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  • Industrial Equipment

  • Model 250 Series - Cuber

    Model 250 Series - Cuber

    Production:  6 to 8 tons per hour. Material:  Mixed Paper/FBF, Cardboard, MSW (dRDF), Cardboard Sludge, Paper Sludge.

  • Cube Coolers

    Cube Coolers

    The Cube Cooler reduces time required in the cube curing process by removing the cube moisture and cooling cubes to ambient temperature. The cubes come directly from the takeaway conveyor into the Cube Cooler. The Cube Cooler spreader insures proper depth and an even distribution of cubes, assuring an even air flow. The cubes ride on either a drag chain or a wire belt or both, which reduces risks of cube damage and fines. The cubes will be discharged...

  • Metering Bins

    Metering Bins

    Length: 18’ - 40’. Width: 4’, 6’, 8’. Height: 9’. Surge Capacity: 300-2,800 cu. ft. Flow Rate: Set per customer’s requirement.  Rates are variable or VFD variable frequency drive and/or PLC controlled electrical. Custom lengths, widths, heights, and capacity available depending on material and  application.

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Warren & Baerg - Model 200HD - Cube Densification Systems

    Warren & Baerg - Model 200HD - Cube Densification Systems

    The Model 200HD Cuber is the heart of Warren & Baerg’s cube densification systems. The direct coupled configuration of the Model 200 HD provides a smooth and efficient drive mechanism. The Cubing head is designed for strength and simplicity. There are only three bearings in the cubing head, and all of these are serviceable while running. The densification process itself is a dual action, continuous extrusion process which enables a large...

  • Warren & Baerg - Metering Bin

    Warren & Baerg - Metering Bin

    Warren & Baerg Metering Bins help insure smooth operation of cubers by providing an even flow of material to the cuber. Ground material is moved into an enclosed metering bin. Leveling augers in the metering bin move the incoming material to the rear of the bin, while the floor drag chain pulls material forward to the doffers. These combined actions provide two very important features; the surge capacity needed to evenly feed the cubers and leave...