable data collection in high flow, highly turbid and hazardous environments.   ASI’s Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) system technology enables ...

  • Marine Sonic Technology (MST)

    based in Yorktown, VIRGINIA (USA).

    Marine Sonic Technology (MST)

    Marine Sonic Technology manufactures and sells high quality, high resolution Side Scan Sonar systems. We offer single and dual frequency for both our towed system and embedded systems for AUVs, Micro-UUV companies. Marine Sonic Technology (MST) is a ...

    ARC Explorer - Towed System

    ARC Explorer - Towed System

    ), minimal power consumption, and more accurate results for faster surveys, both critical components of side-scan sonar ...

  • R S Hydrographic Services for surveying and dredging services

    based in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO.

    R S Hydrographic Services for surveying and dredging services

    R S Hydrographic Services specializes in marine/bathymetric/hydrographic surveying offshore, along the coast. in ports or harbours, in dams and rivers, as well as dredging. All our surveys are performed to IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys 5th ...

  • Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI)

    based in Honolulu, HAWAII (USA).

    Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI)

    Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI) is a Hawaii-based company and provide specialized services and software solutions for the deployment of marine cables, tracking of towed-cable systems and hydrographic surveys. LEI`s sidescan sonar software: SonarTRX ...

    SonarTRX - Sidescan Sonar Software

    SonarTRX - Sidescan Sonar Software

    SonarTRX sidescan sonar software makes it easy to view, extract bathymetric raw-data, and generate map-images (geo-referenced images) of the seabed from sidescan sonar recordings. SonarTRX products can be part of a ...

  • IQUA Robotics

    based in Girona (Girona), SPAIN.

    IQUA Robotics

    Founded in 2016, IQUA Robotics is devoted to the commercialization of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and the creation of innovative tailor-made solutions according to customer needs in underwater robotics. R&D is a priority for IQUA and its ...

    Girona - Model 500 - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

    Girona - Model 500 - Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

    Autonomous underwater vehicle with hovering capability for a maximum depth of 500m. The Girona 500 can be easily configured for multiple tasks thanks to a large payload volume and an open software ...

  • Associated Underwater Services (AUS)

    based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Associated Underwater Services (AUS)

    AUS Diving is a commercial dive company located in Washington, providing Diving Services, Underwater Construction, Sonar Services, Pipeline Inspection, Dams and Bridges Services. We have extended experience with Commercial Diving, Mixed Gas Diving, ...

  • Teledyne RESON A/S

    based in Slangerup, DENMARK.

    Teledyne RESON A/S

    Teledyne Reson is a leading provider of high-quality underwater acoustic solutions. With global presence and service-facilities, they specialise in the design, development, manufacture and commissioning of advanced multibeam sonar-systems, sensors, ...

    SeaBat - Model T20-R - High Resolution Multibeam Echosounder

    SeaBat - Model T20-R - High Resolution Multibeam Echosounder

    The SeaBat T20-R is a new addition to the world-leading SeaBat T-series platform engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business.Combined with a Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP), SeaBat T20-R provides uncompromising ...

  • Klein Marine Systems, Inc.

    based in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

    Klein Marine Systems, Inc.

    Celebrating over 50 years in the marine technology industry, Klein Marine Systems continues to be a world leading sensor technology manufacturer of high-resolution side scan sonar equipment and radar-based security and surveillance systems. Klein ...

    Klein - Model MA-X View 600 - Integrated Gap Filler - Increased Survey Efficiency-Unsurpassed Value

    Klein - Model MA-X View 600 - Integrated Gap Filler - Increased Survey Efficiency-Unsurpassed Value

    imaging of the nadir zone (gap) with the same interpretive characteristics of side scan sonar improving survey times by approximately 40%. This means 40% less survey time at sea, 40% less fuel ...

  • Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd.

    based in Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Acoustic Sensing Technology (UK) Ltd.

    Using state of the art sonar techniques, Acoustic Sensing Technology’s innovations in survey technology and data analytics are changing the way millions of kilometres of pipe network infrastructures are kept fit for purpose. With the majority of ...


    EPRONS GROUP COMMERCIAL DIVING & ROV SERVICES provides inshore/onshore commercial diving services in the depth till 50 meters, ship husbandry services and Remote operated vehicle (ROV) service till 300 meters.Company can ensure the necessary ...

  • Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

    based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

    Shark Marine Technologies. Since 1984 Shark Marine has lead manufacturers in the sector of Underwater Photographic Equipment. The first to put a portable camera on a diver’s helmet, it soon became an industry standard. The first to make a Remote ...

    Starfish - Model 450F - Single Frequency Sidescan Sonar System

    Starfish - Model 450F - Single Frequency Sidescan Sonar System

    The original StarFish 450F sonar offers a powerful, yet affordable, entry-level side scan sonar system for shallow water survey work.  Since its launch, the StarFish 450F has gained worldwide ...

  • Pro-ROV Services

    based in San Deigo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Pro-ROV Services

    Pro Rov Services specializes in Underwater Imaging, Survey and Inspection solutions for Infrastructure, Science and Government. Our focus is determining the correct equipment and techniques for lowering of costs and risks to personnel and clients to ...

  • Insight Marine Projects Ltd

    based in Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Insight Marine Projects Ltd

    Insight Marine Projects Ltd are an independent subsea survey contractor accredited to ISO 9001-2008. Our clients are drawn from the marine renewables, O&G and ports/harbour sectors where we provide a broad range of hydrographic survey services such ...

    Hydrographic Survey Services

    Hydrographic Survey Services

    The Insight team undertakes hydrographic surveys for coastal, inshore and offshore projects. We are able to supply a fully integrated service from initial quote through to completion and data delivery. All data are collected ...

  • CEE HydroSystems

    based in NSW, AUSTRALIA.

    CEE HydroSystems

    CEE HydroSystems manufacture hydrographic survey equipment including single beam echo sounders with GPS / GNSS for precise bottom mapping in shallow water environments. The company focuses on providing compact and portable systems that simplify the ...

    Cee Echo - Dual Frequency Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder

    Cee Echo - Dual Frequency Hydrographic Survey Echo Sounder

    A compact dual frequency hydrographic survey echo sounder – the perfect partner for your survey GPS. CEE ECHO is a state of the art portable echo sounder with advanced capabilities in a truly compact package. ...

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