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water leak control Companies

  • RLE Technologies

    based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

    RLE Technologies

    RLE is a rapidly growing, globally recognized leader in fluid leak detection and critical facilities monitoring equipment. Through 30 years of hard work and innovation, RLE has grown from a shop in a garage to the leading provider of water leak ...

    SeaHawk - Model LD1000 - Single Zone Leak and Water Detection Controller Monitors

    SeaHawk - Model LD1000 - Single Zone Leak and Water Detection Controller Monitors

    The SeaHawk LD1000 single zone leak and water detection controller monitors up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) of sensing cable.  It is compatible with all SeaHawk sensing cables and SeaHawk SD-Z and SD-Z1 spot detectors. As a stand-alone leak ...

  • Poolshop East Africa Ltd.

    Swimming Pool Construction Experts in Kenya. From Desktop work, excavation to finishing we have quality, expertise and experience that you need in swimming pool construction for the best result. Dealing with swimming pools design, construction and ...

  • Aqua Environmental

    We specialise in the detection of water leakage for water distribution networks, local governments and mining companies using only the highest quality acoustic electronic leak detection equipment from leading suppliers around the world.Using our ...

  • Aqua Specijal Ltd.

    based in Zagreb, CROATIA.

    Aqua Specijal Ltd.

    Aqua Specijal Ltd. is a company specialized in water management. Young professionals with university education and vast experience in the field of planning and maintenance of water supply systems are the main strength of the company.

  • Hydrocom

    based in Basalt, COLORADO (USA).


    Hydrocom design, manufacture and sell water conservation and water damage prevention products that are state of the art. Mission: Integrity in design, quality and service.

    Hydrocom - Complete Water Management Software

    Hydrocom - Complete Water Management Software

    The Water Controller by Hydrocom™ stops leaks before they occur. The Control Panel displays water usage which supports water awareness and conservation. By monitoring flow, the system can detect small leaks that may not be visible; The Water ...

  • Absolute Cooling Tower Services Ltd

    based in West Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Absolute Cooling Tower Services Ltd

    Absolute Cooling Towers Services Ltd (ACTS) specialise in the provision of effective water hygiene services in the following areas: repair and refurbishments of cooling towers and evaporative condensers; cleaning and disinfection. ACTS Ltd ...

  • Oxford Hydrotechnics Ltd.

    based in Oxon, UNITED KINGDOM.

    Oxford Hydrotechnics Ltd.

    H2Ox - Oxford Hydrotechnics is an innovative company specialising in advanced resin injection and grouting techniques. Our core services include Leak Sealing, Soil Stabilisation, Structural Reinforcing, Ground Water Control and Disaster Recovery. ...

    Leak Sealing

    Leak Sealing

    We have an exceptional track record for controlling water infiltration. Our expertise extends from sealing leaks in small individual pit lifts, to controlling major flows through chalk aquifers and gravels on the largest civil engineering projects. ...

  • Amatola Water

    Amatola Water, a state-owned, non-profit making business enterprise accountable to the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry, was created jointly by national, provincial and local community stakeholders to serve as a multi- service, bulk water ...

    Water Resource Management

    Water leakage management is important for all water providers in controlling the negative impact that leakages have on financial viability and water resources utilization. Amatola Water is conversant with best practice regarding non-revenue water ...

  • Veritec Consulting Inc.

    based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

    Veritec Consulting Inc.

    Veritec Consulting Inc. is comprised of highly trained professional engineers and technicians with many years of practical hands-on experience in the water and wastewater service sectors. Veritec Consulting, a member of the Miya Group of companies, ...

    LEAKSSuite - Water Leak Loss Software

    LEAKSSuite - Water Leak Loss Software

    The LEAKSSuite softwares were created by Allan Lambert of ILMSS Ltd., the leader of the first IWA Water Losses Task Force, who is responsible for many of the current analytical advances in water loss control.  In Canada, the softwares are ...

  • Epoxy Design Systems, Inc.

    based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

    Epoxy Design Systems, Inc.

    Epoxy Design System, Inc. is a specialty trade contractor established in 1977. Our construction field experience combines with up to date technical knowledge and tested materials, provides the needed expertise to repair, preserve, maintain, and ...

    Tunnels Services

    Tunnels Services

    Leaking Water Stop Control, Pneumatically applied Concrete, Chemical Grout For Leak Control, Water Control Grouting ...

  • Acexon Technologies Pte Ltd.

    based in Singapore, SINGAPORE.

    Acexon Technologies Pte Ltd.

    Acexon Technologies Pte Ltd was established in Singapore since 2004 as a sales and technical service provider specializing in field of Laser, Optics, Electro-optics and Photonics serving several countries in South East Asia region. Certified to ISO ...

  • Emagineered Solutions, Inc.

    based in Redmond, OREGON (USA).

    Emagineered Solutions, Inc.

    Emagineered Solutions Inc. is a global, innovative, engineering firm with a proven record of successful projects. At Emagineered Solutions, we have a long history in the water leakage control segment of the hydro industry. Currently we are focusing ...

  • MB Holding Ltd

    based in Riga, LATVIA.

    MB Holding Ltd

    MB Holding Ltd is registred in Latvia, founded in 2012. We have become the leading company in region, which provides solutions for above the ground storage tanks. MB Holding Ltd. is the only company in the Baltic region that offers a full production ...

    Galvanized Steel Fire-Water and Drinking Water Reservoirs

    Galvanized Steel Fire-Water and Drinking Water Reservoirs

    Galvanized steel tanks are an economical way to store drinking water, fire fighting water, rain water, raw water, various types of waste water, etc. We supply tanks with a capacity ranging from 9m3 to more than 4000m3, and with a diameter ranging ...

  • Marco Fantozzi

    based in Gussago, ITALY.

    Marco Fantozzi

    Marco Fantozzi to assist Water Utilities, regulators and technology providers to promote the IWA (International Water Association) practical approach to water utility leakage management through the use of customised software, training, consultancy, ...



    Marco Fantozzi offers several traning programs for water balance, water loss control, pressure management and leak detection utilizing the latest best practices. As a technical trainer, Marco Fantozzi participated in more than 50 training ...

  • Tokyo Instruments, Inc.

    TII Group, Tokyo Instruments, Inc. (TII) and UNISOKU Co., Ltd. has been greatly contributing to the advancement of cutting-edge science technology, striving to be the leading companies in Japan as "No.1 in Nano-Technology measurement and Photonics". ...

  • RPMC Lasers Inc

    based in O`Fallon, MISSOURI (USA).

    RPMC Lasers Inc

    Incorporated in 1996, RPMC Lasers, Inc. was started to assist LDX Optronics generate worldwide attention to their high quality laser diode products. This allowed LDX Optronics to concentrate on technical challenges without the diversions of sales ...

  • Quantum Light Instruments Ltd. (QLI)

    based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

    Quantum Light Instruments Ltd. (QLI)

    Quantum Light Instruments, Ltd. (legal name in Lithuanian is UAB “Kvantiniai šviesos instrumentai”) is privately owned limited liability company located in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. The company was founded in 2014 by laser scientists and ...

    QLI - Model Q2 - High Peak Power Compact Q-Switched Laser

    QLI - Model Q2 - High Peak Power Compact Q-Switched Laser

    Q2 series diode pumped, fully air-cooled, Q-switched laser is designed for wide range of applications that require high peak power pulses. Our innovative water-free laser crystal end-pumping technology allows to produce Gaussian-like, low divergence ...

  • EKSMA Optics Optolita UAB

    based in Vilnius, LITHUANIA.

    EKSMA Optics Optolita UAB

    EKSMA OPTICS is a manufacturer and global supplier of precision optical components, optical systems, laser & nonlinear frequency conversion crystals, opto-mechanics and electro-optical Pockels cells with drivers used in lasers and other optical ...

  • P.N. Daly Ltd.

    based in Rochdale, UNITED KINGDOM.

    P.N. Daly Ltd.

    P.N. Daly Ltd. is an expert supplier of utility design, engineering, construction, installation and technical services with 40 years experience working for the leading utility companies and developers in the UK. P.N. Daly Ltd. are also fully ...

    Training & Development

    Training & Development

    P.N. Daly Ltd. training school at Milnrow has been an essential part of the success of the company by giving us the ability to react quickly to the ever changing needs of the utilities industries. It was initially established over 30 years ago to ...

  • Acal BFi Netherlands BV

    based in Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS.

    Acal BFi Netherlands BV

    We operate across Europe including the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, Poland, Spain and the Nordic region, as well as in Asia (China and South Korea) and Africa (South Africa). We provide manufacturing, design, engineering, marketing ...

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