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swimming pool water Companies

  • Myron L Company

    based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA).


    Myron L Company

    The Myron L® Company, originally founded in 1957 as a Research and Development company, is a privately owned and operated California Corporation. Since the 1960’s, the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality and ...

    Myron L - Model DS and pDS Meters™ - Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

    Myron L - Model DS and pDS Meters™ - Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

    Conductivity or TDS & pH . No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental ...

  • ProMinent GmbH

    based in Heidelberg, GERMANY.


    ProMinent GmbH

    The ProMinent group of companies is based in Heidelberg and for over 55 years has been developing and manufacturing components and systems for metering liquids and solutions for water treatment and water disinfection. The foundation of ProMinent’s ...

    ProMinent Dulcometer - Model diaLog DACb - Controller

    ProMinent Dulcometer - Model diaLog DACb - Controller

    the control circuit between DULCOTEST sensors and ProMinent metering pumps. The two measuring and control channels of the DULCOMETER diaLog DACa/DACb can be individually configured to meet customer requirements. Everything that you need for the ...

  • Kurita

    based in Tokyo, JAPAN.



    Kurita Water Industries Ltd. provides water treatment solutions to a wide range of industries in the form of products, technology, and maintenance services. The Company’s operations are broadly divided into the Water Treatment Chemicals business and ...

    Kurita Ferrodor - Swimming Pool Water Treatment System

    Kurita Ferrodor - Swimming Pool Water Treatment System

    Kurita’s comprehensive and innovative technology for swimming pool treatment offers a broad range of ...

  • Mic Pool Spa Equipment Company

    Mic Pool Spa Equipment Company is a professional swimming pool product manufacturer, established in 2008, professional in producing and selling swimming pool equipments and spa, sauna steam, like pool filters, pumps, pool ladder, light,cleaning ...

    Big Power Swimming Pool Water Pump for Swimming Pool Equipment

    Big Power Swimming Pool Water Pump for Swimming Pool Equipment

    ) speed and improve energy efficiency. It is suitable for swimming pools, industrial water, aquarium, water ...

  • Bath Water Works Limited

    based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Bath Water Works Limited

    Bath Waterworks (BWW) provides water treatment services to both the public and private sectors. These services include: legionella risk assessments, water treatment services, including the supply of chemicals, dosing & control systems and on site ...

    Swimming Pool & Water Feature Maintenance Services

    Swimming Pool & Water Feature Maintenance Services

    We can advise on swimming pool programmes for full treatment and maintenance and supply of chemicals, maintenance of dosing equipment, pumps and filtration and installation of safety gas monitors in ...

  • Ida-Ore Mining LLC

    based in Nampa, IDAHO (USA).

    Ida-Ore Mining LLC

    Ida-Ore Zeolite is a Bulk Zeolite Supplier located in Nampa, ID. We mine and produce high-quality Clinoptilolite Zeolite. Zeolite has been identified for use in many different applications and has become a very valuable commodity. It has been dubbed ...

    Swimming Pool Water Filtration Zeolite Media

    Swimming Pool Water Filtration Zeolite Media

    Zeo-Clear is an all natural Zeolite granular filtration media that improves water clarity. It is used as a direct replacement for common silica sand found in many pool ...

  • DELTAwater Solutions

    based in Sandgate, AUSTRALIA.

    DELTAwater Solutions

    DELTAwater solutions are technical experts in solving water quality problems such as scale, salinity, iron and corrosion. Their products have 20 years of proven success in solving mining, industry, agriculture and household water-associated problems ...

    DELTA - Swimming Pool Water Treatment System

    DELTA - Swimming Pool Water Treatment System

    This combats the problems of calcium and scale build-up in pipes, recirculation and irrigation systems as well as in swimming pool pumps, filters and on pool surfaces. Installing a DELTA ...

  • Mösslein GmbH

    based in Lohr am Main, GERMANY.

    Mösslein GmbH

    Products and services used to improve and maintain excellent drinking water quality. Disinfection, stain removal and cleaning technology for all sizes and types of tanks, reservoirs, water pipes, bore holes, mains, fountains, swimming pools and ...

  • Flowmaster Jopic

    based in Lahore, PAKISTAN.

    Flowmaster Jopic

    We offers a complete service ranging from design and execution of Fountains, Landscaping, Musical and automatic Dancing Fountains, Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools, SPA Equipments, Waterfalls , water games, etc., backed up by a ...

    Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool

    Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool

    of residential and commercial swimming pools including Aqua Land Water Park and DHA Sports Club. ...

  • VGE International B.V.

    based in Son & Breugel, NETHERLANDS.

    VGE International B.V.

    The VGE Pro product range consists of a complete range of industrial UV-C disinfection systems. The units providea reliable and efficient disinfection of your water. VGE Pro UV-C disinfection systems are the finishing touch in a water treatment ...

    Blue Lagoon - Model Spa UV-C - Swimming Pool UV-C Water Purification Systems

    Blue Lagoon - Model Spa UV-C - Swimming Pool UV-C Water Purification Systems

    to the Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C, your spa water will be disinfected efficiently and safely, and the quality of your water will remain excellent. The UV-C radiation neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other primitive ...

  • Lutz-Jesco GmbH

    based in Wedemark, GERMANY.

    Lutz-Jesco GmbH

    Lutz-Jesco has acquired an outstanding reputation for the development, production and worldwide installation of these components. Our company has for many years represented innovative solutions for swimming pool water/drinking water disinfection and ...

  • Spool & Water Bodies Limited

    Spool & Water Bodies Limited is a trusted company that specializes in the construction, supply and maintenance of swimming pools, water fountains & sewage treatment systems. We are equipped with qualified professionals whom you can trust and will do ...

  • A plus Bangladesh

    The best water filter and purifier company in Bangladesh. We are expert in Reverse osmosis water purifier for your home and office, Garments water purifier , Industrial water treatment system, Swimming Pool, Water Fall. We will be always at your ...

  • Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (AIS)

    based in Tingalpa, AUSTRALIA.

    Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd (AIS)

    Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd is a manufacturing company specialising in disinfection of water via electrolysis. Boasting three well facilitated manufacturing sites, the company is forever moving forward. Innovative technology, and a ...

    EcoLine - For Fresh Water Swimming Pools

    EcoLine - For Fresh Water Swimming Pools

    to discerning home pool owners. Its low salinity operation of 900 – 1700ppm combines the convenience, reliability and protection of a salt-water chlorine generator with the luxury of swimming ...

  • Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,LTD

    Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co.,LTD is a comprehensive and professional international trade and international logistics company. Our products are used for fish process, shrimp pool, disinfection of the swimming pool water, medical apparatus, ...

  • Oakland Calvert Consultants Ltd

    based in London, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Oakland Calvert Consultants Ltd

    Oakland Calvert based in London UK, are Scientific & Engineering Consultants in the Aquatic & Built Environment. Our range of services include water quality testing, drinking water testing, swimming pool water testing and treatment as well as ...

  • Rufus Thomas & Co. LTD

    Our Organization, RUFUS THOMAS & CO. LTD was established in Nigeria as a Project and Facility Management Consulting Firm specializing in Building Engineering and other related Ancillary services such as Swimming pool Project,Water Fountain project, ...

  • Clean Biotec S.L.L.

    based in Logroño, SPAIN.

    Clean Biotec S.L.L.

    Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory. Potable Water Analysis, Swimming pools, River water, Legionella, Wastewater control, etc. Soil Analysis, sewage, agriculture, gardens, etc. Air Analysis, Indoor Air Quality, Ultraviolet Radiation. ...

  • Renaissance Aqua Sports

    We are manufacturer of swimming pool equipment, and water treatment products. We also provide good quality of water treatment carbon from India.

  • Prime Water BVBA

    based in Lommel, BELGIUM.

    Prime Water BVBA

    Prime Water specializes since 1998 in solutions for: Legionella prevention in hotels, hospitals, institutions and swimming pools, Water purification in drinking water dispensing systems in homes, schools, offices and institutions. Our motto is: ...

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