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water infrastructure costs Companies

  • Water For People

    based in Denver, COLORADO (USA).

    Water For People

    Water For People exists to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses, and governments. We`re working to reach Everyone Forever. 2.1 billion ...

  • Environmental Provida - Fusion Provida

    based in Chesterfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Environmental Provida - Fusion Provida

    Acquired by Wolseley UK in Spring 2014, Fusion Provida UK is the UK`s leading supply chain partner for utilities and utility infrastructure providers. We have two trading entities: Fusion Provida – distribution of products for gas, water, and ...

    Effective and Dynamic Materials Management Services

    Effective and Dynamic Materials Management Services

    In 2010, Fusion Provida UK sold almost 20,000 different products to utility infrastructure provides across the UK. As a distributor of gas, water and electricity infrastructure products, we understand the real costs associated with sourcing, ...

  • CCI Spectrum, Inc.

    based in Augsburg, GERMANY.

    CCI Spectrum, Inc.

    CCI Spectrum is the patent holder for the SpectraShield Liner System and licenses the use of the SpectraShield technology through a network of licensed installers. Through that network of licensed installers, the SpectraShield Liner System has been ...

    Sewer System Rehabilitation Bottleneck

    Sewer System Rehabilitation Bottleneck

    The European sewerage system is rather outdated. In a large part of the over 500,000 km long German network, there is a significant need for rehabilitation. Primarily cities and communities, whose duties include waste water removal and where public ...

  • Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC

    Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of wastewater product and service solutions for both residential and commercial application. Paramount Wastewater Solutions, LLC utilizes state of the art software for all of its design ...

    Rainwater Harvesting Design & Supplies

    Rainwater is a valuable natural resource that can be collected for household use. Collecting rainwater in tanks and using it can reduce your water bills, provide a chlorine-free supply of fresh drinking water, and reduce community infrastructure ...

  • Wetlands International

    based in Wageningen, NETHERLANDS.

    Wetlands International

    Wetlands International is the only global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. We are deeply concerned about the loss and deterioration of wetlands such as lakes, marshes and rivers. Our vision is a ...

    Water Security Services

    Water Security Services

    Wetlands such as rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, and estuaries play a critical role in supplying and regulating water quantity and quality. Conserving and restoring this natural water infrastructure is a cost-effective investment strategy to ...

  • Genesis Engineering (NQ) Pty Ltd

    based in Cairns, AUSTRALIA.

    Genesis Engineering (NQ) Pty Ltd

    Genesis Engineering is incorporated in Australia and registered as an overseas company in PNG. With offices in Cairns and PNG, we have extensive experience designing and managing Civil Infrastructure projects in: Northern Territory, Queensland, ...

    Camps and Accommodation Villages Capabilities

    Camps and Accommodation Villages Capabilities

    Capabilities: Site investigation, Design and Documentation, Project Management, Construction Management, Contract Administration, Compliance Inspections, Hydrology and Stormwater, Water Supply, Treatment, Storage, Reticulation, Sewage Treatment and ...


    STORM blends the disciplines of science and engineering to provide practical and innovative solutions to land and water environmental problems. STORM was formed in November 1997 and comprises a inter-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists and ...

    Urban Water Infrastructure Planning

    Area 14 is a proposed beachside community just south of Port Macquarie. Council wanted to optimise the cost effectiveness and sustainability of water infrastructure for this greenfield development. They engaged STORM to undertake integrated economic ...

  • Metron-Farnier, LLC

    based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA).

    Metron-Farnier, LLC

    Metron now offers a line of high performance residential, commercial, Hydrant and Fire Service water meters augmented with smart meter technologies. The Metron metering solution now provides superior measurement accuracy and range with the ...

  • EnviroNor

    based in NORWAY.


    EnviroNor is a Norwegian company that was officially launched in 2011. The main purpose of EnviroNor is to provide “Water On Demand” through seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and water purification. For this application we repurpose ...

    EnviroNor - Emergency Response Vessel (ERV)

    EnviroNor - Emergency Response Vessel (ERV)

    Produces clean drinking water for populations in disaster areas.

  • WRScompass

    based in Tampa, FLORIDA (USA).


    WRScompass is an established company with a 28-year history in providing high quality environmental, remediation and civil construction services with an experienced, highly skilled technical and professional workforce. With a record of beating the ...

    Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Services

    Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Services

    Cities across the United States are facing the need to replace aging water and sewer infrastructure in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to businesses, neighborhoods, and the environment. To meet the rising demand, WRScompass offers ...

  • Biosol

    based in Cheltenham, AUSTRALIA.


    Biosol’s Next Generation, Sustainable wastewater management products, treat the cause of Sewage Odour, Corrosion and Methane Gas Emissions in sewage catchments. Biosol products also cause the release of built up Fat, Oil, Grease and Sediments from ...

    Sewage Infrastructure Corrosion Services

    Sewage Infrastructure Corrosion Services

    Sewage infrastructure corrosion occurs when sewage odour (H2S) gas is converted to sulfuric acid (H2SO4) by the action of different bacteria. Biosol products treat the cause of the problem, by minimising the production of (H2S) gas in the sewers. Dr ...

  • PERC Water Corporation

    based in Costa Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA).

    PERC Water Corporation

    PERC Water Corporation is a water recycling company focused on returning water to nature. We design, build, operate and manage water recycling facilities throughout the United States, are committed to producing water of the highest quality, and ...

    Risk Transfer Service

    Risk Transfer Service

    It is in municipalities' best interest when implementing major water and wastewater capital projects to choose a delivery method that provides the highest level of risk transfer. For an in-depth anaylsis of the advantages and disadvantages of these ...

  • Hydrophil iC

    based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

    Hydrophil iC

    Hydrophil iC is an international company with specialisation on the water sector. We remain true to our principle to act as a team of specialists that is able to respond flexibly to the demanding requirements of its customers since many years. On ...

    Water Supply

    Water Supply

    Innovative and cost efficient solutions in the development of water infrastructure and related services are required urgently more than ever.

  • Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

    based in Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Secure Meters (UK) Ltd

    Our goal is to work with the users of energy in their homes and workplace to help reduce waste of energy. We work with the energy supply chain to reduce the cost of energy delivered to users. At Secure, users of energy are at the core of our ...

    Model Liberty EU6v - Gas Metering

    Model Liberty EU6v - Gas Metering

    The Liberty family covers a wide range of prepayment applications, from traditional single-phase through to dual-fuel smart metering installations. The flexible nature of Liberty greatly benefits energy suppliers, while the user-friendly features ...

  • Blue Earth Labs

    based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

    Blue Earth Labs

    Blue Earth Labs is a specialty chemical manufacturing company with a focus on safe, NSF 60 approved cleaning solutions for municipal and commercial water treatment infrastructure. Offering the full complement of industry tested Floran products, we ...

    Commercial Water Treatment Services

    Commercial Water Treatment Services

    Removing inorganic and organic deposits is an important concern for all water systems. Scales and films cause corrosion, impede system performance, reduce capacity and production, increase water costs and shorten the operational life of water ...

  • ADS Environmental Services

    based in Huntsville, ALABAMA (USA).

    ADS Environmental Services

    ADS Business Development and Senior Account Managers have a combined 150 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. At ADS, we offer comprehensive, innovative flow information, from real-time flow data to temporary flow monitoring ...

    Comprehensive Water Audits

    Comprehensive Water Audits

    A Water Audit is a full analysis of water processed by a utility. The analysis is conducted starting with an accurate accounting of raw, treated and sold water. In a complete Water Audit, the accuracy of the raw water meters and their output is ...

  • Watermark Corporation

    Watermark Corporation brings over 20 years of experience in the water quality improvement industry. Watermark`s solid relationships with leading equipment manufacturers assures you of receiving unsurpassed service in the mid Atlantic region.

  • Corix Group of Companies

    based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

    Corix Group of Companies

    Corix is a leader in the implementation of sustainable water, wastewater, and energy utility infrastructure solutions for small to medium-sized communities across North America. We are a privately held corporation principally owned by the British ...

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