sonar system Companies

  • Tritech International Limited

    based in Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Tritech International Limited

    Tritech International Limited [Tritech], a Moog Inc. Company (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in underwater applications. The company has 3 UK ...

    Micron - Small ROV Mechanical Scanning Sonar System

    Micron - Small ROV Mechanical Scanning Sonar System

    The Tritech Micron Sonar is the smallest digital CHIRP sonar in the world and is ideal for use by small ROVs, as a first-rate obstacle avoidance sonar in miniature form. CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution compared with ...

  • Raytheon

    based in Waltham, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).


    Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity markets throughout the world. It provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of ...

    Model AN/AQS-20 - Minehunting Sonar System

    Model AN/AQS-20 - Minehunting Sonar System

    The U.S. Navy's standard for mine hunting, the AN/AQS-20 is an advanced minehunting sonar system that has been designated as the minehunting sonar for the Littoral Combat Ship's (LCS) mine countermeasure mission package. The AN/AQS-20 incorporates ...

  • Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

    based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Shark Marine Technologies Inc.

    Shark Marine Technologies. Since 1984 Shark Marine has lead manufacturers in the sector of Underwater Photographic Equipment. The first to put a portable camera on a diver’s helmet, it soon became an industry standard. The first to make a Remote ...

    Starfish - Model 450F - Single Frequency Sidescan Sonar System

    Starfish - Model 450F - Single Frequency Sidescan Sonar System

    The original StarFish 450F sonar offers a powerful, yet affordable, entry-level side scan sonar system for shallow water survey work.  Since its launch, the StarFish 450F has gained worldwide recognition as the most portable, affordable, towed ...

  • Seafloor Systems, Inc.

    based in Shingle Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Seafloor Systems, Inc.

    Seafloor Systems provides integrated solutions for hydrographic survey equipment sales and rentals, with technical support and training. We provide total solutions for our clients by integrating hydrographic survey equipment—ensuring compatibility ...

    SonaVision Mercury - Scanning Sonar System

    SonaVision Mercury - Scanning Sonar System

    Mercury is a high resolution, miniature sonar and is designed for use on the smallest of ROV's, without compromising accuracy. It is available either as a compact, all in one unit or as a split head with remote electronics. Manufactured as standard ...

  • Kraken Robotics Inc.

    based in Mount Pearl, NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA).

    Kraken Robotics Inc.

    Kraken Robotics Inc. is a marine technology company engaged in the design, development and marketing of advanced sensors for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles used in military and commercial applications. We are recognized as world leading innovators of ...

    Kraken SeaVision - Synthetic Aperture Sonar System

    Kraken SeaVision - Synthetic Aperture Sonar System

    The Kraken SeaVision system is a revolutionary new take on subsea 3D laser imaging. Designed to operate in a twin scanning configuration, with adjustable baseline, SeaVision can generate very high resolution 3D scans in full color. This is due ...

  • J W Fishers Manufacturing Inc

    based in East Taunton, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    J W Fishers Manufacturing Inc

    JW Fishers are specialists in the design and manufacture of underwater search systems. Their product line includes hand held and boat towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, video systems. side scan sonars, and scanning sonar. An extensive line ...

    Side Scan Sonar System

    Side Scan Sonar System

    Side scan sonar is one of the most effective tools for underwater exploration because it can search a large area quickly and produce a detailed picture of anything on the bottom, regardless of water clarity.  When looking at a side scan image ...

  • Sonardyne International Ltd

    based in Yateley, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Sonardyne International Ltd

    John Partridge founded Sonardyne in 1971 and his vision was to improve the safety and efficiency of underwater navigation for divers through innovation in acoustic signal processing, hardware design and custom engineering. From our origins in the ...

    Sentinel - Model IDS - Diver Detection Sonar System

    Sentinel - Model IDS - Diver Detection Sonar System

    Close the gap in your situational awareness by specifying the world’s most widely deployed underwater intruder detection sonar, Sentinel, to help safeguard your maritime assets. Whether it’s protecting a commercial harbour, naval vessel, ...

  • Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI)

    based in Cataumet, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI)

    Falmouth Scientific, Inc. (FSI) is a manufacturer of precision instrumentation for oceanographic applications. Founded in 1989, FSI operates from a 9,000-square-foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cataumet, Massachusetts, located on Cape ...

    Model HMS-1400 - Portable Sidescan Sonar System

    Model HMS-1400 - Portable Sidescan Sonar System

    Portable digital sidescan towfish and Sonar interface with true 16-bit processing,  Toughbox workstation, and GeoDAS software for high-resolution survey imaging. Easy-to-use and low-cost, the HMS-1400 System provides single- or dual-frequency ...

  • Geo2X SA

    based in Yverdon-les-Bains (VD), SWITZERLAND.

    Geo2X SA

    Established in 2002, Geo2X SA has an acquired specialization in applied geophysics. Our activities were firstly aimed at local surveying, which quickly evolved into vibroseis prospection. Since 2012, our focus has been geotechnical identification ...

    Bathymetry - Sonar System

    Bathymetry - Sonar System

    A classic sonar emits an acoustic signal towards the bottom of the water body and analyzes its echo. Knowing the propagation velocity of the acoustic waves in water and the time between emission and detection of the signal, it is possible to ...

  • Mepeco s.r.l.

    based in San Donato Milanese (Milan), ITALY.

    Mepeco s.r.l.

    Mepeco S.r.l., since 1978 3 decades of excellence in promoting high quality technology for Oil & Gas projects and Environmental studies MEPECO S.r.l. has been operating successfuly since 1978 as exclusive agent for principals that do manufacture and ...

  • Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd

    based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd

    Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd offers one of the largest short term hire pool of near surface Geophysical Instrumentation in Europe. We are retained as exclusive sales representatives by many of the leading geophysical instrument and software ...

  • Marine Sonic Technology (MST)

    based in Yorktown, VIRGINIA (USA).

    Marine Sonic Technology (MST)

    Marine Sonic Technology manufactures and sells high quality, high resolution Side Scan Sonar systems. We offer single and dual frequency for both our towed system and embedded systems for AUVs, Micro-UUV companies. Marine Sonic Technology (MST) is a ...

    ARC Explorer - Towed System

    ARC Explorer - Towed System

    Marine Sonic Technology is innovating the side-scan sonar market yet again with our newest generation side-scan sonar in the Sea Scan ARC towed system. Our ARC Generation systems utilize our latest proprietary technology, Adaptive CHIRP. This ...

  • Klein Marine Systems, Inc.

    based in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA).

    Klein Marine Systems, Inc.

    Celebrating over 50 years in the marine technology industry, Klein Marine Systems continues to be a world leading sensor technology manufacturer of high-resolution side scan sonar equipment and radar-based security and surveillance systems. Klein ...

    Klein - Model System 5000 V2 - Multi-Beam Side Scan Sonar

    Klein - Model System 5000 V2 - Multi-Beam Side Scan Sonar

    The Klein 5000 was the first commercial sonar system to employ cutting-edge multi-beam, side scan technology. In the years since it was first introduced, we’ve been continuously working to make improvements in all aspects of its technology. In ...


    based in AZERBAIJAN.


    CASPIAN GEOMATICS LTD is a company qualified on Geomatics and various engineering fields. The company was founded in 2017. Activity directions of the company involve Engineering, Environment, Hydrography survey (Bathymetry, Side-Scan-Sonar survey), ...

  • Teledyne BlueView, Inc

    based in Camarillo, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Teledyne BlueView, Inc

    Teledyne BlueView is a worldwide leader in 2D imaging and 3D scanning sonar technology. The company’s advanced sonar systems are currently deployed on AUVs, ROVs, surface vessels, fixed positions, portable platforms, and have been adopted by leading ...

    Teledyne BlueView - Model M900-2250 - Dual Frequency Imaging Sonar

    Teledyne BlueView - Model M900-2250 - Dual Frequency Imaging Sonar

    Teledyne BlueView's M900-2250 series includes a 900kHz with 130 degree field of view and 2250kHz with 130 degree field of view in a compact package. The M900-2250-130's field of view has been increased by over 125% from the previous dual ...

  • Teledyne RESON A/S

    based in Slangerup, DENMARK.

    Teledyne RESON A/S

    Teledyne Reson is a leading provider of high-quality underwater acoustic solutions. With global presence and service-facilities, they specialise in the design, development, manufacture and commissioning of advanced multibeam sonar-systems, sensors, ...

    SeaBat - Model IDH T20/50-R - Ultrahigh Resolution Multibeam Echosounder Survey System

    SeaBat - Model IDH T20/50-R - Ultrahigh Resolution Multibeam Echosounder Survey System

    The SeaBat Integrated Dual Head (IDH) is the latest addition to the leading SeaBat T-series product range. Connected to just one very compact Rackmounted Sonar Processor (RSP), the SeaBat IDH is a complete and powerful sonar system.

  • Trio-Vision LLC

    based in Smyrna, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    Trio-Vision LLC

    Since 2006, Trio-Vision LLC has always had our eye on advancing underground infrastructure inspection technology the world over .With a strong. successful footprint established in Asian markets , we acquired Cobra Technologies in the United ...

  • Associated Underwater Services (AUS)

    based in Spokane, WASHINGTON (USA).

    Associated Underwater Services (AUS)

    AUS Diving is a commercial dive company located in Washington, providing Diving Services, Underwater Construction, Sonar Services, Pipeline Inspection, Dams and Bridges Services. We have extended experience with Commercial Diving, Mixed Gas Diving, ...

    AUS Services

    AUS Services

    Our extensive experience throughout the Western United States and worldwide allows Associated Underwater Services to provide high quality diving and underwater construction services as needed. AUS Diving can assist with any of the following ...

  • Norbit Group AS

    based in Trondheim, NORWAY.

    Norbit Group AS

    NORBIT is a global supplier of tailored technology solutions to carefully selected niches. The Company has some 250 employees and is headquartered in Trondheim Norway with offices and subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, ...

  • Toppy Srl

    based in Bazzano (BO), ITALY.

    Toppy Srl

    Established in Bologna in 1978 TOPPY S.r.l. began as a producer of machines and trucks for the graphic industry. Since then, whenever a good application was found, other machines were added to the Toppy range, significantly in the pharmaceutical, ...

    Model 142 - Feeding System for Printing Machines

    Model 142 - Feeding System for Printing Machines

    This logistic system allows the quick, safe and totally automatic feeding of the KBA model “Rapida 142” printing machine. The equipment consists of an automatic pile turner model Toppy Excel 2000 AJ, equipped with air and vibration ...

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