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used air pollution control Companies

  • Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

    based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA).


    Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

    Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc. is an environmental technology supplier headquartered in Milwaukee, WI USA with an extensive global presence, including offices in Asia and Europe. Anguil has been a trusted air and water solutions supplier for ...

    Anguil - Emission Capture - Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE)

    Anguil - Emission Capture - Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE)

    Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs) provide numerous advantages for manufacturers who paint, spray, coat or apply solvent based materials to their product. The primary function is to provide 100% capture of all fugitive over-spray of harmful ...

  • ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

    based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM.


    ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

    ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems with a successful 30+ year history. We provide turn-key systems to give the best technical solution for the lowest capital and running costs. We have installed ...

    ERG - Tray Scrubbers

    ERG - Tray Scrubbers

    Tray scrubbers are used for cleaning gas flows which are contaminated with both particulate and soluble noxious gases. Their unique design enables them to capture particulate > 2 micron as well as soluble gases to high ...

  • Simple Solutions Distributing LLC

    based in West Milford, NEW JERSEY (USA).


    Simple Solutions Distributing LLC

    Simple Solutions Distributing LLC is a registered small business founded in 2003 and located in the state of New Jersey. Our focus is on residential and municipal wastewater/landfill odor control caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas emissions from ...

    Wolverine - Model PCB-150 - 150LB HDPE Pollution Control Barrel - Max 100CFM

    Wolverine - Model PCB-150 - 150LB HDPE Pollution Control Barrel - Max 100CFM

    The Mega Wolverine 150lb HDPE Air Pollution Control Barrel is an economical ready to use; self contained air purification unit that can treat air ...

  • CR Clean Air Group, LLC

    based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA).


    CR Clean Air Group, LLC

    The mission of the CR Clean Air Group, LLC is to provide its customers with the tools to address nearly any emissions challenge. Whether it is to meet required regulations, increase employee safety, recover valuable product, remove process ...

    CR Clean Air - Packed Tower Scrubber

    CR Clean Air - Packed Tower Scrubber

    The Clean Air Group, LLC’s Packed Tower Scrubber utilizes a vertical countercurrent design for highly efficient absorption of a variety of toxic gases. In addition to its extensive use in air ...

  • PolSys Services

    based in The Woodlands, TEXAS (USA).

    PolSys Services

    PolSys Services is the leading provider of onsite technical services for all makes and models of air pollution control equipment (including thermal oxidizers), industrial burners, and industrial control systems. We offer expert service and repair, ...

    Used Air Pollution Control Systems

    Used Air Pollution Control Systems

    PolSys Services offers used air pollution and VOC control systems that we have refurbished and rebuilt. Our top-notch technical team has the expertise to modify and upgrade all ...

  • Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC

    based in Conroe, TEXAS (USA).

    Gulf Coast Environmental Systems, LLC

    GCES specializes in providing results for environmental initiatives such as air pollution control solutions, clean energy development, gas purification, and industrial and plant services focused on improvements in operational efficiencies and ...

  • Jupiter Scientific

    based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Jupiter Scientific

    Jupiter Scientific manufactures custom point of use air pollution control equipment. Jupiter Scientific provides a wide variety of environmental systems and services. Our team includes a number of the country`s most well respected environmental ...

  • BIONIK Filtersysteme GmbH - TECCON Group

    based in Wr. Neudorf, AUSTRIA.

    BIONIK Filtersysteme GmbH - TECCON Group

    BIONIK Filtersysteme is one of the leading companies for the supply of biologically-based air pollution control systems used for the removal of odour and pollutants (like hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, volatile organic compounds, etc.) from the exhaust ...

  • San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

    based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District

    The San Joaquin Valley Air District is a public health agency whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life for all San Joaquin Valley residents through efficient, effective and entrepreneurial air quality-management strategies. ...

  • Reinhold Environmental, LTD

    based in Northbrook, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Reinhold Environmental, LTD

    Reinhold Environmental publishes an international newsletter, written for technical experts (utility and suppliers alike) concerning air pollution control technology.

  • Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor)

    based in MICHIGAN (USA).

    Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor)

    Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor) provides free online tools to helps plant managers, engineers, and buyers determine the right pollution equipment for their application and find suppliers with experience in their industry. ...

    IPE Advisor - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    IPE Advisor - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

    Let Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor recommend the right RTO equipment, size, and supplier for your VOC abatement ...

  • Midwest Air Products Co., Inc.

    based in Traverse City, MICHIGAN (USA).

    Midwest Air Products Co., Inc.

    Midwest Air Products Co., Inc. has been in the business of supplying quality, corrosion resistant air pollution control equipment since 1979. Our standards for material thickness, reinforcing, accessory equipment and quality, far exceed industry ...

  • Textile Industries, Inc.

    based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA).

    Textile Industries, Inc.

    We are known for our quality engineered aftermarket filter bags for dust control and dust collection, and the custom design and fabrication of liquid filter bags for filtration of paints, inks, adhesives, tinctures, solvents, etc. We also ...

    Textile Industries - Dust Filtration System

    Textile Industries - Dust Filtration System

    Textile Industries is here to help with your material handling requirements.  Be it Dust/Fume Collection/Control, Air Pollution Control or Product Recovery, we offer a wide ...

  • Adeco Srl

    based in Galatone (LE), ITALY.

    Adeco Srl

    ADECO SRL was born in 1996, offering Services of Environmental Consultation to all those subjects obliged by law to keep a loading/unloading register of special waste and the presentation of Environmental Declaration Forms.The competence and ...

  • MGF Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG

    based in Fulda, GERMANY.

    MGF Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG

    For the past 30 years, a primary motive of Gutsche has been to forecast, plan and provide concepts which serve to protect the environment. During the time when consideration of ecological subjects was almost an exception, Gutsche managed to ...

  • Environmental Integrated Solutions (EIS)

    based in Halesowen, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Environmental Integrated Solutions (EIS)

    Environmental Integrated Solutions, manufacturer and supplier of cost effective VOC Abatement, Odour Control and other Air Pollution Control Systems. Based in UK, but working throughout Europe and worldwide, EIS manufacture and install turnkey ...

    EIS - Sacrificial Adsorption Systems

    EIS - Sacrificial Adsorption Systems

    Sacrificial adsorption systems are often used in the odour control of process streams with very low inlet concentrations and for toxic gas polishing.Generally these are fixed bed systems that use ...

  • Alliance Corporation

    based in La Habra, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    Alliance Corporation

    Alliance Corporation is an air pollution control equipment manufacturer and service company specializing in Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers. Alliance Corporation is a low profile company dedicated to building the best Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers ...

  • Envergy Projects Limited

    based in Vadodara, INDIA.

    Envergy Projects Limited

    EPL is established with multiple Missions and Visions such as, to provide end-to-end solutions for designing & handling turnkey projects in the field of Environmental Engineering and Energy. EPL is equipped with in house R & D centre which has ...

    EPL - Bag Filters

    EPL - Bag Filters

    Bag filter is used for collection of dry free flowing dust; typically dust from the dust-laden air that enters by suction or positive pressure into the hopper. When this ...

  • United Process Control, Inc.

    based in Hillsborough, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    United Process Control, Inc.

    UPC, Inc. specializes in products and services required to maintain air pollution control equipment as well as combustion air filtration systems. We offer new and used equipment (baghouses), replacement parts (filters, valves, etc.) and full time ...

  • Clean Gas Systems Inc (CGS)

    based in Hauppauge, NEW YORK (USA).

    Clean Gas Systems Inc (CGS)

    Clean Gas Systems, Inc. (CGS) offers its products and services with a commitment to continue to solve industrial air pollution problems. CGS products and systems are designed to achieve the highest performance with on-line reliability, minimum ...

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