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subsurface contamination Companies

  • Environmental Remediation Contractor

    based in Groveport, OHIO (USA).


    Environmental Remediation Contractor

    Environmental Remediation Contractor is a force fornature. We're a contractor created to serve theenvironmental and civil contracting industry centeredaround soil and water quality. We have a stellar team withdecades of experience offering the very ...

    Remedial System Installation Service

    Remedial System Installation Service

    transfer of contaminants from the solid and liquid phases into the gas phase. Vacuum blowers and extraction wells are used to induce gas flow through the subsurface. This gas phase contamination is ...

  • Roadscanners Oy

    based in Rovaniemi, FINLAND.


    Roadscanners Oy

    Roadscanners is a Finland based company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure asset management. The main focus of the Roadscanners’ activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, ...

    Bridge Surveys

    Bridge Surveys

    Roadscanners has performed extensive research and development work in order to develop further NDT techniques and their data analysis with the aim to better map the condition of bridge decks. These techniques are used both for network level bridge ...

  • AquaConsoil

    based in Leipzig, GERMANY.


    AquaConSoil provides great opportunities for scientists, companies and policy makers to extend and enforce their network, start new cooperation activities and be informed of and inspired by the latest technologic and policy developments in the ...

  • Horizontal Subsurface Systems, Inc. (HSSI)

    based in Cape Coral, FLORIDA (USA).

    Horizontal Subsurface Systems, Inc. (HSSI)

    For 22 years, HSSI`s one-pass, trenched horizontal solutions have helped more than 500 clients across the country solve subsurface challenges. Our patented and proprietary one-pass trenching technology and team of professional, technical and field ...

    Polywall - Barrier System

    Polywall - Barrier System

    is highly resistant to sunlight, chemicals, toxic wastes and hydrocarbons. HSSI's One Pass Slurry Wall System will restrict the migration of contaminated groundwater, HSSI installs subsurface slurry walls at depths ...

  • Groundwater Insight Inc

    based in Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

    Groundwater Insight Inc

    Groundwater Insight (GWI) provides authentic expertise and workable solutions in groundwater contamination and subsurface brines. The principal driving force behind Groundwater Insight is Dr. Mark King. Dr. King and his team of support staff and ...

  • Dan Herlihy Environmental Services (DHES)

    based in Tustin, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Dan Herlihy Environmental Services (DHES)

    Dan Herlihy Environmental Services (DHES) offers specialized consulting services in the environmental sciences to attorneys, industry, municipalities, school districts, and government. These services include: evaluation of groundwater resources, ...

    Expert Testimony & Litigation Support Services

    Expert Testimony & Litigation Support Services

    Expert testimony and technical support to legal counsel are provided for the following disciplines: Groundwater resources & hydrology. Subsurface contamination. Property ...

  • Hammer Environmental Services

    based in Wasilla, ALASKA (USA).

    Hammer Environmental Services

    Hammer Environmental Services is a new Environmental Drilling company; created to provide investigative services for petroleum contaminated sites using the UltraViolet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST). The UVOST offers site managers and property ...

  • Porewater Solutions (PWS)

    based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Porewater Solutions (PWS)

    Porewater Solutions offers specialized consulting services, training, and software for evaluating groundwater flow, soil vapor flow, and contaminant transport in the subsurface. Porewater Solutions also has a training services division that offers ...


    based in Alpha, NEW JERSEY (USA).


    Pneumatic Fracturing, Inc. (PFI) is a full service environmental remediation firm focusing on innovative subsurface delivery methods. Our services include the application of the patented Pneumatic Fracturing and Pneumatic Injection technologies and ...

    Pneumatic Fracturing

    Pneumatic Fracturing

    , Pneumatic Fracturing enhances the permeability by creating fracture networks; while in rock, the effect is dilation and extension of existing discontinuities; thereby improving the interconnection between existing fractures. The immediate benefit ...

  • CEREX Advanced Fabrics, Inc

    based in Cantonment, FLORIDA (USA).

    CEREX Advanced Fabrics, Inc

    CEREX Advanced Fabrics is an ISO 9001 CERTIFIED producer of a wide range of specialty nonwoven nylon spunbond fabrics that have served customers worldwide for over forty years. The company is located near Pensacola, Florida, USA, and operates three ...

    Oil Shark - Fence Fabric

    Oil Shark - Fence Fabric

    Oil Shark Fence products are designed to filter water through the fence while capturing a broader range of petroleum contaminants BEFORE they reach fragile ...

  • Draper Aden Associates / Draper Aden Environmental Modelling Inc.

    Draper Aden Associates is a full service consulting and civil engineering firm that takes a proactive approach to solving our clients’ technical challenges. We are dedicated to the success of our clients and to achieving the highest levels of ...

  • Vista GeoScience LLC

    based in Golden, COLORADO (USA).

    Vista GeoScience LLC

    Since 1986, the staff at Vista GeoScience has provided expert Geoprobe drilling/sampling, High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC -MIP, HPT, EC, OIP-Fluorescence), In-Situ Remediation Injections of subsurface soil and ground water contamination, ...

  • Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc

    based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA).

    Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc

    Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. is the global leader in the advancement of dynamic fluid injection technology for oil and gas well stimulation and Improved/Enhanced Oil (“IOR/EOR”) Recovery. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta Wavefront ...

    Wavefront’s Primawave - In-Ground Environmental Remediation Technology

    Wavefront’s Primawave - In-Ground Environmental Remediation Technology

    Wavefront’s Primawave process is an effective method for aiding in-ground environmental remediation clean-up strategies in contaminated sites. At little additional cost Primawave is applicable to a vast percentage of all ...

  • TerraTherm - a Cascade Company

    based in Gardner, MASSACHUSETTS (USA).

    TerraTherm - a Cascade Company

    TerraTherm is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ thermal remediation of organic contaminants in subsurface source zones. We advise on, design, build, and operate thermal remediation projects from concept to closure. ...

    TerraTherm - Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE)

    TerraTherm - Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE)

    fluids. Steam propagation is a stable and predictable process, governed by heat transfer to the formation and has been studied intensively and utilized for oil recovery and remediation of a wide range of ...

  • Phase One Inc.

    Phase One Inc. completes Phase I environmental site assessments and Phase II environmental site assessments or investigations throughout the United States using its Environmental Professional Squad (EPS). This group of professionals provide the ...

    Soil & Groundwater Invenstigation

    The following are methods employed by PHASE ONE INC. to acquire information relating to the possible contamination of surface soils, subsurface soils, and groundwater: Hand Auger Borings and Sampling (for ...

  • Fruits & Associates

    Fruits & Associates is a subsurface remediation company providing cost effective solutions to soil and groundwater contamination problems involving volatile contaminants (gasoline, solvents, chemical additives) and semi-volatile contaminants ...

  • Ami Adini & Associates, Inc.

    based in Glendale, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Ami Adini & Associates, Inc.

    Ami Adini & Associates has provided the top environmental consulting and underground/above ground storage tank services in California since 1987. We specialize in environmental site assessments and remediation and the design and construction of ...

    In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

    In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

    AA&A’s injection system delivers contaminant-destroying chemicals and necessary oxygen directly into the effected subsurface zones. The injected chemicals break down contamination into ...

  • PRB Environmental Group, Inc

    based in Peachtree City, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

    PRB Environmental Group, Inc

    Leading edge technology for Decontamination of Water and Soil; using Humic Substances for a more effective and cost-efficient solution. The application utilizies Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) that is installed by injection (not by excavation) to ...

    KSGV Modified Humic Solution - Modified Humic Solutuon for a PRB

    KSGV Modified Humic Solution - Modified Humic Solutuon for a PRB

    effective and cost-efficient solution. The application utilizies Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) that is installed by injection (not by excavation) to facilitate subsurface interception, retention, and treatment of groundwater ...

  • Numac Drilling Services Australia

    based in Williamstown North, AUSTRALIA.

    Numac Drilling Services Australia

    Numac is a specialist contractor of Drilling, Demolition, Tank Removal (AST's & UST's), Excavation and Remediation Services to Professional Consulting firms across a broad range of industry sectors. Untiring customer service, deep knowledge, and a ...

    Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

    Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

    The Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) is a High-Resolution Vertical Mapping tool which Numac offers to detect in real time subsurface contamination for environmental site assessments and characterizations, specifically ...

  • ENVionX

    based in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA).


    ENVionX provides technical marketing services to geo-environmental and earth sciences professionals. From website development to lead generation tactics, we help our customers increase brand recognition and expand the sales pipeline.

    ENVionX - Graphic Design for Geo-Environmental Firms

    ENVionX - Graphic Design for Geo-Environmental Firms

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Subsurface characterization, fractures, contaminant migration, groundwater flow, monitoring networks, slope stability, dewatering – and the list goes on. Our background in the geo-environmental ...

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