waste management software Companies

  • Webaspx

    based in Twickenham, UNITED KINGDOM.


    Webaspx is an award-winning software provider for municipal services. We provide local authorities and environmental service companies with integrated optimisation, operational and mobile solutions for waste collection, street cleansing and winter ...

    Webaspx - Integrated Waste Management Software

    Webaspx - Integrated Waste Management Software

    manage their day-to-day processes more efficiently at the same time as optimising the overall waste collection ...

  • FalconData Ltd.

    based in Castleford, UNITED KINGDOM.

    FalconData Ltd.

    We provide innovative, technology lead IT solutions for managing waste collection activities both in the commercial and public sector. WasteDataLive, brings together the very best mobile and back-office technologies into a single waste management ...

    WasteDataLive - Waste Management Software

    WasteDataLive - Waste Management Software

    In-The-Field Live Data Tracking & Management Get a bird’s eye view of your field operators with access to live data and real-time ...

  • Lariat Technologies

    based in SOUTH AFRICA.

    Lariat Technologies

    Lariat’s workforce consists of a programming team developing new features and systems for the Recycling and Waste market. Field technicians that install new sites, give training, support and maintain current sites. And finally an online support team ...

    RecycleProx - Recycling, Scrap Metal and Waste Management Software

    RecycleProx - Recycling, Scrap Metal and Waste Management Software

    Lariat Technologies is an software company that have created one of South Africa's leading software RecycleProX that has performed leaps and bounds in the Recycling, Scrap Metal and Waste ...

  • My Yard Software

    based in Bolton, UNITED KINGDOM.

    My Yard Software

    My Yard is a job management system used by skip hire companies, waste transfer stations, materials recycling facilities, scrap metal reprocessors. My Yard is suitable for companies that collect, transport, dispose or recycle waste. You can use it ...

    Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    My Yard software is an online waste management software solution that makes it easier to meet the day-to-day operational needs of waste ...

  • DreamTec Software

    based in Co.Dublin, IRELAND.

    DreamTec Software

    DreamTec Software is one of the leading suppliers of software solutions to the FMCG, Waste and Fuel Industries. We use a system called the Cassini platform that enables you manage machines remotely via the internet with a web-based portal. ...

    OutTrak - Mobile Waste Management Software

    OutTrak - Mobile Waste Management Software

    The OutTrak handheld system can be used in many areas of the waste industry such as skip hire, recycling and liquid waste. For those involved in skip hire OutTrak allows the handheld ...


    based in Thornton-Cleveleys, UNITED KINGDOM.


    We have supplied software to a range of industries since 1983. These include our software providing solutions for the waste management, skip hire and recycling industries. Our SKIPHIRE programs have been in use since 1983 and the first Windows ...

    STEELSOFT - Waste Management Software

    STEELSOFT - Waste Management Software

    At STEELSOFT we specialise in software for commerce and industry. As a general rule these are database applications which are in use all day every day. Without exception all of our programs are low maintenance and very reliable. Our ...

  • ITA Dynamics

    based in Rockville, MARYLAND (USA).

    ITA Dynamics

    ITA Dynamics offers the only Microsoft business software system for the Waste & Recycling community. This single business software application helps manage all information, communication, and processes for every department and functional area. In ...

    Version ENWIS Public  - Municipal Waste Management Software

    Version ENWIS Public - Municipal Waste Management Software

    ENWIS Public was created for the public sector and municipal waste business. Municipal waste management is increasingly liable to private-sector constraints and requirements. Stability of fees and ...

  • IMEC Technologies

    based in Champaign, ILLINOIS (USA).

    IMEC Technologies

    IMEC Technologies brings compliance solutions to its customers using its experience and knowledge of mobility, software development, wireless technology, networking and AIDC Technology (barcode and RFID) together with its proven ability to operate ...

    HazMat T&T - Waste Management Software

    HazMat T&T - Waste Management Software

    HazMat T&T, tracks waste from the point of creation to the point of shipment or disposal. The system maintains a detailed waste history database, tracking all waste operations and movements. ...

  • Green Oak Solutions Ltd

    based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Green Oak Solutions Ltd

    Green Oak Solutions Software, Consulting & Services. At Green Oak we are all about providing solutions that help drive environmental improvements while increasing business efficiency. With a focus on waste management & recycling and carbon ...

    We3 Recycler - Recycling and Waste Management Software

    We3 Recycler - Recycling and Waste Management Software

    Unlike other software solutions, We3 Recycler has been designed specifically to meet the needs of your Recycling business. It's not been modified from a skip management solution or a big unfriendly ERP system. Our ...

  • Geoware Inc.

    based in Waterloo, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Geoware Inc.

    Established as PCB Automation Inc. in 1983 in Waterloo, Ontario, our company was created to capitalize on the reduced cost advantages resulting from the introduction of the Personal Computer. We built software solutions for businesses where weighing ...

  • EZshred LLC

    based in Chesterland, OHIO (USA).

    EZshred LLC

    EZshred? is your total turnkey shredding and document destruction software solutions provider. When managing on-site and off-site document destruction, recycling, record storage and medical waste management it takes the right software to run an ...

    EZshred RecycleVision - Recycling & Waste Management Software

    EZshred RecycleVision - Recycling & Waste Management Software

    In today’s market recycling companies need to operate more efficiently than ever before due to constantly evolving environmental legislation and social pressures. EZshred™ ReycleVision™ software helps recyclers ...

  • Algoritmu Sistemos Ltd.

    based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

    Algoritmu Sistemos Ltd.

    Established in 2001, Algoritmu Sistemos Ltd. develops high-quality, efficient and reliable information systems for large and medium-sized organizations. Although much time has passed, the goal has remained the same - to provide reliable and ...

    Version ECO.IS - Waste Management Software

    Version ECO.IS - Waste Management Software

    The program is designed for administrating the waste operators and waste processors customer data, route planning, scheduling and order management. This is a perfect tool for companies that have ...

  • InfoTech Solutions (Midlands) Ltd.

    based in Arrow, UNITED KINGDOM.

    InfoTech Solutions (Midlands) Ltd.

    InfoTech Solutions is a leading developer and supplier of weighbridge software and process weighing systems. Our software solutions are supplied to a broad spectrum of industries from waste, recycling, grain, quarry, mining and gatehouses through to ...

    Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    The Waste industry has a number of special requirements for the weighing and management over and above the normal dialogue requirements; we have therefore created a specific template designed to cater for the needs ...

  • Faber Srl.

    based in Naples, ITALY.

    Faber Srl.

    Faber has been working for over 23 years in the field of advance technologies for the environment, in particular in the area of Municipal Solid Waste. Faber has always combined the commitment to achieve with passion for research: engineering and ...

    EcoPass - Waste Management Software

    EcoPass - Waste Management Software

    It is an automatic system for the management of waste to the dump sites and the waste to energy plant. Recognizes the code of vehicle, Calculates the net weight of waste dumped, ...

  • Terralink Systems Inc.

    based in Portland, MAINE (USA).

    Terralink Systems Inc.

    Terralink Systems Inc. is the nation`s premier provider of software products and ASP Web solutions for companies that generate, handle, ship and storehazardous materials. Terralink`s proven Terralink Data eXchange line of management tools ensure ...

    TDXConnect - Hazardous Waste Managing Software

    TDXConnect - Hazardous Waste Managing Software

    Terralink, the first company to deliver a Windows-based solution for managing hazardous waste, introduces TDXConnect, a Web application making access to profiles, manifests and reports easier than ever. While ...

  • ATHOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH

    Waste management consulting and software.

  • DataPipe USA Inc.

    based in Butler, NEW JERSEY (USA).

    DataPipe USA Inc.

    DataPipe USA has nearly 35 years of experience providing an easy-to-use, modular EHS software solution for collecting and managing environment, occupational health, industrial hygiene and safety information. DataPipe™ is a comprehensive, modular EHS ...

    Environment and Waste Management Software

    Environment and Waste Management Software

    The DataPipe environment and waste management modules integrate with one another, allowing data sharing for easy access of personnel information, facilities, areas and buildings information for source locations, ...

  • Geokon A/S

    based in Roedovre, DENMARK.

    Geokon A/S

    Geokon is an independent software development company specializing in environmental data management systems for local authorities. The company has its base in Copenhagen, Denmark, but services local authorities across the world. GeoEnviron is a ...

    Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Handling waste and waste streams includes huge amounts of data to be treated accurate and fast. A long row of stakeholders are involved for example waste producers, waste carriers, ...

  • KHE2 - Know How Environmental Engineering S.L.

    based in Alcora, SPAIN.

    KHE2 - Know How Environmental Engineering S.L.

    Know How Environmental Engineering S.L., a company backed with over 25 years experience offers its know-how. It offers specific solutions and services, such as incineration, to create your own recycling plant all kinds of waste treatments starting ...

    Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Our total waste management software allows you to maintain control of your company. Management of all types (industrial, health, urban, non-hazardous) waste. With ...

  • DBM International Srl - The Environmental Company

    based in Lamezia Terme, ITALY.

    DBM International Srl - The Environmental Company

    DBM International is a green market focused company, supplying a wide range of products and solutions for the whole waste managements industry. We offer a full set of products and ITC solutions for municipalities waste managements needs. Among our ...

    Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Waste management and recycling is a slow and high expensive process. For such reasons, we offer an integrated solution able to supports Recycling Companies and Local Authorities. It traces ...

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